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Live Feed Updates - July 3- Day 16

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    Oh and I forgot to tell you that they have a new house mate...

    Giselle the Giraffe ...


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      11:18 PM BBT

      Oddly enough ... this group is exchanging how long they ( their sisters ) or ( their moms ) were in labor for ...


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        Jackie getting ready to Hot Tub

        ( and with that I'm out for now, if anyone would like to jump in and update for us, it would be greatly appreciated )


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          3:45 AM BBT Cam 1,2

          Audrey and Clay talking

          Audrey that is why you and Shelli need me

          Clay that is why you are here ..we thought it was not fair how people played you

          Audrey all you told me is what you do not want me to do

          Clay James, Jeff Meg I gave them my word

          Audrey it is great to be part of a big group eventually the people on the bottom are going to realize and break out

          Clay I am the one that had to get all the guys off of (you)

          Audrey if i was in your shoes you have a good network you have built but i think you two (clay and shelli) have the best spot right now

          Clay talk to people subtle

          Audrey think about who you want to take to the final the only people i would take are you and shelli

          Clay Shelli is risking her game

          Audrey I am a very loyal person
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            11:30PM BBT
            Cams 1 & 2
            Shelli & Audrey in the bathroom talking about hair and Shelli's extensions

            Cams 3 &4
            BY around hot tub
            Meg, Jackie, Steve, Liz (Julia?), Becky, James, Da'Vonne
            all just sitting around hot tub chatting

            12:00 AM BBT
            Cams 1 & 2
            Kitchen Shelli, Steve & Audrey
            chatting about how Steve and someone else were in a comp (BOTB maybe?) how calm they were

            Cams 3 & 4
            still around the hot tub chatting
            they call out "Happy Birthday America!" and talk about needing something patriotic to wear


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              12:30AM BBT
              Cams 1 & 2
              HOH room with Shelli & Clay chatting

              talking about Clay being in the DR a while and he said something about them asking about her and mentions "too much" ..she asks if they asked him about the POV...we get brief FISH.

              come back Clay telling BB they better get on Shelli too

              Shelli giggling about the two of them (she & Clay) being made into a showmance and how funny it is

              Clay says he's gonna go downstairs and she says she thinks she will sleep for a bit but he can wake her later if he wants... he says he'll let her sleep ... she says she just wants to sleep, why not because she's tired and besides she just wants to enjoy the HOH room while she has it

              She asks Clay if he & Da had talked and he tells her they have. How he told Da he didnt know where they "fell out" and how he hopes they can get back on track and that even outside this house he hopes they can continue to be friends.

              Shelli says Da is handling it (being on the block) gracefully.

              Clay said he played it off all like he didnt know who was going home...and said to Da it wasnt like he was saying she was going home.

              He says Da asked him when she (Da) became a bigger target than Audrey. He told Da that wasnt necessarily the way it was...that Da never really was a target for anyone..just how it worked out. Says he made it out like Audrey could still go the backdoor option. Said Da was really cool and on board. Said he just felt like he needed to clear the air with Da.

              Clay tells her that Jeff asked him what Shelli was gonna do and he told him he didnt know.

              Clay: the only thing I told him was that we had talked to Johnny and asked him to maybe not use the POV but he didnt want to and we totally respect that and I told him I havent really talked to Shelli since.

              Shelli: well I told Liz

              Clay: yeah Austin told me..

              Shelli: was he okay?

              Clay says yeah that Austin says this is a good thing because people would never assume we are working together (Clay, Shelli, Austin & Liz) how he said it's no worry to be on the block (??) because they have the votes

              Shelli says Steve came up and told her he'd vote however she wanted him to and how sorry he was about "dropping the ball" during the POV? How she told him "buddy what are you talking about? that wasn't up to you?" saying Steve was so sweet and how he told her he'd vote however she wanted and she told him who she wanted and he was on board with it. (she's targeting Da'Vonne)

              Shelli: so we have Steve..

              Clay: we have everybody

              Clay saying that next week it's gotta be Audrey...but next week is the week they really dont wanna win HOH (because they dont wanna be the one to send Audrey home)

              Shelli says the whole issue in the house was the divide between Da & Audrey and how both of them have reasons for being trustworthy and reasons for not being trustworthy. How those two are the ones who caused the divide. Shelli explains the reason she is going for Da'Vonne first (between Audrey & Da'Vonne) because Da has been her (Shelli's) target from the beginning because she & Da had talked about working together and within 24 hours Da was not working with her and not making eye contact and totally wrote her (Shelli) off and how she just felt she couldnt trust her (Da). And now as HOH it's her shot to do what her first instinct was to do (take Da out)

              She goes on to talk about Da'Vonne's confrontation with Audrey and how Da got everyone in the room and went off on Audrey. And Da got everyone against Audrey. How Audrey never got a chance to voice her side of it. And she (Shelli) thinks Audrey deserves another week to voice her side of things and a chance at this.

              Clay tells her they just need to stay out of it. And he goes back to how they really dont want to win HOH next week so they dont have to be the one to send Audrey out. Everyone wants her out so let them do it.

              Shelli talks about how she told Audrey she wasnt putting her up and was giving her a chance to use this week to improve

              they talk about how Shelli should tell Audrey that she is being pressured by people to backdoor her and she won't do it if Audrey promises safety to her and some others

              More talk about staying out of it (with Audrey)

              Clay says everything is on track with Da ...Shelli saying she is going to talk to Da more about it. How it's not personal, etc

              Shelli says she doesnt want anyone to know anything about who she will put up (as renom) because she doesnt want campaigning.

              brief FISH

              back to Shelli saying she is just going to rest because it's been a long day and tomorrow she is going to talk to people and be a game talker tomorrow and all so she is going to rest

              Clay is leaving to go hang out with Steve. Says he'll come back up later if she wants... she says sure..but just to sleep. no game talk.

              cams switch down to BY over by hammock Liz (?) & Austin...talking about how Shelli now wants Da gone ...but it's a quick mention and then they are working out...Austin teaching Liz some kind of work out moves/techniques. Liz is whining alot and saying it sucks lol


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                1:14AM BBT
                Cams 3 & 4
                bathroom Jackie & Becky

                saying they hope that everyone doesnt start trusting Audrey again...that she starts integrating back into the house..

                Jeff comes in and Becky heads out

                Jeff: so the crazy girl gets to stay another week..

                Jackie: I know..

                Jeff: it's kinda scary having her here for another week..she hates me!

                Jackie: she has to go next week

                Jackie: but if we have the chance now, we may as well (take out Da)

                Jackie says she talked to Shelli

                they say but it HAS to be next week (Audrey)

                Jeff: yeah but hopefully that doesnt come back to bite us in the ass

                {{famous last words y'all..}}


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                  {{between these "highlight" recaps...and hopefully I'm not missing many/any during my flashback fast forwarding there is lots of just hanging out, chatting, laughing ..I'm just trying to grab any "game talk" I find}}

                  Cams 1 & 2
                  3:44AM BBT
                  Clay & Audrey chatting in the bedroom in the dark

                  Audrey comes in saying something about having her own bed being one of the blessings of being the most hated person in the house

                  She starts asking about what was happening up on the HOH room with him & Shelli ...he says his "journals" (DR) keep asking about it.

                  He keeps saying how nothing is happening/has happened between he & Shelli. Says it isnt going to happen in the BB house.

                  Clay says they (he & Shelli) are very conservative behaving..especially with their parents watching, etc

                  He talks about how he & Shelli are being portrayed as the showmance ...they joke about how Audrey is there too "third wheeling it"

                  Audrey: that's why you both need me

                  Clay: well you know what? you're here because of us and you're staying another week because of us so..

                  Audrey: just one more week, that's it?

                  Clay tells her he is saying she has all the time you need....tht he & Shelli talked about that....they thought because of how things played out and it wasn't fair about how certain people had confronted her. That they (he & Shelli) had said they could only do so much and they have (by keeping her this week) and the rest is up to her. She has a week to kind of do what she needs to do but she needs to listen to them.

                  Audrey: all you've told me that you dont want me to do is not target James

                  Clay: no ..James, Jeff, Meg

                  Audrey says she isn't. she wouldnt

                  She says she is the perfect ''meat shield"

                  Clay tells her she needs to worry about other people targeting her..not him & Shelli

                  She says she worries most about James, Becky & Meg

                  Clay tells her to remember that she is there because of him & Shelli and how Shelli is being pressured

                  She says she knows..she likes Shelli because she makes her own decisions

                  Clay: me too though..I'm the one that to get (people off wanting to get her out this week)


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                    4:15AM BBT
                    Cams 3 & 4
                    BY couches
                    Becky, Da'Vonne, Jeff, Jason, James, Meg and Giselle (the giraffe ) just hanging out and chatting

                    Cams 1 & 2
                    bedroom convo with Audrey & Clay continues

                    Audrey explaining how she felt/was hurt by Clay when he got upset with her during all the uproar when she was called out, etc

                    this convo has mostly centered around/circled how Audrey needs them (Shelli & him) and who will/won't target her (Audrey) and she will not target those not targeting her and she will be totally loyal

                    convo ends around 4:18AM


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                      4:19AM BBT
                      Cams 1 & 2
                      store room Audrey & Jeff

                      Jeff: sleeping?

                      Audrey: about to... I just wanted.. I feel like I need to keep giving you reassurance and I want to reassure you that if I win, I'm not going to target you.

                      She tells him that like she told Clay, she is only going to target those she knows are going after her and she really believes he isn't. She was only upset with him when she was being told before that he was (the one going after her) and she wants him to know this

                      He tells her he appreciates that and that he's the kind of person...that expects loyalty in return. He says he wasnt worried about it, he figured that she & he were back to square one and that it would take a little time to get some rapport built back up. He tells her that he & her are good and that he along with Clay & Shelli are risking a lot helping her. That they are basically going against the house and painting targets on themselves by aligning themselves with her. And also because they are basically taking out someone a lot of people like (Da'Vonne)

                      Audrey says she wants him to watch because she believes that when that person (Da) leaves ..things will switch in the house. Because she (Da) is the one that starts stuff/rumors about not just her (Audrey) but others in the house as well. That Da has a good poker face.

                      Jeff tells her again he appreciates her coming in there and talking to him. She doesnt have to feel she needs to continue reassuring him. Says he's only asking to stay off her radar for at least a couple weeks, maybe even to jury then that would be great.

                      Audrey telling him what she was saying to Clay in a big group..there are people at the bottom and given time, those people are going to figure out they are at the bottom but she can target those people.

                      meanwhile over on cams 3 & 4
                      HOH room Clay & Shelli

                      Clay telling her about his talk with Audrey


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                        4:30AM BBT
                        Cams 1 & 2

                        Audrey & Jeff continue their convo in the store room

                        Cams 3 & 4

                        HOH Room
                        Clay continues talking about Audrey and how he feels about her/the whole thing

                        5:00AM BBT
                        Cams 1 & 2
                        Jason, Meg, James, Jeff, Audrey
                        in bedroom lights out...just sitting/laying around hanging out and chatting

                        Cams 3 & 4
                        HOH room with Shelli & Clay just snuggling and talking about their "showmance" being talked about/asked about in the DR

                        {{moving over to today LFU thread - July 4}}

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