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Live Feed Updates-July 15-Day 28

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 15-Day 28

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    3:35 BBY

    James, Jason, Meg, Jeff, Jackie, and Steve are on the backyard couches talking about the Amazing Race and all the production secrets. They gor Jeff his passport in 4 days. They sometimes will put fake visas in the passport to mislead them. They talk about all the logistics.


    • crissykins
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      After this conversation, everyone goes in except Jeff, Jackie, Steve and Jeff is giving Steve lots of advice to improve his social game. Kind of sweet. not sure of the exact time this convo started - watching flashbacks, 4:10 a.m. Jeff is talking about his game and it segues into him telling steve how to be more approachable and seem less sketchy...this convo lasts a while.

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    8:30 AM BBT
    All Cams

    All houseguests are in bed/sleeping.


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      9:22 AM BBT



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        9:35 AM BBT

        We are back and the majority of the house is up. (shocking!!) James is muttering about them being on lockdown in 30 minutes. Becky, Johnny Mac and Jason are outside wondering if the lockdown will be just until tomorrow night. They talk about people that didn't get their laundry done yesterday. Austin has come out to get in a quick workout.

        ‚ÄčVanessa, James and Clay are in the kitchen. Vanessa is called to the DR. James and Clay talk about laundry. Vanessa is back and Audrey comes in.

        Just general chit chat going on for now.


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          9:47 AM BBT

          Audrey is whispering to Vanessa and I can't hear the first part at all. BB turns the sound up on Audrey's mic and she is telling Vanessa that "he" apologized to her and it sounds to her like "he" is going to vote to keep James now which is good. Chit-chat for a bit and then FISH!

          I am going to jump out and get lunch going. BBL.


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            11:16 AM BBT

            Everyone is back in bed except for Austin and Vanessa. They are talking about how Clay and Shelli may have set themselves up with the other side of the house so that no one will target them. Vanessa is wondering if maybe it's too early to jump ship. Austin still thinks that the other side will go after Audrey but if someone would go after Clay, Austin would not be opposed to it. (apparently there is a chasm starting to open). Vanessa says she is thinking about trying to talk to Jason. Austin says it would be a good idea but that it's hard to tell if Jason is telling the truth because he is so smart. Austin tells Vanessa that Jeff came up to him and told Austin to trust Clay. Austin says that Jeff is dumb to say that because Clay is the one that gave Austin the fuel to want Jeff to go. Austin thinks maybe Jeff has been innocent this whole time (and Clay is masterminding everything). Vanessa wonders if Shelli knows and Austin thinks Clay is the only duplicitous one.


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              11:29 AM BBT

              Vanessa thinks she should talk to Jeff and just ask him why he didn't include Vanessa in his alliance. Austin says that Jeff told him he had 3 votes but he is protecting the identity of the 3rd person. Austin says he wants to confront Jeff and tell him if Jeff wants any chance at getting his and Liz's vote, he needs to tell Austin who is the secret 3rd vote. Vanessa says she wants to meditate on this so Austin leaves and goes to the kitchen to make something to eat.


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                *Flash backed to get more of the above conversation*
                10:57 AM BBT

                Austin tells Vanessa that Meg said they have her vote (to evict Jeff) so he thinks that probably means they have Jason. Vanessa asks if he wonders if everyone could be lying to them and Austin says yes. Austin says they can't think that way because it will drive them crazy, but Clay and Shelli could very well be on the other side and they (Aus & Van) will be ****ed on Thursday. Austin says that Clay wouldn't have been pushing so hard to get Jeff out if he really wanted to keep Jeff. Vanessa says it could make sense if Clay was trying to turn Jeff against Austin and Vanessa (while plotting to keep Jeff). They talk about how someone on their side needs to win HOH this week like Liz or Audrey or Steve. Clay, Shelli, Becky, Jeff and John were supposedly in an alliance and Jeff has been threatening to out them, but Austin and Vanessa already know. Austin and Vanessa compare notes and Shelli had admitted it to her and Jeff had told Austin without mentioning names so Austin told Clay and then Austin thinks Clay decided he better do damage control, so Clay spilled the beans.

                **ok, that gets us to where I first came in and Austin and Vanessa were being paranoid about Shelli and Clay**


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                  12:22 PM BBT

                  Everyone is asleep except Austin. Austin goes upstairs and climbs in bed with Vanessa. He tells her he has been in the DR discussing everything that has been going on inside his head. He has decided that he needs to talk to Liz about where they stand (as a couple) before Austin develops deep feelings for Liz. He says he has been hurt before and doesn't want to feel like that again. He talks about that being a big reason why he went into wrestling to get attention. Austin says he doesn't want to feel alone, unloved, betrayed, and that he always feels too intensely. He doesn't like to put himself out like that in a relationship. He says he is always guarded a little bit. With wrestling, everything is really under your control.


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                    12:34 PM BBT

                    Vanessa asks if Liz should go next weekend, would Austin be OK? Austin says emotionally, no. But that is why he needs to have this talk with Liz now. They start going over who they think is aligned and how all the girls are single and ready for a showmance. Austin says the girls were sitting outside staring at him while he was working out. He jokes that he wants to get all the guys out of the house except him.


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                      12:44 PM BBT

                      ‚ÄčAustin and Vanessa are having a fun chat now. Austin is talking about how none of the ladies even bother looking at Clay because Shelli has him on lockdown. Austin says he likes to chat with Jackie, to keep him from getting in too deep with Liz. Vanessa asks about his past relationship that hurt him so bad. He tells Vanessa the story of how they were friends but he was in love with her and the girl knew it and a friend of the girl wanted to date Austin but he said he was in love with the other. This girl told him that the one he loved would never return those feelings and it humiliated Austin. Then he got into wrestling.

                      Shelli is up in the bathroom.

                      I am out. If anyone can take over, that would be appreciated!


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                        1:00PM BBT
                        Cams 1 & 2
                        HOH Room with Vanessa & Austin

                        Still having their talk about this girl with Austin in "real life"... he is saying how one of the things they had issues on was the girl was super into Science and he being a 'philosopher' type... it just was a thing that was an issue with them.

                        Cams 3 & 4
                        Shelli alone in bathroom putting on makeup

                        (skipping ahead a little)

                        1:15PM BBT
                        Cams 1 & 2
                        still HOH with Austin & Shelli chatting

                        Cams 3 & 4
                        same as above

                        (going LIVE)


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                          1:30PM BBT
                          Cams 3 & 4
                          come back from brief FISH to Shelli & Audrey talking in the bathroom

                          Shelli saying she doesnt like talking about it (?) makes her nervous

                          Audrey: I I'm hoping is this week, we get out Jason and then her (?) and then we're good for a bit

                          She (Audrey) says she thinks James is coming around..she doesnt think he's coming for her. She says she talked to Jason last night and told him she didnt want to be enemies with him. That people are trying to capitalize on their feud (hers & Jason's) because they are afraid she's going to win HOH next week and they are all throwing Jason under the bus to her.

                          Audrey says she said to Jason that if he hears something she said he knows its because she has to defend herself. And that she gave him some 'info' that wasn't actually fake, it was real..about Jeff's "secret group" and that she isnt worried that it gets out because it's kind of public knowledge so it wont affect her if it gets out. She did this to see if Jason goes out tell it. She says Jason is trying to build trust with vanessa

                          Audrey: I just think after we successfully get Jason out next week, we will have the votes no matter what to keep our people safe. And they dont know who our group is so...

                          Shelli isnt saying much..just mostly listening and taking it in

                          Audrey:, you, Austin, Liz, Clay and Vanessa..six, we should be good in any scenario. Next vote will only be ten (voting) so..

                          Shelli: but what if one of us is on the block...then we only have five votes...if two of us are on the block then we only have four votes..and if one of us is HOH then we only have three votes..

                          Audrey: well if one of us is HOH, then none of us will be up there..

                          Shelli: that's true..good point..duhh

                          Audrey: so worse case is that two of them get in power..then we are in serious trouble

                          She says she told James he needs to try to win (HOH)

                          Audrey: I really think he's over...I think he's like letting me back in

                          Shelli: good..good

                          Audrey: I gave him some really solid advice and it all checked out so.

                          Steve pops in so they stop talking while he's in there

                          Once he leaves..

                          Audrey saying I she won (HOH) she would target him (Jason) and she'd put Meg up next to him

                          Shelli: poor Meg...

                          Steve back in to brush his tooth so the girls make idle chit chat

                          Shelli: this is proving to be an interesting day so far...

                          Audrey asks Steve what he thinks tomorrows comp challenge will be...would they really put them on such a long lockdown for just questions

                          the three of them talk about comp possibilities..
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                            1:50PM BBT

                            Cams 3 & 4
                            Kitchen Steve, John & Liz(Julia?), Shelli milling around the kitchen

                            Cams 1 & 2
                            Still HOH with Austin & Vanessa chatting about life and their families and such

                            (no game talk right at the moment..gotta go take a quick potty break..BRB lol)


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