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Live Feed Updates-July 9-Day 22

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 9-Day 22

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    3:35 BBT

    Vanessa is upstairs talking with Clay and Shelli, first about Liz/Julia. Vanessa confirms to them that Julia is the other twin and they will both work with them. They go over the things that she twins need to do so they don't get caught. They want to hide from the others that she has confirmed it.

    They then move to to talking about how Audrey is stirring the pot. She says that she's in an alliance and then is in a corner whispering with Jason and Davonne.

    Camera 3&4
    Clay goes downstairs to the kitchen. Jeff, Jackie and Becky are in the kitchen. Just general chit chat. Clay is getting something to eat.

    Back upstairs-
    Vanessa and Shelli are talking about Liz again. Vanessa saying she was crying today. She can't take it any more. She doesn't know what she said wrong. They need to help her. Roots are different on them. They need to wear hats, wear socks, She is sooooooo scared, They agree the weight thing needs to be addressed asap. They say they will have to divert the others With Day gone they will just have to divert Jason and Jeff mainly.

    They are talking about whether they can trust Jeff. Shelli tells her to basically feel him out, but not tell him too much. It sounds like Vanessa thinks that Audrey has the last laugh power and is trying to set up Vanessa, Liz, and Austin. They go over what they think Audrey's plan is. Shelli thinks Audrey is the one vote last week and they don't know what she is going to do this week. Shelli wants to trust her because she likes her personally, but gamewise she has hesitated and then today with everything she has done she can't trust her and she doesn't care when she goes.

    They go over whether or not she should be backdoored. They don't know what she would do if she was on the block all week. Better to control it by having her on the block just 3-4 days so she's not in desperation mode.

    They don't see Clay and hope he's not downstairs getting Liz. Say that he is not too smart sometimes. Vanessa used her cramps to get out of bed and go upstairs. They start talking about Day. Vanessa doesn't think that Day told Audrey who her votes are because Day doesn't trust her.

    Clay is in the bathroom with Jackie talking about Audrey.

    Clay comes back up. He fell on the stairs and hurt his leg. Shelli tells him to rub some dirt on it.

    They start talking about Austin and whether to bring him up and talk to him. Vanessa says they need to clue him in. He doesn't know about Liz or sleeper cell. Shelli tells them that Audrey kept asking about Austin.

    They want to activte sleeper cell tomorrow. Let Audrey think she is good and then when she is on the block they replace her in the alliance with the twins. They worry though about her exposing them when she is on the block. They talk about how to cover.

    Vanessa says that once the music starts she will wake Austin and Liz and get them upstairs. Send Julia (It's Julia ion the house now) up first so they can squeal and celebrate. Then get Austin up there.

    VAnessa is going downstairs now. They are a real alliance unlike the people downstairs that can't keep their s**t together.

    Shelli and Clay dance in bed. They are so excited and want to talk to Julia. They are talking about how to protect Liz

    I have to get ready for work, so i am out.


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      6:26 AM BBT
      All Cams

      All houseguests are in bed/sleeping.


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        Cam 1, 9:31am

        Vanessa tells Austin about Julia and other events going on in the house. Austin is totally blown away.


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          Flashbacks with Jeff


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            2:09 BBT

            Cam 1 & 2
            Van & Johnny Mac in bed trying to get some shut eye.

            Cam 3 & 4
            Following Day around as she is packing. Steve just got the vacuum cleaner. The HGs that are up are cleaning; getting ready for the Live Show tonight.


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              Cam 3 & 4
              Cams just moved to Austin & Shelli in Kitchen whispering

              Austin - Complaining that (one of the guys-I think Jeff-but not sure) said he would not go after him until at least jury. But now he doesn't trust him. Looks like he is going after him & Clay instead. Austin tells Shelli he's so trusting and doesn't see things coming.

              Other peeps have come into the kitchen so now just general chit chat.

              All I can hear is the vacuum cleaner.


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                Missed tonight's show? CLICK HERE to catch up ....


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                  Austin and Vanessa are the new Heads of Household ...


                  • #10
                    Clay and Shelli celebrate Austin and Vanessa being HOH ...


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                      Jason tells Meg that she's his new Da'Vonne


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                        Austin to Julia- He (Jeff) is the one guy that's trying to get me out of here.
                        Julia- He is..... even Vanessa told me last night
                        Julia- I want to punch him in the ****ing ugly face.
                        Austin- I want to backdoor him.,... I don't want to backdoor Audrey


                        Austin to Jeff- Don't worry, we're all good... On the same page.


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                          Jeff comments to Austin about all the cheers that Da'Vonne got when she left...

                          Austin- are we scumbags?


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                            Jeff and Jackie agree that this week is a crap shoot as to who goes on the block

                            Jackie- it will be someone from our group...


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                              Austin- I want to go in to my room...and lock the door!
                              Vanessa- Right!?!

                              Austin- everyone is coming up to us like little bitches... (saying ) "I'm so happy!" ... **** YOU


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