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Live Feed Updates-July 8-Day 21

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 8-Day 21

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    Steve, Jason,, Meg, Jackie, Becky, and Jeff on the by couches. They're going over the differences in Liz and Julia again.

    Helga is Liz, also known as thickums
    Cruella is the other one (Julia), also known as the skinny one. currently in the house

    Steve talks about how hard it must be for Julia. Everybody else can be themselves, but she has to lay low.

    Jeff wants to know which one likes him. They say Helga (Liz)

    Jason says now that he realizes they are different, you can see how different they look.

    Jason goes over season 5 to figure out when the twins will enter. He says after week 4 (he's wrong, they have to last through week 4).

    Shelly and Clay are in bed.


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      7:48 AM BBT

      All HGs are in bed/sleeping.

      Cams 1 & 2
      Have-Not Room

      Cams 3 & 4
      On Da'Vonne sleeping.


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        8:53 AM BBT

        Still sleeping


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          sorry to break in to LFUs ...but wanted to throw in this quick reminder:

          Don't forget to get your answers in for the Fantasy game for the coming BB can do so here:

          You have until the LIVE show begins tomorrow night (9:00 PM EST)

          we now return you to your regularly scheduled hamster watching ..are they up yet?


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            10:02 AM BBT

            People are up! Mostly general chatting going on. Clay has been called to the DR. Shelli and Vanessa want to work out but Shelli doesn't want to get her hair sweaty in case she gets called to the DR. James and Meg brushing their teeth. James whispers to Meg that Audrey was whispering to Clay and then Clay gave a look like "that's weird". (that was all James said).

            Audrey whispering to Vanessa about Da' and what votes she thinks she (Da') has. Lots of mouthing words so I can't catch them. Apparently Becky told Audrey that she promised Da' her vote. Da' talked to Audrey last night and asked her when Audrey flipped to the other side.

            Meg outside talking to Shelli and Clay. She is telling them that Audrey is starting her stuff all over again. Audrey told Meg that she heard a bunch of people are flipping the house. They all go over what Audrey said to analyze if any of it could be true. Meg is freaking out, even though she thinks Audrey is just spreading gossip, she worries that it could be true.


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              10:28 AM BBT

              Meg, Shelli and Clay still talking about Audrey. Even though they claim she is lying and being annoying, they are worried there is a bit od trutch in what she has said. They discuss possibly outing Audrey on what she has told Meg. Clay says that Vanessa would never listen to Audrey because she can't stand her. They wonder if Da' is conspiring with Audrey.

              Paranoia has struck the HOH "couple" and Meg. If anyone wants to jump in, that would be great. I have to make lunch for the hubs now.


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                7-8-2015, Cam 3, 10:41am

                Very quick due to camera change, but Jason is telling Johnny Mac about the twins.


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                  11:10 AM BBT

                  Vanessa, Shelli and Clay in the HOH room talking about the twin twist. Austin, James, Jason, John, Meg & Da' are outside. Austin goes inside and finds Liz in the bathroom. He tells Liz that everyone outside is trashing Audrey.

                  Liz is called to the DR and outside, Jason jumps up and goes inside to "catch" the twin exchange.

                  Meanwhile back in the HOH room, talk has turned to Audrey spreading rumors and lies again. Shelli is very upset because she feels like she saved Audrey's butt this week.

                  Back outside, Da' and Meg are talking about Audrey and her lies and phony behavior.


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                    11:26 AM BBT

                    Meg joins the group in the HOH to compare the same stories about Audrey.

                    Clay joins Austin, James and Johnny Mac in the kitchen and they discuss Audrey and how she is back to doing the same things she did last week that got everyone upset with her. (I have not seen Audrey anywhere, so she must be in bed sleeping again).

                    Shelli is defending her reasoning for getting Da' out this week instead of Audrey. In her mind, if she got Da' out now, everyone would still be gunning for Audrey next week. If she had gotten Audrey out this week, who knows who would have went home next. She still wonders if maybe she should have gotten Audrey out. Meg says that after her conversation with Audrey last night, Meg felt like the whole house was totally against her.


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                      11:38 AM BBT

                      Jason and James are talking outside. Jason is naming the people that he thinks are in smaller groups. He says it's obvious that Shelli and Clay wanted to break up Jason and Da' and Jason thinks that the next biggest "couple" might be James and Jeff. Jason thinks if "they" got Jeff out, that breaks up James and Jeff and also Meg and Jeff. (I think he is talking that if Clay wins HOH, this could be the scenario). James says he wants to ask BB why they would put......FISH!


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                        11:42 AM BBT

                        Now Jason and James are talking about Liz and how they are really going to study her real good when she comes out. They think that one twin is out in the lazy days to wear her bikini, and the other twin comes out on competition day. Jason says he thinks one show off her body and tries to cover her face and the other one covers her body but shows off her face. Jason doesn't understand how Austin has not noticed the difference since he spends the most time with her.

                        Meanwhile back in the HOH room, Shelli, Meg and Vanessa are still talking about Audrey. They are saying that they need to make Audrey feel like they all still trust her. Meg says that next week, people really need Audrey out for sure.


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                          11:49 AM BBT

                          Liz has come out of the DR and walked to the bathroom. James and Jason have come in to see if they notice any difference in Liz.


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                            11:57 AM BBT

                            Clay and Johnny Mac outside talking about....wait for it.....Audrey.

                            Kitchen group of Liz, Vanessa, Austin, & Jeff are just chatting about life and being sore. <shrugs>


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                              12:03 PM BBT

                              Vanessa and Shelli are back in the HOH room. The conversation is a bit confusing. Vanessa is being honest with Shelli about what Audrey told Vanessa. Vanessa says that Audrey makes an alliance and then she plants seeds of doubt in her alliance members mind to pit them against each other. Audrey told Vanessa that Clay and Shelli are playing both sides of the house and Audrey doesn't understand why she got in trouble for doing that, but Clay and Shelli don't. Vanessa thinks that Audrey is some kind of psychic because of her knowledge of dreams and numbers, etc. Vanessa says that Audrey preys on people's paranoias.



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