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Live Feed Updates - July 3- Day 16

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    Shelli talks to Liz and Austin and tells Liz she is putting her up. Liz doesn't like it, but agrees to go up. They agree not to say anything until the ceremony no matter when it is. They leave the HoH and Shelli says she better go tell Clay not to say anything to anybody.

    Shelli is called to the DR. Everyone is wandering around between kitchen and bedrooms. They're talking about Giselle the Giraffe and eating stuff.

    Vanessa is in lounge eating and sees Steve in the photobooth. She says hey. He was getting away from everyone.

    *If any one can jump in please do. I need to do some stuff.


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      Steve and Vanessa are talking about items that were in the comp. There was a picture of Jody, but they wouldn't let them take it.

      Vanessa goes out to the kitchen when Shelli and Liz come out.

      Jackie, Austin, Jeff, and Meg in the living room laying around talking. Steve comes in. Jason comes in.

      Becky in bed and Liz goes in to talk to her. Liz sounds close to tears as she tells Becky that Shelli told her she is going up.

      Becky brings up who else besides Shelli really wants Day out. She advises Liz to talk to Shelli about what else she can do.

      Liz is crying,. She doesn't want Day to find out because then she will start campaigning.


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        Day in bathroom getting cleaned up and drying her hair. She's thrown out a couple of comments about being the target.

        James and Meg talking in the HaveNot room. Talking about how Clay and Shelli are a hardcore pair now.

        Clay and Shelli in the kitchen. Vanessa there too. Most of the rest of the crew is in the living room.

        John in the storage room. Clay comes in and they celebrate again.

        Back to James and Meg. It doesn't sound like they want to keep Day. Day comes in, but doesn't say anything until James asks her if she is ok. Day says it was a set up that Meg got picked when she did. Day leaves and Jason comes in. The three are laying in their chairs with their sunglasses on. Now Steve comes in to lay down too.


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          Clay talking to Day in the bathroom telling her something about you can respect a person but not their game, or respect the game, but not the person but... (I have no clue what he was trying to say.). Also, that this isn't a goodbye speech and not to take it as if she's going home, but they've never hit it off. He doesn't want it to be strained this week.

          Vanessa John and Shelli in the kitchen. Vanessa and Shelli are cleaning up. Austin asks of he can take a shower upstairs. She says yes, but that Jeff is up there listening to music. She says that she is going to want an hour alone later. They say ok, well lock the door. She says she will. She says she's just saying that everyone will keep asking and she wants some time completely alone.


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            Clay in the HoH bathroom. Vanessa is sweeping up the kitchen. Shelli is sitting at the table just looking in the direction of the wall. Day has come in and is getting something to eat. Shelli is avoiding looking at her.

            Shelli walks away. VAnessa tells Day she is trying to get the kitchen clean. She hates the ants. Austin is in the living room stretching and exercising.


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              Day has gone in to the living room and is sitting in the nominee chair eating. Vanessa is finished up the kitchen cleaning, putting stuff away.

              I'm not sure where Austin went. Shelli and Clay probably went upstairs. I think everyone else has gone to bed.


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                Day is the only one up and about. She is now laying down too. Everybody is sleeping it appears.


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                  ( thanks sdkgeo for all your help today )

                  Catching us up quickly ...

                  After the fast-paced 24 hours of nominations and competitions, the houseguests pretty much slept the afternoon way.

                  Once up, the main topic has been Liz becoming the replacement nominee ( even though that was SUPPOSE to top secret )


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                    Jeff and Austin talked about Shelli wanting to get Da'Vonne out this week over Audrey.

                    Jeff told Austin that he's not 100% on board with it, because Da'Vonne isn't a threat to him and Audrey is.

                    Austin tells Jeff that if they ( Shelli/Clay) want to be the ones to get Da"Vonne out, let them have that target on their backs.

                    Jeff tells Austin that "the house won't be happy" ...

                    As they talk ... Jeff finally tells Austin that he "will have Liz's back"


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                      Austin and Liz talked

                      Austin expressed his concerns of people flipping the vote and keeping Da'Vonne ... he tells her that he's concerned about Jeff, Jackie, Meg, James ...

                      Austin to Liz- we are a duo, they ( Shelli/Clay) are a duo... why would they risk getting rid of a duo, when they would be the only duo left.


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                        Later, Liz and Jeff talked...

                        Jeff promised her that he has her back.


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                          Jeff tells Liz and Austin that he will give an ultimatum to whoever wins the next HOH, that they have to get rid of Audrey.

                          Liz tells them that she's afraid that Da'Vonne will play the "mom card" - that she's a single mom, needs the money, etc.

                          Both tell her that "no one cares about that" now ...


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                            Currently- 11:00 PM BBT

                            The houseguest FINALLY discovered that the back yard was open.


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                              The pool table was too close to the wall...

                              So.. they moved it...


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                                Steve talking with Vanessa about "how Shelli really stuck her neck out this week" and who she will put up as the replacement nominee...

                                Vanessa tells Steve that she thinks that Shelli should put up "someone on the inside" why piss anyone else off.

                                Steve- good point. we've got a week.

                                Vanessa tells Steve that she thought he threw the POV competition

                                Steve says he "didn't throw it"

                                Steve- do people think I threw it?

                                Vanessa- no one said anything to me.. it just looked like you did

                                Steve - no I was just over thinking it.

                                Steve- I would have if it had been me and John in the Final Round, I would have and thrown it to him.


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