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Everybody please be nice to Frank!

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    Frank is showing us what might have been if his first season didn't have veterans.

    He's such a fast learner and clear thinker. A natural. Now with the benefit of that first year to hone his instincts.

    Mostly gotta hope he doesn't fall victim to Road Kill, but I think the chances are good that he won't. Enough newbies see advantages to partnering with vets that he has a decent chance of surviving being on the block.

    Not to mention a decent chance of winning POV if put on the block.


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      THIS Frank, I can watch, appreciate, and enjoy! He was too wrapped up in Boogie (whom I always found despicable!: his only redeeming character was WILL!)
      He's playing a great game, obviously thinks things through, and has everyone figured out: now if he can just get James to chill on the pranks, and survive the ride on the wave he tends to make by liking to stir the pot just to see the results, he should go far! (In otherwords: DON'T slip the truth to Jozie about the p*ssycats before THURS!!)
      Right now, I like him for the final three! Now I need to pick the other two.....slim pickin's since I can't stand 90% of the newbies, I'm probably looking at the VETS....
      Stir gently Frank, stir gently.....


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        Love your name!

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        Good post, I agree.

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      I really liked Frank and it's so good to see him again.


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        Frank is starting to make it difficult to be nice to him.


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