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Live Feed Updates-July 12-Day 25

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 12-Day 25

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    4:05 BBT

    Clay and Shelli in the lounge. Austin comes in and tells them that Audrey and Vanessa want him to confront Jeff.

    Audrey has been upstairs in the HoH..

    Shelli is asking if she wants to blow up the house.

    Austin tells them that Vanessa won't put up Jeff unless they blow this up. Shelli keeps saying s**t, s**t

    They have been going at it for a while, but

    Vanessa and Audrey come down and James is there to see them. (I think they were trying to hide that Audrey was upsrairs talking to Audrey.

    Now Audrey comes in to the lounge, and they tell her that it is not a good time for them to be seen talking to her. They tell her that they are not going to do what Vanessa asked Austin to do.

    Jeff was in the bedroom talking to Meg.

    (Things are going crazy in the house and I can't keep up with it all.)

    Vanessa comes in to the lounge, They shoo Audrey away. Shelli is trying to explain that the people outside think Shelli and Clay are with them instead of Vanessa and Austin. They cannot blow up their cover.

    They believe that the other side has overstated the lies from Audrey and they believe her more than them.

    Austin is going to confront Jeff. Shelli telling Vanessa that she needs to give Austin a clear cut script.

    Now they are talking about going to James.


    • #3
      Austin now talking to James. Tells him they are good, but that he is hearing from multiple people that Jeff has said he can't be trusted. Austin says she (Vanessa is trying to flip the script. James tell him the only thing Jeff has said is something about the blow up they had the first week. Austin says that Jeff could be going up and if Jeff goes up he would go home. James says that he would be appreciative and Austin and Vanessa would be good with him. Austin tell him that he thought the plan was for Audrey to go up, but he found out it's changed. During all this Jason and Meg came in and were puttering in the kitchen.

      Austin then goes in to the lounge and tells Vanessa that James confirmed it and tells her that James said if they save him he would be apreciative.

      James then goes and gets Meg and they go in to the bedroom to talk. Tells her that Austin said Vanessa said she respects James. Jason comes in and joins. Tells them that they want Jeff out.

      Austin is meanwhile in the bathroom (feed 3&4) confronting Jeff. Jeff tells him that James is the one saying this stuff about Austin. Shelli and Clay are both there too. Austin asks him about Jeff saying that Clay can't be trusted because until Shelli is gone. Jeff is denying it.

      Now James is coming in. Austin and Jeff are now going round and round about what conversation.

      Austin pulls in Vanessa and they start talking about Jeff telling her just yesterday that Clay and Shelli can't be trusted together. Vanessa goes off on him because he said that she tried to pull him in to an Alliance when he was the one that pulled her in to an Allaince.

      Now Clay is confronting Jeff about saying that and Jeff admits it. Jeff says that they have two cowards trying to avoid putting up Audrey. Shelli tells him that this isn't about Audrey. Jeff trying to cover. Clay says that if you have to say something like that to cover their alliance then you come to us and tell us what you said and why.


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        Austin, Jackie, Jason, Meg James in the kitchen. Vanessa comes in and talks about Jeff lied to her straight up. Jeff was suddenly making up lies about her. She doesn't know what to say if somebody wants to do that. Becky has come in to.

        She's telling James that she appreciates how James came to her and talked to her and was respectful.


        • #5
          4:48 BBT camera 1&2

          She goes over again that Jeff came to her to start an alliance, when he was the one that called her into a meeting to start an alliance and said that he said Shelli and Clay couldn't be trusted together.


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            Jackie now asks to go upstairs. Does Vanessa need to talk to somebody. They go up and Jackie says she wants to talk to Vanessa, but that can wait if Vanessa needs to talk.

            Vanessa is saying that this morning (Saturday) that the plan was to backdoor Audrey, but over the course of the day things have been coming out.

            Jeff still talking with Clay and Shelli. He says he has always been on Clay's side. Clay says he understands that, but you just don't say things like that. Shelli brings up that Clay told her that Jeff said that she would be to go soon,.

            They tell Jeff that everything can't be put on Audrey.

            Jeff says that but Audrey has been up in the HoH for two days. She has given them the game plan because Vanessa is not that smart.

            Clay goes back to Jeff saying that Shelli needs to go. Jeff saying this time why would he say that.

            Vanessa still telling Jackie what Jeff did and why she is so furious. She says that until Jeff lied to her face he wasn't even on her radar. She tells Jackie that Jeff also threw Jackie under the bus. she apologizes because she knows it's not good for Jackie, but it is best for Vanessa that he goes up and out. V tells Jackie that she has nothing against her, she genuinely likes her.


            • #7
              I have to go out for a while if some one can jump in.

              Austin is now up in the HoH. He tells them that he is down there now backtracking with Clay and Shelli. He doesn't understand why he was targetted so early.


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                OK, I came back to everyone in bed, so I thought I would flashback.

                Around 5:30 BBT Meg and James were in the kitchen talking, sounding relieved. Happy that the target is on Jeff and not them. Jeff was still in the lounge talking to Clay and Shelli.

                Current 7:30 BBT Everyone is sitting with their feet in the hot tub. They're playing Gronk Time. Music with Gronk saying it's not time to start partying yet. They all have to dance when he does that. Just some chit chat primarily from Jason. Awkward silences.


                • #9
                  7:35 They play Gronk saying "That was a killer party" with some music and everyone gets up and goes back inside except Jason who goes over to smoke. CAmera 3 on Jason smoking and tcamera 4 on the comic book bedroom with everybody changing or getting ready to go back to bed.


                  • #10
                    8:50am BBT

                    All HGS still sleeping


                    • #11
                      5:59am, Cam 1/2

                      Jeff to James, Jason and Meg(?) in the Purple Room –

                      “That was a Massacre. I just got attacked by all angles. This is not good. I’m f@#$%, I’m f@#$%.”


                      • #12
                        11:20 BBT

                        Gronk Party time. Music comes on. Everybody getting up and going outside. Bunny Hop kind of train.


                        • #13

                          Someone is telling Audrey to put her hands on the person in front of her, to participate.

                          They're complaining about the grass being hot.

                          11:32 Gronk says "That was awesome" Party over.


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                            BB tells them there are fresh batteries in the store room. The HGs go to the bathroom or back to bed.

                            Jeff is outside at the laundry telling John about last night and that he had Vanessa mad at him and then Austin mad at him. He said that they are not getting Audrey out. They were going to get James out, but now they are trying to backdoor him (Jeff).

                            John says that's not what he was told.

                            John goes inside. Jeff is folding his laundry.

                            Jason came out and went over to the couches, presumably to smoke.

                            Vanessa and Austin in HoH now talking to Julia and catching her up (She slept through last night). Vanessa tells her about asking James whether the plan was to backdoor Jace all along. James initially lied to her and then the house confirmed to her that it was the plan all along. James admitted to her that he lied. Vanessa saying that she doesn't want to be the one to take out the transgender person. A lot of what people said Audrey said has turned out not to be true. She said she told him she would respect him if he told her the truth. He told her the truth and said he was here to play for his daughter.

                            She says meanwhile Jeff and Jason run outside and are panicking and say that Austin can't be trusted. They say Austin is going to have to be the one to go next week. Austinsays he was exploding inside, he was pacing and wanting to go off. Jeff when confronted was trying to pin it on Jason.

                            Austin went to james and told him to level with him. James tokld him without coming out and saying it that he needs to watch his back. Austin then confronted Jeff in the bathroom where he was talking with Shelli and Clay. When Austin asked him if he ever said that he said no and when Austin asks him if he said that he wanted Shelli out to him, Jeff lied right to his face.

                            Austin got Vanessa then and Vanessa asked him about saying that Shelli needed to go. Then Jeff lied that Vanessa was initiating the alliance when it was him that did it. Vanessa told him that he just sealed his fate.

                            Vanessa says that after talking to James and all the paranoia before that she was almost ready to go ahead and put Audrey up, but after that he's going up.

                            She tells Liz that then she confronted him later and asked him yes or no and he admitted lying and said that he was confused.

                            Austin says that before that he told Jeff that he would go up and try to get Audrey or Steve up.

                            They continue catching Liz/Julia up.


                            • #15
                              They're telling her that Jeff was throwing everyone under the bus; James, Jason, Meg. They tell her that Jeff sunk himself. There were so many lies he couldn't keep up with them. It was the same situation as Audrey in week 1.

                              They fill Julia in that they have told everyone that she has to survive to top 10, 6 evictions.


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