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Live Feed Updates-July 13-Day 26

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 13-Day 26

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    3:45ish BBT

    Audrey was up in the HoH talking to Vanessa, After she leaves Vanessa and Liz/Julia are in bed with the lights out and are talking. Vanessa tells Liz/Julia that she should talk to Audrey because she's a nice person and also because she's noticed that Audrey tries to isolate people she wants to work with by targeting the people they are close to and she thinks that Audrey wants to work with her.

    In the purple bedroom Shelli and Clay are sleeping in the bed with Audrey. They have settled down now after much laughing and small talk.

    4:00am Camera 4

    Jason is up in the bathroom. brushing hair, cleaning the hair brush.


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      Clay and Shelli were just snuggling and he got up and moved to his own bed. Jason came in and said that everyone must be asleep because all the cameras started following him when he got out of the shower.

      He leaves and says he'll be back. Presumably he went to smoke.


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        6:41 AM BBT

        Cam 3
        Becky used the bathroom, washed her hands and got back in bed.

        All Cams
        All houseguests in bed/sleeping.


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          9:24 AM BBT

          Cams 1 & 2
          Audrey doing makeup in bedroom mirror.

          Cams 3 & 4
          Shelli, Becky & Liz doing makeup/getting ready for the day in bathroom mirrors.


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            10:00 AM BBT

            Cams 1 & 2
            Audrey, Shelli & Liz in the Kitchen. Audrey says it seems like they had to get up earlier today. Discussing what's going on today. When they call Johnny Mac to the DR they'll know (it's time for POV Ceremony).

            Cams 3 & 4
            Purple Bedroom
            Houseguests sleeping. Jason gets up and heads to the Kitchen.

            10:05 AM

            Cams 1 & 2
            Jason fixes a giant bowl of cereal.
            Liz is eating too, looks like eggs.
            Shelli is fixing coffee.
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              (Nothing going on, I'm out. If someone would please jump in if/when anything happens, that would be appreciated)


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                10:14 AM BBT

                Goes to Jeff Highlights loop.


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                  10:32 AM BBT

                  We're back. I thought maybe it was the POV Ceremony but appears they were just getting everyone up out of bed.

                  Cams 1 & 2
                  Jeff in shower.
                  Steve, Austin & James in bathroom area getting ready for the day.

                  Cams 3 & 4
                  Shelli, Clay, Liz, Audrey, Meg & John in the Kitchen.


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                    (I'm out. Feel free to, and please do, jump in and post some updates. Thanks!)


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                      11:12 AM BBT

                      Liz and Jackie are in the bathroom putting on make-up while Jason, Johnny Mac and Clay are outside drinking coffee. Everyone is chit-chatting.


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                        11:20 AM BBT

                        Jason goes in side to get some coffee. Clay and Johnny Mac talk game. Johnny is trying to figure out how to vote for Jeff when Jeff has never done anything to him. Clay tells him to do what's best for his game and that it is tough to vote someone out that is in their own alliance. Johnny Mac thinks that Becky would be a great person to bring in to the alliance now. He trusts her. Clay thinks it might work out that they do bring her in because Shelli really likes Becky and Becky had told him (Clay) that she was all alone in the game. She thinks people are afraid to align with her because she was on the block the first week.

                        Clay says it just sucks about Jeff (throwing them all under the bus). But Clay says that whomever goes home this week (between James and Jeff) they could certainly fill their spot easily with Becky. Jason comes back out and they go back to small talk. Austin joins them too.


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                          11:30 AM BBT

                          Jeff has come out of the DR and has crawled into bed with Meg. Jeff pulls his hoodie over his eyes and says lets just get this veto meeting over and put me up on the block. James is in his own bed and they are all goofing around. Audrey comes in to get some clothes but no one speaks to her.

                          Outside John and Jason are talking about...umm...zombie dancing, I think.

                          Shelli and Vanessa are in the HOH. Vanessa says she is trying to do this with the minimum amount of people hating her. Shelli says she thinks that Jeff is resigned to being on the block. Shelli gives her advice on how to act with the others. Vanessa is trying to figure out what she should say at the POV ceremony. She tells Shelli about Jeff coming to the HOH last night trying to get himself out of trouble by throwing Audrey under the bus. Shelli is shocked that that was all he could come up with.


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                            11:43 AM BBT

                            Shelli tells Vanessa that Jeff came up to her and said that he doesn't understand why Vanessa is so upset. He doesn't know what anything he has said has to do with Vanessa. Shelli says that Jeff is still saying that Vanessa is the one who wanted to start an alliance with him. Shelli said that she told Jeff that he lied to Vanessa when she came into the bathroom yesterday and that's why Vanessa is so pissed at him. Vanessa can't believe he is still lying about her trying to start and alliance with him. Shelli says that Vanessa should use the lying as to why she is going to put Jeff on the block.


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                              11:46 AM BBT

                              Vanessa tells Shelli that Jeff said Shelli is the one who started the alliance he was in. Shelli asks if he was ralking about that little 5 person thing that she already told Vanessa about, and Vanessa says yes. Shelli goes over the story again of how she and Clay were in the HOH and Jackie came in to talk. Then Jeff walks in and starts talking about they should all form an alliance and then John walks in so Shelli asks who should be in the alliance and Jeff says that the 5 in the room were perfect. Shelli rants that when she thought about it later, she realized that Jeff had conveniently set it up for those 5 were in the room when he made the appeal to form an alliance. Shelli is pissed that Jeff is blaming that alliance on Shelli being the mastermind.


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