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Big Brother 18- Houseguests- VICTOR ARROYO **3rd, 11th & 14th Evicted** -BATTLE BACK & JURY BUY BACK WINNER- 7th Jury Member

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  • Big Brother 18- Houseguests- VICTOR ARROYO **3rd, 11th & 14th Evicted** -BATTLE BACK & JURY BUY BACK WINNER- 7th Jury Member

    Victor Arroyo


    Victor Arroyo
    Age: 25
    Hometown: Slidell, LA
    Current City: Slidell, LA
    Occupation: Gym manager

    Three adjectives that describe you: Smart, sexy, and fit.

    Favorite Activities: Working out, playing soccer, and [taking] trips with my friends. Those are the things I love to do, but more than that, I love women. I'm always looking for the next girl to talk to and I'm never satisfied with what I have; I’m always wanting more.

    What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house?
    Being disconnected from the outside world and not knowing what my family and friends are up to, or what’s going on in the world, like the race for president, social media, etc. Not being in-the-know will definitely aggravate me. Also, being one Google search away from proving someone wrong will be the hardest thing, ever.

    Do you have a strategy for winning the game?
    I’m not entirely sure what I will do. Wooing the girls and having them like me is on the list. I want to underplay how smart I am and hopefully have them think I'm just a dumb guy that likes to lift and works at a gym. That might work in my favor since they will think I'm only good in physical challenges.
    I want to be part of two alliances, but be loyal to one. That way, I don’t put all my eggs in one basket. I won’t change my personality though. I'll still be the funny guy that I am and do my best to stay on everyone’s good side, while slowly stabbing people in the back.

    My life’s motto is…
    Get my money, develop my body, and get women.

    What would you take into the house, and why?
    My flat bill hat because I always wear it—every day—and it’s a must with all this hair on my head. I’d also bring my stuffed toy, Ernie from Sesame Street, because I’ve had him since I was a child and he goes everywhere I go. He’s kind of like my good luck charm. Finally, all of my workout gear, including my supplements, wrist wraps, weight belt and headphones. I always need to be ready to lift.
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    First into a showmance that could kill his chances for a All Boy Club alliance, if not played right. If he does a Hayden & uses the girl, he'll get far. Do a Clay & you're an early out.


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      His quote makes me not like him. He looks like he stepped off a telenovela. (if you watch the show on NBC)


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        Jeff's video interview with Victor...


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          It's funny, but I can see him going early unless there's a solid ALL BOYS CLUB to protect him. He's the guy I like least so far.


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            K-FROG interview with Victor...


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              Liked him a bit more after seeing the full interview, but he looks a bit too nervous about it all. Could make him easy chum for the sharks.


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                Swimsuit photo...


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                  Another one I was fully prepared to dislike based on his "about me" ...but watching the interview I kinda warmed to him a little. Won't mind looking at home anyway hehe

                  I agree with y'all about his possibly being an early boot though. Like most, he's another ill have to wait and see in action to be sure how I feel ..


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                    I agree, did not like him until I watched the K-Frog interview. He grew on me.


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                      This guy will probably make it 2/3 of the way in. A bromance is going to help him form an alliance with some other bros. He will get sold out because he's going to make an alliance with some of the women, and get burned.


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                        Jeff's exit interview with Victor.

                        Also Hayden Moss stopped by and Cody Calafiore talked to them via Skype.

                        (you must have a CBS All Access subscription to watch, click one of our banners to sign up now)
                        All about the CBS Primetime TV Show Big Brother After Show
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                          If you don't have CBS All Access, you can watch a little clip of Victor's Exit Interview here...


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                            I like Victor more after watching his exit interview. Though Jozea was no where near a favorite of mine, I love that Victor had no hesitation about saying how much he liked Jozea and how he was his buddy. Jeff tried to give him the option of saying he was so emotional (had cried) just because of being in the house but Victor told him that wasn't it at all. It was because he missed Jozea. I know from experience that a lot of straight guys are afraid to say they are friends with gay men because they worry that people will think they are gay (as if it's a bad thing). They will say stuff like, "We're friends but I don't get down like that" or "but there was nothing going on between us, no way!", etc... Victor didn't do that at all.

                            That said, Victor is still a little arrogant and is still clueless that Paul did not pick him for the POV on purpose. He still thinks Paul was just confused.


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                              So Hayden is developing iPhone apps now. He developed the one called Reality TV that Wil Heuser posts his BB Saga videos and extras on. Hayden is also dating an ex-LA Clippers cheerleader. You go boy!


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