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Live Feed Updates-July 6-Day 19

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 6-Day 19

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    3:50 BBT

    Meg and James are in the bathroom talking about Meg being put up. Jackie comes in.

    Jason comes in and then goes up to talk to Shelli and Clay. They explain. He says he understands but he feels even more alone now. They want him to be part of their group.


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      Jason has gone down and is talking to Day. I assume he told her that Meg is going up. They are both crying

      Jeff comes in and says that it is just a game.

      Jason says this will light a fire under him now. They say this was all for "her" n(Audrey?).


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        8:44 AM BBT

        Still sleeping


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          9:51 AM BBT

          John, Vanessa, Jason and Steve have been outside talking about slop. Random people have been getting out of bed, switching out their battery packs and climbing back in bed. Meg comes out and gets in the hot tub. Meg is whining about hating "that chair". Now people are getting out of bed and getting ready for the day (the impending power of veto ceremony). Everyone seems to be tired and there is a lot of complaining about how cold it was last night in the house.
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            10:04 AM BBT


            10:06 AM



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              10:18 AM BBT

              Jason is telling Da' that he thinks this season is a secrets and lies season. He thinks when Da' leaves, she will find out that people in here are not who they say they are. <snicker> Da' thinks that John was throwing the BOTB competition because there is no way she should have had to drag him along. Da' asks Jason if he thinks "she" (Shelli?) was crying because she was sad or because she feels guilty? Jason thinks probably a little of both,


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                10:32 AM BBT

                Shelli sitting in the living room alone and seems to be thinking.

                I need to make lunch for the hubs. I'll be back in about 40 minutes. If anyone can take over, that would be great!


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                  10:40am BBT
                  Cams 1 & 2
                  Da and Jason sitting outside chatting. Da says that she planned on keeping Da the person and Da the game player separate; however, Da the person ended up coming into the house when she met Jason. "Real recognizes real". Said she even though she is probably going home she is glad she met Jason. She doesn't have many friends outside the house and when she makes a friend she keeps them. Jason says that he will never trust or align with Audrey even if it gets him sent out of the house. Mentions that he regrets crying last night and is embarassed by it. Said he is going to think of the game like a job--going to try and be fake like he is at work.

                  Chit chat like this goes on for a bit. Da is called into the DR at around 10:54. Jason stays outside to smoke.

                  At 10:58 am BBT Clay comes outside and sits on the couch with Jason.


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                    10:59am BBT
                    Jason and Clay

                    Clay: That convo we had last night I been wanting to have with you for awhile. One, I've been waiting for Shelli to kina break the news and two, even before this whole week you I didn't know how to break it present that to you, um

                    Jason: Totally understand. <<not sure what they are referring to>>

                    Clay: But . . .

                    Jason: I came here without her, I will leave here without her you know.

                    Clay Man, that sucks I know. I can't imagine her leaving. I know it is going to happen at some point in this game unless we go to the final two but the chances are.. .

                    Jason: Easier said than done.

                    Clay: Yeah, but umm yeah man just know that when you said you have to rebuild, don't think that for one second . . .

                    Jason: Ummm hummm.

                    Clay: We've been talking about this for a long time as far as--we really value you as a person and as a player, um. And you always have that group of people so. . .

                    Jason: Yeah, I sorta knew that but . . . .

                    Clay: Well honestly, I can't say it enough cause it's true.

                    Jason Yeah. I'll survive you know. Every day will be easier.

                    Shelli comes outside and heads towards the couch to sit with Clay and Jason.

                    Clay: I just told Meg that the bad things is we are all going to have to deal with at some point in this game.

                    Jason: Unfortunately, that's just the monster of the beast.

                    Clay: So the longer you wait you know. . .

                    Jason: Yeah, might as well get it over with now. How are you doing honey (to Shelli). I hope it's not an athletic HOH this time.

                    They talk about what they think the HOH comp is going to be this time.


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                      11:29 AM BBT

                      FISH! and now Jeff recaps.


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                        12:35 PM BBT

                        We are back. Seems as if everyone is quiet and in a bad mood. Jason asked John if "they" told him what to say when he took himself off and John says that they just had him repeatedly read a card over and over until he remembered it. BB cut us to the Jeff Recaps for a moment and then back to uncomfortable quiet spells and uneasy small talk. James goes into the have not room to check on Meg (she says she is fine, but still a bit nervous). Da' goes over to the pool and sticks her feet in where Steve is swimming. Da' tells him to be careful. They small talk a bit. Jason goes into the have not room and tells Meg that "that ****ing trash bag bitch" (Audrey) came outside and parked her ass by them (Clay, John, & Jason).
                        Steve and Da' are still talking at the pool, trying to smooth some bad feelings towards each other over. Da' tells Steve again that he needs to be careful in this house. She says she is sorry that they had weird feelings towards each other, but she really only trusts him and Jason in the house. Talk turns to Audrey and how she can't be trusted, etc.

                        Feeds keep getting cut for Jeff Recaps then back then recaps then back then Fish! and now back again. :/


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                          12:48 PM BBT

                          Jeff and Clay are in the bathroom talking. Jeff says that Audrey looked like she was going to **** her pants. Clay says that Audrey knew she wasn't going up. Jeff says that she is so ****ing stupid. They talk about trying to keep Da' from talking to others (to get Meg voted out instead of her). Clay says he is going to try and win every competition that he can.

                          James and Meg chatting in the have not room and a pool game has started outside. No game talk.

                          I am out! If anyone can help out, that would be fantastic.
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                            3:07 PM BBT CAMS 3 & 4

                            Liz and Julia make a switch. Julia walks by Da', Jason, Steven, and Vanessa in the kitchen. Da takes notice.

                            3:23PM BBT Have Nots Room CAMS 3 & 4
                            Jason, James and Da

                            Jason and James are napping, Da whispering to Jason

                            Da: I was thinking about her face last night
                            Da: sometimes her face is really skinny, her nose is like pulled to the front
                            Da: and some days her face is very fat, pie faced. watch, just watch.
                            Jason: it's true, she does. some days her face just looks really skinny.
                            Da: she does and her eyes
                            Da: watch, just watch

                            a few seconds go by

                            Jason:Yo dude, you ok
                            James: Yeah Da' is just coming up with conspiracy theories.... about twins, and it's not johnny mac. and she actually just made a very good valid point
                            James: Well i swear to you guys it's not me
                            Jason: We know it's not you James, you're a one and only
                            James: there ain't no body out there like me, I promise you that.


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                              3:41 PM BBT Da and Jason outside CAMS 1&2

                              Da staring at liz outside.
                              Da: Mhmm
                              Da looks to Jason
                              Jason: we'll stair at her later
                              Da: i mean its....
                              Jason: It's her (liz) or him (johnny mac) for sure
                              Da: it's ridiculously obvious
                              Da: i mean it's ridiculously obvious
                              Jason: mhmm
                              Da: hell yeah
                              Da: I noticed it before but I then i was like nah you trippin, but today, chiiiiiild.
                              Da: but i'm gonna keep that to myself cause that could be the question that can guarantee my safety.
                              Jason: Mhmm


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