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Live Feed Updates - July 16 - Day 29

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 16 - Day 29

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    Camera 1
    Hammock Room
    1:08 a.m.

    James says he wants to talk to Clay one last time. James wants Clay to know that from a game point and personal level that they are on a good point. He hasn’t gone after Clay or Shelli. He is trustworthy. He might from time to time forget things but he doesn’t go around creating chaos. He just wants Clay to know where he stands. James says with me you are going to have someone who won’t try to bullsh*t. My big thing is the trust thing and people really trust me. I don’t want to lose that. I’m not saying anything about Jeff. He has his good points but I haven’t done anything on the caliber as Jeff has. Not that he couldn’t change going forward but just wanted them (Clay and Shelli) to know that.

    Clay tells him the only concern he has with him, and it has been brought to his attention, is that people perceive Shelli and him as a couple. That’s fine and he gets it. It’s people that he thought were his friends entertaining the idea that they need to be split up. I don’t know who originated it but you were brought up as part of that group that is saying this would be a good opportunity to get them out. But when people say they have your back and you hear these things it’s hard.

    James says the first time he heard it, and he really doesn’t want to say who said it, because it came from the guy he is up against. James says it started as he (James) thinking they would put a pawn up against him, like maybe Clay or Jackie or Meg. Jeff said if they put Clay up it would be a good time to break up that couple.

    Clay believes that Jeff said that. James says that all he can say is he loves Clay and Shelli and he meant what he said at the beginning and he knows that as the game winds down changes will be made.

    Clay tells him he believes him and trust his word. Clay says on the first day we had a connection in the bathroom. Clay tells him man to man, if his (James) name is brought up he deflects it and said there are other targets. He just had a gut feeling on the first day that they should work together. James agrees and say that is why I haven’t come and talked to you because I thought we had that connection.

    Clay says we are good. I come with a plus one but that is a good because there are two rather than one on your side.

    James says that he is good with him but their group is crazy. Every time they think they have a good group something happens.

    Clay is saying that he has a high level of trust and he doesn’t feel that Jeff does at as high a level as him and he is done with him inside this house. He has a level of trust with Shelli and if it were Steve rather than Shelli he would feel the same way. He just needs to find people he can trust.

    James says he was afraid they had lost some trust between them but if he stays he will show him that he is trustworthy. Clay says his trust isn’t gone with James, but he is closer to Shelli.

    They continue to talk, but James assures him that he is trustworthy and Clay tells him that he will vote for him and so is Shelli. James says he will let him know if someone is talking about them.
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      Camera 4
      Have Not Room
      1:16 a.m.

      Jeff asks how Steve is doing and Steve says he is missing home and in the last couple of days it has really hit him. He wants to make jury and says he is a quarter of the way through already. Jeff says he understands what he is going through and Steve says he is sorry because Jeff’s journey is harder than his and Jeff says no, it’s just different. Steve talks about his social skills and how they aren’t as good as others and he thought he would go home first rather than Jace.

      Jeff is coaching him about how to handle himself in the room, who he should trust and who will take care of him. Jeff says that he has a really good working relationship with Johnny Mac and JMac likes Steve. Then there is Jackie and Becky. The others just flip flop all over the place. Jeff says that Steve isn’t a target. That he has talked to others and no one is talking about him at all. He tells Steve that Johnny Mac is supposed to talk to him today. Jeff then asks for his vote, but tells him not to tell anyone how he is going to vote, not even him (Jeff).

      Steve tells him he is afraid of sticking his neck out and doesn’t want his vote to ruin his game.

      Jeff tells him that a lot of things have changed within the last hour and there is a lot of talking that is going on. Vanessa says that James has the votes to stay and when Steve agrees he asks him why. Steve says I haven’t been in those conversations at all. The camera changes as he starts to list the reasons he thinks James has the votes to stay.


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        Camera 1
        1:38 a.m.

        Audrey and Jeff. Jeff asks her who hates him so much in this house. He feels like he is fighting a never ending battle. There are so many rumors brought up about him. Audrey not talking just looking for her glasses and mic. He continues to “vent” to her because he thinks she knows how he feels. Jeff says that when he went into the HaveNot Room to finish packing that Steve was acting strange. He said he was missing his family but he thinks it has something to do with a rumor that someone might have told Steve. He just didn’t want to talk about it.

        Jason comes in to go to bed and conversation stops for a few as Jason removes his mic and battery pack.

        Jeff says that this place is fu*king crazy and he is done putting out fires. Who wants him out that bad? Audrey says why do you think it’s one person. Jeff says he can’t figure it out but someone wants him gone and they want him gone bad. Jeff gets up to go get food.

        Audrey stays behind and then talks to Jason. She tells Jason she doesn’t think that Jeff has enough votes to stay and then tell Jason about their conversation. Jason is talking but his mic is off so I can’t hear anything and FISH. When we come back Jason still doesn’t have his mic on and they call him out. This freaks out Audrey as people now know they are talking. She is really paranoid as she moves around trying to see who might be close by.


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          Happy Eviction Day!

          9:59 AM BBT

          We have had FISH! for several minutes.


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            10:06 AM BBT

            Quite a few people are up eating breakfast or brushing their teeth. Small talk from everyone.


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              Camera 3
              2:45 a.m.

              Jeff and Jackie. Jeff is talking about his DR session and his good-bye message to James. He says he refused to do one and when he told them why (production) they knew so they didn’t make him do one.

              Jeff says that now they can hang out again and pretend that they are friends. She says “we are friends”. She asks what he said to Shelli because she (Jackie) isn’t acting any differently than before. Jackie says that was all him (Jeff) and he says yeah just blame it all on me. She tells him not to go there. He is convinced that he is going home and he doesn’t give a sh*t. She asks him to tell her everything so that she will know what went on and if he wants her to she can blow it all up and tell them what Jeff really said. She can blow it up when needed and then he doesn’t have to do it now when he is going. She needs ammo.

              Jeff tells her that Clay didn’t trust him from day one. Jackie agrees and decided that she is close to Shelli and she will make decisions with her because Clay will vote with Shelli. She tells him that James and Shelli were just together talking. Jeff thinks that James is throwing him under the bus and she says that James is just protecting himself because he has seen Jeff talking to people. Jackie says that she thinks they have decided to keep James and Jeff talking to them is freaking them out. Vanessa has made it clear to Jackie that Jeff’s going home is a house decision. Vanessa told her that Jeff only has Jackie and Johnny Mac’s vote.

              Jeff thinks that his game wouldn’t have been blown up if Vanessa wasn’t HOH. Jeff says that he just talked too much. Jackie says it would have come out evidentially and he said but then it would have been later and he would have been in a better position. He tells her to stay with Johnny Mac, Steve, and Becky. Jeff goes back to the fact that someone is causing a lot of rumors and he can’t figure out who it is. He tells Jackie that Vanessa needs to go, so don’t even go near her. Austin needs to go. Liz needs to just because she is a twin. He is convinced about that. Jackie acts like she is not sure about the twin part. Jeff says he is going to ask her and then he will tell Jackie and Jackie promises she will keep it to herself and let the others figure it out.

              Jeff says he is going to ask Austin what his problem is with Jeff. Jackie says it won’t help him and it won’t go anywhere so don’t do it. Jackie tells him she needs Austin and she is going to play him. Jeff tells her not to trust him and Jackie says I have to act like I don’t know people’s faults so I can continue in this game. She explains that Audrey keeps calling her out on little things and says she is gone because no one likes that.

              Jeff tells her that this house is annoying and people are so fake. Jackie agrees. Jackie says she hates being fake but she has to in this house. Jeff tells her he has headaches every day. Once he leaves he is going to have more than two beers. They better have alcohol lined up for him as well as a can of chew.
              Jeff says that the good part about him leaving is he can go on the interview he wanted to go on and he will be able to start school in the fall. If he stayed until the end it wouldn’t be over until after the fall semester had started. She says everything happens for a reason. He got to do a little bit of this (being in the house) and that might help him and later on he will see that. She reminds him that he stayed here for a month, eleven episodes and that is as much as the Race, and he will be in most of them. He just wishes he wasn’t being booted so early in the season. She says maybe you’ll come back. That’s what Jason is saying, that they could bring someone back. He will be there at the Finale. He says it was only worth it to him, because of what he had to give up, if he won it. He says that even if he gets the votes to stay he will be a huge target. He is resigned to the fact that he is 95% sure he is going home. And Fish.

              They talk about Austin and his girlfriend and his relationship with Liz. They joke that Liz might be his daughter and Jeff says that he gives off the vibe that he might be into men. Jackie says Austin said he was open to a homosexual relationship, but he is into women. It was just Austin, Jackie and Steve in the room when he said that.

              Jeff tells her to stay with Johnny Mac. They talk about all his good qualities. He is smart, good at comps, stays under the radar and he is voting for Jeff even though he knows that Jeff is going home. Jeff hopes it doesn’t hurt his game. Jeff reminds her that people will sh*t all over you when they have a chance. Even your best friend will do that to stay safe.


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                10:11 and the Houseguest are getting up and eating breakfast.

                I am out for a while so I'll check back later.


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                  10:21 AM BBT

                  Austin in HOH with Vanessa. They are talking about James saying he is throwing the HOH comp tonight. They discuss that they only have Meg, Jason and Jackie to worry about. They think they can maybe reel Jackie in by telling her some stuff that Jeff has said about her.


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                    10:31 AM BBT

                    Vanessa asks Shelli if she thinks Jackie will honor the deal Vanessa made with her to not put Vanessa up if Vanessa didn't put Jackie up. Shelli says she thinks Jackie will honor it, but will talk to her if Shelli hears different. Vanessa is packing up her HOH room. BB calls her to the DR.

                    Meanwhile Jason won't use the toilet because Audrey was just in there for 30 minutes and Jeff is trying to flirt Liz into a vote to keep him. (lol)


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                      10:46 AM BBT

                      Jeff and Liz are in the hammock room. Liz is explaining why she can't give Jeff her vote. She says that James has promised not to put her, Vanessa and Austin on the block and then she heard that James was going to throw the HOH, so that makes sense. Liz says she would rather keep Jeff because she has more of a connection to him....but.

                      Jeff says it's ok, he knows he is going home today. But he says he is in a mood today that if anyone ****s with him, he is going to come down on them.

                      FISH! JeffCaps!


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                        12:20pm BBT

                        Still Jeff Caps!!!


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                          1:18 p.m. Clay is cutting James' hair in the bathroom. Jeff is lying in bed with talking to (Meg ?) and he is still talking about if and when he is evicted. I thought he was resigned to his fate, but apparently he is still fighting. He tells her that if she "keeps him" she gets two people, because he has Jackie.


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                            1:43 ish PM BBT

                            Austin, Vanessa & James are in the bathroom talking about Jeff being a bad sport about being evicted tonight. Austin says he is seeing red because Jeff is telling people that Austin backstabbed him. James reminds Austin that when Jace was crying about being voted out Jeff said Jace was a little *****. Austin agrees and says that Jeff just got caught up in his lies whereas Jace was truly blindsided. Austin says if Jeff makes a speech tonight and says crap about Austin, Austin is going to stand up and tell him to back off. Vanessa tells Austin that they should go sit in the room with Jeff so he can't talk crap about them anymore, Jeff says he can't handle being around it, and then we get....

                            JeffCaps again!


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                              3:05pm BBT

                              Cam 1 & 2
                              Kitchen w/ Clay, Steve, Johnny Mack & Becky - snacking or whatever before Live Show. Nothing much happening. Johnny Mack had just finished vacuuming.

                              Cam 3 & 4
                              Comic Room with Liz, James, Austin talking about last year's season HOH with Frankie & how Victoria was so bad. She got to 3 without winning anything.

                              The cams have been back & forth with FISH.


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