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Live Feed Updates-July 5-Day 18

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    1:49 PM BBT

    The convo with Day and Shelli is over and no promises were made. Shelli only said she would take thier conversation under consideration.

    I am out!


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      3:59 PM
      Audrey in bathroom talking to Vanessa saying that she took full accountability in all of her journals. She is more upset with herself and how she reacted and she learned a lesson to investigate before she reacts. Clay comes in and they tell him they keep talking about him and/or his hair. Audrey says they thought of a nickname for him....thunderbuns. Clay goes up to HOH room and knocks on the door and he is locked out. He keeps knocking and ringing the doorbell. He finally gives up and goes back downstairs.


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        Audrey says she went to college but didnt finish and her major was geology. Her psychic said she should go into social work. Vanessa says she went to law school but didnt finish.


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          Clay finally got into the HOH room. Shelli says she is going to talk to Meg. Austin is in HOH room also and talking about how James lied to his face and he does not trust him. Austin says Meg just wants to be a floater. Clay says Meg does not want to win HOH and just wants to be cool with everybody.
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            Austin talking about how Jason and Meg are getting very close now. Meg is gonna replace Da. Austin says he does not feel threatened by Meg but Da is the one that freaks him out cuz she is always ****ing doing something, plotting, her wheels are always turning and it scares him.


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              Just catching us up quickly...


              Clay - are you for sure going with Meg (as replacement nominee ) ?
              Shell- yes.

              Clay tells her to get her talk with Meg and James over with ( about Meg going up ) sooner rather than later.

              Shelli tells Clay that her talks with Austin this week have "have her respect him more and want to work with him"


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                Audrey talking to herself - says- "every bit of ass kissing helps"


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                  Clay tells Audrey that she is not the replacement nominee.

                  Clay to Audrey - She ( Shelli ) would never do that to you.

                  Audrey to Clay- that's why I'm glad she's HOH and not you.


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                    Audrey to Clay- I'm going to win HOH next week and this whole house is going to flip out.


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                      Jeff - do you think Vanessa is America's Player?
                      Austin- Vanessa?? I thought it was Audrey.

                      They both agree that it makes sense that Audrey is America's Player, she's doesn't make a "serious alliance" and why would anyone make up so many rumors, if not for that.

                      Jeff- it's the only thing that makes sense.

                      (I'm out ... if anyone wants to jump in and help out, that would be so very much appreciated )


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                        10:14 BBT BY


                        General chit chat.


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                          Steve and Lizia were play fighting about beds.


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                            10:21 BBT Jeff, Jason, and Meg talking about Bob Saget. He was like an undercover Charlie Sheen. He had an amazing publisist.

                            Jeff: Where is Steve? He came out all hot with insults and then ran away. Liz did you scare him away?
                            Davonne James just sleeps all day
                            Jeff; I feel bad for you guys that are on slop
                            Jason Being on slop with Johnny Mac will be good. Hell have fun with it.
                            Steve always need to be on slop, he loves it
                            Jason:Being on slop makes you so irritable.
                            Meg avoids certain people.
                            Jeff:We need to break Steve mentally as much as we can.
                            Meg That was scary
                            Jason I like where your mind is going
                            Meg: I need to stay up and away Im ready to snap.
                            Jason: Meg is Lorana Bobbit dont give her a pair of scissors
                            Loraina Bobbits husband became a porn star after the incident. (?)

                            Talking about twitter handles

                            Davonne says she shut hers down and will probably make a new one, she said a lot of profanity on it. Jason went into his archives to pull out things that were politically incorrect. Feedsters will go all the way and find your stuff.

                            Jasons family watches live feeds. They are probably mortified. Jeff calls him the drunk uncle that will ruin Christmas for everyone. Jason says sorry Kathleens family.

                            Davonne is that one friend you cant put on speakerphone.


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                              10:31 BY

                              Clay, Jason, Meg Davonne talking about gross slop is.


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                                Jeff broke the elliptical but Steve fixed it. Jason says its probably the same one they bought off Amazon in season 5. Jason says he rides it like a ferris wheel. Davonne, Meg, and Jason are watching him work out and joking around. Liz/is playing pool with someone.

                                Davonne says her job is secure when she gets back. Meg took off work for a surgery and then just continued her leave. Meg says she was Limps McGee when she was casting for BB she just hid it well. She got stopped at the airport because of all of her ice packs and she had a melt down. She hopes her work knows she is on BB, a lot of her coworkers follow her on social media.

                                10;45 BBT
                                James comes outside and says he walked into the bathroom after Jackie and blew it up. James warned Austin that he and Jackie had blown it up. Austin told thats ok he kinds of likes that.

                                James and Davonne talking about how no one is talking and its like the desicion has already been made and thats the end of it. Al they are waiting on is to find out who is going up next to her. James said they wouldnt trust him. James and Davonne are there for their kids.


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