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Live Feed Discussion- July 9

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  • Live Feed Discussion- July 9

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    Good Morning

    HUGE THANKS to both Ladycop and Lynnette for helping with the Live Feed Updates last night.

    Lynnette - thank goodness you captured those oh so juicy secretes from Bronte, Natalie and Bridgette - especially Bronte's ...

    I truly do appreciate both of you.... my computer kept crashing and crashing and crashing.It was about to "crash" out the door I was ready to throw it at. But, I think we fixed the problem, we'll see.


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      Morning Lexie, and all who follow,

      What is old becomes new again. Saturday finds us right back where we started last week, with Bronte, Paul, and Tiffany on the block, with Tiff as Frank’s target, and the likely boot, but the twist is the HoH might not cooperate.

      Bridgette told her spygirls, that if given the chance, she would put Corey up as the replacement nom, in hopes of getting him out. This gives Tiff two chances to save herself, her winning PoV, or Paul winning PoV, since that would give Bridgette her shot at getting Corey up. Da and James would likely prioritize getting Corey away from Nicole as a higher priority than getting rid of Tiff. Nat would vote out Corey both to follow James, and to support Bridgette.
      The unknown is could they come up with the two other votes needed. Zak and Paulie are doubtful, Nicole is a definite no, which leaves Frank, Michelle, and Paul (since that is the person that would have to come of the block in this scenario), as the universe of potential votes.

      In other changes, Da and James continue to talk more, solidifying that alliance, and James is working Natalie, and by extension Bronte and Bridgette. Natalie now knows from James that Frank put Bronte up, and won this last roadkill. This could give James an escape hatch, bringing the spygirls into his orbit, and with Da, this could become another road to the end.

      Nothing much to see until after PoV gets played today. For such a fractured house, I am struck by the apparent lack of scheming and movement. It feels static to me, with everyone crouched down in a defensive position, afraid to reap the wrath of Frank. Hopefully, the PoV winner will shake something up, or the house will remain in stasis, with Tiff joining Julie on the stage Thursday night.


      • #4
        Good Morning Lexie and All who follow ~
        Hmmm, I am starting to like Paul (is that wrong?) lol. I don't know. He is kind of growing on me. At first, I absolutely did NOT like him, but he has managed to tone it down and redeem himself in a lot of ways. Bridgette - oh, hell no. She is not really the HOH. Seems like Frank is. I have not had time to watch the Feeds, so forgive me if I am wrong.


        • #5
          I would love to see Tiff get the POV. I hate predictability in the game...especially this early in the season.


          • #6
            Good Morning all my BBU friends.

            Freebyrd, you are not wrong. I think Frank is the HOH right now, and he feels like he won again this week.

            It is funny how winning HOH changes things. Bridgette was complaining (before HOH) that no one had talked game with her. When I turn on the feeds, someone is talking game with her. Frank keeps real close tabs on her. Paulie has talked game, Nicole has talked game and James a little. Natalie and Bronte have tried to open her eyes regarding Frank, but she is not buying it.

            I think Zakiyah is playing the best social game. She makes a point to go to the person nominated to let them know she feels their pain. She does not do it around a lot of people. She seems like she really cares. I do not think she is on anyone's hit list.

            James is a very loyal player. He really trusted that the "8" would stick with each other until all the others were out. His biggest fault is that he does not go out and try to work anything else. He is finally doing that now, because he heard about all the other alliances. I wish he had not told Da that Paulie came to him about an alliance. I would like to see Paulie and James go to the end together.

            Will be gone most of the day. Have a good one.


            • #7
              I am still perplexed as to why Paul is not the target. Maybe the Spy Girls can get something going with this. At least they have talked about changing the target to Paul. I guess being away this past week has me out of the loop with these HGs


              • Luanne
                Luanne commented
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                The Spy Girls thought Tiffany would be staying and their plan was to try and flip the girls vote to Paul. If Paul came off, Bridgette planed on putting up another boy. Now that James has told Natalie everyone is voting Tiffany out, I think they will drop that plan. They just want Bronte safe.

            • #8
              I know it's a long shot but I'm hoping to see Tiff win POV today. That would be a big setback to Frank's plans. While it's possible that the girls could all join forces and go for Paul, I just don't see them trusting each other enough to follow through on anything even if it is to save a girl and get rid of another guy. POV winner could determine how the rest of the week plays out.


              • Luanne
                Luanne commented
                Editing a comment
                At first I wanted Tiffany to win POV just to tick Frank off. Since she does not have a chance, I want Bronte to stay over her. Bronte may not may it to the end but she is not depending on a guy to get her there. I hope that maybe she can hang around for a while.

            • #9
              #TeamSchadenfreude at least has something to be happy about --

              Bridgette going home and learning about Frank's roadkills. And then having her friends rub it in that she gave her game to Frank while she was whining about how all those "other" girls always give their games to the guys.


              • Freebyrd
                Freebyrd commented
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                You said a mouthful cutencuddly! I totally agree!

            • #10
              Good Morning! If you all want a good laugh this morning go to the Cafe and look at the picture KennyERJ just posted.


              • #11
                Freakazoids are the Have Nots for the week and they get popcorn and peanuts in addition.

                I don't think I'd eat the darn slop if I was them.


                • #12
                  I am perplexed to why Paul's not to target but I guess what Frank says goes and we know he doesn't like Tiffany. I hated how he said he had the votes to get Da because she didn't properly except his apology. BULLY!!😡 Pretty much the fear that Da had was if Frank knew she was pissed she would be gone ....and in true bully fashion ..... Frank was trying to toss out her name out. Jason is going to nuclear on Twitter so that's a plus😝


                  • #13
                    Morning all,

                    I was going to post earlier but had a Team Canada vs New Zealand game to cover (we won .. yeah). So, most everything has been covered. While many want Tiff to win POV I'm wondering if Natalie was picked to play and pulled off Bronte if that might not be a better solution.

                    Obviously at that point Bridgette will put up Corey (with or without Frank's blessing) and Tiff would likely tell Bridg that Frank had the RK for her nomination. Frank would obviously still be pushing for Tiff to go and would get Paulie, Z & Nic to vote for Corey to stay. BUT Bronte, Nat, James and Day could leap at voting out Corey.

                    If that occurred Michelle's vote would be the deciding vote. How would she feel about being the one to send out Tiff who she is fairly close with? Could she be influenced by the Spy Girls offer to keep her safe? What if she's told before that time that Frank wants her gone soon? Perhaps she would consider voting against Paul and letting Bridgette decide who stays and who goes.

                    Yeah, I know it probably won't happen, but the potential for drama is there at least.

                    One thing that does seem destined to happen is at some point either this week or next Bridgette will learn of Frank's betrayal so Paul, Brig & Bronte will all learn he was the RK winner that put them on the block.

                    Meanwhile Frank is gloating over being in power again as all around him sit crouched waiting to pounce at first opportunity. The Spy girls are close to breaking open what he is up to (and will know next week for sure). Paulie has concocted a plan to have James say let's back door Paulie this week in an effort to get Frank to back off winning HOH and pretty much every female wants him out of the house.

                    The only support he truly has is Paul (who might be closer to Paulie and with knowledge Frank has been playing him all game could easily be shifted) and Brig who is ready to abandon her support with the same knowledge. Though I'm less confident in Brig who constantly tells Natalie she should trust her but still runs back to Frank with intel about her cohorts. I'll reiterate it again Brig is trying to play the Rat Andy game, she's just not socially adept enough.

                    Day having the run in with Frank seemed to have him reeling even suggesting they put her on the block, but even Frank is aware enough to know how that would play to the public after what happened.

                    And now Day is doing what she does best, reading people, gathering intel and adapting. I agree with Ken that she may have found an alternative route deeper in the game. It's funny because many thought Day was over reacting to Z & Paulie's relationship, but if you caught them last night alone together it's clear there is more than a budding relationship. Day just saw where it was before they did. Day adapted by pulling James tighter and just in case no one noticed Nicole has backed off planting negative seeds about Day perhaps because her negativity was based on Frank lying to her.

                    In fact, I've noticed Nic defending Day of late. That, and when Day explained to Nic that the boys would take each other & Z would take Paulie it probably made Nic look at the situation differently. Furthermore, Day reminding Nic that Dan should've won his second time round but got trounced by Ian made Nicole rethink her situation IMO. She may very well want to keep Corey around, but I think she's smart enough to know she can't beat the boys in those comps at the end.

                    For DaVonne aligning with James is super smart b/c he is loyal and is proving it in spades by telling her Paulie offered him a F2. Day knows the Spy Girls minus Bridgette (for the moment) all want females at the end. So she now has coverage with the eroding Pack 8, the Fatal 5, the new 5 of Paulie/Z/Nic & Cody, the Vets as well as James/Bronte/Nat & possibly Bridgette. Within 48 hours Day went from being high on the danger list to about as protected as anyone.

                    If Tiff could win POV and somehow the house could oust Corey or Paul she'd be in even better shape though i suspect it will be one of Tiff or Bronte leaving Thursday. Still, if the house can get rid of Frank and by some lucky break Bronte or Natalie could win the following week to oust Corey, again she would improve her standing.

                    As for Paulie's F2 offer to James it's clear he either wants all guys at the end or perhaps is worried Corey may leave and/or is closer to Nic than him. What I am curious about is whether Paulie would push Michelle ahead of Natalie in the eviction order b/c it won't be fair of him to want Nat out when he has Z and Corey has Nic. And if any of them learned anything from last season a scorned James is not someone anyone wants to play against!

                    To that end, I'm happy James has realized he needs to play and is working his relationships finally. At this point he's the one person most sought out in the house. Frank needing to replace his confident Day is now talking more with James, Paulie offered the deal and he comes with Corey attached and by opening up to Natalie he'll have both Bronte/Nat pulled even tighter to him. If the next 2 evictions are Tiff & Frank even if one returns in the buy back James will not be their target which means he should go fairly deep.

                    Finally, I'm curious about these battles for buy-back and why we haven't seen any. I was under the impression they would occur the moment someone got evicted. Are they going to do them all at the same time? Or are they just keeping the results from us?


                    • PipelinersWife
                      PipelinersWife commented
                      Editing a comment
                      If Natalie pulled Bronte, Frank would decide not Bridg.

                    • Luanne
                      Luanne commented
                      Editing a comment
                      I may be wrong, but I do not think Michelle is as close to Tiffany now. I have heard her knock her along with everyone else. I have not seen her spending any time with Tiffany.

                    • TTOTambz
                      TTOTambz commented
                      Editing a comment
                      Yeah Pipe, I recognize if Natalie won and took down Bronte that Frank would make the decision, but he would have to choose from Day, Z, James, Corey, and Nicole. I can't imagine he'd put up the vets YET so Corey seems like the logical choice. However if Tiff/Paul comes down then Bridg makes the decision

                      Natalie/Paulie got picked for POV so it's poss for Nat to win it as well. BUT hamsters are speculating it's the dice comp which I think bodes well for Bronte (math genius), Tiff (who Day says has it down) and Paulie based on his combo of intelligence/athleticism. I doubt Nat, Bridg or Paul would do well at this.

                      And thanks Lynette for that, I missed that detail.

                      Luanne: you are absolutely correct, but I still see/hear Mich complaining TO Tiff about Frank etc. And he's been hard core on her case lately, so I was just speculating she might vote Paul (given Frank accused her of voting Bronte this week) just to say screw you and then let Bridg decide since Frank keeps saying Bridg is so much better even directly to Michelle! LOL

                      That would put Bridg in a terrible spot b/c she either votes out based on Frank's wishes or takes out Corey upsetting Paulie/Nic/Z . Hey she wants to play the game... I think Michelle is just feisty enough to put her in that position.

                  • #14
                    Frank just said to Michelle: "You better step up your game. Right now Bridgette is doing more for my game then you are". He said it jokingly but he meant it.


                    • #15
                      Good questions. I am interested in knowing that to. Is the episode on the 22nd just going to be of the winner thus far and the fifth evicted. Thanks TTOTambz for the invite into the final 2deal that Paulie made with James. It appears from your comments that James may or not be interested. Have you picked up on Paulie possibly being the winner of bb18? I think he possibly could. From what I have seen, he is playing a good game. Today's POV competition should be interesting especially if any of the nominees win, to see if Bridgette will go thru with putting up Corey.


                      • KennyERJ
                        KennyERJ commented
                        Editing a comment
                        I think they're going to show all five battles.

                      • TTOTambz
                        TTOTambz commented
                        Editing a comment
                        Paulie has a great shot BUT what could deter his run will IMO come with the buy-back. Should Frank get ousted & also be the returnee I could see him taking out his vengeance on Paulie/Corey and if those 2 were sitting side by side at this point I think Paulie might be viewed as the bigger threat.

                        If he can escape that, then his next big test would be Dbl eviction. He definitely has a good combo of intelligence/athleticism and social skills. BUT he tends to open his mouth with details when sharing at inappropriate times.

                        I do think he is in the upper echelon of possible winners though. Zakiyah and Natalie stand the best chance of being dragged there. Day/James/Nic will all have shots b/c TPTB will want that and I'd be happy if Day or James won. Frank has the hardest battle of the 4 to make it to finals almost having to win out at this point with only 3 people gone and a buy-back still to occur.

                        My gut says Nicole doesn't make it that far. And my heart hopes James does. And since I've always been impressed by Day I do hope she gets to that F2 chair.

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