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Big Brother 18- Houseguests- GLENN GARCIA **1st Evicted**

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  • Big Brother 18- Houseguests- GLENN GARCIA **1st Evicted**

    Glenn Garcia


    Glenn Garcia
    Age: 50
    Hometown: Bronx, NY
    Current City: Bronx, NY
    Occupation: Dog groomer/former police detective

    Three adjectives that describe you: Small, big, and great.

    Favorite Activities: Playing with my daughter, deep-sea fishing, and traveling.

    What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house?
    Being away from my family, not knowing what’s going on with them or the world, and wondering if everything is OK with my loved ones.

    Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most?
    Will [Kirby from Season 2], Evel Dick [Donato from Season 8], Mike “Boogie” [Malin from Seasons 2 and 14], and Frankie Grande [from Season 16] because of their style of play.

    Do you have a strategy for winning the game?
    Not really, because I need to see what the Houseguests are like to then make my strategy.

    My life’s motto is…
    Live every day like it’s your last because, one day, it will be.

    What would you take into the house, and why?
    My iPod, because music soothes the soul, clippers to shave my head and continue looking good, and pictures of my baby girl to keep my heart filled with joy.

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    Hmmm, bull in the china shop or big teddy bear? I'm sure he was picked to be the new Derrick, but wonder if his age will set him too apart from the 20-something's?


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      I can't get behind the people he likes he's a big? For me.


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        Just saw a snipet of his interview and it hilarious to see him the same pink shirt as Jeff. Jeff definitely wore it better.


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          First one out is my guess or he is like Spencer and rides it....


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            Glenn Garcia's video interview with Jeff Schroeder...


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              Glenn, welcome to the BB18 Mom Squad.


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                K-FROG interview with Glenn...


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                  Gruff guy who actually thinks he's gonna win by flirting with a 20yr old? I think he could be kept around as easy fodder for later vote. But I can see him annoying the kiddies if he gets to honest.


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                    Glenn..Glenn, Glenn, Glenn SMH Bless him. LOL

                    I'm not sure who he thinks he's gonna "flirt" with that would do one ounce of good...and how he's gonna compete against the others in any way, I have no clue.

                    but I do kinda like him anyway I've always loved the whole NY'r vibe/personality so that is a plus for me and he seems funny/nice enough. I just don't know where he will fit in just yet...another "we shall see" I suppose ..


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                      I like him. I see him as a Spencer, on the block a lot and then to jury house.


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                        Glenn's swimsuit photo...


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                          Glenn Garcia Responds To Recent Elimination From Big Brother Season 18


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                            Eliminated Big Brother contestant calls being the first one out 'devastating'
                            Being the first has to be the worst – at least when it comes to being the first person booted off any reality show. That dubious distinction fell to 50-year-old New York City cop-turned-mobile dog groomer Glenn Garcia when he was the initial contestant eliminated from season 18 of Big Brother on Thursday, when he lost the first individual challenge to the rest of his teammates. We caught up with Glenn to get his thoughts on being first one out.


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