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    For those of you who might just be checking in, we are in desperate need of help with paying for the server and looking at doing the updates that we need to do, in order to get ready for the busy Big Brother 18 season.

    We appreciate the handful of you guys, who have helped so far during this off-season.

    If anyone can help, we would truly appreciate it. The updates need to be done, BEFORE we get into the BB season, so that the website is ready for you guys when the traffic here is heavy.

    We always seem like we have to wait until the last moment to start the updates and then, of course, waiting sometimes means that things are "just right" and there are glitches here and there. We really, really want to avoid any of those "glitches" this time around, so we're trying to be proactive and get things moving forward now for you.

    And, of course, the server expenses roll around month after month for the website.

    Again, any help is MUCH APPRECIATED ...

    Lexie and the BBU Crew

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    Just bumping this up ... because we really do need the help... : )


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      Made a donation today. I have not been on in a while and have been looking around, catching up. Thanks Kenny for the birthday shout out on Dec. 15 lol.


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      Thanks so much mlc0038mcl : )


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        First, thanks to the handful of members who have made a donation during this off season.

        Second, we apologize for the site being down on Friday.

        We've found ourselves having to make some tough decisions during this off season. We haven't been able to do the required updates that are needed and we've had to conntiue to try to do all we can to try to reduce the cost of the monthly expenses we incur.

        As a result of the lack of updates and trying to reduce the monthly expenses, the site may experience some down times.

        If we can't do the necessary updates , unfortunately we fear the down time will only get worse.

        We never want the site to be down for you...especially during the BB season.

        You've recently seen me asking for help so we can get ahead of this. I love this community we've all built here and I hope you guys do too.

        We are really sorry we were down and like I said, even though it's not a busy busy time here, we never want the site to be down for any of you.

        We need to do some updates, we need to gear up for the upcoming busy time during the BB season.

        Any help is truly appreciated.


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          Donation made, sorry it isn't a lot more. Counting down to BB 18!


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          Thank you hootie. We truly appreciate your support.

          I hope that now since we have a BB 18 start date, others will start checking in and be able to help keep things going here, so we can be here for the season.


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            Just donated. Big Brother would not be the same without BBU!


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            Thank you Lynette!

            I hope now that we have a premiere date, I hope others will start checking in and helping out, so that we can do the updates, upgrades and pay the server.


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              I'm wondering if you can send an email out to everyone since we had to give our email address to sign up and let them know when the premiere is, that you are gearing up for a new season, and need to do upgrades, etc. and any help they can provide now would be so appreciated and more importantly insure that BBU will be here for the new season.
              Big Brother Addict
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                Working on doing just that Lynette : )
                Thanks again so much for your continued support of BBU!


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                  We MORE THAN YOU KNOW appreciate our Off~Season Donators, but we don't like that it seems to fall on just a handful of you guys all the time.

                  I'd love to pop this button on a BUNCH of you ....

                  I am really, really, really hoping that others will come along and help us out during this time so that we are actually able to be ready for the new season.



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                    If you can help, please consider making a donation so that we can move ahead and be ready for the new season of Big Brother.

                    We have some maintenance issues that we need to deal with before the season begins, to make sure that your experience during the busy times will be easy for you. And, as always we need to pay the monthly expenses that always roll around.

                    Any help is truly appreciated : )


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                      Ok made my May donation.


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                      Pitched in a small amount. Sorry it wasn't more. Love you guys!!!


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