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Fantasy Game - How It Works

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  • Fantasy Game - How It Works

    Hi again all So tickled to see everyone ready to play! Hope even more join in..makes it all the more fun!

    Just wanted to post a little "How It Works" to refer to if/when anyone needs a refresher.

    Each *SUNDAY* I will post the newest questions for the coming week. Please be aware that questions will "overlap" each week (for example Week 1 and Week 2 questions will be up at the same time as we wait for Week 1 to play out) This has to be done as questions have to go up early enough/ahead of the game due to spoilers available via forums and Live Feeds (you know...we see who wins this or that before it ever actually "airs" as a show). I think once we get going this will be more clear as you "see" what I mean.

    This evening (Monday 6-27-16) (I'm a little late this week but this will normally be done on *SUNDAYS*) I will be posting the Week 1 (yes, I know it's technically Week TWO of the show/game) Questions which will cover the coming week of activities that starts with Thursday's (6-30-16) LIVE eviction show. The questions will start with who is being evicted and end with POV/renoms (if any). And then the 2nd week questions will cover activities starting from the following Thursday's (7-7-16) eviction show and so on. Hope this makes sense? If you have questions, ask away!

    Questions will be posted each Sunday and you will have until the LIVE show airs that following Thursday to get your answers in. Each question will have a points value and at the end of each week after the LIVE show on Thursday, I will post results for that completed week. I think once I post questions and we get going on the game, things will be least I hope so
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