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Live Feed Discussion- July 5

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    This song kept coming to mind while I watch the feeds:

    Countin' flowers on the wall, that don't bother me at all
    Playin' solitaire 'til dawn, with a deck of fifty-one
    Smokin' cigarettes and watchin' Captain Kangaroo
    Now don't tell me
    I've nothin' to do


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      Question. (It applies to the feeds)

      If you were on BB, and from day 1 up to about week 4, (I really mean early in the season) - if one or more of the other HG's you were playing with starts with the "I just want to make it to jury (so I can get paid)" -- what would you think about that? And, how would you use that as part of your strategy?

      Whether early or even later in the season, when jury is one or two evictions away, if I heard hamsters saying that I would automatically think that they are not willing to fight to win the whole game, that they'd want to just coast to get that jury payoff.

      Two thoughts I have - one would be 'vote them out.' Mostly because it sort of irks me that's all they want, to finish out their 'vacation' and get their jury money, especially since there has got to be, and had to have been in the past, so many people who applied because they seriously want to play and really want to try to win.

      But... Then I started thinking that if one or two really for some reason know or think they know they have zero chance of wining it all, (okay, that's a somewhat valid reason to at least get to the jury instead of leaving with nothing) and I had a good alliance, even one or two people I thought were going to go to F3 with me.... Promising to keep the 'just want to make it to jury' hamsters to give them their wish to get to jury, as long as they would help get everyone else out of the house...maybe that would be a good way to play the game to win?

      If you could get them to jury (and that's what they want) then they'd probably vote for you to win if you got to F2" yes? No?

      What do you all think?


      • KeninVA
        KeninVA commented
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        If I believed them, I would buy into that as a strategy. The problem is, most hamsters who say that, are just using it as a way get past a few more weeks. Either they plan to go all the way to the end, or, when Jury starts, they start to smell the money, and then can't help themselves. Very few players actually are sincere when they say that.

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      Nicole's eyes have been opened on Frank, hallelujah, lol. Corey knows of Frank's deals now. Frank and Corey told Paulie about the alliance and blamed the girls. Now the girls need to get ahold of him and blame and spill on Frank.


      • KeninVA
        KeninVA commented
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        That is a big turn of events. I wonder what Paulie is going to do?

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      OMG. Drama. Nicole spilling to Corey Da made up Tiff wants Frank out, Da and Tiff wanting Frank out. Nicole blew up Frank and Da today. SMH at Nicole. This is why girls can't get together, she would rather ride with the guys. Corey will end up spilling to Frank. 🚀🚀🚀🚀boom goes the 8 pack, lol, after telling Paulie. They wanting each other out now, Paul and the 3 girls may make it.


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        A lot has happened today. What I think that has happened. Have not gone back to watch all but will.

        Around 1:06, Frank tells Zak he wants to go to the end with her and Paulie wants that too.

        Zak told Devon that Frank wants a final with Da, Zak, Paulie and Zak.

        Da told Nicole what Zak said and that Frank needs to go next week. They realize Frank has final 4 with vets and others. They agree they should not do what Frank wants and not throw HOH.

        Nicole talks to Cory, told him Frank made a F2 with Bridgett and a F2 with her days ago. She asked him if Frank had a deal with him, he said yes. She asked if Frank said anything about her. He told her Frank wants Zak to stay longer . Nicole told Cory, Frank wants Cory gone before Paulie, and wants Cory out before F8.

        Frank came in and talks was about getting Tiffany and Bronte out. Cory said he wanted to stay with the plan and stay with the 8 and take out the other side first. Frank insists that Nicole and James' team must throw HOH.

        Cory and Frank told Paulie about the 8 Pak. They did not want Nicole or one of the girls to tell him

        Nicole told Cory that Tiffany did not want Frank out that Day just said that. She stressed to Cory that they need to get Frank out. Cory said he did not think Frank would come after him. She tried to tell him, that Frank told her. Cory just does not see Frank trying to get him out.

        This next week MAY be interested


        • PipelinersWife
          PipelinersWife commented
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          Looking like it may be. They better get it together. After these conversations Paul and the 3 she wolves looking to be sitting good. Nic spilling to Corey and Da may bite her in the butt. Everyone getting blown up.

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        Day just told Tiffany that Frank wants her out. She told her that she knew for a couple of days but was afraid to tell her because she would freak out. She told Tiffany, you can not say a word. She told her that she was worried about Tiffany and Paulie having a F2. Tiffany told her she did not have a F2 with Paulie.

        Frank has been caught. Day might be next. If Cory tells Frank that Da just made it up that Frank wants him out. If Tiffany tells anyone that Da said Frank wants her out and Frank finds out. The feeds may be picking up,


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          So I was about 75% correct in my assumptions:


          Zak went straight to Day to tell her Frank wanted to take her to the end (and that Paulie wanted that too) she threw Day in the mix but the girls know Frank has his stick dipped everywhere

          Nicole outed Frank's F2's all over the place to Corey (Brig, her, him etc) and then told him Frank directly told her he wanted Corey out before Paulie & before F8 told to her DIRECTLY from Frank and reiterated Paulie is ahead of him in the pecking order.

          Corey and Frank told Paulie about 8Pack with Frank blaming the girls

          Nic seeing how Frank is working initially ran to Day and they made a deal to target Frank. This occurred b/c Frank DEMANDED that James/Nic's team throw HOH to make sure Tiff is free to exit.

          Day is currently telling Tiff about Frank targeting her to pull her back in

          What I messed up on & where the danger is:

          Nicole told Corey EVERYTHING in her paranoid state. She told him Day was the one who wants Frank out NOT Tiff. Corey is saying they can trust Frank over Day and Nicole is confused.

          Nicole is trusting Corey won't tell Frank and has said if you do I'll know b/c you are the only one I've told.

          Corey is split on his thinking as he told Frank 8Pack has to stick together so Bronte, Brig, Paul and Nat have to be targets before Tiff but at the same time he is still buying into Frank wanting to take him deep

          The Fall Out:

          Will Tiff keep her mouth shut?

          Will Corey tell Frank?

          Will Nicole learn to shut her flipping mouth and recognize at best she gets to F4 with Frank since he has deals all over the house. The one convo Nic DOES need to have is to share with Day all the F4's Frank has b/c then....

          Day will figure out that James is NEVER in the equation except with the Vet alliance which frankly (no pun intended) is at the bottom of his F4 options . Once she figures that out she can go to James & get his buy in which will also get Bronte, Natalie's buy-in.

          AND if the group can't get out Frank they need to take out Bridgette as she is Frank's spy. (Bronte or Paul also work but not as well).

          This could all play out for the drama and would set up an incredible situation b/c you KNOW if Frank were to get ousted he WILL win the buy-back. But by the time he returns everything he said/did will have been shared and he won't have the same pull the 2nd time around.

          Praying Nicole didn't mess up Day's game. If Corey tells Frank I may never forgive Nicole for being so paranoid that she outed Day's plans as she is the one player I think that would give Frank a run for his money. IF the target switches onto Day b/c of Nicole and Day ends up leaving it likely means Frank sails through to the end. (read: extremely boring and predictable season). Whereas if Frank leaves and comes back it sets up a battle of Frank vs. Day which I'm all in for watching!
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            Or the other way this could end up is if Day does get outed by Corey she can tell Frank that it's Nicole who is playing both sides. She can say Nicole wanted a girls alliance and share ALL the intel Nic has given her which will make Nicole look shady.

            Several options here, but let's hope Nicole trust in Corey is warranted!


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              Leave the frogs in boiling water long enough they will begin to jump around. It's gonna be a couple yappy days until HOH. Then the initial pawn moves are done and the match begins in earnest. Love all the great analysis by the BBUers. Right now Da has smoothed stuff over with Tiff to get Frank out, but will it hold? And if the F Troop guys maintain power, will Da or Tiff depart? Stay tuned, America, there's gonna be a RUMBLE!!


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                Also, if Corey does tell Frank knowing him he won't be able to control his anger and will go at DaVonne. IF he does it has a high propensity to actually serve to pull all the females together. This will lead to Nicole being pissed at Corey for telling Frank and it will also likely lead to Day outing all of Franks side deals. I wonder how much spying Bridgette will do for Frank once she knows he is the person who put her on the block!

                For that matter, how will Paulie feel when copious people can speak to the fact HE didn't want Paulie in the 8Pack or Corey feel with others like Zakiyah can confirm Frank wanted him out before jury or that Michelle/Zakiyah can both share F4's they have with Frank. THAT alone may serve to blow up what Frank has with the boys.

                Suffice to say much depends on Corey at the moment. And if he talks I expect Frank to blow.

                Then Frank may try to get the guys/Revolution to switch to voting out Tiffany BUT I think once James knows Frank has deals all over the vote should be:

                Victor: Nicole, Day, Zak, Michelle, Natalie, Michelle, James (possibly Corey who wants to stick with 8Pack through to 8)

                Tiff: Frank, Paul, Brig (possibly James who may want to stick with guys, but won't be happy Frank has deals all over that don't include him)

                The keys will be:

                How James reacts to learning Frank has at least 5 F4s and several F2's

                How Brig reacts to learning Frank was Road Kill winner

                How Paulie/Corey react to learning Frank isn't as sincere as he's been acting (OF NOTE: I think Frank's ideal F4 is Zak, Brig & Nic possibly with 1 of Brig/Nic switched out for Paulie)

                I'll assume Bronte/Nat would align with the women & further suspect if Corey outed what she told him Nicole would stay with the women due to guilt (anger at Corey). I'm also assuming James would rather stick with the women once he learns of Frank's deception.

                However the house still has the potential to be split 50-50 with HOH & Road Kill finally being crucial next week.

                The biggest question marks are James, Corey and Nicole.

                Ultimately Frank IMO has done more damage to himself than Day has and his recent way of dealing with things (by demanding) isn't going to sit well with the house (especially the ladies). The key may well be pulling in Natalie/Bronte right away and also making sure Brig knows Frank was Road Kill winner that put her on the block.

                And as mentioned above there is also the chance Day/Frank make amends and Nicole becomes Frank's target.


                • Luanne
                  Luanne commented
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                  I do not think Corey will tell Frank everything but Paulie may. Corey did not believe that Frank is not being true to him. He really thinks Frank will go to the end with him and Paulie.

                • TTOTambz
                  TTOTambz commented
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                  Good point Lu,

                  The thing is there is enough scuttlebutt going on about Frank recently and while Paulie doesn't always show himself to be too smart when it comes to knowing to keep his mouth shut.

                  But this actually may work to Day's advantage because....

                  Nicole told Corey and swore him to secrecy.....

                  Corey told Paulie and swore him to secrecy....

                  IF Paulie tells Frank you know he'll blow up BUT will he blame Day or think it is Nicole/Corey trying to get in Paulie's head? or that Cor/Nic are just trying to stir things up. Remember, Nic has been asking Frank a lot of questions about who is his true F2 & F4 are. There is room for Day to deflect.

                  Bottom line if all of this transpires it has a domino effect b/c then Day can't trust Nic, ..... Nic can't trust Corey .... Corey can't trust Paulie .... AND no one can trust Frank,

                  At the end of the day (Derick-ism insert for all) it may just end up all falling back on Frank b/c all the people who couldn't keep their mouths shut will be guilty and need someone to blame so the best way to take the spotlight off themselves will be to turn it up on Frank!

                  At least for now Paulie/Corey are satisfied to stick to the 8Pack, but surely even they both see Frank has been running this like a dictatorship.

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                Zooming thru flashback, I am struck by Nicole telling Corey the plan, but still sticking to the idea that Corey would be HoH. That is a flaw. Tiff needs to win HoH if she can, and then count on Bronte and James as reliable votes. What is becoming clear, Tiff is falling as a target, Da and Frank are rising. Nicole is also at risk, since she has put all her trust in Corey. I am also aware that Nicole is one of the best liars in the house. So when she is talking to Frank and Corey, I am not sure she agrees with anything they say.


                • Luanne
                  Luanne commented
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                  I agree. I think Nicole is really questioning Day in her mind. She does lie very well. My only problem with Nicole is, I think she plays scared. She thinks she has to have one of the guys to protect her.

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                Right now Corey is spilling the beans to Paulie and Paulie has the WTF look going on. (Side lite-they're in the HOH bed and Corey was doing a long Paulie 'adjustment', saw the camera on him, looked pretty sheepish and the hand flew out from under the covers. Tee hee)

                Paulie is talking Corey off the cliff, but the wheels are turning. All Frank's lies and final twos are getting exposed. Hmmmm, so are the days of our lives.


                • KeninVA
                  KeninVA commented
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                  I am watching that convo right now. Big light bulb moment: Corey wants to win HoH for himself, and put Bronte and Bridgette up. That is step one of Da's plan. Get Corey into the HoH. Then they have to win RK (a tall order), and Veto, and Frank is out of the house.

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                Da is playing Audrey's game, in slow motion. She tells someone something, and then she goes to someone else and says that other person said it. She has done it to Tiff, Nicole, Frank, and Paulie.


                • Luanne
                  Luanne commented
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                  I think she will be caught at some point in the game. Since Nicole told Corey that Da just said Tiffany wanted Frank out, they may start watching Da.

                • Walleye
                  Walleye commented
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                  A lot of people are worried about Nicole blowing up Da. I say Da is blowing up Da. Same story, different year. She can't leave well enough alone, she has to push her schemes hard. It is too early for that. Same with Frank only worse with him.

                • BBhead
                  BBhead commented
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                  I'm actually really hoping Da gets caught in her own net. She is just too impatient for this game, and is utterly incapable of holding her tongue.

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                I'm finally having time to be in the feeds and for a couple days it's been soooo boring. Then today... Well, well, well... Day and Frank playing way too hard. Nicole not thinking before reacting. Tiffany settling into the shadows but pretty clueless there. The soup is simmering in slow cooker and due to boil over. I hope it's bye bye Frank and I hope he gets back in bc his power will be greatly reduced. Love all your thoughts.


                • #30
                  I guess I just do not understand Da's game. She continues to tell Frank that Tiffany is going after him. She tells Tiffany that Frank is after her. I know she is trying to pit them against each other but the risk of getting caught is so large.

                  They can talk all day and all night about getting Frank out, but it will not be easy. He is a competition beast.


                  • Walleye
                    Walleye commented
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                    He was a beast four years ago. It's yet to be seen if he still is. There are other beasts roaming the house. I think Vic beats Frank to get back into the house if it came down to it.

                  • Luanne
                    Luanne commented
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                    I agree. I actually like Vic more. I forgot how many will have a chance to come back in, 4 or 5. If 4, Frank will not go before that.

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