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Live Feed Discussion-July 4, 2016

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  • Live Feed Discussion-July 4, 2016

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    Good Morning all

    The hamsters (as of right now 2:00AM BBT) are all still up ...mostly just hanging out and chit chatting... they need to go to bed already LOL

    They are speculating on whether they will do the Veto ceremony tomorrow (well technically today) and kinda hoping they won't so they can just enjoy the holiday. The plan is still to put up Victor as backdoor/renom... so they know he will be rather unhappy

    Also, they wonder if they will get more alcohol...they've saved *some* from before apparently but hoping for more. If they do the Veto them more alcohol might just be a bad idea, if Vic is gonna react badly LOL

    At any rate, I'm trying to hold out waiting until they are in bed..but if they don't head there soon, I don't think I'll outlast them

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day today! I'll 'see' you guys later!!



    • #3
      Morning FanShan, and all who follow.

      Victor is the logical choice to leave the house this week, and barring an epic meltdown by Paul, Bronte, or Tiffany, that is how the week will end. Da continues her paranoid behaviors, and more importantly, is indiscriminate in who she shares them with. Nicole is starting to worry about Corey, since he seems to be completely on board with Frank's plans, and Nicole, as with the other perceptive girls in the house, is very worried about Frank's plans.

      Nothing much to see until after the Veto ceremony.

      As an aside, this 8 pack alliance had all the cards in their favor, and the Fatal Five had even more control, if they could have controlled their own paranoia. With Paulie having relationships with Tiff and Zak, and his handling Nicole's nominating him last week, he should be the logical choice to replace Frank, and they should get rid of him soon. I am struck at this difference between this group, and S16's dominant alliance. It makes me admire Derek and Frankie's ability to hold that large group together until the end game. Leadership does matter.
      Last edited by KeninVA; 07-04-2016, 07:09 AM.


      • nonobadfish
        nonobadfish commented
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        (((((((( @KeninVA))))))))

    • #4
      Good morning everyone....

      Ken, good to see you back. Enjoyed your thoughts on the game yesterday and today.

      Could not sleep last night, so I watched the feeds. Da drives me crazy. Tiff is out to get her. Tiff has something with the other girls. Tiff has something with Paulie. Tiff does not like Frank, Tiff has something with Frank. We need to get Tiff out, we need Tiff to take out Frank. She would be able to play a better game if she forgot about Tiff.

      Da told Nicole, Michelle and Zak that Tiffany was coming after her. They asked her how she knew. She said she heard something in the DR that she should not. Later, she had to go to the girls, and tell them that in no way did the Dr say anything about Tiffany. She said she was in trouble. That was around 11:30 BB time last night.

      Frank, Frank, Frank- did I miss something the year you played? I am not liking you very much this time around.

      Paulie is such a nice young man, but he needs his mouth washed out.

      James may not win the game of BB, but he is very loyal to his alliance. He is not afraid to throw a comp for his alliance. He is always calm, and does not back down. I like him as a person.

      BB should have waited a few years before putting Tiffany in the game. Everyone thinks Tiffany is jut like Vanessa. They sound alike but there are a lot of differences. Tiffany is a little more outgoing. Tiffany does not have the skills that Vanessa did to work the group. I will be surprised if she makes jury.


      • #5
        Morning all. I'm trying to find something to argue with KeninVA about, but it's still early in the season so I've got nothing. Well, I guess I could argue about his statement that Frankie and Derrick held their big alliance together (simply because I don't want to give Frankie any credit, and Derrick held them together by putting them to sleep).

        I saw that Da talked to the feedsters last night and said Frank is her main competition and wonders if she can trust the other girls to get him out. Looks like Nicole is getting frustrated with him, too...and Tiffany has been angry at him as well. I still feel as is the females have a good chance of sticking together IF they think this all through, but they're going to have to get serious and I'm not sure they're paying close enough attention to the fact that they've got the numbers right now. Corey is already pulling away from Nicole a bit and moving with the guys, so maybe the girls will start catching on more.

        Frank is reminding me why I didn't like him the first time he played. That quick, mean temper is rearing its ugly head and his misogynistic comments are back in full force. Yuck.


        • Walleye
          Walleye commented
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          The girls talk about an all girls thing all the time. The question is will they stick together if things go sideways. I doubt it.

      • #6
        I just can't see the perfect team yet since each has such weak links:

        Spy Girls are tight, but rest of the house dislikes them, especially Bronte (notice she's dropped the helium voice and flowers).

        The Five are crumbling to the Four with their distrust of Tiff or to Three if Da can't get herself in control.

        The 8pack was a temporary alliance which had already split to the Five and will fracture more with the Good Ole Boys Club.

        The Revolution was only in Jozea' s imagination and is now dust as Paul plays Victor for his own self-preservation and Spy Girls play their own game.

        The Sibling Club of Tiffany and Paulie could have worked BUT they each have big targets on them and are others short list.

        The Good Ole Boys Club is lead by Colonel Frank with Private Corey and James as his eager lieutenant and Paulie as Soldier of Fortune. Frank is on the girls short list and Paulie could have assumed leadership, if he wasn't next on the list. If they had had Victor and Paul to begin with, they could have cleaned house, but that train's left the station.

        IF the Five and Spy Girls could trust each other they could pull off a final 8 or at least 7 (dropping Tiff) of girls, but very doubtful for the usual reasons of girl catty stuff.

        So for now this is a game of shifting sands of partnerships. Paul has shown himself to be a survivor so far by shifting to where he perceives the power to be. Not liked or trusted, but showing himself willing to be used with zero scruples. But doubt he'll last to Jury for just those reasons. James is another who is working the girls all while playing on the boys team. Zak remains on no-ones naughty list, despite being aligned with Da and Paulie. It would be fun to see them as the Final Two with James winning, but there's a lot of weeks to go so I ain't about to bet the farm yet.

        This should be an easy week if Vic leaves as expected. Next HOH could determine how the shuffled deck will go and who will survive to fight another day. Just don't see the crafty Dan or Derrick in the bunch. More a game of the last one standing, who hasn't totally POd the Jury off. Honestly I love Paulie best of the bunch, but doubt he'll make it to the end without a lot of luck and skill.
        Last edited by BettyBoo; 07-04-2016, 10:01 AM.


        • kokomogirl
          kokomogirl commented
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          Good Ole Boys Club = The F immediate thought as I read just that very first line. Teeheeeheeee!

          BettyBoo, I agree with your breakdown of the hamsters standings and mind thoughts. While it should be an easy week, I think it depends on both how much the other house stirs up Victor and how much Vic stirs up Victor. There could be lots of drama with more seeds of doubt being planted, a few confrontations ( not necessarily with just Vic), lots of plans for changing vote list, realigning or srtengthening ties with different people and agendas. I think they will stick to evicting Vic, that will be the easy part But I think we're going to see new lines being drawn with some conflicted and some floaters. Might make for some interesting feeds for us with all the side chats in various rooms. Might be having us getting dizzy while our heads are spinning from trying to keep up with all the new allegiances get more firmly established.
          Last edited by kokomogirl; 07-04-2016, 11:32 AM.

        • BettyBoo
          BettyBoo commented
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          Thank you, F Troop is much better name. They have been so designated.

      • #7
        To be truthfully honest I like the game better when there is no clear dominate person. Last season I could see, Vanessa as the winner, even though it didn't happen.


        • BettyBoo
          BettyBoo commented
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          My frustration with Derrick's win is that he never seemed to have solid opposition, but I can't fault his skills at have played them all without ever getting on the block. Dan remains my favorite winner for his craft and maneuvers through both seasons. The fact that he is the only player to have a unanimous vote and being second next time shows his unique skills. His funeral was a high opera moment that so ridiculously worked. Derrick could never pull off such a stunt or come close in a second season. Vanessa and Denise Reyes are the best women to have played, but close doesn't get you a half million.

      • #8
        I really like Z to get far. Somebody last night was talking about how Z is just floating along under the radar. The thing is, if you are really quiet at the beginning, you can easily escape the first four evictions. I dont know why more hamsters don't do that. We will have to wait and see what Z does later on I guess as she hasn't been forced to play much yet.


        • mimi_luvs_bb
          mimi_luvs_bb commented
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          I would like to see her go far, too. Let's hope that Zak is seeing that Day makes a great investigator/target/meat shield. That may get her pretty far along as long as she can find someone else that will watch her backside.

        • kokomogirl
          kokomogirl commented
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          I too like Zak and think she is playing pretty close to perfect so far in these first few weeks. You are right, Walleye, fly low at the beginning, you can usually get through the first few evictions. It's those who come out strutting, preening, boastful, loud, and annoying who go out quickly. If you ruffles feather just by your presence in the first few weeks, chances are you can say bye-bye just as quickly. She's in a strong alliance (even it it is splintering and will implode soon), has a strong shield and mentor in Da', is liked by everyone. She'll need to be prepared to make moves when needed (or, at least, be able to get someone else to do it) and win when she needs to.
          Last edited by kokomogirl; 07-04-2016, 01:13 PM.

        • Freebyrd
          Freebyrd commented
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          Ahhh, YES! Zak is being very quiet and cautious right now. After the one's that are evicted and definetely going 'home', the Jury will begin...and THIS is where I (for SURE) want to see Zak shine in all her glory. Up until now, Zak has been laying low. I hope to see her personality and knowledge of the Houseguests fully kick in once she knows that she has made it to Jury. No more floating - long observations of not saying a word except "uh huh" when spoken to - THAT'S when I would love to see Zak show us what she's really made of, and hear her strategy in order to get to the final 2. GO ZAK!!! (pretty please????)

      • #9
        Not sure if what posted anywhere, but congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Dan Gheesling on the birth of their first child, a son. Three BB babies so far this year - wow!!

        (note to BBU bosses, there is a photo posted if you want to grab it)


        • KennyERJ
          KennyERJ commented
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          Awww, such a cutie! Thanks for the info, BettyBoo. I'm on it.

      • #10
        Just read on Twitter that they are doing POV meeting today. Boy that party will be tense. It'll be interesting to see Vic' s reaction, especially when he realizes that even Paul played him. Man without a country? (Doubting that Paulie has changed his mind and will stick to his original plan.)


        • #11
          Hi everyone just a quick peek in to give all our Fantasy Game players a heads up...Questions for Round 2 are now up and ready for your 'darts'

          Round 2 here:


          • #12
            We're back. Looks like Paulie stuck with the plan. Vic is up.


            • kokomogirl
              kokomogirl commented
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              And Paul is down from the seat.

          • #13
            Is Day already trying to flip the vote on Tiffany? Is she really that dumb?


            • Luanne
              Luanne commented
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              It seams like every fourth sentence is about Tiffany. I have not watched feeds 24/7. Why does she think Tiffany is coming after her and Nicole. Tiffany tells them everything she learns. I have not seen her say anything about either one. Is it just because she is Vanessa's sister?

            • SmilemakerRDH
              SmilemakerRDH commented
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              I don't get it either. She set her sights on Tiff very early on though, so it has to be because of Vanessa. If they switch up and don't vote Victor out after all the work they did to get him on the block they are dumb.

            • BettyBoo
              BettyBoo commented
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              Da needs to use Tiff like a stick of gum. Use her now (for majority votes) THEN spit her out later. (But, yeah it's personal from her season)

          • #14
            Victor talking with Paulie about how to get votes towards Tiff. Not that house can't flip, but Paulie is working with Tiff AND he put Vic on the block, so obviously wants him gone. I know Paulie just wants to keep Vic calm, BUT will the others go stupid this week. If the girls leave Vic in, the F Troop will tighten up. Da, keep it cool, sister,!! Please release Vic back into the wild!! ! Caw Caw


            • KeninVA
              KeninVA commented
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              I think they are all trying to give him hope, in order to keep him calm. Da has said multiple times, we have the 8 votes. Nicole and Frank both just said to each other, the plan is coming together. If I gave more credit, I would think she was setting up a trap for Frank, to catch him on the wrong side of a vote, to justify getting him out next, but I don't give her that much credit. She is just stirring the pot. Tiff did shore up Natalie's vote today, and I expect her to work on the rest as the week goes on.

          • #15
            I just read on Twitter that Corey complimented Paulie' s posterior?! Let your rainbow flag fly, Corey.


            • Freebyrd
              Freebyrd commented
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              OMG. LMAO. I know, right? *sigh* The good-looking one's are always off the market with us ladies. lol

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