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Rumor -- F4 HOH

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  • Rumor -- F4 HOH

    It has been said online that Victor was evicted Monday night and Paul won the F4 HOH competition.

    Nominations and the POV competition should take place today for the live eviction to take place tomorrow night.

    So if Paul did in fact win the HOH competition last night and nominates Nicole/Corey then the only hope that Nicole/Corey have of going to the F2 together would be for one of them to win the POV today. Otherwise, James will get to pick who goes with them to the F3.

    My guess would be that James would vote to evict Corey to keep Nicole in the game. I believe that James will want to try to take Nicole to the F2 as he might have the best chance to win the game against her. By taking her he removes the vet vs. newbie argument and they have played very similar games and would have both only been nominated for eviction one time.

    If Nicole/Corey win the POV, I would be very surprised if James made it to the F3. I think both Nicole/Corey would keep the other in the house and evict James. That would give them 2-1 odds in beating Paul for the Final HOH competition and having both of them go to the F2.

    Who would Paul take to the F2 if he won the final HOH competition?

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    Not sure. He was acting like he really wanted James out but that was when he was thinking he and Victor were safe. Since Nicole & Corey lied to him and Corey is the one that put up Paul & Victor, he might take James. I kind of think that he'd have the best chance of winning with Corey though because Corey really didn't do much until the end. He sat around with big googley eyes or was under the sheets with Nicole all the time. IDK.


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      Well it now appears that since Paul won POV he and James have decided to evict Corey tonight and take Nicole to the F3.


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