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Big Brother 18 News and Rumors - 30 Players!

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  • Big Brother 18 News and Rumors - 30 Players!

    We're getting closer and closer to that June 22 Premiere Night!

    Here's a bit of News and Rumors circling the Big Brother 18 World...

    Rumor has it that this BB18 season there won’t be a two-day premiere date like there has been in seasons past.

    That rumor/news has Big Brother fans hoping/wishing that the ( much hated by Big Brother fans “Battle Of The Block” competition won’t be a part of the new season.

    Rumor has it that BB casting hopes to “go back to the basics of the game and make it a season of power moves and blindsides”

    There will be a two-hour premiere on June 22.

    What we do know is that there will be 30 players on premiere night, all who will participate in a competition to earn a spot in the BB18 house.

    Will it be an All-Star Season or a half All Star and half newbie season?

    We’ll find out soon and we’ll let you know!

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    I don't think this 30 players thing is true. Only source I've seen saying this is Inquistr which is often garbage. But can you imagine! Fun to think about! So many pre-season interviews and house guests to learn! Unless this half newbies half vets rumors is true, then we'd know half the original pool already. Oh who knows!
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      30 players,,, there has been 10 seasons since All-Stars. They could give us three from each season, and we vote which ones make it into the house. I have been looking back over the seasons and picked my choices. I do not want any player that has had a second chance even though I love them... Janelle, Dan, Britney, Rachel, Jeff, Jordan, Dick, Dani, (not sure if I have missed someone) I feel like it can not be a true All star since they have had some of the best back several times.

      Since we know there will not be 30 players, another possibility is half newbies and we vote on the returning vets.


      • Livzee
        Livzee commented
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        Giving us the vote on the vets I like tho I have no trust in the POWERS THAT BE; but if we get to choose, there will be no Frankie!!!

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      Livzee, I agree with you, NO FRANKIE. Not sure I could watch if he is back.


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        Read in another spot that the inmates will be introduced on June 13, so that must be the day after they're imprisoned.

        My guess is half retreads & half newbies. Contests could be like when they have chance to return - you drop early or lose a quiz and NO BB KEY FOR YOU! (Exclaim like the Soup Nazi) I only want to see Franky-Furter if he doesn't get a key. I'm sure his pout face will be worse than when he didn't win the viewer choice check. Watching him lose again would be OK, but NO don't want to see him in the house every day.

        Saw a picture of the backyard. New rectangular pool w/spa in corner. Always fun to see how the house looks before they trash it.

        Bet the ants are getting excited hearing the workmen. Probably crossing the days off a teeny calendar until the Big Bro Smorgasbord begins.


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          And, yes, please end Battle of the Block and add a food contest, ending the unfair assignments by Head of House.


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            Question: does anyone watch CBS app on Firestick? Read that we'll be able to watch the live feed thru Firestick this year. Perfect for couch potatoes like moi, who would love to watch on bigger screen than my laptop. Guess I'll have to signup next month & give it a shot.

            Boy, I love that little Firestick. So much TV from such a teeny device-GRIN.


            • psucolleen
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              Oh that would be AWESOME!!

            • Unstoppable Nails
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              I was just trying to figure that out myself. I just bought all access from the link here and connected cbs all access to the firestick. I do not see a link to view feeds yet.

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            There's a Big Brother Marathon on CBS All Access where the live feeds usually are...every episode of every season. I wonder if the marathon will take us all the way up to when the live feeds start at 10 pm BBT on June 23rd. Or probably more likely the marathon takes us all the way to the cast reveal (which BettyBoo says is supposed to be on June 13). I read the cast reveal will be on the live feeds like last year. It's getting close, gang.
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            • BettyBoo
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              They usually have them in the House for several days so we get introduced before the initial show. But, if there are 30 then I'm guessing the herd will be culled before first show? Just guessing & I never win at the casino or lottery, so my crystal ball sucks.

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            Here's some rumors I've seen on line:

            "The Big Brother 18 cast will be revealed on June 13th on All Access, the home of your Big Brother Feeds again this summer."
            "Live feeds will begin airing June 23rd at 10PM PT."
            "Meanwhile, there have been ongoing rumors that season 18 will be fittingly called "Big Brother All Stars 2. If this were to the case, it means that some of the regular housemates will be mixed with some big names in entertainment or sports. Some rumored cast members include athletes, singers, actors and dancers."

            Also that there will be 30 people shown, but only 14 will actually go into the house?? I do believe they like messing with our heads. Maybe they will do like the past episode of Survivor where viewers can pick the players from an on-line showing of the 13th of the 30 originals??? Well, however it works out, they sure have our brains running like the hamsters in the wheel.

            Oh well, Jon Snow Lives & we now know how Hodor got his name. (Yep, my other brain teasing show - GRIN)


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              Here are some facts:

              The Big Brother Live Feeds are back only on CBS All Access.

              Subscribers can watch the Big Brother Live Feeds 24/7 in HD across devices, stream the upcoming 18th season premiering on June 22nd live or on demand and access every episode of all past 17 seasons of Big Brother.

              CBS All Access subscribers can also watch thousands of episodes of CBS shows on demand, get new episodes of hit shows on demand the next day in the CBS App, and stream their local CBS channel live*. CBS All Access is available anytime, anywhere across devices and streaming platforms.

              Early Live Feed subscribers can tune in to the first-ever Big Brother Marathon, where every episode from all 17 seasons of Big Brother will be streaming for 17 days. During the Marathon, early subscribers will also get access to bonus features including subscriber-only video content featuring your favorite Big Brother stars.

              Ongoing subscription benefits include:
              • Big Brother Live Feeds - the full Big Brother experience with 24/7** live footage of what’s going on in the Big Brother house as it happens in HD across all devices and streaming platforms (Apple TV, Roku Players, Chromecast, Android TV, Fire TV, and Xbox 360)
              • Live Feed exclusives: full episodes from previous seasons, 4 cameras plus a quad view, rewind and highlight capabilities, and community and VIP chat rooms
              • New episodes of hit CBS shows on demand the next day across devices
              • Access to over 7,500 full episodes of current shows and fan favorites on-demand (including all past 17 seasons of Big Brother)
              • Live TV across desktop, mobile, and streaming devices*

              If you click on the links right here at BBU you get a 1-week free trial - After the free trial, CBS ALL ACCESS will cost $5.99 / month.

              Key Dates:
              • May 23rd: June 9th: Big Brother Marathon of All 17 Seasons
              • May 23rd - June 22nd: Release of Houseguest Hotseat Videos
              • June 13th: Meet the New Houseguests! Exclusive LIVE stream interview with the new houseguests
              • June 22nd: Big Brother 18 season premiere
              • June 23rd: Live Feeds start at 10p PT


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                They do like to mess with our heads, BettyBoo, for sure! And YAY Lexie for new info!!!!!!

                I'm trying to figure out why the live feeds don't start until Thursday night. There is a reason they're not starting the night of the premiere. What is it?

                The last two years the live feeds have started on the second night because we've had two-night premieres. (They let one HG group on Wednesday and one on Thursday so that they could have two HoHs for Battle of the Block.) The feeds didn't start until Thursday night because they didn't want us to see all the HGs in the house until after they'd introduced the second group on the second night.

                But this year, they've only announced a one night premiere (and we all hope that means no more BOB) which leads one to believe that there is only one group of HGs entering the house. So WHAT do they not want us to see until after Thursday night's show? Are they going to introduce 30 HGs on June 13th and then let us vote on who is in the house? If so, won't they announce who those people are on the premiere? And if so, then why can't we see the feeds on Wednesday night?

                There is SOMETHING that they're hiding from us that they don't want us to see until after Thursday night's show even though it's a one night premiere on Wednesday. Any ideas, my BBU friends?


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                  I say we arm the ants w/microphones & send them into Allison's office.


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                    Maybe they're going to do an endurance comp with 30 people to see which 15 or 16 win their way into the house. Maybe they wouldn't show the end the comp until Thursday night, so they can't start the feeds until Thursday after that show. But would they be willing to take that big of a risk and give up that much control over who is in the House? Maybe most of the HGs are pre-selected and only a few win their way in (like in BB11 but with more than one person entering?). I'm guessing. But I'm intrigued.


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                      I have no idea what to expect this season with the rumor of 30 players. But I do know what I do and don't want to see -

                      1. No Frankie
                      2. No BOB
                      3. No dual head of household
                      4. Food competitions
                      5. Have nots not decided by HOH
                      6. No super wanna-bes who just want the face time to get somewhere in their search for stardom (models, wrestlers,etc.)
                      7. No super alliance of the self-proclaimed cutest, most popular house guests
                      8. A return to the solid basic, game strategies that made this show what I loved
                      9. A more even distribution of power in the house than we have seen the past 2 years
                      10. Some change up in competitions instead of a new version of the same old ones (take a hint from survivor - they have some fantastic competitions)

                      That's all, folks. Not too much to ask for. Oh, did I mention ------ NO MORE FRANKIE!


                      • psucolleen
                        psucolleen commented
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                        I'm on board with this! Except #9. You can't control that; it's up to the HGs. If there's a power group, then let them be a power group. It's all about the game play.

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                      I've got the perfect crossover - bring in Mark to eat the ants. He was one amazing hunter. I picture him strutting around the island, saying, 'That's right ladies, I'm the rooster who outplayed, outwit, and outlasted all those puny humans to be King of the Jungle! C*cka doodle-do.'


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