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Live Feed Discussion- July 8

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  • Live Feed Discussion- July 8

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    Good Morning ( or Good Night ) ...

    There was a LOT of drama that went down last night... be sure to catch up on the July 7th Live Feed Update thread HERE


    • Ladychef
      Ladychef commented
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      Thank you Lexie for posting all of it!

    • Luanne
      Luanne commented
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      A very big THANK YOU for staying up and posting all of it.

    • ~smee~
      ~smee~ commented
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      Cheers for the amazing Lexie! Please don't forget to take care of yourself, though.

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    Now come the tears and lamentations of our enemies. With Bridgette's win, Frank has proxy power, again, and will control the noms for the foreseeable future. This does not bode well for Tiff, since the house has snapped back into the default "evict Tiff" mode. I expect the nominees to be Tiff and Paul, with Tiff somewhat surprisingly to me being prioritized over Paul, form the general discussions held.

    Lots of flashback moments, with the most noteworthy being Frank's continued harassment of Da, which leads to her complaining to DR, Nicole/Corey discussions, James discussions with Frank and then with Da and company, and Paulie talking to Corey.

    In general, the 8 pack is pretty fractured, this time driven by Frank throwing out have the names in the 8 pack, and Nicole/Da/Michelle/Zak palpable fear that their scheming and plotting from last week will be discovered.


    • #4
      Home immediate thoughts:

      Frank has joined the Jozea school of 'everybody loves me' blindness to what people are really thinking. He got lucky when Bridgette won and he got a reprieve. But he's made himself a Dead Man Walking by his words and actions. Totally blew his game that started strong. But guess what Frank, you're not as cute and adorable as you think you are.

      Paulie has again shown himself to be the adult in the house, sitting Frank down to explain how his behavior is viewed and that it us wrong. He was true to his word during his HOH, showing himself to be a straight shooter. Rather he finishes the game or not, his family can be proud of his behavior in this crazy environment.

      James has woken up and realized he's not on summer vacation any more. Once the mission to get Frank out is accomplished, hope that he can move further in the game though even he knows he's not a leader.

      Tiffany should have never gone on the show, it's just too much for her. She has a good life outside and needs to mark this time down as an experience without judging herself too much (though she will).

      Da'Vonne and Zak should not be afraid to tell anyone to keep his hands to himself. I'm glad Paulie sat Frank down and explained how inappropriate his behavior has been, but TPTB need to re-emphasize that it is not acceptable. I was particularly upset when he put his hand on Natalie' s neck last night. Frank has shown he does not respect women. This could be the ultimate reason he loses the game.

      Paul is a wolf in sheep's clothing, trying to mask his dark soul with blatherings he thinks is poetic. He's been kept around by the men as a number, not a partner. I want him gone before Bronte.

      So the game takes another turn overnight. This should be/could be an interesting week depending on game outcomes and how people handle the noms. After a dull few days, we can sink our teeth back into the game.

      But, as much as we enjoy this silliness our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in Dallas and every other location where ANYONE is shot. Not sure why killing is considered a solution. I joke about my age, but I remember the day Kennedy was killed in Dallas and I was watching the tv when Oswald was shot on camera. It seared into my psyche. Children shouldn't see this as commonplace and be numbed to it. Let's send out thoughts and words of love, not hatred, and move ourselves to a peaceful world.
      Last edited by BettyBoo; 07-08-2016, 07:46 AM.


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        My heart also goes out to all the people who have been killed this week- black or white- color shouldn't matter!

        I wanted to like Frank this season but he is wearing very thin. He appears to be a bully at times and uses "the way he was brought up" as an excuse for the way he treats women. Bridgette will do this week whatever Frank wants her to do. So Frank will have his way without getting his hands dirty. I am happy to see the hgs are getting wise to him. I wish the girls would just smarten up and band together! Sadly, don't think it will happen.


        • #6
          A solemn good morning, everyone. I'm praying for all the victims of this week: The men who lost their lives and their well the millions who are affected because of the fear they live with daily. I'm also praying for a solution. Something has to stop this madness.

          As for the guilty pleasure that gives us relief from real world troubles, I have to say again: I don't understand Frank's game play. Why the heck would he tell James that he wants to get Corey and Paulie out soon (possibly backdooring Corey this week?) Does Frank want to have any allies? Is he trying to ruin his own game? Or is he simply that bad at reading situations and people. We've always known he was lucky, and I guess I assumed that his bad social game in BB14 was Boogie's fault. But this year I'm thinking Frank is simply not great at social situations and didn't learn any BB skills from his first season.

          Perhaps Frank's only real alliance is to the Returning HGs....that might explain SOME of his comments and behavior. But he talks so much to so many people that it's hard to know.

          I will say this: He's got to stop with the slapping/pinching/punching and verbal assaults. I don't care how you're raised, those things aren't appropriate in this situation. BB should have already called him on it before it got to this point because it's not fair for the women to have to risk their games by complaining. When a HG fears that speaking up means that Frank would turn on them, that's classic harassment.

          On a lighter note: This could be an interesting week to watch. Who will win Road Kill? What if Tiffany wins POV? What if Tiffany tells Frank that the others were after him? What if someone tells Bridgette that Frank nominated her for Road Kill? Maybe there will be drama.


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            Good morning all my BBU friends.

            My thoughts and prayers for all the people of Dallas. I remember the day Kennedy was killed and was glued to the TV. I will not get into my thoughts about everything ,but it is a sad day for all us.

            Frank has another HOH this week. I am so sorry I pulled for him his first year. The sooner he goes, the happier I will be. Bridgette is the one that would not sleep with a guy, and others had to work around that to find a place to sleep. Even in a room with 6 people, she would not. I wake up this morning to see that not only did she sleep in a bed with a guy, but also in a room all by theirselves.

            I think Tiffany will go home this week. That will be a good thing. She is not cut out for this game of BB. She has no social skills at all.


            • OutOfTheDarkness
              OutOfTheDarkness commented
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              I think Bridgette letting a guy sleep in the HOH room with her could be based on the feeling of harassment if she did not. If she was SMART she should bring up the uncomfortablity to Bronte/Natalie that she felt forced to let him stay up there with her. Get on all cams. Then she should go to DR and voice her feelings of harassment by him. Between Da/Z/Natalie/Nicole & now Bridgette they are making a STRONG case for him to be removed from the BB House by production.

            • ManaDee
              ManaDee commented
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              Does Brig actually FEEL harassed by him though? From what I read of the updates (didnt see any myself so hard to say) it honestly seems like she likes Frank, thinks he's a good guy. He asked her if she wanted the girls to come sleep up there with her, and she said no and said that he could stay if he wanted to. That doesn't sound like pressure or harassment to me. I think she wants to keep Frank close.

          • #8
            I'm going to sit back and wait until the Buy Back Battle. It would be hilarious if Tif goes next Thursday & Frank follows her the week after. Then Glenn, Jozcea, Vic, Tif & Frank battle to get back in and Tiffany beats BOTH Vic & Frank to re-enter the house. Please OTEV make this become reality!!


            • BettyBoo
              BettyBoo commented
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              I would be tickled if Glenn miraculously made it back. The poor ole guy would have no clue what's going on since he hadn't even learned names yet, but he'd be so grateful for a second chance.

          • #9
            New list after last HOH, but before new Noms:

            SHARK CHUM:

            TREADING WATER:

            IN THE SHARK CAGE:

            ABOARD THE ORCA:

            CAPTAIN OF THE ORCA:

            IN THE BELLY OF THE BEAST (which one will Bruce barf up??)

            JAWS quote for the week:
            I don't believe it! Two barrels, and he's going down again!
            (Yep Frank is safe one more week!)

            Note: List is initial thoughts, but can change with actions or comps during the week


            • #10
              James in the bumper car so reminds me of him and the Three Blind Mice last season. He sure has to be wondering why he's never included in any final agreements. Even the King of the Final Two just talks around him. Well, I guess as you don't make yourself a target you can get further in the game.


              • #11
                Good Morning. Just getting caught up on Lexi's LFU's. Got to this part after Bridgette got her HoH goodies:

                Bridgette- I got dried okra

                Paulie- what's okra

                Bridgette- it's a vegetable..

                Michelle- I've never heard of it


                I can see why Lexi put # sigh. Michelle is a NUTRITIONIST!!!! SMH


                • LCnSummer
                  LCnSummer commented
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                  Yah. Lexie's #SIGH'S cracked me up.

                • ManaDee
                  ManaDee commented
                  Editing a comment
                  You don't see a lot of Okra where I live. Where is Michelle from? If you're not from the south there is a good chance you've never had it before. But seeing as how she's a nutritionist... yeah. Who knows. Maybe she is just an IT Works distributor and wanted her job to sound better on TV.

              • #12
                Catching up on the updates .... wondering how Frank got to be 32 years old in America and still thinking that it was okay to slap women on the butt.

                Trying to picture what cultural influences could make someone who was not sheltered think that was good.

                Is it part of the wrestling showman culture? One of their caricatures to treat women like they were Daisy Duke?

                Surely that's not part of the formula for success as a medical sales rep. Is it? Does that kind of glad-handing profession involve popping receptionists on the butt?


                • Walleye
                  Walleye commented
                  Editing a comment
                  That is really weird to me as well. I don't see how he thinks this is ok. No way he has worked in a corporation lol.

                • ManaDee
                  ManaDee commented
                  Editing a comment
                  I don't think anyone views the house as a professional environment, which makes some of them say/do things they really should know better than to do. I think there are plenty of people who do stuff like this with their friends and don't think much of it. In Frank's defense, no one has said anything to him that this made him uncomfortable. Or even a "you don't touch any woman's ass without permission, Frank" in a joking way and I honestly believe he's smart enough that he wouldn't have kept doing it had someone said something right away.

                  Granted, shouldn't have to be said in this environment though.

              • #13
                Frank is frank is very disappointing to me. Never really was a fan, but I intensely do not like his whole attitude.
                He needs to stop with the verbal stuff and BB needs to put an end to him putting his hands on **anyone**. That but slapping, arm punching, hands on stuff needs to stop. It's not funny. And I don't care if 'that's how he was brought up' as his excuse. Gads.

                and gosh, the HOH shouldn't have to be - no one actually - pressured into having his rear end in their bed because he wants to block game talk or whatever. Kick him to his own bed, HOH! This "HOH room free for all" habit that the HG's have gotten into really needs to be stopped. But no one should have to feel pressured into having - any - other HG sleep in their beds with them. Period.

                now I'm all ticked off! Ack!!


                • #14
                  Originally posted by OutOfTheDarkness View Post
                  I think Bridgette letting a guy sleep in the HOH room with her could be based on the feeling of harassment if she did not. If she was SMART she should bring up the uncomfortablity to Bronte/Natalie that she felt forced to let him stay up there with her. Get on all cams. Then she should go to DR and voice her feelings of harassment by him. Between Da/Z/Natalie/Nicole & now Bridgette they are making a STRONG case for him to be removed from the BB House by production.

                  I don't think BB would remove him over that.

                  I don't think BB gives the least little crap about actually protecting women from harassment. If they did, Caleb's season would have gone differently.

                  They let the slapping go on this long. Da' thinks she would get kicked out for slugging him after he slapped her? But he's still there after doing it repeatedly? That tells us all we need to know.

                  He may get an official talking to, but now that Paulie has talked to him I wouldn't put it past production to completely let it go. They don't want to lose Frank.

                  BB doesn't care about racism or sexual harassment or anything like that. They purposely bring in controversial people into the house because it is their job to create drama.

                  I know this about them and still keep watching. And they know that we know this about them and will still keep watching.


                  • LCnSummer
                    LCnSummer commented
                    Editing a comment
                    And if they ever cared at alllll.

                    They would have done something about THE Evil dick situation when he was so foul to a few female house guests.. etc.

                    GACK Attack !!!!!!

                  • Lynette
                    Lynette commented
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                    This is child's play compared to what Evil Dick did.

                  • Luanne
                    Luanne commented
                    Editing a comment
                    Lynette, I agree with you 100%

                • #15
                  I am resigned to the likelihood of Tiffany leaving this week.

                  However, I am still rooting for her to win POV.


                  • Walleye
                    Walleye commented
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                    Actually, when you two agree on something, I get nervous. I'm going outside......

                  • Starshine
                    Starshine commented
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                    Hello ALL. 👋 Sticking my head out of Lurkdom for the first time to say... Heehee Heehee. First time I've seen that happen here. 😄

                  • cutencuddly
                    cutencuddly commented
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                    lololol olol ol ol

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