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Big Brother 18- Discuss Episode 39- September 13, 2016

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  • Big Brother 18- Discuss Episode 39- September 13, 2016

    Episode 39- Airs Tuesday, September 13, 2016 @ 8/7c on CBS

    Special Taped Eviction Episode

    The POV Competition & Ceremony takes place. Another Eviction takes place.

    Current HOH: Corey Brooks
    Currently Nominated for Eviction: Victor Arroyo & Paul Abrahamian

    Note: Please do not post spoilers from the Live Feeds here in the Episode Discussion topics. Thanks!

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    Gotta love the "Live to Tape" show...

    You guys see me asking for support of BBU throughout the season. It's not an easy thing to ask for, I do it because I want this website to continue to be the place that it is for everyone.

    The Moderators and Rob work tremendously hard to ensure that everyone's time at BBU, is a pleasant one - and again - they volunteer their time ... without reservation ... because they are devoted to the BBU members. We offer our devotion hour after hour, day after day, month after month to bring all the updates to those who can't afford to watch the live feeds - due to money and/or time constrictions.

    So, that's why you'll see us ( me most of the time ) making posts like this one, asking for any support that you can give.

    Typically at this time of the season, we start to worry about making it through what we call the off-season, when BB ends and the traffic here is slow, but the website remains up and running. During the "off -season" we reduce our server expenses as much as we can to try to save money, since donations are slim and our pockets are deep.

    So, now that this is not a "typical" ending to a season, with Big Brother Over The Top premiering one week after this season ends, we really don't know what to expect, who will watch, what will the traffic be like here, some have said you're in a "wait and see" position on this digital season coming on, some of you have said you will rely on this website more than ever before.

    We'll be here, covering Over The Top, we won't lie .. it's going to be tough, both financially ( without your help ) and on us as moderators and Live Feed Updater's.... but we promise we will do our best for you ... you're family after all .. all of you ... long time members, new members and those of you who prefer to just read the updates and live feed discussions.

    We ( the moderators, Rob and I ) all volunteer our time here at BBU, to make sure that everyone has a place to come and talk about Big Brother.

    We are not funded by a company, we do not have deep pockets, we struggle to make it through season after season. We do not require you to make a donation, to be member of the website, we do not exclude anyone from anything... and that's because we above anyone else, understand that it's not possible for some people to make a donation.

    We do not treat anyone differently, whether they make a donation or not. The website is available to everyone to post on, read, lurk, whatever makes them comfortable.

    We do not put up the pop up ads that slow your computer down or make you jump through hoops, just to read at BBU.

    All you have to endure is me doing what I'm doing now, asking for help so that we can continue this crazy journey ... even for 10 more weeks after this season ends and then onto Season 19 in June...

    Any support you can give to help for this month and the months ahead is - more than you know - appreciated



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      No one is here yet?


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        I am marking my spot. I watch the show in another room, so do not get to post. At commercials I run to the computer to see what everyone has to say.


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          Howdy, all!!!! Let's go, PAUL!!!!!!!!!


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            Let's get this show on the road! ::waves hello::


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              Hi everyone! Here's Julie!


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                Howdy, everyone!


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                  Hello everyone!


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                    Good evening, everyone!


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                      Cool. Derrick going to make an appearance.


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                        Barf! I may mute it when Derrick comes on. I have not forgiven him for ruining a perfectly good season with his perfect play. Not to mention his coaching of some of this years players. Harrumph!


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                          Please consider donating using our PayPal button and/or sign up for the Live Feeds using our banners on the site (must be a NEW subscription, use a different email address if you've signed up before). Both ways help support BBU. Thanks!


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                            I've seen enough of Derrick on the Jeff loops.


                            • Lynette
                              Lynette commented
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                              Yeah that was tiring. Don't know why they don't change them up.

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                            Pauls comic says motor mouth.


                            • purrwing
                              purrwing commented
                              Editing a comment
                              Maybe Corey's will say motorboat. Wait. Please tell me I did not hit "send"?

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