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Big Brother 18- The new HOUSE

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  • Big Brother 18- The new HOUSE

    Here are photos of the new Big Brother house for season 18 that were leaked today...

    The double front doors are back!

    Outside the HOH Room...

    The HOH Room...

    The Bathroom (with sand floors!)...

    The Skywalk...

    The Tokyo themed bedroom...

    The London themed bedroom...

    The Kitchen...

    The Backyard...

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    Kevin Frazier from ET had posted this teaser on his Instagram account this morning...


    • #3
      Sand floors?

      Will that be staying?

      ( Thanks Kenny for grabbing these ) !!


    • #4
      Oh my. Not liking that sand floor. If that stays, it's going to make a mess of the entire house (and disgusting, too!).

      The decor is REALLY busy this year. Kind of hard to figure out what you're supposed to look at. But I'm sure there will be plenty once the HGs fill it up.


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        Look at Julie's face when she's walking thru the sand. She's got that 'What were they thinking' face. As I said in another spot when I first saw the floors, all I could think was:
        1. Sand clogging the showers
        2. HG s put down towels to keep feet from being covered after showering w/sand covering towels, which would clog up washing machine.
        3. Sand in sheets & clothes, irritating & again messing up washer.
        4. Ants forming colonies in the sand.

        Seriously Allison's Minions - what we're you thinking? Smarter decision could have been a big sandbox in backyard complete with shovels & buckets. Would keep them occupied & entertaining for us without messing up the entire house.

        Suspect the sand will quickly disappear.

        The decor is really busy - just too much going on. But, we'll see how it plays in the season.

        Thanks, Ken, for posting pix.


      • #6
        I am sure they will get rid of the sand before the game starts. Sand will not work in the BB house.


        • #7
          Some of the decor makes me think possible international cast - what do you think?


        • #8
          I agree with you way that sand will stay! what a mess! The HGs are usually quite messy enough on their own! LOL

          Thanks for the pics KennyERJ! Makes it even more exciting when these things start coming out/being leaked


          • #9
            I love the sand in the bathroom .. I hope they keep it .. But put some stones or something in there to help walk around without getting sand everywhere!


            • #10
              More and better photos of the new house and the House Tour video...


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                In that house tour video, Julie didn't show or say anything about the sand floors when she was showing the bathroom (didn't show the floor at all). Wonder if they decided not to do that. Also, love that there's a real phone in that phone booth and that there's a phone in the HOH Room for the HOH to summon people up. I can see a mad HOH calling and saying, "Tell ____________ to come up here right now!".


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                  Thanks for all the pics, KennyERJ! Still blocked for any US video here in Canada so sure appreciate it!


                  • Luanne
                    Big Brother Addict
                    Luanne commented
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                    You can not see any of the videos?? Will you be able to watch the shows or feeds?

                  • Deblynia
                    Big Brother Groupie
                    Deblynia commented
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                    We Canadians can get the shows, but not the feeds. Since CBS took over the feeds last year, us Canadians cannot get it. We do get BBAD which I PVR (on from 1-3 am here on the west coast) and that is usually when all have to be up and interacting I found. I always donate here for every live show and DE since I rely on you guys to fill me in between the shows.

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