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New Competition - BBRoadKill Results *Spoiler*

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  • New Competition - BBRoadKill Results *Spoiler*

    The new competition this season is called Big Brother Road Kill - the winner of the competition has the power to "secretly" make a 3rd nomination for eviction.

    Frank was the 1st winner of the brand new BB18 competition.

    Frank "secretly" nominated Paul

    Here's a bit more info on the Big Brother Road Kill Competition ... ( Source )

    Each week, the Big Brother Road Kill competition will take place in the Big Brother RV, which will be moved into the backyard specifically for the competition.

    The very first Big Brother Road Kill will have the houseguests stripping down out of a track suit (complete with tube socks) into their bathing suit while trying to keep the three buttons in front of them pushed down at all times.

    The houseguests will start with their right foot and both hands on the buttons but are able to use any body part to keep the buttons down once the timer starts.

    If one button is released, the timer will speed up by 30x until the button is pressed down again. If two buttons are released at the same time, the timer will speed up by 60x. If all three buttons are released at once, the timer will speed up by 120x.

    Ultimately, the houseguest who completes the task with the shortest time on the timer will be declared the winner. They will be informed of their win secretly in the diary room.

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