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Big Brother 18- Houseguests- NATALIE NEGROTTI **13th Evicted** 6th Jury Member

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  • Big Brother 18- Houseguests- NATALIE NEGROTTI **13th Evicted** 6th Jury Member

    Natalie Negrotti


    Natalie Negrotti
    Age: 26
    Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela, South America
    Current City: Franklin Park, NJ
    Occupation: Event coordinator

    Three adjectives that describe you: Altruistic, athletic, and beautiful.

    Favorite Activities: I love painting, cooking, baking, eating, napping, shopping, online shopping, doing makeup, doing hair, tanning, pageants, dancing, going on dates, playing with puppies, looking at puppy videos on Instagram and online, party planning, decorating, having tea time, getting dressed-up, doing my nails, and bargain shopping!

    What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house?
    Living with men because I have never lived with a man in my house, not even my own father!

    Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most?
    Donny [Thompson from Season 16] because he was the sweetest and most genuine human.

    Do you have a strategy for winning the game?
    Yes! I'm super-girly and athletic, and will fake everyone out with my kindness. I’ll act very innocent, stay low-key for the first week, and won't win the first challenge. Then, I will start showing I'm a powerful force not to be messed with. I will have an alliance with only three women because women suck at this game and I was an NFL cheerleader for the New York Jets and know how to deal with large groups of women.

    I will also add men to our alliance, since everyone will want to be in an alliance with me. I'm very kind, but I'm very tough and have street smarts because I was raised by a single mother. I've had to work my whole life and helped my mom pay her bills when I was in high school. People won't expect how much adversity I faced and how tough I am because I'm so pretty.

    My life’s motto is…
    Work hard and play harder!

    What would you take into the house, and why?
    I would take makeup because I can't live without it; self-tanner because I can't live without a tan; and my glitter hair spray to keep my hair on-point.
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    When I hear somebody describe themself as "so pretty" I just cringe. Honestly the self-tanner & glitter comments give me an ugh Frankie flavor. But she likes Donnie, so I'll give her a pass till I see her play.


    • ~2much~
      ~2much~ commented
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      That was her only redeeming quality saying she likes Donnie. Describing yourself as beautiful....Definitely ... Deduct points..... Me no liky😞

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    "I wanna create an All Girl Alliance...a really nice one."

    And here is our Week 1 evictee.


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      I'm having a flashback to Victoria...


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        Wow, looks like we have our first villain this season. Funny, but I remember how much I detested Britney at first, but came to love her first for her wit, then for her vulnerability. So I'll wait to see, but Natalie has a hurdle to overcome for we viewers.


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          Something about her I don't like. She looks like my aunt, but I like my aunt. I think it is because she was a cheerleader. She might be too peppy for me.


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            Video interview with Jeff...


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              A new addition to the "Newbie Speak" dictionary.
              "Event Coordinator" means NFL Cheerleader.
              A different Big Brother website just posted a link to her story on the New York Jets website.
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                K-FROG's interview with Natalie...


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                  Seriously, glitter is a color? Is she really Frankie with fake smile, boobs and hair. All-girl alliance? Yeah, we've seen that movie before when it was called Titanic. Soooooo annoying ah.


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                    Swimsuit photo...


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                      I just don't know what to make of her..I was fully prepared to dislike her after reading her "about me" blurb ...then in her Jeff interview she wasn't *as bad* as I expected. I want to like her...but there are things about her that make me think I won't be able to LOL

                      The "I'm so pretty I'm so fit I'm so nice" bit is too much for me if it's full on all the time. I guess I'll have to watch her in action once the feeds are as she could go either way for me ...We shall see with this one...


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                        Did not like her when I first read her bio,. She did not impress me in her Jeff interview. Liked her better in the K-Frog interview. I think she will go far. She is attractive . I think she will get along with the guys and the girls. I will have to wait and see how she does in the competitions.


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                          After the HG reveal, I didn't care much for her. After day 1? She's OK. I put her final 4. No particular reason.


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                            Learn more about Little Nat Nat's rocky relationship with James and what the game taught her.


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