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Live Feed Updates-July 7-Day 20

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 7-Day 20

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    Davonne, Jason, James, Meg, Jcakie, Jeff, Stve are talking abodut Liz being a twin and are looking ar her picture and are analyzing her picture. Clay and Shelli come in. They're also comparing stories about stories she didn't know. Jason is talking about how in Season 5 when they had the first twin twist there were some other twins (Diane and Drew) that weren't switching out.

    Jason would swear on his stipend. They're all comparing stories. They don't know though whether they just have to not be evicted until week 5 or whether being found out also ends it.


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      I guess BB told Day to tell everyone to keep talking about it. Jackie figures out that one is right handed and one is left handed.
      They talked about how to change something that they can't replicate when they switch, cut her hair, do something to her hair, etc.

      The pillow incident comes up. They referring to them as the thin one and thick one, Liz one and Liz two, Pigtails and bunny hat. Jeff likes bunny hat.

      Talk about staking out the DR when she goes in so they can catch her.


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        They're continuing to talk about the picture, birthmarks. The group breaks up. Day, Jason, and Jackie go outside. Meg, James, Jeff go to the bathroom. Clay and Shelli go back to HoH.

        I have to get ready for work, but hopefully someone can pick up.


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          8:51 AM BBT

          They are all asleep.


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            11:00 AM BBT

            Seems that most of them are up and for the most part outside. Austin and Vanessa are talking on the hammock. Vanessa wants to make sure Austin knows how loyal she has been to him. She thinks that they should divide the house in half and each one make friends with the different sides and that way, one of them will always know what is going on. Austin says that he already knows who Jeff wants out next and that's Audrey. After her, Jeff wants Steve out. Vanessa says she has a problem trusting James because of how he ****ed over Jace. Austin tells her that he talked to James and he thinks that if James wins HOH, Austin and Vanessa were safe from being nominated by James.

            Vanessa think that she, Austin, Clay, Shelli, Jackie and Jeff could go far in this game.


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              11:17 AM BBT

              Austin thinks that Audrey was probably popular with the public because of his bio, but has probably fallen from grace now. He says the public normally like the underdogs and he thinks that as of now, he and Vanessa are pretty much underdogs. They talk about hopefully making it to jury. Vanessa says that as much as she likes Audrey's backstory and wants to work with her, that she just can't trust her. They says that Audrey was dead in the water week two and now she is coming back. Vanessa says it's a great comeback story and Austin says if Audrey is there at the end, she will win.


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                11:23 AM BBT

                Austin and Vanessa talk about how socially awkward Steve is. They talk about whether or not they should try and save Da'. Austin thinks Da' is too big of a player to keep. He also says if they saved her, they would lose their alliance with Jeff, Jackie, Clay and Shelli. Austin says this season is weird because everyone has already gone back on their word except for him, Vanessa and Liz. They have circled around to the order they want to get people out. They wonder why Johnny Mac is even in the house. They talk about how quiet he is and doesn't really socialize much. Austin is cherry picking who he wants to be in the jury house with him (if he ends up there) because he only wants to be with people he could have fun with.


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                  11:30 AM BBT

                  Da' and Jason are whispering. Jason wants to know who Da's 5th vote is. She is going over who told her they would keep her. She says she doesn't trust John but she has James, but Jason thinks that James is way more loyal to Meg than he ever would be to Da'. Jason tells her that Vanessa is out on the hammock with Austin and they are clearly game talking. Da' says hopefully they are talking about keeping Da' because she talked to Vanessa about that this morning.

                  Audrey is playing pool with Clay.

                  Austin and Vanessa are still talking game on the hammock. Nothing new, just going over everyone and how Austin thinks they will bring someone back into the house after some point. Vanessa thinks Jason is giving them weird looks so she will talk to him later and try to relieve his concerns. Vanessa wonders if Becky is faking her back injury, but Austin says he thinks it's real.


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                    11:38 AM BBT

                    Audrey is trying to clear things up with Clay (which translates to muddy the waters Audrey style). Audrey insists to Clay she has only done 1 thing to Clay and that he is working with people who threw him under the bus. Clay explains that it's hard to rebuild trust when someone tells even a small lie. It's hard to do in this house. Audrey wants to know why Clay hangs with Jeff when Jeff has thrown Clay under the bus many times, including earlier when Clay & Jeff had a falling out, and then Jeff talked about Clay & Shelli to James. Clay says he actually doesn't believe that Audrey did as much stuff as people have pinned on her. Audrey question whether Clay isn't playing Jeff's game right now but Clay says no. Clay tells her that when someone comes up to him and say they want to get Audrey out, Clay has to go along with that. Audrey thinks that Clay should just tell people no because he trusts Audrey more than he trusts Jeff.

                    Jason comes out and says most everyone has gone back to bed.

                    Chit chat for now so I am going to step away for a bit. Please feel free to jump in and keep everyone updated. Even a sentence is better than a blank page.


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                      1:51 BBT They have the camera and are taking pictures in the back yard. Jeff and Becky in the bathroom primping. No game talk.


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                        1:53pm bbt

                        Houseguests have the camera taking pictures. No game talk taking place at the moment.


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                          2:15pm bbt

                          Liz joins the group on the sofa (John, James,Jackie, Steve, Jason) who were just cracking jokes about her. They are talking about paying taxes on bb money. Mostly, Jason is talking about random stuff like The Voice etc. (CBS does not like the Voice, they keep going to fish lol)

                          (I say Liz, but i don't know which twin it is)
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                            4:20 BT

                            Cam 1:

                            Kitchen with Austin, John, Liz/Julia and Jeff - eating corn flakes
                            Jeff - Liz, are you a food champion & can eat anything.
                            Liz - oh gross (something wrong with the roast beef they just ate) I feel really sick

                            Austin & Jeff decided to go out to the pool and collaborate.

                            Meg just walked into kitchen

                            Cam moved to Da & Jason talking in the purple room:

                            Jason talking about Liz/Julia.
                            Da - she says Jeff asked her if she really thought they were 2 different people. He doesn't quite see it.
                            Jason is recaping were everyone is in the house & those that are MIA.
                            Da - just keep playing your own game and we can tag team later (sounds like she plans to stay)


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                              4:30 BBT

                              Jason says he should shower but doesn't want to
                              Da - are you going outside again?
                              Jason - probably later. he's whispering and saying Becky is injure and can't play well; and Shelli can't play either.

                              Audrey just came out of the shower and walked through the purple room.

                              Jason talking about someone sleeping for at least 25 minutes and BB didn't say anything. (I think they were talking about James)
                              Da says she's shocked
                              Jason says different rules for different people.

                              Then BB says "You're not allowed to sleep in the LR" (talking to Audrey I think.
                              Jason says "Thank You BB"

                              BB just called Da into the DR.


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