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Big Brother 18- Houseguests- JOZEA FLORES **2nd Evicted**

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  • Big Brother 18- Houseguests- JOZEA FLORES **2nd Evicted**

    Jozea Flores


    Jozea Flores
    Age: 25
    Hometown: Bridgeton, NJ
    Current City: Los Angeles, CA
    Occupation: Make-up artist

    Three adjectives that describe you: Funny, outgoing, creative strategist, and a visual genius

    Favorite Activities: Gym, hiking, and yoga.

    What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house?
    Nothing will really be difficult about living in the Big Brother house. I've had roommates before and I'm accustomed to living with roommates; the only thing that’ll be difficult is sharing the bathroom because I like to take a shower every morning and not wait.

    Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most?
    I loved Frankie Grande [from Season 16] because, to me, he had drive, nerve, talent, and was a very strong, competitive player.

    Do you have a strategy for winning the game?
    My only strategy to win the game is to use my mind to get into other people’s heads. I’ll use my love and caring for the other Houseguests to maneuver my way through this competition.

    My life’s motto is…
    If you can trust the ground you live on and take all the risks in the world there is to take, you should have no problem achieving your goals.

    What would you take into the house, and why?
    I’d take my body to win the physical challenges, my mind to be smart to win the show, and my clothes to have something to wear.
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    I see him forming an usual relationship like Frankie & Zach. His dimples are adorable; thinking he could get by just being nice?


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      Frankie fan


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        I like Jozea I do not care for the fact that he likes Frankie but I can forgive him for that Love his smile, his eyes are so pretty and those adorable dimples! aww He seems likeable enough.. I am not sure how well he'll hold up in the house though, particularly with any sharks that are sure to be in there lol He might just surprise me though


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          Interview with Jeff Schroder...


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            Twitter account for BB 18:


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              K-FROG's interview with Jozea...


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                Jozea's Instagram account (it's private so you have to request to follow):

                And here's one that says it was created specifically for Big Brother 18:


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                  He came across much warmer in the full interview. Could do well person to person.


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                    Swimsuit photo...


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                      Still on the fence. I think the girls will like him and his make up skills.


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                        Wanted to like this guy, but he's going to be a toned down Frankie. He's already jumping around making too many "friends". He'll be in 5 alliances by week 4, and will totally blow up his game. I don't expect him to make it as far as Frankie.


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                          After he reveals his real name, which is Jossie Flores, all kind of modeling photos and more come up...


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                            Exit interview with Jeff Schroeder on the Big Brother After Show...
                            All about the CBS Primetime TV Show Big Brother After Show


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                              Remember, you have to have the Live Feeds (CBS All Access) to watch the full Big Brother After Show interviews.

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                              Here's an article that contains a small clip of Jozea's interview...


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