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Big Brother 18- Discuss Episode 37- September 8, 2016

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  • Big Brother 18- Discuss Episode 37- September 8, 2016

    Episode 37- Live Episode airs Thursday, September 8, 2016 @ 9/8c PM on CBS

    Another eviction takes place. The new HOH Competition takes place.

    Current HOH: Victor Arroyo
    Currently Nominated for Eviction: Natalie Negrotti & James Huling

    Note: Please do not post spoilers from the Live Feeds here in the Episode Discussion topics. Thanks!

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    A showmance is ripped apart. Who will stay, who will go and a heart break turned to revenge, on Big Brother, tonight, September 8th, at 9/8c. Only CBS


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      NOTE: The HOH Competition will continue on the Live Feeds @ 10/9c PM (right after this episode). After the episode, head over to the Live Feed Discussion Topic to continue the discussion there.

      If you don't have the Live Feeds, CLICK HERE to sign up now and get 1 month free! You'll be able to watch the rest of this season play out and then watch the new Big Brother: Over the Top online edition that begins on September 28th!


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        Have you enjoyed reading or participating in the Live Feed Discussions?

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        ** just a note...

        I know from reading that many of you have mixed feelings about the new Big Brother Over The Top Season that begins on September 28th... some of you say you may not watch, but will check in here for updates, some say that you'll feel it out. check in here and see how it's going, some say that you're going to rely on BBU more, because you just won't have the time to watch, but want to keep updated.

        Our biggest fear is that we won't be able to maintain the expense that it takes to keep this website up and running through what is "normally the off season" .. where we truly barely scrape by trying to make it to summer. We fear this, because we won' be able to reduce our server expenses, and we really don't know what to expect traffic wise, from this new season, it could really and truly be a "good watch" and keep all of you here with us, watching, discussing and even bring in more - because it's online only.

        Whatever you decide, we will be here for you. We'll work as hard as we possibly can, to give you a place to discuss this new season, to bring up updates and news on what's happening inside the Big Brother Over The Top House, but just like now, we can't do it without your support.


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          Hi Lexie, Just made a donation, but they've changed the Paypal screens and I couldn't find where to leave a message.

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          Thanks for the donation, birdiefriend. The PayPal screens are new if you have PayPal One Touch enabled which makes it where you don't have to login and also makes checkout faster and easier. If you use this option, you'll need to email Lexie to let her know when you make a donation. Of course I'm sure there's a lot of folks that have made many donations that Lexie already knows who it is by their information.

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        31 minutes to go


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          I am ready,,, not sure who to pull for...


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            7 minutes!!!!!!!!

            hello, all!


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              Hey there folks!


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              Hi! Ready and waiting. Let's get this show on the road! It's dark outside already. Seems so late.


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                Time to start settling this season. Let's see what happens!


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                Hey everybody. I'm ready.


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                  Ready for some BB.


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                    Here we go....Julie says a showmance, a bromance, and a romance on the line.....recaps


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                      Good evening, everyone!


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                      Can't wait to see the jury house.


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