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Live Feed Discussion- July 5

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  • Live Feed Discussion- July 5

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    Most just went to bed...

    They finally found the phone last night...

    Good Morning to all that happen by!


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      Victor seems to be playing a smooth game today. Up early and outside with Frank and Paulie just talking guy stuff.


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        Good morning everyone. Quiet in here today. I was busy most of the weekend, so thank you again to Lexie and all of the live feed updaters who keep me up to date on the happenings in the house. A lot happened over the weekend, most of it expected. Victor will be talking to Julie this Thursday night, most likely on a 10-0 vote. I could see some one like Frank or Day throwing a hinky vote toward Tiffany to get her paranoid.

        Day and Frank are going to have an interesting battle coming up soon. Day was saying over the weekend that Frank can't make jury, then she said she can't boot him before jury, but he still needs to go early. I wish people would compare notes on Day and what she is saying. They would boot her in an instant if they could.

        Right now I think Tiffany, Bronte, Paul, Bridgette, and Natalie are in the most trouble after the next HOH. 1 of them must win to ensure their safety. From the 8 pack, I think that Frank, James, and Corey are in the most trouble of a boot should 1 of the outsiders win HOH. Frank would probably be in huge trouble in that scenario. Day and Tiffany are both gunning for him and will make their case to the rest of the house.

        Obviously Tiffany is in a lot of trouble with so many people gunning for her. The big thing I have misread in this house is the relationship between Michelle and Tiffany. I thought they really had each other's backs, but Michelle is hearing from Day and Frank that Tiffany has to go before jury. Michelle is taking this info in stride and also not giving Tiff any heads up. Maybe she realizes that this info getting to Tiff isn't the best idea. Tiff would act emotional and probably even confront people. I'm still iffy on my feelings about Michelle, and maybe that is because I don't know exactly where she stands yet. If she is standing by the 8 pack, then she has to realize that she is no better than a 5th place finisher. She isn't the type you drag to the end because she could very well go on a comp streak and run them all out and have a great case for the jury. I want to see what her plan for phase 2 of the game is.


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          Good Day all

          While the house has been relatively boring, predictable and paranoid there were a few things actions/conversations I found interesting in terms of how the game was affected.

          Frank: Ah the price of being the lead Alpha male and buying your own hype is going to lead to his being threatened sooner in the game. His angry outbursts over silly things are going to hurt him Funny how he got so angry at Tiff but allowed Bridgette to be more demonstrative in her actions and conversation with him without repercussions. He is flat out telling people Tiff has to go b/c she's hurting his game which points to his single mindedness.

          On top of the way he chooses to speak (read: yell) at people who disagree with him may come back to haunt him. Factor in his comfort level with the guys (especially Paulie & Corey). He revels in his role as top dog and is continually DICTATING how things should go to best move his game forward. He basically TOLD the group last night that Corey has to throw HOH (in order to open up Tiff for nomination) and told James the same to keep Bronte/Natalie open for eviction.

          He's not being careful in how he delivers information which could come back on him. Corey & Paulie have both demonstrated they don't keep info to themselves and all it will take is one late night cuddle session between either of those guys with Z or Nic for valuable info to leak out. The primary info would be to get females out or that the boys are tight, but the other very dangerous info leak would be that Day/James need to be targeted early in jury. In fact, I've witnessed convo's where Frank pinpoints: Day, James, Michelle, Tiff, Bronte, Bridgette, Natalie, Paulie and Paul all as being players who have to go. That's more than HALF the house! That's a lot of names for him to be throwing up out of the 8, and in some convo's he's thrown out Corey's name too

          The ONLY common denominator I've caught is Zakiyah whom he believes to be loyal and beatable. so she is always in his F3. I think he's made a terrible error in this assessment since her true loyalty is to Day. Zak already has earmarked Frank as the necessary boot which Frank won't see coming. Doubt they go at him this early given Day/Nic correctly anticipate a buy back and may need to wait for whoever returns (likely Victor) to point him at Frank as the head of the snake to cut off, before they send him back out the door.

          Day: whether you are a fan or not (I am) she continues to have the innate ability to read social situations Early on she had maneuvered herself into a role that had Nicole questioning her motives which had sent Nic towards Frank and Corey. However, with news slowly filtering in on what Frank is saying to others Nicole has recognized she could get played by the boys again which drew her back to Day.

          To wit, if you've noticed Nicole who had been planting seeds regarding Day has suddenly backed off that mindset which tells me observing Frank's dictating, closeness to Paulie/Corey/James/Paul and his command of Bridgette/Michelle is sinking in. This has prompted more Fatal 5 convo's and strategizing to go along letting Frank think he's calling the shots for now.

          That said, all it will take for Frank to become public enemy number one is for Day to learn of any of the plotting and she'll have those girls fired up to go against his directives. I think it may happen sooner rather than later as Victor/Paul are spilling information ad naseum. Once Frank demands his new plan for next week I think Day is going to back off the "get out Tiff" mandate as she correctly recognizes Tiff would be the perfect tool to oust him. In fact I won't be surprised if Day/Z try hard to win Road Kill (keep it to themselves) and seize the opportunity to put up Frank & blame it on Tiff (or one of the guys).

          Also, if Day learns of Bridgette's double dipping she'll move ahead of Tiff anyway as a boot target. (though she's already high on Michelle/Nic's list).

          Zakiyah continues to impress and looks well positioned to go far. Michelle is also doing a good job laying low BUT Frank correctly assumes she might kill in later comps which (if he stays) will have her moving up his boot list.

          What to watch for:

          *The minute the girls learn of Frank's plan to get out anyone other than Bronte next week or he pushes his mandate to get out Tiff followed by 2 more females in the next 3 boots watch for Day/Nic to rally the Fatal 5 and pull in Natalie They know Bronte has to go next and IMO they'll earmark Bridg to be a must boot soon as well.

          *Franks lies mounting and coming back to haunt him: he told Bridgette last night that Vanessa is her sister and the problem with telling a rat something is it's sure to leak and either go directly back to the source OR be told to the wrong person who'll share that info with others (and again it gets back to Tiff). Further, this morning Frank said he'd nominate Tiff directly as HOH which proves he's not thinking b/c she would then tell Paulie about the 8 Pack and say it was Frank's idea which could create doubt in Paulie's head of where he stands with Frank.

          I doubt the Fatal 5 will take out Tiff ahead of either Bronte, Paul or Bridgette (though I could be wrong), so Frank needs to proceed with caution. If any of Bronte, Paul, Bridg, Nat are on the block with Tiff it still leaves Nic, Day, Mich, Z vs Corey, Frank, James, Paul. Factor in 1 of the boys would likely be HOH (Frank or Corey) and 1 of the 4 would be off the block (likely Natalie) which would give the girls the majority. The ONLY way IMO Tiff leaves ahead of Bridg, Bronte or Paul is if one of the girls are HOH, Road Kill winner puts up Tiff and Paul/Bridg both aren't on the block as Frank could convince them to vote with the boys to take out Tiff. Those are highly unlikely odds however as IMO the initial nominees would be Paul/Bronte with Bridg as the replacement.

          *Will Day/Nicole thinking there is a buy back anonymously throw 2 votes Victor's way to accomplish two things 1) if/when Vic returns he'll align with them? 2) put the target back on Paul/Bridgette/Natalie

          *The other thing to watch for is if Z can start planting seeds with Paulie. If he learns of any deception from Frank it could help them bolster the troops to take out Frank much sooner.

          *I'm still anxiously awaiting the moment someone leaks Frank won the first Road Kill which will highlight how devious he is and poke a hole in his "I'm a good guy/on your side" persona.

          At the moment the spy girls vacillate between trying to appease Frank to stay safe and knowing he's the dictator. Ironically the spy rat (Bridgette) may be the one to figure out his antics (especially if the RK win by Frank leaks as that will show her FRANK was WHO put her on the block).

          At this stage barring a Tiff/Bronte blow-up Victor is gone Thurs and as per usual this early in the game ANY boot is a GOOD boot.

          Best position in house: Zakiyah
          Well positioned: Michelle, Nicole, James,
          Gaining traction: Natalie, Paulie
          Middle Ground: Corey, Day (but she could easily fall down or climb up with one outburst or properly planted seed)
          Target growing: Frank,
          High in boot order: Bronte, Tiff, Paul, Bridgette
          On their way out door: Victor

          Have a great day everyone.
          Last edited by TTOTambz; 07-05-2016, 12:10 PM.


          • #6
            Great analysis of the House from previous BBUers. Once the HOH is decided, well really see how game is going to go this week. Having the teams pick HOH is keeping one side in charge. But once the team stunt is over, gloves will come off, and then Katy bare the door as Frank's side can't control who is annointed. I doubt the returnee will be more than a hiccup in play, but after last year's unusual game moves, maybe that person won't be an automatic adios. And the experienced players should do better at the double eviction which will happen soon after return.


            • llongori
              llongori commented
              Editing a comment
              And if the vets are smart (not too sure about these folks), they won't tell the newbies about or explain the double eviction to them.

            • BettyBoo
              BettyBoo commented
              Editing a comment
              Oh Frank and Nicole have already blabbed a bit, though Da didn't make it to one. But they do need to be careful with strategy training.

          • #7
            I'm wondering if they thought it would be more like the last time they had team comps, everyone tried to win. Not so. I just hope they don't let Frank's team be in power. He's still got 4, the others are all going to be 1 guy, 2 girls. It wouldn't take much to get Frank out. If he's not safe, doesn't win veto, backdoor him. Tell Paulie he made alliance leaving him out, tell Paul and Brig he was 1st roadkill winner, plus I don't think the girls could resist the opportunity.


            • #8
              So, once Victor is out of the house, it will be interesting to see who goes next week. As of now, I'm giving Victor the odds on favorite to win the battle back into the house, but the next house guest out could change that. If it's Bronte or Nat, I think we can look forward to Victor re-entering the game and possibly causing a **** storm. That's when the fun will begin, it's getting a little stale with the huge alliance take-over.....I'm ready for some splintering.


              • #9
                Here's what I just never understood.

                the votes are secret every week, so why don't the HGs just vote the way they want to for what they think is good for their game?
                I have always hated 'vote with the house' mentality, with very few exceptions.
                When one or more votes don't go as 'planned' - and one of those votes is yours, LIE. Just.... lie. And keep it up. What is so hard about that?
                "Everyone said / you said / everyone wanted - person A voted out. That's what I did." And stick with it.


                • KittyBoodles
                  KittyBoodles commented
                  Editing a comment
                  Gosh I can't remember when it started... Somewhere around the same time that the HOH room became a total open door / open room / free for all type thing, I think. Im pretty sure it really started before S12 but not before or too far behind S10.

                  I seem to remember right around the same time, the HOH suite becoming 'just another room' (but with its own bathroom and tub & perks) - and the HOH key was practically discarded, like the HOH would get their baskets and goodies and somehow, it became a thing where anyone but Have Nots would pile in the HOH bed as if they didn't care it was supposed to be a big HOH perk...and a the same time they would literally dive in, open the perks basket of goodies, and eat and drink whatever they wanted, most of them without even asking the HOH. Several times I remember the HOH being upset that the special goodies were gone without them even getting to try any of the things. I just don't remember who the HOH's were.

                  Sometimes, some HG's will (still) be polite and ask to use the bed, the HOH music, the bathroom, but not all of them.

                • KittyBoodles
                  KittyBoodles commented
                  Editing a comment
                  Sorry, I got off topic with the HOH things, but yeah, the Voting with the House thing really kinda went hand in hand at the same time, at least, that's how I remember it.

                  I could be wrong about the season(s) it started at.

                • herms is here
                  herms is here commented
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                  I agree, I never undersood the voting with the group mentality. Once in the house though your thinking changes because the group dynamic and voting how you really feel may put a target on your back.

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                Back from vacation (beautiful Colorado to steamy Houston) and am trying to get caught up. The one thing that I have noticed is that while the house may be separated the girls seem to want the guys out and are doing an okay job so far. Getting Vic out is a smart move for them, dumb for Paulie (if he really looks at the numbers). The girls even said they won't put up another girl. If one of them wins I can see Paul and Frank being nominated or James. They have their hit list and so far the ones they want out are going. I can't remember a season in which this has happened (however, I have forgotten who won last year, so it doesn't surprise me).


                • Lynette
                  Lynette commented
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                  Steve won. Kicked Vanessa to the curb and took Liz. Glad you got to cool off on vacation. Heat index 104 today at my place.

                • Kpercyman
                  Kpercyman commented
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                  Thanks Lynette! I remember now. For some reason I put Steve in another season.

                  Heat index was 110 today and we are on a heat advisory so no going outside.

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                Da asked Nicole if the house would vote Frank out if they blindsided him, she said no. I think she is one of the most clueless and gullible in the house. She is buying all of Frank's and even Corey's BS. She doesn't see what Da, Zak, Bronte, Tiff, and other girls see. They know Frank has his hand on everything. I would take a shot if there's a way to backdoor him next week. That girl needs to wake up before she ends up walking out.


                • #12
                  Am spending time with grandkids so not watching feed. My thanks and gratitude go to the live feed updaters. You are a wonderful bunch of people. Also my thanks to those of you discussing the going ons. I feel like I am mostly up to date.

                  i have one thing to add Da what are you thinking? I can't believe she is telling Frank about Tiff.


                  • #13
                    Question: Has Tiff actually told DA that Tiff wants Frank out early? If she did, then Da's move is understandable, stirring up resentment against Frank, on the part of the girls, and stirring up suspicion of Tiff, on the part of Frank. That puts the pressure on Frank/Tiff and off her and Z, and potentially Nicole and Michelle.


                    • PipelinersWife
                      PipelinersWife commented
                      Editing a comment
                      I think so and I think she's talked to the spy girls about it too. Since Frank and Tiffany had the blow up last week they have been on the outs, even though they supposedly made up. Da is however the first one I believe to start the Tiff needs to go and talking about her to others before Frank's blow up with her.

                    • KeninVA
                      KeninVA commented
                      Editing a comment
                      Thanks. I think Da is pitting Frank against Tiff, putting heat on both of them, and off her core group, which as near as I can tell is Nicole and Zak, with Michelle as an outside player. Nicole and Zak, for all of them, make ideal final 3, and for Da, the ideal final 2 pick for both of them. Nicole will want a vet, Zak will want the other black girl.

                    • TTOTambz
                      TTOTambz commented
                      Editing a comment
                      Hey Ken!

                      So we both just appeared recently :-)

                      As per your question re Day. (though it's been answered already), let me give some additional history and perspective

                      As we know from the past DaVonne has the tendency to see a social situation long before anyone else. Notably she spotted the twins first, pinpointed Clay & Shelly would become a problem, pointed to the need to get Steve out early or he'd win and that Vanessa was a loose canon. Pretty perceptive given she left 2nd (2nd) last season, well before jury, so like I said she has a great read of people and also tends to see things coming.

                      This season she has chosen to lay back, seem disinterested and say Um Hmmm a lot and cajoles us with eye rolls after the person leaves the room. She's been on to Frank for a while and IMO she saw similar tendencies w/ Tiff & Vanessa. For example she told Tiff something once the Fatal 5 was formed which was shared and got back to Day (can't remember at the moment what it was). Then she warned Tiff when the Revolution started earmarking Tiff as a target. Tiff completely lost it and from that point forward the Fatal 5 decided to not share intel with her.

                      Then Tiff started getting super close with Paulie (again Day caught it) So she began planting seeds of disenchantment as she correctly assumed when Tiff is put in danger she'll likely blow up & share everything she knows (8Pack & Fatal 5).

                      Then the Frank situation kind of dropped in her lap as Day seems to know exactly which buttons to push on Frank. He's gone on a laser vision quest to target Tiff and Day simultaneously has appeared to open up a bit more with Tiff. At game start Tiff alone in a room (or in a DR) told the camera's she really wanted to work with Day the most and I'm sure Day senses that, so she's reeling her back in.

                      The only thing stopping Frank from wanting to keep Day to the end is 1) she has a child which jury will vote for (says same of James) 2) he's worried she'll beat him in later comps which are intelligence based.

                      A little over a week ago Frank went into his current I'm the man mode; i.e. bit of swelled head. Prior to that Day was clearly his major confident. Arguably this week he is spending more time with Paulie to ensure his goals get met, but if things return to normal watch for when he wants to talk true strategy or make decisions (i.e. when he isn't feeling threatened) he goes to Day. It's also likely why he is so keen on Zakiyah. In Frank's eyes they are both low maintenance, amenable and loyal.

                      So. YES Day is totally taking advantage of the situation so that:

                      1) Frank paints a target on himself

                      2) Tiff will remain loyal to F5 AND to Day

                      3) the crumbling Revolution will have 2 major targets within the 8Pack that serve Days needs & keep the target off her

                      4) Since they don't game talk to one another (Frank & Tiff) they will target each other AND in the rare event either share intel Day has said neither will believe it

                      5) it's allowing Day to slowly but surely pull Nicole back in (as Frank had her completely wrapped around his finger). This is also notable, since Nic may still be paranoid to target Frank she is definitely leaning back towards Day and talking a lot more game with her this week. AGAIN, Day sees Nic's paranoia and knows EXACTLY which buttons to push with her as well.

                      Anyway, long winded, but it does show how things moved to this point. While it might appear overt to us, in the house she's doing all of this so subtly none of the parties involved (Frank, Tiff, Nic specifically) are any the wiser.

                      Plus from my perspective the fact Day & Z were the 2 votes Jozea was 100% confident he had, so the fact neither has been a target this week via the 5 remaining Revolution members is astounding!

                  • #14
                    The boys have already figured out that the girls are two up on them if Vic goes. They want to get rid of girls in the next two weeks to even things out. In order to get rid of Frank,the girls can't lose any of them as they're all potential votes to get Frank out. DA is drawing a line in the sand of boys against girls.
                    Last edited by sofieckcs; 07-05-2016, 04:33 PM.


                    • PipelinersWife
                      PipelinersWife commented
                      Editing a comment
                      If Vic goes it will be 3 up on them, it's 2 right now.

                    • sofieckcs
                      sofieckcs commented
                      Editing a comment
                      You're right. I had it right before I edited it. LOL!

                  • #15
                    Nicole has figured out that Frank has F2 with a lot of people. She told Cory and asked him if he had a deal with Frank. He said yes. She asked if Frank had talked about getting her out. He told her, Frank talked about getting her out before Zak. She said if he told anyone what she talked about, she would know where it came from. Hopefully, others will talk and realize what Frank is doing.

                    Frank now talking to Cory and Nicole, pitching for Tiffany to go next, if not, Bronate and then Tiffany. He told them, they had to throw HOH because of Tiffany. They asked him about Paul, he said yes, he can go.

                    Day and Nicole need Tiffany right now for the vote. I do not know why those two think Tiffany is after them. She is not.

                    Please let someone knock Frank down a notch.


                    • TTOTambz
                      TTOTambz commented
                      Editing a comment
                      See, just like I said above Nic is on to Frank's double, triple, quadruple dipping. She was fine as long as Frank was taking her to F2 but now she sees Frank:

                      1) has 8Pack

                      2) had Paulie, Corey, James and is trying to keep Paul around

                      3) Has Bridgette spying for him and is constantly pushing for her to stay

                      4) has multiple F2 deals in the house.

                      All this is going to serve is Nicole running back to Dayvonne who made a F2 with her extremely early and working with the girls to oust the boys. Day knows Nic is paranoid right now and will totally use it to her advantage. Watch for when Nicole discusses her season and how a boy messed up her game (and the guys ruled the house). AND of course Day is super smart as she often says to Nic we should keep Corey or James the longest knowing those 2 are Nic's favorites!

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