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Live Feed Updates-July 5-Day 18

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    Cams switch to Kitchen

    10:50 BBT

    Jason and Meg are making squinchers popsicles. Steve asks if he can help.


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      10;50 BBT cams 1/2

      Davonne says even if she leaves as long as James Meg and Jason vote for her to stay she will be ok. James says they wont put Audrey up. Davonne says if they put Audrey up she would be a lot more confident. Jackie would vote to keep her. And if she stays James, her, Jason and Meg will take over the house. They all get to compete in HOH. James do we go for Audrey or someone who put you on the block Day says I dont know we have to see how it plays out sometimes revenge isnt the sweetest thing. She might be ok just putting her on slop. James says they can all put her on slop for a few weeks to mess with her.

      James says he doesnt know why they dont just put Audrey up and let the house decide. Day says she is only loyal to James and Jason she doesnt owe anyone anything. James says worst case scenario is they put up someone more likeable Jason or James might be next. Jason is funny but he doesnt know how much they actually like him. Day says she thinks if she leaves that they think Jason will be lost. Day wasnt the head of any alliance.If she doesnt go home this week Audrey will go next week. But dont want to put her up with someone like John because they will come off the block. James says maybe he should test Vanessa next week.

      Day wants to know why no one has mentioned putting Austin up.. Day says people like James, he is fine. James says if he wins HOH he wont eve put Jason up or Davonne. Jason wouldnt put him up either. Davonne says even is she James and Jason go to final 3 she understands that they always get rid of the woman. James says if we took MEg all the way to the end she would win. Would have been good to take Jace to the end. Day warns James not to trust anyone. He says he has only spoken to Day Meg and Jason and a little bit with Jeff. He pleaded for his like with Becky. But when he talked to Becky he was like I love you youre beautiful dont put me up.

      11:00 BBT Jason comes over and starts singing so we get fish.

      Day says it keeps coming back to then not putting her (Audrey) up on the block. She says she thinks its either Audrey of Liz. Meg and Jeff are there too. James jokingly tells Meg if we take you to final 3 we are going to axe you. . Jeff says he would rather take Meg because statistically he has a better chance to win against Meg. They disagree. Day says either way you (Jeff) lose.

      Jeff says he would hunt down Jason and give him a truck. Jason says you cant talk like that. ITs against the rules to make deals like that. Production will take you in and ream you. Jeff clarifies he was just joking.

      Johnny Mac has joined them.

      Talking about beards.


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        11:11 pm BBT cams 3/4

        Shelli and Vanessa talking comps on the hammock.

        Cams 1/2
        Austin and Liz whispering in the bathroom.

        Austin tells LIz that Jeff wants to bring them in with JAckie and the other side. Jeff is on board with putting Meg up. They hope she isnt the target. Jeff wants Meg and Jason to keep Liz and Austin and will they talk to Vanessa. Austin saying he only has one target Jeff, hes not considerate of people sleeping, how he makes the biggest mess, hes inconsiderate of women.

        Liz is getting ready to take a shower.

        Liz and Austin are talking about shampoos.
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          11:23 BBT ccams 3/4

          Vanessa and Shelli talking about how its look suspicious if people come in the HOH room and there is only one person in there it looks suspicious. But you dont want all your allies in there though because then people know who you are working with

          Vanessa asks about Sleeper Cell if its still an alliance. Audrey asked Shelli if Liz had replaced her in SC. Shelli laughed so hard. Audrey says she thought Sleeper Cell was sleeping. Shelli says she thought it was dropped because everything blew up the next day.

          Austin has done an amzing job of making Shelli trust him. He comes up and says hello chats her up. They talked about the Liz thing. She thinks its important for people to come talk to her. Jackie comes over and they start talking about working out.


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            11:30 BBT cams 3/4

            Becky doesent diet. She wanted to lose weight thought. She looked up how to increase metabolism. Stop doing cardio do weights instead. Eat yougurt lemon grapefruit healthy fats avacados olive oils Big meals are 5 hours apart. Snacks in between. Think of an advance what you want to eat. When cookies come out of the oven dont tell yourself you cant have one.You can have it as long as you have a glass of water and leave the room instead. Dont totally cut out carbs. But she doesnt eat hamburgers, ice cream, fries,


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              11:58 camv3/4 bathroom.

              Jeff and Davonne in bathroom. Jeff asks if she knows who is going up. Jeff says hopefully for you its Audrey. Jeff doesnt know where Shellis head is but with Clay he kinda does. James comes in. Jeff says he has a good feeling it will Audrey. Jeff has noticed that Shelli is really independent. You have to take everything with a grain of thought Like Jace thought he was staying. Day winders when she became a bigger threat than Audrey. Shelli says putting Day up was a big move. Day says have you seen me in these comps I f*ckin suck.

              Jeff says maybe it was only to ruffle your feathers. Clay told him it was a game move nothing personal. Day says he (Clay) came up and was giving her a goodbye speech.

              Jeff says he heard Meg was going up. Day says that would mean they really want her out because no one will vote Meg out. Jeff says they are keeping stuff from him. They see him hanging out with James and Day. It puts wierd thoughts in their head because he stays up all night with Jason James and Day. He doesnt care, he is going to hang out with whoever is up at night. Day says if she does leave just take care of Jason.

              Jeff says if Meg gets to the end she would win. She is a very likeable person. Meg is a sweetie pie.

              Day says this game is stupid. If Audrey doesnt go up watch your backs becasue you know you are dealing with a bunch of cowards. She doesnt understand how putting her (Day) up is a big move. Who is she after except Audrey. Jeff says if it was his HOH he wouldnt have even been worried about Day.

              Jeff cant figure Vanessa out. She is suddenly BFFs with Shelli. Jeff says we have to get Steve out, he will kill in the memory challenges.

              Day is more upset than anything that she is leaving before Audrey. Everyone is acting like she did nothing.


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                Jeff mentions how Liz made comments about staying up to stay up and hang out with the night crew.

                12:17 Jeff and James go check on Meg. She went to bed. Jeff lays in the chair next to her. She says she had to leave the BY she was having to bite her tounge

                They make an alliance. The AfterDark Crew Meg, James, Jason, Jeff.
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                  12:19 cams 1/2

                  Audrey talking to Shelli and Vanessa about her story.


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                    12:27 all cams Podcast time


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                      12:36 cams 1/2 Switch to the hammock with Vanessa, Shelli, Audrey, and Steve.

                      Talking about Ians dog punishment.


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                        Steve says he would put balls on all their faces.


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                          12:39 The hammock crew joins the Podcast.

                          Johnny Mac and Becky are playing pool on cams 1/2


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                            2:07 am BBT Cams 1/2
                            Shelli, Meg, James, Jeff, Clay up in HOH. Becky comes in but Shelli asks for five minutes.

                            Shelli says she has been waiting to talk to them all day. She says Day is up and John is taking himself off the block. Shelli has made herself a target by putting Day up and if she puts up another big target up one of them will still be here. She doesnt want them to think that she is going back on the Audrey situation but before everything else blew up in the house she felt pushed away by Day. Jackie comes in and says Day saw them all rushing upstairs. Shello says Johnny wasnt supposed to win POV and she is torn up about what she has to do.And that is putting up Meg The only person that she knows Day is close with and that she knows no one will vote Meg out. Its strictly a game move.
                            Meg says she knew it was coming and she is ok with it and is happy to do it but she wants to remember it and doesnt want to be put on the block all the time.

                            Noone else knows except Clay. Day will not have the votes against Meg. Shelli talked to Day this morning but even if she stays Shelli cant trust her.

                            People keep coming into the HOH room. Shelli says no one has come all week until now. James says they havent told Day anything and they have been keeping her calm and quiet. Meg says they expect this. Meg says she knew that Audrey wasnt going up.

                            Clay says dont think that the reason Audrey isnt going up is because they have forgotten. Meg says dont worry shes fine with it but know that in the next couple weeks she doesnt want to be a pawn. She says she wont say for sure shes not going home but she trusts them.

                            James says he hasnt come up becaause Day is smart and will grill him.

                            Clay asks what they will tell Day. Jeff says its pretty obvious.

                            Meg is not worried about Day but she is worried about the twist.

                            Clay says he doenst think it will be anything that will save Day.

                            James worried about retaliation from Jason. Meg says she talked to Jason and he said he will vote for Day. He understand but he will be loyal.
                            James says he will vote with the house but he is worried about destroying his relationship with Jason. Meg says JAson doesnt expect James to vote Meg out.

                            Steve is waiting at the bottom of the stairs.


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