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Live Feed Discussion - July 7

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  • Live Feed Discussion - July 7

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  • #2
    Good Morning!

    Peeking in from work to start this thread : )

    Happy Live Show Night!

    Can't wait to see who win HoH and all the drama that brings!


    • #3
      Good morning Lexie. Hope you have a wonderful day at work. Good morning everyone.


      • #4
        Morning Lexie, Linden and all who follow:

        Lots of scheming and shady behavior yesterday and last night. Frank has had his target profile raised, a lot, in the last 48 hours. His multiple deals have been found out, and now everyone has moved him up their individual target lists, but exactly how high (meaning next week) is not in total alignment. Frank wants Tiff or Bronte gone next week. Da wants Frank, Bridgette, or potentially Corey out next week. Nicole wants Frank or Da out next week, etc, etc, etc.

        I have decided that we only know what Nicole really thinks when she is talking to Corey alone. In those convo's Da for boot is high on her list, but Frank would be o.k. too. Da told Tiff that when Nic and Zak told her they would dump the Fatal Five of all girls for a revamped Nic/Corey/Paulie/Zak and Da alliance, that she lost trust in them. As Da said, who goes to F5 with 2 showmances, to be cut at the end, especially since she does not trust Corey and Paul together either.

        Michelle wants Bridgette gone, and since none of the other girls trust her, and only Frank wants to protect her, I don't think she is long for the game.

        Bottom Line: Vic is going home tonight (unless the house has some epic meltdown this afternoon), no one, but potentially Michelle, is going to be throwing the HoH comp tonight, and the winner of that comp is going to determine the next week in the game.

        All mentioned as targets in the last 24 hours: Da, Tiff, Paulie, Corey, Paul, Frank, Bridgette, Bronte, Natalie. This makes Michelle, Nic, and the rest of the unmentioned as relatively safe, though potential pawns.

        It is going to be a fun night tonight, and through the weekend I think.


        • #5
          Well, it's getting 'interesting' in the House with Da stirring it up. The one caveat for her is:
          IF you go to kill the king, you had better kill the king.

          Word gets back to Frank or if there's any distrust toward her, and Da is toast. This HOH should mark the new divide in the house as Victor departs. I think the reason Paulie wasn't pulled into the original 8Pack is that they recognize him as a potential winner with his personality, physicality and brains. They don't wanna be his second banana.

          Paul is the one I puzzle over, but I see that he's the magnetic opposite of Paulie. Paul will do whatever it takes to survive including sticking a knife into his buddy Vic. But he is not liked or respected by the majority of the House, so becomes ideal goat.

          So, as what usually happens, in September I'll be missing my Paulie and hoping for a peek of him on the finale. Then throwing rubber bricks at the tv when Julie hands the snake in the grass, Paul, a check. No, Betty, wake up, wake up. It's just a bad dream.
          Last edited by BettyBoo; 07-07-2016, 08:23 AM.


          • KeninVA
            KeninVA commented
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            Paul and Tiff might hook up as a twosome. How fun would that be, "The Crying Assassins". Motto: "We feel bad for OURSELVES as we stab you in the back!".

          • BettyBoo
            BettyBoo commented
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            There could be blood shedding than this past season of Thrones! The HGs could be drowned by the crocodile tears.

            Out, damn'd spot! out, I say!—One; two: why, then
            'tis time to do't.—Hell is murky.—Fie, my lord, fie, a soldier, and
            afeard? What need we fear who knows it, when none can call our
            pow'r to accompt?—Yet who would have thought the old man to
            have had so much blood in him?

            (There's always time for Willy S.)

        • #6
          By the by, Morning, y'all !!!! Tonight we'll watch Vic walk the plank. Than the Capulets and Montagues go at it again: 'O, I am fortune's fool!' Best part is the game is wide open tonight.


          • herms is here
            herms is here commented
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            I like the game better when we don't know for sure who is going up. We have some ideas but it all depends on who wins HOH. The game is afoot.

        • #7
          MY WEEKLY DARWIN AWARDS (posted before this evening's eviction):

          The Phantom of the Opera award: Tiffany, skulks around the house, friendless and a lone lonely loner (with the hoodie on she looks like the UniBomber)

          The BB Ninja award: Zakeiya, but will her Fly Girl friendship with Da'Vonne blow her cover?

          The Brokeback Mountain award: Corey, give into the lust in your heart, boyfriend

          The Godfather award: Paulie, you made your bones with Victor, now can you take out the rest?

          The Wizard of Oz award: Frank, you lead them on a merry chase for the witch's hat and broom, but now they can't 'ignore the man behind the curtain'

          The Invisible Man award: James, even the other HGs forget you're on the show

          The You're So Vain award: Paul, if you have to be drunk to be funny, you're NOT funny. Your tat is as ugly as your remarks and your beloved beard makes you look 50

          The Brady Girls award: Nicole and Michelle, until it becomes, Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

          The Cruella deVille award: Da'Vonne, she's put lots of poison pills out there, but will blowing up the 8pack make her game thrive or wither?

          The Queen of the Prom award: Natalie, first Victor, now James is her date. Just needs her corsage and tiara

          The Death Row award: Bronte and Bridgette, hoping for call from governor to stay the execution (Bridgette did offer him cookies)

          And the Darwin Award of Special Merit goes to:

          VICTOR - You ARE purdy, but then you open your mouth and your only conversation revolves around farting and your laugh is SO annoying. Worse is how bad you played the game, aligning with Jozea, then blurting out to one and all your Road Kill win. You misjudged the house, but will have 3 chances using your comp skills to return. Good luck?
          Last edited by BettyBoo; 07-07-2016, 09:26 AM.


          • ~Linden~
            ~Linden~ commented
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            I agree with everything except the laugh part. I love Victor's *real* laugh. We see so little realness in this house that I find this tidbit refreshing.

          • TTOTambz
            TTOTambz commented
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            Betty.. YOU ARE THE BEST... I had a nightmare posting NBA articles today and at one point I literally yelled at my computer
            'Come on .. I want to see Betty's awards' LOL

        • #8
          Looking at the updates .... is Da's stated mistrust of Zak real? (Because she heard that Zak was telling stuff to Paulie?) Was Zak playing along with Da's plans and Da' just acting like she didn't know anything about it because that's how Da' rolls?


          • TTOTambz
            TTOTambz commented
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            Hey Cute,

            I wrote a response it's on the next page

        • #9
          Da confuses me by her scatter shots. First aims at Tiff, then Tiff is her true bud. She and Z are the Fly Girls or can she trust Z? Frank totally trusts her, so must go next? Oh when and where is the merry-go-round gonna stop? I'm getting dizzy!!


          • #10
            If Da' is doing this on purpose, then maybe "genius".

            But if it's just her own paranoia -- or if she's a one trick pony and all she knows is to get every last blooming person to distrust everyone else -- then good luck to her in not having it blow up in her face.

            It sounds like paranoia to me -- messes of her own making -- her sending rumors around that she made up and then believing them when they get back to her.

            But as Tambz said, so far it's working for her. People keep coming back to her with the rumors because she's the one they feel most connected to.
            Last edited by cutencuddly; 07-07-2016, 10:38 AM.


            • ManaDee
              ManaDee commented
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              I can't tell if she is seriously paranoid, or if she is trying to keep everyone around her aimed at someone else around her in order to be some kind of center to it all. First she pits James and Tiff against each other. Tells everyone something slightly different for what appeared no other reason than to exaserbate drama. Then Frank and Tiff. And to lesser extents with the others in the 8pack and the Fatal 5. She seems to be intentionally planting doubt about each member of the alliances she is in to another member of those alliances. It's dizzying. I can't imagine it's ALL intentional. But her problem is that she presents slightly different variations like "James told me he doesn't trust you" then tells someone else "she told me that James doesn't trust her, i don't know she's paranoid" etc. If people start comparing notes on her at any time, she is going to be exactly where Frank is now trust wise. So much of it has seemed unneccessary to me when looking at the risk involved.

          • #11
            I think, for this house, the word ''trust'', has two meanings. They are looking for people they consider threats, and they are looking for people to play with on their side. So Da knows Z is no threat, but may not be good to play with due to her connection to Paulie. Tiff was viewed as a threat, since early on she was causing drama, and Da did not want to be seen as in Tiff's circle, and then get caught up as a pawn or surrogate boot, if Tiff was not available. I think Da really wants to play with Nicole, and knows getting rid of guys is important to making a two girl finale happen, and is worried Nic is being drawn into Corey. All the other stuff, is rampant paranoia.

            What I find funny is that Da's paranoia is unjustified, and Frank, who told James he is actively suppressing his paranoia, should be jumping out of his skin today, since he is now number one with a bullet for all the Vets, and a large block of newbies. When Michelle throws the HoH comp, I hope Frank catches on, just to see the aftermath. I love me some ''tears and lamentations of my enemies'' drama.


            • herms is here
              herms is here commented
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              Is Michelle on Frank's team? Does she plan on throwing the competition so the door is open for Frank being nominated, potentially.

            • KeninVA
              KeninVA commented
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              Yes, Michelle, Paulie, and Bridgette are on Frank's team.

          • #12
            I'm enjoying 9 am philosophy with Paul on Cam 3.


            • #13
              There's been some interesting happenings in the house and some interesting reads on the boards the past few days. So many twists and turns, so many different angles, so many alliances, side alliances, extra substitute alliances, ride and die alliances, F4 alliances, and F2 alliances - all interconnecting and colliding. Get through this Victor eviction and we may be in for a whole lot of drama, back stabbing, gossip, game changing collisions. Should be an interesting week and should be some great viewing on the live feeds.

              Thanks to all who take their time to analyze and give your opinions on the players, the game play, and the house dynamics. Now time to go think about my answers to to the fantasy game. I may as well throw those darts because I'm not sure of anything that's going to happen after Vic's gone. Who wants HOH, who's throwing HOH, who's the targeted noms? Gotta go sharpen these darts.....


              • Walleye
                Walleye commented
                Editing a comment
                I was thinking about how crazy this house is this week. It really does lower your profile a lot if you shut up and don't make waves. Well, it works if you don't get evicted right away. I'm wondering when Frank figures out his target is really jacked up, and he will notice eventually, if he just stops what he is doing and chills out, will he be ok again. Somewhere along the way he will have to have a '' come to Jesus'' moment with the vets in order for that to happen or hey, just win the next hoh!

            • #14
              Busy few days and 'stuff' I've had to take care of that has kept me away from BBU mostly aside from here and there 'peeks' from my phone...I *think* I'm finally caught up reading on what I've been missing ..however my head is left spinning and I'm as confusededededed as can be LOL

              I can say my overall feelings are:

              Frank- dude..I reallllllly wanted to like you this time, and I actually *was* but this week, you e gone and ruined a good thing and I'm back to "no, just no." with you. SMH

              Da'Vonne- well I was in the group of us few that liked you last time, and was hoping to be able to justify that and see you stick around longer this time. I'm still hangin on but it's by a thread and if you don't slow your roll and dial it back a bit, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to let go.

              Nicole- I kinda actually adore you, but stop whining already and calm down. Stop gettin your panties twisted over little to nothing and just chill a bit.

              James- I still adore you. I don't think you'll win or even come close but I still think you're cool

              Corey- meh. Take or leave to be honest.

              Paulie- you're so easy on the eyes AND you seem like a good guy so that's nice ..I do hope you'll continue and up your game..I'd love to see you go far!

              Tiffany- don't be *that guy* this case, that
              guy being your sister. Geez Loooeeeez woman!! I like you..more than I liked your sister or at least more consistently than I liked her Pick it up girl!! Make us (or me at least) see something to truly root for in you!! No more skulking, crying or paranoia induced frenzies okay? Okay, good

              Paul- I just don't care for you. I won't be bothered a bit when you go.

              Bronte- you can just go.

              Bridgette- you creep me out honestly. I won't mind seeing you head on out the door either.

              Natalie- you're beautiful. And I think you've shown moments where you are actually at least somewhat smart but could ya just dump that fake helium voiced, strange, scary, deeply mean girl you call your BB BFF and then we mayyyybe could be friends

              Michelle- meh. You COULD be amazing in this game...are ya gonna??

              Zakiyah- my NC homegirl!! Yes!! Youre
              my fave I do believe and mayyyybe Day is a problem for your game, so be careful on that front. I don't buy it when you say you're just playin Paulie, it's ok
              can own it Get that head on straight and watch for the perfect time to jump in when it's your time to become a beast. I know you got
              it in ya's born in around here

              Victor- Bye Felicia 😁

              I think that's all of them? lol At any rate, I can't wait to see what tonight's LIVE show brings! I have some errands to run and then dinner to take care of (I'm thinking take out is gonna be the flavor of the night ) ..then I'll be back here with bells on for the show and for as long as I can hang after! Yay!


              • Luanne
                Luanne commented
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                Have you been in my head?? Great thoughts, and right on the money.

              • Codewiz
                Codewiz commented
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                This is spot on exactomundo where I'm at in my thoughts about everyone.

              • Shan
                Shan commented
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                Luanne maybe? hehe

                Codewiz great minds

            • #15
              All you ladies who like looking at Victor should get your last looks in for a little bit, as he is gone tonight.

              HOH is going to be fun tonight. So far it seems only Michelle wants to throw it (which hopefully will hurt Frank's team). I said in my fantasy selections that I see Corey winning HOH this week. I was really hung up on who to choose from that team, because I can see Tiff really wanting it as well. Nicole will side with Corey though and that is why I think he will be HOH. If that happens, I see run of mill noms being made (Bronte and Paul). Which means our drama will come from the roadkill comp. I honestly have no clue who will win that. I think it would be interesting if someone like Zakiyah or Michelle won it, as they are more likely to keep it a secret. No matter what though, I don't want to see Frank on the block until after POV. You can't let "Mr 9 lives" compete for that veto. I would nom someone like James with the roadkill and have him bust his butt for veto and hope he can pull off the win. If he doesn't, and say Paul wins POV, then I don't see Corey putting Frank up. I think he would do the next best thing though, and that is nom Bridgette. If the roadkill nom can pull themselves off, then I can see Frank going up and out the door next week.

              Don't mistake this as me wanting or thinking that Frank is gone yet. I have a feeling that Frank could pull himself out of this hole he has dug for himself. I think Frank could still come on home to the vets and make amends. If he could do that, then this game is much more boring. I want to see the war start early. Frank going out may be a good thing though as he would instantly become the favorite to win the Battle Back comp and come back in. This should equal drama for us as well.

              My secret hope is that Paul or one of the spy girls wins HOH tonight and then we can have ourselves a little drama party with the 8 pack splintering even worse than they are now. They will run over each other trying to get to that HOH room to spill everything that they know about the others. If 1 of these 4 could pull of an HOH win, then I see Nicole, Frank, Corey and Paulie as being in the most danger. James would be an outside shot of going home, but he has built enough of a relationship with Natalie that I don't see her wanting to cut him yet. I still think that Day, Zakiyah, and Michelle are pretty safe no matter who wins HOH tonight. Tiffany will never be safe even though I haven't put her name out there anywhere. If a spy girl wins HOH, Tiff is safe from the HOH, but still not from the roadkill winner.

              I've tried to highlight 1 person each day I've posted, and I have yet to really discuss Zakiyah. I see so many people out there talking about how great of a game she is playing and how she may be the favorite to win it all right now. I don't disagree. She has played a great game. She made that alliance with Paul and Jozea day 1, but then got out of it really quickly and got in with Day and then the 8 pack. Then she got the fatal 5. She has played masterfully and she really seems to be listening to Day about the game. Then Zakiyah got cuddly with Paulie, and they are now considered a showmance. That showmance isn't setting off the amount of alarms that it should be though. Only Day, Zakiyah's "closest ally", seems to be worried about the showmance. Day is trying to plant seeds around the house to other folks that they should worry about it as well, but they don't seem to be getting there yet. Zakiyah has handled her convo's with folks around the house perfectly from what I've seen. That HOH room convo with Paulie after Frank spilled the beans about the 8 pack was about as masterfully as we have seen on this show. She has been able to plant her own seeds in Paulie's (and by proxy, Corey's) head for future targets. She isn't just running Day's game. Day thought she had a perfect little clone, and I thought this for a bit too, but the last 2 days have shown that she isn't just that. She also no problems playing that card though. Zakiyah may be the most protected person in the house with the number of shields she has around her. When we hear everyone in the house talking about targets for next week, or the week after even, we never hear her name come up. Now 3 evictions in (after tonight), that is pretty solid ground to be on. If I have 1 complaint, it is the showmance with Paulie. She tells the other members of fatal 5 that she is "just playing him" but those girls (and none of us) are buying that. Eventually it will be the showmance that puts a target on her back. She also doesn't have the greatest relationship with the spy girls. She thought they were going to boot them 1 after the other in the coming weeks, so she hasn't bothered putting any time into cultivating a relationship there. Now, she isn't the only 1. Michelle and Day also have put 0 time into those girls. Those girls could be useful if both her and Paulie get on the block at the same time, and they will really be useful for jury votes. I hope she makes an effort to at least engage them in non-game convo over the next few days. Then move onto game convo when Day isn't watching so closely.

              Sorry for the long post, a lot to say today I guess.


              • LCnSummer
                LCnSummer commented
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                HA! Badges? You don't gotta show us any stinkin badges!

                Great post. It is a privilege to read the analytical thoughts of our various BBU Folks.

                I really respect the time and effort that goes into these posts.

                Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Big Hug

              • maxxum26
                maxxum26 commented
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                Thank you LCnSummer

              • Luanne
                Luanne commented
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                I am glad you highlighted Zakiyah. Right now, I think she is playing a great game. I just hope she will be able to win some competitions down the road, so if she gets to the finals, she could win,

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