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  • #IJustWantMyBBU

    We MORE THAN YOU KNOW appreciate our Off~Season Donators, but we don't like that it seems to fall on just a handful of you guys all the time.

    So yeah it's been a long cold winter and we're trying to gear up for a hotter than hot summer inside the Big Brother 18 house.

    We've made it this far, but ONLY with the help of a handful of supportive BBU members ... You will see them wearing this button ....

    We have 3 more months to get to the Season Premiere of everyone's obsession - Big Brother 18 on June 22nd! ( woot! )

    But... we need to be able to get the website ready for all of you who will be returning to spend the summer with us.

    So, here's how you can help!

    ~~~> Climb the Off-Season Button Ladder with your BBU Buddies....

    Here are the Off~Season Buttons that will hopefully help us get to Season 18 ....

    Make your first donation and get this one...

    Off-Season Donator -

    Make a second donation and get this one...

    Super Off-Season Donator

    Make a third donation and get this one...

    Super Hero Off~Season Donator

    Make more and end up with this button that you will wear all season long, right beside any other donation buttons you earn during the BB 18 season.

    We TRULY appreciate you guys and we'll work harder than ever to bring you the best of the best of Big Brother News and Updates all season long...

    We just have to actually make it there!

    I'd love to pop this button on a BUNCH of you ....

    So join in and help out if you can.

    Thanks to those of you who have helped already and I am really, really, really hoping that others will come along and help us out during this time so that we are actually able to be ready for the new season.


    Thanks for any help : )

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    Thank you to Grannyrite ... she just earned a button : )

    That's one since I posted this ...

    Crossing my fingers and toes that others will start to check in here and be able to help out .... #fingersandtoes


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      Ok, made my April donation a little early.


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      Thank you walleye!

      I really, really,really hope that others will start checking in and be able to jump in and help out.

      April expenses are just around the corner and we need to get March paid before it ends.


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        Time for my April donation, and I have a little extra this month -- I can share.


        • KennyERJ
          KennyERJ commented
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          Thanks for your continued support, ~smee~ !

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        Smee, you are just the best of the best! You really can't know how much your continued support of BBU means to everyone : )

        Guys, if you are just checking in, please consider making a donation to help us be able to continue to keep the doors open here at BBU.

        We are really hoping to be able to bring you all the latest updates and late night craziness during the Big Brother 18 season ( which will be here before you know it )

        We're doing all that we can to maintain the expenses, ( with the help of a few wonderful members, who without their help during this off- season, we would not even be here now )

        So, if you're checking in, please consider making a donation to help us be able to be here for Season 18.

        If you #justwantyourBBU - then please consider helping - any help is greatly needed and appreciated : )


        • Lynette
          Lynette commented
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          Just donated. I pray others will as well to get us through.

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        Hi All

        Just made my first donation of this year. As BBCan 4 is winding down, it's back to watching past seasons for me until June!

        I have some pics of this years Reality Rally I attended. Where can I post the thread?? Under the BB18 Discussion heading?


        • KennyERJ
          KennyERJ commented
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          Thanks for the donation, Joe! Yes, you can post the photos of the Reality Rally in the BB 18 Discussion area. Can't wait to see them!

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        Thanks Joe!


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          We are getting closer and closer to the premiere of BB18' which means we really need to tune this place up so that we can be ready for all the traffic that the new season will being. We will need to go back to a bigger, faster server and do some updates to be ready.

          In order to get those things done and help get us ready, we need to raise at least $500 sooner than later.

          If you're just getting the BB itch and finally checking in her at BBU, we are still here thanks to the help of a handful of members who have helped us stay afloat during the off-season.

          But, like I said above we need to gear up and if you can help we truly appreciate any help you vacant give so that we can move ahead and be ready for a great new BB season.

          Thanks for being here,



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            Just sent in another donation in memory of my mother. Miss her so much. Hope it helps some!


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              Just sent in a donation. Sorry I am late with it.

              Lexie, I sent you an e-mail. Let me know if you did not receive it. I used the contact us button at the bottom.
              Last edited by Luanne; 05-03-2016, 04:43 PM.


              • KennyERJ
                KennyERJ commented
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                Thanks for your donation, Luanne!

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              Thank you so much Luanne - I will email you when I get home!


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                So, I've been away for awhile and just got around to checking in for a bit. I've made a donation and hopefully it will help.

                I'm flying to New Orleans on Saturday to start a great 2-week family vacation. We are spending a week in New Orleans and then taking a 7-day cruise. We are celebrating many, many years of marriage; Mom and Dad - 60 years, Sister and Brother in Law 1 - 35 years, Sister and Brother in Law 2 - 25 years. And to add to the festivity, the cruise leaves on my birthday.

                If I don't spend too much, I will be back in a little over 2-weeks to donate a little more.



                • KennyERJ
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                  Thanks for the donation, Dee. Have a great time!

                • Lynette
                  Lynette commented
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                  Sounds like a great vacation! Happy Birthday! Celebrate with a delicious beignet!

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                60 years wow, sounds like you have a great vacation planned. Have fun.


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                  Done! Let's Go Warriors! Lol, sorry, on a win high! In fact, I said I'd try to send more next week, but I will send more when the Warriors win Game 5!


                  • KennyERJ
                    KennyERJ commented
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                    Thanks for your donation zoziemom!

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