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Live Feed Updates-July 11-Day 24

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 11-Day 24

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    4:20 BBT

    All HGs sleeping


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      We had fish briefly.

      Jeff and Becky are now in the kitchen getting some drinks or a snack.

      They called Jeff in to the DR.

      Becky says she hasn't been in the DR for like 3 days.

      We keep getting fishes because they are talking about the DR.

      Becky says she can't sleep in her bed, but if she is on the couch or somewhere she's not supposed to be sleeping, she is out. She didn't even get to sleep in her HoH bed last week. 3 hour reign.

      Now they're looking at the ants.


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        Becky talking to Jeff about how she is feeling. The house is different than her real life and she's having trouble adapting which is why she's having trouble sleeping. She's also paranoid because people don't talk game with her.

        Clay now gets up and comes in too.

        Jeff goes to DR. Now Becky telling Clay she wants a 24 hour break from the house. They move to the lounge room and Becky is now spilling her guts on why she is so stressed. She doesn't really have anybody close to her to really talk to. She also feels like no matter where she goes and talks to she gets labeled.


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          They have shifted to game talk. Clay is encouraging Becky to connect with Shelli.

          She opens up and tells Clay that she has heard through the grapevine that Jeff wants to backdoor her. She heard it from several people. She's not sure if she can trust people though.

          Clay tells her to have this conversation with Shelli tomorrow.

          Becky gives the heads up that Jeff is coming.

          Jeff comes in to the lounge.

          Becky talking about they also called Shelli to the DR at 4am.

          Back to personal talk. Jeff saying that Steve is the biggest c**kblock. I guess Jeff was trying to flirt with Liz last night and Steve came in.

          Becky saw the moles and verified that Liz is a twin and switched out yesterday. The bigger butt and more outgoing (must be Liz in the house now).


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            Jeff back to talking game. They bring up the twins and whether it is 5 weeks.

            Jeff says that they need to stick to the plan and get Audrey out. Then Steve. He says Steve has been creeping (not sure how). Becky says that he hasn't creeped on her. (She had this really quizzical look on her face, like wtf, Steve is so innocuous, why would you target him).

            Jeff is saying he doesn't want to be picked for PoV and he will tell people not to pick him if they get HG choice. Becky said she feels like this will be the PoV with prizes.

            Jeff leaves and Clay tells Becky that Jeff is the male Audrey.

            I have to jump out to shower. There is some game talk going on if anyone can jump in.


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              6:27 AM BBT
              All Cams

              All houseguests are in bed/sleeping.


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                8:08 AM BBT

                Still sleeping


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                  Austin is upset about Liz...

                  Austin - (about Liz ) - " its been a one way street ...

                  He says he's "been protecting her while she's giving him nothing in return ...

                  Austin- not even affection

                  Austin - she ( Liz ) made me feel like an idiot...

                  ( she shared a bed with James last night ... instead of staying with Austin )

                  Austin tells Vanessa - Liz reminds me of a lot of girls in the past who I've liked a lot and they ****ed me over


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                    Vanessa is trying to talk him down... telling him about the reaction that the fans had about the Cody/Christine flirting ...
                    And tells him that Liz doesn't want to be that person... since he has a girlfriend back home.
                    She also says that Liz could be a little immature ...

                    Vanessa- what is at the core of it.. do you feel like you're being used?
                    Austin- yes... think I might be throwing myself out there too much for her in the game...

                    He admits that he's hurt both in the game and personally.

                    (again it's about her sharing a bed with James )

                    Austin ( about her sharing the bed with James ) - are you ****ing kidding me?


                    • #11
                      Austin says Liz is starting to remind him of girls in his past

                      Austin - Get my heart crushed in real life and getting my game crushed in here

                      Vanessa continues to give him "life/love" advice.

                      Austin- I was really ready to cry about this last night. My head is that ****ed up.


                      • #12
                        As they talk about Liz sharing the bed with James...

                        Austin says that James is one of their two targets

                        Vanessa says "James is the #1 target"


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                          Austin- Julia won't act like that.. when she comes in the house, she's weaker...

                          Austin - I was pissed, when I walked down there and she was sleeping in James' bed.. I felt betrayed.

                          He also says that he was down talking to Jackie, wonders if she ( Liz ) was jealous...

                          Vanessa continues to try to talk him down... she's young... continue to guide her... women like it if you are straight with them... just tell her ..

                          Austin- what?

                          Vanessa- tell her... explain it to her in a game context.. say "my concern is why would rather risk the money, than be squished in a bed" .. ask her if it bothers here that you are talking to Jackie.


                          • #14
                            Vanessa- it was the worst press ever.. ( Cody/Christine )

                            Austin- I'm not trying to have a relationship with her ...

                            Vanessa- it was just flirting... and it was the worst press ever.. no one wants to walk out there and be boo'ed...

                            Austin -what was the relationship? Were they married?

                            Vanessa - the girl was married..

                            Austin - oh .. well okay then..

                            Vanessa tries to explain that it doesn't matter... don't want to be that person

                            Vanessa to Austin - you have to take your emotions out of it and think as logically as possible...

                            BB called her to the DR .. she says it's for he meds .. she leaves to take them.

                            Austin to himself- Oh Mylanta!


                            • #15
                              BB reminds them to clean the bathroom... including the mirror...

                              Everyone waking up now...

                              I'm out for just a bit... hopefully someone out there can jump in and help update .. please : )


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