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Live Feed Updates-July 14-Day 27

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 14-Day 27

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    3:40 BBT

    Camera 1&2 Audrey in HOH talking to Vanessa about what has gone on in the house. Vanessa says that Jason swears that Audrey told him that she was the vote for Day. Audrey deflects and says that Jason doesn't want to be disloyal to Day so will never work with Audrey because Day may come back in. They've been talking game for a while with Vanessa giving out a lot of information and Audrey planting seeds about Clay and Shelli and Austin

    Vanessa says it is hard to work with emotional people. Vanessa talks about Meg being a guys girl and if the two guys are gone they could scoop her up. Vanessa says she just cries so much. There's a wall up or something. Says she's liberal but judgmental. Audrey says not for personal things, but as projection. They think she will get along better with them rather than Becky. They continue talking

    Camera 3&4 Liz and Austin in the comic book bedroom talking in the dark. Steve got up and was talking. They"re talking about movies.

    Camera 3&4 switches to by couches. Jason is out smoking talking with Jeff and Becky. They're chit chatting. Jeff talking about it being hard being on the block. He says that Clay kind of gave him a goodbye speech today. Jason says he did the same thing to Davonne. Jeff sasys he called him out. Jason says he's waiting to see what people decide. He hasn't made up his mind. They think it is going to be an individual vote.


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      4:02 BBT

      Vanessa tells Audrey that they should have at least one conversation a day as private as possible.

      Outside they say how transparent Audrey is. Jason says Audrey may think they're ok now, but no, she is going up.

      Becky says that Vanessa thinks she is standing up for the LGBT community, but Audrey has straight up BULLIED people. Jason says that they're not there to represent whole communities, they are representing themselves. They are not the flag bearers.

      Jeff says that Vanessa is worried that if he stays in the house he will be after her and she should be worried. Jason says not him, his target is very clear and Vanessa will be later. Jeff says, yeah him too.

      (Have to get ready for work)


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        6:23 AM BBT
        All Cams

        All houseguests are in bed/sleeping.


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          8:45 AM BBT

          Still sleeping


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            9:30 a.m. Still sleeping


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              9:45 AM BBT

              We had FISH! and then after several minutes we are back to a few people up but not talking.


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                10:07 AM BBT

                Clay and Shelli in the bathroom. They discuss Jeff and how they feel bad about possibly evicting him but they don't know how they could ever trust him again. Seems like they wish they didn't have to get rid of him. Clay asks what Shelli thought about all the stuff Audrey said last night? Clay thinks that Audrey had good points about Clay. Shelli says that Audrey was saying good things about her (Shelli) too. Now talk turns to what will happen when they are out of the house. (It's a weird conversation and not making any sense because when one says something, then the other repeats it as a question). Clay is talking about wanting to spend more time with Shelli outside the house.
                **seems this conversation has to do with things Audrey talked about last night**


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                  10:35 AM BBT

                  Still awkward "could we or could we not" make it as a couple outside of this house talk between Clay and Shelli. We get FISH! for a bit then back to the same awkward mushy love talk with Clay and Shelli. BB calls Shelli to the DR. Clay goes to the kitchen to make himself breakfast (although he did ask Shelli a jillion times if she wanted him to make her some to which she responded no a jillion time back).


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                    10:49 AM BBT

                    Shelli is out of the DR and joins Clay in the kitchen. He asks for, and gets, a peck on the cheek and literally he jumped in the air for joy. Vanessa comes down and joins them. They chat for a bit and Vanessa starts to tell them that she hurt herself last night when she stepped down...FISH!


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                      11:04 AM BBT

                      Audrey and Clay in the kitchen chatting. Shelli is in the bathroom with Austin who is straightening his hair. Clay and Shelli are now both outside and BB has told them to lower the awnings. Audrey has joined them. After doing his hair, Austin heads back to bed. <shrugs>

                      Clay and Shelli finish with the awnings and sit by Audrey. Audrey starts talking game. She tells them that she is not team Austin and Liz because she has already committed herself to Clay and Shelly. Audrey wonders if anything Jeff is saying could make people target Clay and Shelli. Shelli says she doesn't understand why Audrey feels like she has to sell herself to Clay and Shelli. Audrey says it's like a conversation she had with Vanessa and Audrey doesn't think that Austin is all about the Sleeper Cell but that he has these other subdivisions. (makes no sense, but that's how she talks).

                      Johnny Mac joins them so talk is just general small talk.


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                        11:37 AM BBT

                        Clay, Shelli, Audrey and Johnny Mac srill outside chit chatting. Everyone else seems to be asleep (although Vanessa may be doing her blog).

                        I am going to take this opportunity to run some errands. Please help us by updating the live feeds. Thanks!


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                          3:10pm BBT
                          Cam 1 & 2

                          Comic Room is Steve, Jackie, Austin general chit chat.


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                            3:20pm BBT
                            Cam 3 & 4

                            HOH Room is Vanessa and Liz preparing for upcoming comps by memorizing and counting items.


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                              3:20pm BBT
                              Cam 3 & 4

                              Moved to Clay, Shelli, and Jeff - then we go to Fish.


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