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  • Final Weeks

    Do we have some where the last few weeks and how the weeks play out with POV and HOH and which ones players want to have and how it comes down to the final vote. James was trying to tell Nat yesterday and now he has me confused. I remember one HOH you don't want to win and one POV you do butI forget how you get there and how many players there are.

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    LOL ... good question!

    I figure you want to win the HOH when there are only 4 of you. And then there are 2 people on the block. And the one remaining person gets to say who is going home. So if you don't have HOH, you need that POV.

    So, that would mean you don't want to be HOH at the final 5? You want your friend to be HOH that time.


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      I get confused every year. I think cutencuddly is right. If you win HOH at final 5,you can not play the next week. At the end, winning POV is so important.


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