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Live Feed Discussion- June 29, 2016

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  • Live Feed Discussion- June 29, 2016

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  • #2
    Good morning everyone!

    I am still amazed that some HG's do not understand that they are on the live feeds. There are over 100 cameras all over the house, yet some simply do not understand that they are working cameras. Same thing with a few of them not having a clue that those of us with the live Feds can also *hear* the HG's. Especially when they are made to change their batteries on their microphone packs!

    HG's who have watched the shows and the feeds do know these simple facts, and it's easy to tell who has not watched the feeds by some of the comments they make. ("Those are fake cameras!" / " the cameras only see 'infrared'" and one of my favorites "They (all of us watching and listening) can't hear us."


    and what's with what's his name wandering around in his underweare?!!?? What's that all about


    • #3
      Things got a little bit crazy in the house late last night, I tried to catch us up on the Live Feed Updates, as quickly as I could ( as I'm at work ) ...

      Good Morning to Everyone!


      • #4
        Good morning KittyBoodles and all who follow. It seems BB18 has morphed into BB15 in a hurry. Bronte somehow has confused Hong Kong with Texas wanting to choke James sending him back to "whatever little place he comes from". The ignorance truly amazes me.


        • #5
          Let's see, we've got one country boy who thinks it's amusing to set fire to a pet.
          There's a nurse who's admitted to drunkenly biting someone's ear.
          There's a musician who spouts his good deeds with the homeless, threatening to poison people's food.

          Ah, CBS, we've learned this in less than one week. What kind of job is your psych evaluators doing? After the racist season one would think their restrictions would be tighter. Wonder if Mr and Mrs Moonves have heard this stuff??? Mmmnnn


          • Delvoire
            Delvoire commented
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            Sounds like they nailed it. Compelling Television is what they aim for, if everyone had their stuff together the game would be boring.

          • BettyBoo
            BettyBoo commented
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            CBS had trouble with the sh*t storm season 15 caused. This is the type of controversy that can turn off viewers. They just had a couple solid seasons of great game play that brings viewers in. Time will tell this season, so hopefully the Brady Bunch can excise the cancerous people and we can get back to figurative not literal backstabbing.

        • #6

          Good morning everyone...

          Again our Lexie rocks it. She works a full day and then makes sure we are all up to date on the house. THANK YOU.

          I have to go to FB and catch the early morning blow up.

          I think we have a couple of hot heads. Hopefully one goes home. It is not going to be fun in the BB house after Thursday's vote. Da needs to stop worrying about Tiffany and worry about Da. She has really led Jozea's side on this week. When he goes home, they are not going to be happy with her. She will try to shift the blame to Tiffany. I hope Julie gives the vote total this week. If the vote count is not given, it will be easy to deflect. If the vote is 7 to 4, it will be clear. I want it clear this week, the house rejects Jozea.


          • #7
            If Jozea stays Thurs, I'm blaming Day. And I won't be happy. I want that moron off my favorite show. And if Paul and Bronte follow him out in protest my feelings will not be hurt.


            • #8
              I miss Audrey. Imagine the chaos if she was a HG this season.


              • #9
                Ok. I just went to log back in to the live feeds and I got the "Big Brother Disclaimer" that we got during racist season. Hm


                • ~Linden~
                  ~Linden~ commented
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                  I just got the feeds yesterday and didn't notice it until this morning. Maybe because i was so excited though.

                • crissykins
                  crissykins commented
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                  i get that every time i log in the last couple of years.

                • Unstoppable Nails
                  Unstoppable Nails commented
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                  I have been getting that disclaimer all season. They want us to know they can't control the house guests mouths.

              • #10
                I want to shout at Da, you're safe on shore, don't go into the water. But NO she has to dip that toe into the shark-infested seas to stir up Tiffany and James when there's no reason to. I don't think it's just Audrey-style game play to keep the house in turmoil, I think it's just Da not able to keep her thoughts to herself. She's fueling an unnecessary battle early in the game. Dumb.

                Bronte and Paul really bring out the worst in each other. Sort of Rachel and Brendan on evil steroids. Why Frank wants to play with Paul is beyond me. Paul can't keep his mouth shut and is too volatile. I think Frank is missing the boat with Paulie. Derrick could tell him what an asset Cody was to his winning. But, I'm sure he fears Paulie beating him. Nicole is his favorite ally, but I worry that her lack of confidence could cause them problems. And he confides in Da, but she will eventually blurt out all secrets.

                One and half days and then we can open our first present of the season and see the epic Josea shock stink face. Then the real game begins. I'm feeling that the Manson family is going to win and Brady Bunch will be in trouble, especially James (mastermind-snicker, snicker).

                By the by, morning y'all!!


                • Border57
                  Border57 commented
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                  I'm looking forward to the interview with Julie.

              • #11
                I agree with everything you said.


                • #12
                  Thanks, Lexie for the great updates, I just gave a small donation for them.

                  Good morning, everyone!

                  I can't wait for tomorrow, but if those fools mess up the blindside, I'm going to be upset. If Corey is talking about telling Natalie the whole house will know 30 seconds after the words leave his mouth. Keep your trap shut, Corey!

                  The violent language those newbies use is pretty disturbing. What is casting doing putting people like that on there? They don't even seem to have watched the show, only on there for "exposure". If any of them get work when they get out of there, I'll be surprised, especially Bronte with the racism about James. And Jozea seems pretty close to the edge, too, on comments he's made. Plus his underwear trick. I'm way past thinking they were funny, which they were for about the first couple of days, I just want them gone.

                  Anyway, out to the hayfields for me again. Have a good day, everyone.


                  • KennyERJ
                    KennyERJ commented
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                    Thanks for the donation, Border!

                • #13
                  Heard dvr ratings were up on 1st two shows. Of course, CBS won't show the cr*p we're hearing on the televised show. But, like 15 when this info gets out they WILL have to deal with it. I'm betting Julie will not be nice with Bronte or Paul when they do their walk of shame. I just want those two & creepy Bridgette out to end the Manson family (assuming Josea goes tomorrow). Victor is annoying, but too dense to be dangerous to the Brady Bunch. But if the Mansons win HOH, it's Shark Week again.


                  • #14
                    I am wondering how much airtime Jozea will get in his under pants


                    • Luanne
                      Luanne commented
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                      Hopefully not very much. I hope he goes home this week. Looking forward to Julie's conversation with him. I bet she cuts it short.

                    • misscmm
                      misscmm commented
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                      Wouldn't it be great if he was sitting in his undies on eviction night? HA HA ... what a sight for Julie to handle.

                    • kokomogirl
                      kokomogirl commented
                      Editing a comment
                      I really am tired of seeing all his junk out there front and center for all of us to see. I guess he thinks if he struts it, someone will take notice and he'll land himself in an indie film (porn). I know in real life, he claims to be a celeb make-up artist. But does anyone know if also models briefs? If I were in the house, the mama in me would be coming out and telling him to cover himself up. I'd send him some shorts to wear (since he obviously didn't bring enough) but he's leaving tomorrow night so they wouldn't get there in time anyway.

                  • #15
                    What is the deadliest sin a HG can commit? (Can't come back from) For me its an over-inflated ego. The little Nazis have it in abundance.


                    • kokomogirl
                      kokomogirl commented
                      Editing a comment
                      I agree! An over-inflated ego is the least attractive quality any hg can have. And once it's out there, there's no going back.

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