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Live Feed Updates - July 4- Day 17

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 4- Day 17

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    {{peekin in on the hamsters...}}

    Cams 1 & 2
    5:08AM BBT
    several HGs in the bedroom...Jason, James, Meg, Jeff & Audrey (only ones I can hear/see) sitting up in bed in the dark just chatting & laughing. at the moment comparing butts ...of the HGS and what kind of butts they like. Kim K is mentioned of course. Jeff is telling what kind of look he likes.

    Cams 3 & 4
    Shelli & Clay in bed sleeping/going to sleep

    {{gonna go do some flashbacks to see what, if anything we missed last night...will put them in last night's post/thread (July 3)}}


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      looks like basically much of the same from above continued until a few minutes after 6AM BBT when everyone finally settled down ..

      my last peek at 6:58AM BBT all HGs sleeping..


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        8:11 AM BBT

        All houseguests are still sleeping, including their new friend, the giraffe.


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          9:28 BBT

          We had brief fish and everyone is starting to stir. Audrey in the water closet, Steve waiting. Audrey washes her hands and leaves then John comes in. He comes out and says something about DR sessions (I think). John says his is in 5 minutes.


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            Steve is wandering around outside. John comes out too. Steve is cold. Steve tells him to take the veto necklace with him when he goes in.

            Steve goes back in the house and John is just kicking the beach ball around a little bit.


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              1:05 PM

              Cams 1 & 2
              Clay and Shelli in the HOH bed. Just general talk. Were talking about having to put animals down. Now talking about different animals.

              Cams 3 & 4
              Jason, Meg and John in the backyard on the couches. Just general talk. Last thing they were talking about is eating slop. Then Jackie comes over and sits down. Then Becky comes over putting on sunscreen. Talking about entering contests and doing surveys.


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                Cam3 & 4
                Kitchen - Becky, Day, Jason and Steve; talking about the CDs in HOH
                Jason - please take the eggs out of the frig; I am about to take the penalty to eat them eggs, I had slop condiments; rather to eat that than slop.
                Jason complaining that they eat good food while he's on slop; chicken fingers and french fries.


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                  Cam 1 &2
                  HOH room with Austin & Shelli doing their nails.
                  Jeff comes in to use the bathroom
                  Shelli tells Austin to use the shower tonight, it's really good with 2 shower heads.

                  Not much happening - no game talk.


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                    6:20 pm BB time Clay and Shelli in HOH. Clay lying on his back on sofa. Shelli jumped on top of him! She has just been lying on him for 5 or 10 minutes. They are talking game, but Shelli doesn't really want to. OK She got up off him. They were going through who all she could put up and He is definitely winning HOH next. I think they were trying to decide who should be 2nd HOH.


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                      6:30 BBT Vanessa, Steve, Becky have joined Shelli and Clay in HOH. Vanessa has put black on her face like a beard. She said, "Call me Vince". I think IDK? chit chat


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                        ( I hope everyone had a great 4th of July and that you were able to spend it with family/friends. I actually for the first time in years, took the day away to do just that and it was so special)

                        (thanks to those who posted updates here today, I truly appreciate it)

                        You can CLICK HERE to catch up on Shelli's turnabout in who she will make the replacement nominee


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                          Along with the article above to catch you up.. I'll try to catch us up very quickly with some of the game talk today ...

                          Clay and Jeff confirm their loyalty to each other ...

                          Jeff asks Clay if he would ever pick James over him
                          Jeff- **** no ...

                          Jeff tells Clay that he "made a promise to him on Day 2" and "if there's anything he'd like to do in this game, it's keep one of his first promises"


                          • #14
                            Clay, Shelli,Jeff and Jackie all agreed that they do not need/want to bring any more people in to their alliance


                            • #15

                              Shelli filled Jackie and Jeff in on her news about nominating Meg instead of Liz.

                              Jeff tells Shelli that he really wanted to work with Meg, but thinks that Meg is a better choice over Liz.
                              Jackie agrees

                              They count votes...

                              All agree that Meg would stay over Da'Vonne

                              Shelli- that's it... that's the plan.


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