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Meet The New Big Brother 18 House Guests - June 13th

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  • Meet The New Big Brother 18 House Guests - June 13th

    • June 13th: Meet the New Houseguests! Exclusive LIVE stream interview with the new houseguests
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    Be sure to sign up for CBS All Access before or on June 13th so you can meet the new houseguests! Please click the link in Lexie's post above or use one of our banners to sign up as this helps support your BBU!


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      I have signed up by clicking the link. Watching some of the marathon. Not so sure how much of the feeds I will be able to watch. I can not stay up as late as I use to.


      • KennyERJ
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        Thanks Luanne! Yeah, I know what you mean, I'm not able to stay up and watch as much of the Live Feeds as I use to years ago, LOL.

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      List of Houseguests-

      Paul Abrahamian
      Victor Arroyo
      Corey Brooks
      Paulie Calafiore (Cody's brother)
      Bronte DAcquisto
      Bridget Dunning
      Zakiyah Everette
      Jozean Flores
      Glenn Garcia
      Michelle Meyer
      Natalie Negrotti
      Tiffany Rousso (Vanessa's sister)

      That is the list of the 12 houseguests on Looks like there will be some returnees. We'll add more details as quick as we can.


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        Paul 23 yrs old Male
        Victor 25 yr old Male
        Corey 25 yr old Male
        Paulie 27 yr old Male
        Bronte 26 yr old Female
        Bridget 24 yr old Female
        Zakiyah 24 yr old Female
        Jozean 25 yr old Male
        Glenn 50 yr old Male
        Michelle 23 yr old Female
        Natalie 26 yr old Female
        Tiffany 32 yr old Female

        All are brunette. 10 20somethings, 1 30something, and 1 50 year old. Seems a little lopsided.


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          I wonder if the lone 50 year old, means that one of the returning players will be older? Donnie, Sheila, Rennie all come to mind. And if the Supersize cast rumor is true, then only 8 of these 12 will actually end up in the house anyway, in which case Glenn is probably toast.


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            Big Brother Canada Season 3 winner Sarah Hanlon talks with the new USA Big Brother 18 houseguests about alliances on ET Canada...
            "Big Brother Canada" season 3 winner Sarah Hanlon sits down with the incoming houseguests from "Big Brother" season 18 to figure out their alliance strategies.


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              Just watched some interviews with some of the new BB house guest. It made me realize how boring Jeff's interviews are. They only had 5 interviews up on you tube. They are much more relaxed and entertaining. Kenny if you will give me the ok, I will give a clue to the name they are under.

              Paul is a riot in his interview. Hated Bronte's voice but she is funny. Loved Michelle. Tiffany was the most serious but had her moments. Liked Paulie ok. Corey is not on my like list.


              • KennyERJ
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                Send it to me at this email address: [email protected] If they're videos by a Big Brother website, we probably won't be able to post them here unless Lexie gives the OK.

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              Kenny, I sent you an email. Thanks,


              • KennyERJ
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                Thanks, I'm on it, Luanne!

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              Interviews with the houseguests:

              Thanks for the heads up, Joe!


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                Kenny there are three more interviews up on the site I sent you.....


                • KennyERJ
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                  OK, thanks. I'll get them as soon as possible.

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                Hey Kenny

                Swimsuit pics are up on CBS website.

                Jeez, where's the beef??
                All the female HG's are so skinny they are gonna have to run around in the shower just to get wet.


                • KennyERJ
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                  Thanks for the heads-up Joe. Got them posted.

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