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Live Feed Updates - July 10- Day 23

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 10- Day 23

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  • #2
    Vanessa ends her convo with James...

    He tells her that he understands .. do whatever it is she has to do
    She tells him she respects him coming to talk to her

    Austin tells Becky that he really likes Jackie
    Becky- yeah me too and Jeff and Jackie play totally different games.

    Austin- if we break up that power of those two ( James/Jeff ) then I feel like everything changes... and Audrey will still be Audrey

    BB calls Vanessa to the DR


    • #3
      Meg to Austin- you are not a target. We want you in the jury house.

      Clay telling Shelli that he doesn't trust Audrey... he know she will take him out.
      Shelli tries to reassure him
      Clay - it really worries me that you might get closer to her.. it really worries me what you are saying.


      • #4
        James tells Jeff that he thinks that Vanessa " doesn't even want to be HOH" ... because she's worried "about putting up or back dooring Audrey"
        Jeff- she is going to be a wuss .. c'mon .. this is the easiest decision ...

        Austin tells Meg that he hopes they can keep open communication between them
        Meg agrees.

        ( I've hung in about as long as I can ... as they continue to talk, if anyone would like to jump in and update, it would be GREATLY APPRECIATED )


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          8:25 AM BBT
          All Cams

          All houseguests are in bed/sleeping.


          • #6
            8:50 AM BBT

            BB has been playing with the FISH! button a lot. There has been a few people who have drub their booties out of bed (Jason, Jackie, Steve). Jason and Steve discuss BOTB being tonight. Tons more FISH!


            • #7
              8:53 AM BBT

              Austin and Vanessa are awake. Austin says they should tell everyone that the plan is to backdoor Audrey and that his people should win BOTB so Austin can win HOH next week to take out Steve. More FISH! (wake up stupid people so I can catch the convo)

              Austin is going over the people on the "other side" trying to figure out with Vanessa who would be the most crippling person to take out of that group. Austin again goes over what they are going to tell everyone (the plan is to take out Audrey [not true] ).


              • #8
                9:00 AM BBT

                Vanessa tells Shelli and Clay the plan. It's hard to hear her so I'm not sure if she told them the true plan or the fake plan. Austin goes into the storage room with Jeff and James and he tells them that Vanessa is on the same page with getting Audrey out. Jeff & James say they want to talk to Vanessa because they heard she was sketchy about getting Audrey out.

                Jeff goes into the bathroom where Clay and Shelli are taking care of their dental hygiene and he asks them if they have talked to Vanessa. They both say no. Jeff imitates BB saying that nominations are in an hour.


                • #9
                  Austin and Vanessa talking to JohnnyMac about him throwing BOTB comp for them. They say they will not nom him and keep him safe till jury if he does this


                  • #10
                    Jeff comes in saying they are all on the same page, talking about getting rid of Audrey


                    • #11
                      Vanessa and Austin are explaining to Clay that they are telling everyone the plan is to get Audrey out and that Steve knows about the plan and is onboard with it because Steve has heard people talking about him.

                      John is now in the HOH room and Austin and Vanessa are explaining the plan to John that she wants to nominate him and have him throw the comp. She includes the part about backdooring Audrey and that's why she can't put Audrey up with him.

                      John leaves and Jeff comes in to talk to Vanessa.

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                      • #12
                        Jeff says the house wants out Audrey then Steve then Becky and we need to keep this going


                        • #13
                          Jeff says he has not picked a side and there are not really sides in the house yet cuz there has not been a line drawn in the sand yet


                          • #14
                            Jeff talking about the Clay/Shelli alliance......
                            (maybe he said they need split up, sorry I have loud grandkids here atm)


                            • #15
                              Jeff says he will do his best to keep Austin and Van off the block next week. Van says to Jeff that you would be an easy person to put on the block cuz you have not been on the block yet, but she will not put him up if he keeps her safe next week. Tells Jeff that Audrey is going home this week.


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