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Live Feed Discussion- July 1, 2016

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  • Live Feed Discussion- July 1, 2016

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    Good Morning!

    The house guests are still up and talking ...


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      Good morning!

      So, do we think the Messiah learned anything last night?

      well, I think the only thing he learned is that he thinks he will be the only one getting back into the house. Ha! Don't think it will work out his way,


      • KittyBoodles
        KittyBoodles commented
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        OH, me too!

        If I understood what Julie said correctly, it won't be like previous games where the (evicted) group won't all play against each other in one comp, but rather person 1 plays against person 2, the loser goes home for good, then person 3 plays against the winner of the first comp, until just one left... Then that final winner comes back in.


        That would mean that Jozea would have to win all 4 comps, back to back. I doubt he could do that. At least, I'm hoping he can't.

      • Freebyrd
        Freebyrd commented
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        Kitty - Yes, I understood it the way you did too! Jos would literally have to win comps back-to-back, and I am hoping that the odds against him are too much for him to pull that off.

      • cutencuddly
        cutencuddly commented
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        But if he won all four comps, you'd have to give him props! And what drama that would be!

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      Good Morning all

      Lexie will you be able to work today? Please get some rest.

      Woke up early and could not believe they were still up.

      Not sure how to read Paulie. Is he snowing Paul or being honest with him. Just listening, it seems that Frank, Cory and Paulie have something going on that we have not seen on the feeds. Are the three guys trying to pull in Paul or not. I need to see what Paulie says after Paul leaves the room.


      • Lexie
        Lexie commented
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        Luanne, the 10 hour days, means I have Friday's off ( thank goodness ) that last through the summer but in the fall it's back to the 5 day work week. Thanks for checking in on me : )

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      Good Morning and Happy Summer to Everyone! I've been here, but just lurking. I have a few favorites this season - Frank, Paulie, James, Zak, Michelle (maybe?) Natalie (maybe?). Even Corey, but he was such an a$$wipe with his goat story that he will have to redeem himself much better than he has. I have always basically rooted for a guy to win because of the cattiness of most girls, but this season, I really would love to see an all-girl aliance go to the end. I kind of like the Fatal Five! Anyway, KittyBoodles, no, I don't think the Messiah learned a damned thing last night If anything, I think Julie spent WAY too much air-time doing his interview (even thought Julie DID bring up just about every stupid move he made and said!) lol I hope to get the LF's this weekend if my computer cooperates (fingers crossed). Hope all have a wonderful day today. It's good to be back.


      • KittyBoodles
        KittyBoodles commented
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        HI Freebyrd!
        I also felt Julie gave him a lot of air time for his interview.
        I could also see him totally stop paying attention to anything when she said he had a chance to get back in. It was like his eyes glazed over and that was all he could think about - and you could see he was already making plans for 'when' (not 'if') he waltzed back into the game.

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      I am thinking or more likely hoping that Paulie is setting Paul up to be calm when he is nominated.


      • Luanne
        Luanne commented
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        I think you are right. Just heard him talking to James. He is trying to work it so Paul does not come after him next week if Vic goes home and Paul stays. I was glad he talked to James. I feel better now.

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      Hi Freebyrd, good to see - I really want to see a strong girl alliance but I do not think the Fatal Five will make it. Da keeps finding fault with someone in her alliance. Zak spending time with Paulie, Nicole spending time with Cory, Tiffany is shady. Bronte has made the mistake of joining with the Messiah. She has said some questionable things, but I believe she is a strong player. If she was in the Fatal Five in lieu of Da, I think they could hang tough. I really like Zak right now. Still have not decided which house guest I want to jump on an island with.


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        I just don't get why anyone thinks Paul makes a good ally. First Frank stoked his ego, now Paulie? Paul doesn't know the game and is too volatile to be useful. Last week he had to be told there's an eviction every week. Last night Paulie had to define a backdoor to him? Guess they're petting the pit bull to keep it calm, then can use him as their attack dog. He is protection since he'd go before them. Well maybe someday I'll see the Paul magic they do??


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          New list after last HOH:

          SHARK CHUM:


          IN THE SHARK CAGE:

          ABOARD THE ORCA:



          (With affectionate nod to Jaws. So far we don't need a bigger boat-grin)
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          • KittyBoodles
            KittyBoodles commented
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            Mad props for all the Jaws references!

          • BettyBoo
            BettyBoo commented
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            Thx, I remember seeing it the week it opened-grin. Such a classic.

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          I am expressed with Paulie.


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            Good Morning ALL!!!

            So I've been super busy with NBA & finally got a chance to pop in & say hello to everyone. Hope you all had a great year

            Now to the game................

            Thrilled with the returning vets. I know some aren't big DaVonne fans but I've always loved how she can read a house. And James/Nicole were 2 of my favorites in their seasons for their loyalty/humor. I wasn't as keen on Frank, however that had more to do with Boogie. I've enjoyed him this season .... UNTIL last night LOL.

            Why Frank, Why did you have to ruin my blindside just so you could garner favor with the other side?

            So here's my read on the house:

            THE REVOLUTION:

            Jozea: delusional to the very end & how about that resounding audience reaction to his exit ... um THUD (no response). I think it was the quietest I've ever heard. Not thrilled they played Day's GB message for him & not James/Frank, but then again I doubt he'll be able to win 4 consecutive battles.

            Paul: wanted to like him, but he reminds me of Austin ... All talk, no action. I don't take to players who constantly put down others and threaten violence. He might still win me over but unlikely. That said, he might have staying power "IF" he gets lucky and pulls back on his constant need for attention (read: fame whore) & can stop putting his foot in his mouth while he spews violent wishes upon the other side. So far he's said he wants to punch 2 different ladies in the face, wishes Michelle would die, that Nicole would get melanoma etc, etc. Enough already Paul, just like Austin last season he's all talk and no action, but the sooner he learns to reel it in the better for him, not sure he can win me (us?) back given his comments to date, I guess time will tell.

            Bronte: Ditto for Bronte, as in I thought she would be a much better player than she is & her voice sure doesn't mirror her personality. She looks like Tori Spelling's sister (no?). Out of all the women she is my least favorite b/c she seems to enjoy being cruel. Either she was bullied in school or was the queen of team mean, but I'm NOT a fan & will be happy if she leaves in one of the next 2 evictions.

            Victor: seems like a typical young Alpha Male, but has zero ability to read people. Even after the eviction he thought Natalie was the one who turned & is still buying the mist Frank is selling. Barring him winning POV he'll battle 1 of Glen/Jozea next week.

            Bridgette: initially she struck me as the "Victoria" of the season, but she's 1b to Bronte's1a. Mean spirited & fake.

            Natalie: I actually like her & if some of the 8Pack have their way (Tiff/Frank/James) she'll stick around even past the 4 above into jury at least. She has a decent read on the house & is kind. I suspect once Bronte is ousted she'll be even more likeable & by that time the 8Pack will be more than ready to turn against each other, so she'll be a good person to pull in as a vote. IMO that lucky person will be James though Tiff/Frank are working her hard. Reason being James told her about Vic lie & that will pay dividends. Depending on how paranoid Nicole gets she may end up pulling her in to work with James/Cody later on in the game. Again, I think with Bronte gone Natalie would be a great person to align with (loyal, good social skills, good instincts & physically capable of winning despite her poor performance tonight).

            THE VETS:

            Frank: started off great and made me think, man if only you weren't tied to Boogie the first season. He was adeptly playing with the vets, 8-Pack & was also doing a brilliant job of building relationships with everyone in the house. IMO he over played his hand Weds telling Nat/Brig what was up & then didn't do a very good job of "selling" he did it to help others. Today he went further by making Paul/Vic think he's still on their side & 8Pack/Paulie are noticing it. I find it interesting he is so anti Tiffany given they often have the same read on people. I haven't figured out yet who his true allegiance is to given he seems to lean towards the guys (Paulie/Corey), but he's made a F2 with both Day & Nic and also appears close to James. NOTE: He did say he didn't want to sit beside Day/James at the end b/c they have children which may give Nicole the edge out of the vets with him (though I think he wants to go to end with a newb). He appears to want the role of Alpha Male which IMO is going to come back & bite him in the butt.

            This week (& the next few actually) will be interesting b/c if he keeps overplaying his hand someone will end up spilling the beans that he had the Road Kill & if Day or Zakiyah get too annoyed with him they can easily tell Paulie it was his idea to put up Paulie on the block & that he created the 8-Pack. The latter portion not being completely accurate, but could be sold if need be.

            Nicole: Handled her HOH without getting too much blood on her hands. After making a F2 with Day she went to Frank to make a F2 and I assume she may have also done the same with James. She still gets paranoid and has tendency to over react. She's very paranoid about Day for playing both sides, yet she has Day to thank for keeping Jozea believing it was Paulie who was leaving.

            She has successfully used her wiles to pull in Corey, James and to flip Paul from hating her to adoring her. This week I expect she'll try to work The Revolution to gain traction & if she continues to worry about Day I suspect she'll try to work her guys to put a target on Frank/Day over herself. She's also pretty close to Michelle, but notably Zakiyah didn't mention Nicole's name when Paulie asked who she trusted instead she said Frank, James & Day!

            I'm hoping she can keep an even keel to try to keep the Fatal 5 somewhat in tact since we've never seen a female alliance run the house & since I work in a male dominant world (NBA writer/podcaster) I'd love to see it happen just once on BB.

            James: Can't help myself I enjoy him so much. I know he might be over doing the pranks, but he keeps things entertaining and just seems like the kind of guy you could hang out with and have a giggle. He put the spotlight on himself last week due to his pranks, but came through like a champ throwing the comp tonight (by the sounds of it the comp was close & his going slow then falling at right time allowed Frank's group (& Paulie) to win HOH.

            He built trust with Natalie, is the one person who doesn't over react to Tiffany in the 8-Pack and though he enters the week with the largest target of all the vets on him, I won't be surprised if he exits the week in the strongest position of the 4.

            Day: As mentioned up front I really was disappointed she left so early last season b/c she is able to read people so well. Her DR's are pure gold. She's learned from her mistakes & so far is applying them. The one caution will be over playing her hand as she is doing everything in her power to plant seeds of discontent toward Tiffany (I suspect she sees Tiff is game wise) & toward James (she worries about his social likeability).

            I hope she sticks around & could see her getting far, however I could also see her blowing up & becoming a target. Lets see how she controls her emotions.

            Let's see how she fares this week as up until now, she has been the female version of Frank, in that many in the house seek her counsel.


            Tiffany: She has a good read of people as she sees Natalie is smart & has made some wise observations. Her problem is she's too sensitive & can't hold her tongue. Having said that she's the only one in the 8-Pack who gets judged more harshly than the others. While her meltdowns may be more demonstrative, we haven't seen Michelle, Nicole, Day or Zakiyah ridiculed or judged when they need to vent to the same degree. I suspect she'll have a tough time given this fact as the vets vacillate between whether she is too much like her sister (and/or too smart). Her one saving grace may be her connection to Paulie, Michelle and James & if Natalie stays as they may bond with her to keep her safe in an effort to thwart Frank's wishes

            Michelle: Did an excellent job of lying low and knows the game. The fact there was a discussion today pre HOH comp that if it was questions Frank & Paulie would throw the comp to her speaks to how well she is liked/respected & trusted. Has potential to go deep & I'm interested to see more this week now that she isn't so insecure having to be in the pixel costume that was making her so self conscious.

            Zakiyah: IN THE BEST POSITION IN HOUSE!! She's in 8-Pack, Fatal 5 and is high up in both alliances. All the vets like her with Day/Frank looking at taking her deep in the game. AND she has Paulie wrapped. She has the ear of Michelle & Tiffany as well. After successfully misleading The Revolution this week she even seems to have skated by with only a brief comment made by one of Paul/Vic about her betrayal. This is partially due to Paulie being HOH as they can't suggest her as a target, so the "LUCK" of that situation should allow her to fade back into the background & allow that situation to dissipate. IMO she has the best shot of all the Newbs to win.

            Remaining Guys:

            Corey: Seems to be smitten with Nicole and also fairly well liked by all. Can't decipher if he's game smart or dumb, but he's a good asset. He's on to Frank but not showing his cards which is a good sign. Also IMHO Nicole has him pulled tighter to her than Frank.

            Paulie: Well liked & has potential. BUT the fact he hasn't figured out the 8Pack exists or that no one in has told him is telling of his instincts not being as sharp as they need to be. Although many in the 8-Pack don't want to take him deep Frank seemingly wants him as his top guy.

            That said something happened tonight which has me questioning whether he isn't a smart game player OR if he is and is purposely painting a target on Frank. Knowing how Frank had won Road Kill & had/is playing Vic/Paul he told Paul that it was Franks decision to save Paulie & basically said Frank runs the show! Paul will inevitably tell Vic (who trusts Frank) & Nat/Bronte/Bridgette will also be told which will take the target off James being the ring leader & should refocus The Revolution on how Frank can't be trusted. Nat/Brig will be angry b/c Frank tried to play it like "he wanted to go with the majority of the house" when Paulie's comments will make Frank seem like a snake since they'll believe he not only knew, but made the decision.

            Phew... sorry for the long winded post, but since it's my first time back this season wanted to get it all out.

            Have a great day all.


            • Walleye
              Walleye commented
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              Great post TTOT. Welcome back!

            • llongori
              llongori commented
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              Yay!! TTOT in the house! Woot Woot

            • herms is here
              herms is here commented
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              Now it feels like the game has truly begun. Welcome back.

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            Listening to Paulie and Frank. I really think Frank, Cory and Paulie have something going on. We did not see it on the feeds but it sounds like they have an alliance.


            • TTOTambz
              TTOTambz commented
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              See I thought so too, but then Paulie straight up told Paul the reason Jozea left was all because of Frank, and that he decided who was leaving. I found that to be very odd choice to share with Paul.

              Either Paulie has zero sense or that was done to put a bit of a target on Frank.

              My take is Paulie is closest with Corey (not Frank) & his actions to seem to verify that. I don't think any of them are happy Frank is trying to play everyone. Corey was very mad yesterday and it had to have been noticed all the major players in the 8 +:Paulie have been targeted by The Revolution (James, Corey, Nicole, Day and Tiff).

              I'm thinking perhaps Paulie & Corey are keen to work with Zakiya and Nicole.(and James). It's not like I'm thinking they won't work with Frank, but I think Frank's actions on Wednesday hurt his power position. We'll know more if Frank convinces Paulie NOT to put up Victor as he was leaning toward back dooring him while Nicole/Zakiyah & Day weren't liking that idea. I think the noms will tell us more. If it's Victor up from the get with either Paul or Bronte then we know Frank isn't pulling Paulie's strings.

              Edited to add: so Frank/Paulie completely switched their positions on this with Frank now saying to put him straight up and Paulie thinking they should back door Victor. ARGH.

              Also Frank reiterated AGAIN that he doesn't want Day/James making F3 b/c he doesn't want to sit beside someone who has kids.
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            • KittyBoodles
              KittyBoodles commented
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              I think I missed something - and this may be a silly question...but re: Frank and him not wanting to sit next to someone who has kids...

              Is it that he does not want to be in the nomination seats against someone who has kids? Does he think if that happens that the others won't vote out the other one because they may feel sympathetic to a parent and not vote that person out - but would vote Frank out because he does t have kids?

              Maybe I just answered my own question ... Is that what he means?

            • TTOTambz
              TTOTambz commented
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              Kitty: Although he hasn't clarified YES I would say that Frank feels it will draw on the heart strings. I think he believes all the vets will vote for him as well.

              The one thing that is starting to annoy me about Frank though is he is talking/acting like it's a given he'll be F2, and maybe he's right, but his overt actions I think have to catch up.

              Maybe it's bad of me, but I'm kind of wishing one of Paulie (to Zakiyah) or Paul (to Bronte) let's something slip what Frank is doing so it gets back to Fatal 5. I actually want Paul to learn it was Frank who put him up. It's not that I don't like Frank or appreciate his maneuvers, but the FIRST alliance he made was with the vets and yet he's seems to be going out of his way to get James put up & to continue to keep the Revolution guys focused on James. So, it might be more than him having a kid. I'm wondering if Frank sees James as extremely likeable and therefore unbeatable.

          • #13
            It always gets me when an alliance member gets paranoid about something they themselves are doing. Da paranoid about Nicole getting too close to Corey yet she also has a very close, maybe even closer, side ally in Zak. Zak agreeing when she also is very close to Paulie. She's been way closer to Paulie than Nicole has with Corey.


            • #14
              Hi, everyone.

              About Frank ruining the blindside, this was probably instigated by Production. I wouldn't be a bit surprised they thought Jozea was going to go off the deep end on live TV and they wanted to downplay his reaction. They gave him about the longest exit interview I've ever seen with Julie, and they only played DaVonne's goodbye message, where she told him about losing her at Messiah. That was a kid gloves job.


              • TTOTambz
                TTOTambz commented
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                Agreed TPTB may have influenced that decision BUT then Frank pulled Victor aside immediately after & told him he couldn't vote against his team mate BUT that he still wanted to work with him (in case Victor/Paul won HOH). And again was pointing them towards others (James) after HOH he was STILL saying he wanted to work with them and was trying to get Paulie to consider back dooring Vic to keep him off the block after telling Vic he'd see what he could do.

                IMO Frank is doing a LOT of overt actions and over extending himself unnecessarily. He told Nat about the lie & told them both long before the vote who was leaving and even tried to get Nat to switch her vote.

                If Nat ever tells Bronte everything and now with Paulie telling Paul that Frank decided who was leaving; it won't serve Frank well.He wasn't high on anyone's list, but in less than 24 hours he has ticked off almost all of the 8Pack and once The Revolution shares they'll want to switch off James (who they thought was controlling things) on to Frank.

              • PipelinersWife
                PipelinersWife commented
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                I thought they played 5: Nicole, Bronte, Paul, Frank, & Da (not sure on Paul). I hope they played the rest to be fair.

                TTOTambz add in someone letting slip he was the roadkill winner, he will be in deep.

            • #15
              Some thoughts on a few players now that I've had some time to get to see more of them.

              James - I don't mind occasional pranks now and then. But wow, he just couldn't stop and I think he took it way too far. And, too fast. For some reason, he does not seem to be the person I remember him being from his season. It almost seems to me that he is on vacation and not even trying to play the game? I just don't see him making it to the end, or even to final 6.

              Oh, and question - does anyone know what he did with the fancy cream that belonged to one of the girls? The one where he emptied it and filled it with mayo? (Which was disgusting.)
              The reason I'm asking is a lot of that stuff is or can be very expensive, and if he threw it out, that's just wrong to destroy another HG's personal property. He really needs to tone the pranks way, way way down. Especially the food type pranks, they have major ant problems already (the earliest I ever remember them showing up) and him using food is making the ant problems worse.

              Frank - Oh Frank. Why couldn't he keep his mouth shut? I Don't mind him one way or another, but I'm just not sure what his agenda is in this game. I'm not sure he knows. Or, maybe he has thought up several strategies he wants to use, but hasn't made up his mind on which one to go with, and is employing all 300 strategies going on in his thought processes? He's another one I just don't think will it to make F5.

              That also goes for most of the newbies, the ones who haven't watched much or, anything to to with BB. In the past, there have been HG's who either hadn't seen or knew what one or two BB related things are, had to have one or two things explained, and that's fine. However, when you have recruits who have zero knowledge of anything BB related, that's not a good thing. Even the most simple things such as yes, the cameras and mics are **always on**. You know, silly things like that.
              Oh, and the whole Jozea 'Red Button Time Travel Reset" thing. O.M.G.

              You have to think that such things were explained to all HG's, right? They'd all have had to be told more than once about the cameras and mics, (and yeah, the fact that all seasons have a Red Button - meaning - the 'I Quit' button).... The fact that he had probably watched all of 8 minutes of random skipping around on 16 had the only other Red Button to reset the game for the Mentors. Somehow he turned that into time travel. Or something. lol.
              Plus, there is a rule book in the house - and while I do remember a small handful of HG's reading it, I only remember Rachel really studying it.

              Nicole - I like her, but she needs to stop being so paranoid. I honestly didn't understand the whole drama about being asked out on the date. She made it worse by constantly denying it - so, okay. She was asked for a date post show. She said no thanks. When others asked if it happened, she got upset and went to deny mode. Why did she not feel she could just say 'yeah, he asked, I said no.' That would have been the end of it, right?

              Day - I think she has learned a lot from her season, and is using that to this season and her game...but...she is another one who seems to have already stepped right off the paranoia cliff. For the first time that I can remember, there is a strong group of women who could stick it out with each other and not let a showmance or being catty and helping the guy grou(s) to pick off the other women...but I have this bad feeling that if their female alliance crumbles, Day might just be the reason for it to start going bad. Maybe I'm wrong. I hope I'm wrong. I would like to see her go far.

              Bronte - That voice. And for all of her primping and wanting to look and be 'cute', most of what comes out of her mouth is nowhere near 'cute'. Or funny. She can be downright mean.

              Lastly, I absolutely believe production had a stern talk with the HG's prior to last nights show. Especially with a certain three guys. There had been threats of punching others, cursing others out and more - and BB and CBS certainly didn't want any of that to happen, especially on a live prime time, network family show. The network and the show would have been fined heavily for each curse word, and someone else here (I'm sorry, I can't remember who said it?) said that they thought that at least some of the HG's were reminded of the contracts they signed, and that if they did what they had threatened to do, they'd pretty much never work again. Yep. Totally believe that. They were pretty subdued.

              What I noticed the most last night was the dead silence when Jozea was dismissed. Not just from the studio audience, but I don't ever remember such a long, very long, time with complete silence from the other HG's wait to watch the evicted HG's photo go grey on the memory wall before. For a while, I thought that BB had muted the sound, but no... They were as silent as the audience was. Struck me as really odd.

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              • Luanne
                Luanne commented
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                Well said, I hope Da calms down and we can have our strong girl alliance. It will be hard to get all the strong guys out.

              • cutencuddly
                cutencuddly commented
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                They spent a very long time with the people in the house, before a quick moment with Jozea and then commercial. I wondered if they were giving Jozea time to compose himself.

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