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Everybody please be nice to Frank!

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  • Everybody please be nice to Frank!

    I'm still feeling bad about how we made his family friend feel when he was on his first season. The friend who posted here that season ...

    I hope he goes far.

    Great competitor, good guy.

    Go Frank!
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    It wasn't so much that I didn't like Frank himself. I didn't like who he was when he was being influenced by Boogie. I never liked Boogie and when Frank was around him, he acted like Boogie version 2.0. I'm staying open minded, enjoyed him on tonight's show, and think he's probably matured a lot since his last run on BB.


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      I agree with you 100% kokomogirl! Never a fan of Boogie and Frank came across, to me, as a mini-me that season. I am very open minded this year. I have to admit, I do LOVE James, though!!


      • kokomogirl
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        James is the man!

      • Ladychef
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        I LOVE James!

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      I didn't care for Frank much at all during his season...mostly due to the same reason you guys mentioned. I'm keeping an open mind on him this go round...we shall see.


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        I was one of the two that liked Frank. I do not know why but I did. I seem to pull for the underdog. My senior memory does not let me remember her name (the friend of the family) but I hope she comes back this year.


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          I wasn't a fan of Frank on his season, like all of you I think it was Boogie's influence. Tonight he came across as a good leader and a nice guy. I think of the 4 returnees, Frank and James have the best shot at sticking around awhile - I hope so!!


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            I was always Team Frank (I'm sure you guys remember). I like Boogie too, so it was easy for me. I appreciated their friendship and loyalty to each other. And I was praying last night that Paulie would end up on his team because I liked Cody too. Got my wish!


            • Luanne
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              I forgot you were team Frank, there was not many of us that year. I think his team is going to be strong.

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            Funny, I honestly can't remember Frank from that season. Dan and his infamous funeral stick more in my brain. There is no way to condone threats to players families over a silly tv show. Say what we will about any HG who acts douchy but family should be left out if it.


            • BBhead
              BBhead commented
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              After Dan's funeral, he went to a guy dressed in a carrot suit and spilled all, swearing on his grandfather's cross (I think) that everything he told him was the truth. Remember that? Then the carrot went off on Ian. That carrot was Frank.

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            I didn't care for his social game in season 14, but my lasting memory of him that season was when he took off the carrot hat prior to giving a blessing before his meal. I feel he is a good guy, and will do much better without boogie's hooks in him.


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              I loved Frank then, love him now. Ya gotta pull for the underdog. His situation was identical to James Rhine, having to constantly fight to stay in the house.

              I have refrained from posting my annual F4 pick because I was hoping this rumor was true. I am glad he is back. For the past 3 seasons he was my #1 choice for a second chance.


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                I'm sure if I replayed the season I'd remember him, but kinda funny he just didn't imprint on my memory logs. When I replayed parts of Season 11 yesterday refreshed myself on different players I'd forgotten too. Like life, tend to remember the big moments (Chima meltdown, Dan funeral) whiile the daily stuff gets submerged. So far I wish him well but we'll see how he does in the hot house of the BB House.


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                  I liked Frank until he started being a bully towards others. I still like him. I loved his comment about needing to mature and cutting his hair. I have high hopes for him and his team this year. Without Boogie he can get the chance he didn't have in his season.


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                    I liked Frank the last time he was on the show. I am also a long time Boogie fan, so that helped. He was a bit overbearing at times, but that was no excuse for the fan hate. My only bugaboo about Frank is that he was an AG pet on his season. I wish him the best this season. So far, I really only like him and James. The rest are just blah so far.


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                      I know that I exaggerated things in my mind about Frank while not giving him credit for what a great competitor he was.

                      I _was_ upset that after the team I was rooting for carefully engineered his eviction, production saved him. That made it easier to hang onto whatever annoyance I had with him.

                      But that's all water under the bridge. I'll be rooting for Frank, James and Nicole. And will be very interested to see if Da'Vonne manages to find a niche after her rocky start. James is my first love. #ThreeBlindMice. But Frank has mad skills.


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                        I didn't like Frank nor him constantly of the word "son", especially with Ian. He had a superior attitude and didn't like it whatsoever. I love that Ian got the last laugh over that crew.... All the way to the bank.

                        We'll see how he is this season! So far, so good.


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