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Live Feed Updates-July 5-Day 18

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 5-Day 18

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    4:45 ish

    Jason, Jeff, and Meg in the backyard.

    Before Meg came out Jeff and Jason were talking about Davonne going. Jason tells him that after the poV Clay pretty much gave Day a goodbye speech (he did give her the speech Jason is talking about). Jason tells him that he has a feeling that Shelli will put up Meg because everyone loves Meg and wouldn't vote her out. Then Meg came out.

    Jeff and Jason go to play pool.

    Giselle the Giraffe is almost out of air and is laying out in the backyard. She is dunzo..

    Jason and Jeff say that Johnny Mack is probably not getting a date. They were feeling Becky out and say it probably isn't happening. They talk a little about what Becky's reaction actually means. Talk about who else would make a good couple.

    Now they are talking about the women last year. They were all just looking for showmances. This year the women are here to play.


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      James has come outside again.

      Jeff is again whining about why Austin doesn't like him. Jason says it's because Austin sees him as a threat because he sees him as more than just a physical threat, but sees him as a mental threat too.

      They're now also talking about how Austin is a superfan, but is trying to downplay it. They have named themselves the After Dark crew. Jason says that they don't see them as an alliance staying up late, they only see them as telling funny stories.

      They don't want Steve to get to Jury. Jason would rather take Austin to Jury. Jason's list is Jace, Audrey, Vanessa, Steve and Austin. They're trlling Jason that losing Day would be better for his game. If she doesn't go this week then they;r'e going to keep trying to get Jason/Day out.

      Jason and Meg want to target Austin and then Vanessa..James says that then he will target them too.

      Talk about not backdooring but putting up people on the other side.

      James keeps saying that he did his job.


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        7:52 AM BBT

        Cam 1
        Clay & Shelli sleeping.

        Cam 2
        Austin & John sleeping.

        Cams 3 &4
        Have-Not Room: Steve, James, Jason & Meg sleeping.
        (I've been watching for about 30 minutes now and they have just went to sleep. They were talking, passing gas and joking around earlier. Also, Steve & Meg had went to the Storage Room and changed their batteries.)


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          10:20 AM BBT

          Still sleeping


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            Checking back on the hamsters..

            BB finally woke them up.

            Austin and Audrey talked... they both agree that Da'Vonne will go this week, Although, Audrey tells Austin that she doesn't think it will be Meg as the replacement nominee.

            Audrey - she ( Meg ) is really close with Jeff and James and she's getting closer with Jason.

            Audrey tells Austin that she thinks Meg will become Jason's "new Da'Vonne" once Da'Vonne is evicted this week.

            They both agree that James winning HOH this week would be a disaster, worse case scenario for them both.

            They also both agree that if they won HOH they would nominate Meg.


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              PhotoBooth fun ...


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                    Most everyone hanging outside in the back yard...


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                      Jeff tells Shelli that Jason said that he thinks Da'Vonne going home will be "good for his game" ..

                      They both agree that they think that Vanessa is America's Player.


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                        I have to run out for just a bit, if anyone wants to help, this would be a great time to try your hand at it : )


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                          1:25 PM BBT Cam 1 & 2

                          Day talks to Shelli and tells Shelli that she doesn't think it's time for her (Day) to leave. Day says she is in the house playing for her daughter. Day asks Shelli to please put Audrey up next to her and let the house decide. Shelli goes over her reasoning again why she put Day up. Day is blaming everything on Audrey (as to why there were problems between Day and Shelli).


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                            1:20 PM, BBT

                            Shelli and Da'Vonne talking things out in the lounge next to the bathroom (my feeds are very slow, but wanted to put this marker in for someone to check back).


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                              1:38 PM BBT

                              Day still trying to get Shelli to put Audrey up next to Day. Doesn't seem like Shelli is warming to Day's plan or to Day saying that if she (Day) is still in the house after Thursday, Day wants to work with Shelli. Day is now sort of intimating that if Day goes out the door, her alliance may come after Shelli and/or Clay.


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