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Live Feed Discussion-July 13

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  • Live Feed Discussion-July 13

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  • #2
    I don't know what is going to happen any more.

    I went to bed last night after there was a meeting of most of the 8 and Paulie trying to decide on the evictee. Only Paulie was arguing for still for evicting Tiffany . Nicole walks away and decides she trusts Frank more than Day and wants to go ahead and evict Tiffany and then go after Day. She gets Corey on board. They talk to Frank. Nicole tells Frank not to talk to anyone about it. The plan seems set.

    I wake up this morning. Frank went to Michelle to get her on board. What a stupid bonehead. Michelle of course runs straight to Day and tells her, including the fact that Nicole and Corey were on board. Nicole walks in and they put her on the spot.

    I don't know now if Nicole will go forward with going after Day, but it does seem to have put Nicole on Day's radar and I don't think she trusts her anymore. I think things have been put in a bag and shaken up. I'm not sure now if things will reset back to where they were earlier with everyone against Frank or if targets will now start shifting.

    I do know that Day needs to do more than sleep, work on her hair, and lay around waiting for people to come to her.

    Man, this house.


    • #3
      Good morning- Woke up to the conversation where Michelle told Da that Frank, Corey and Nicole want to get Da out next week. I missed the first of it but I think Da knows there is truth in it. The camera was on Nicole's face and you can tell she is guilty. She shows it just like my youngest did. Da not saying a lot. I want to see the conversation Da has with James once Nicole leaves the room.

      Da and Nicole both are not playing very well. Da is for someone and then not for someone. Nicole is really trying to play to win but thinks Frank is the one that will take her. She has hurt her game. I do not understand why they can not make a solid alliances and stick with it.

      Paul really believes he is the center of the action. He may end up being there at the end. He is saying if he wins HOH, he would go ahead and put Frank up. The group is trying to tell him that he should not because of his comp. abilities. If Paul wins HOH, they should let him do that. If Frank stays, he would go after Paul and the others could act like they were glad he did not go home.


      • #4
        Good Morning Geo and all who follow.

        Yep, I saw this all happening last night as Nicole told a room full of people she wanted to vote out Bronte and then swiftly shifted the mark saying she never wanted to keep Tiff and decided it was time to go after Da this coming week.

        So here's the order:
        • Da approached several people to get them to shift to voting out Paul initially but couldn't get leverage other than Michelle and James
        • Then there was a conversation with Nicole, Zakiyah, Michelle and Da. They all agree to take out Bronte instead b/c Da explains keeping Tiff makes sense b/c she won't put any of them up and will remain Frank's number one target
        • When the group approaches Paulie he dials them in to Tiff being Vanessa's sister and says it's not wise. (note: it's not good even for Paulie's game so I'm not sure why he's so adamant to vote out Tiff as his reasoning has nothing to do with alerting Frank)
        • Da talks to Paulie to get his read on the situation and says on the positive: Tiff won't vote us out, on the negative it alerts Frank. At the end of the conversation Da says well I don't want to rock the boat for the group that is what is most important
        • Then Nic decides she wants Da out and goes to Paulie to try to plant seeds regarding Da talking her into something that she doesn't want to do. Every time she tries to bring up getting out Da next via "be careful with Da", Paulie shuts her down explaining the order is Frank, Bridgette, Natalie, Bronte and the only leeway he gives on Da is that they need to get out Natalie soon so Da and James can't form a group with the her and Bronte.
        • Nic and Corey ignore Paulie and go directly to Frank telling him Da has to go next week, he agrees. Nicole implores him not to tell Paulie or Michelle
        • Nic/Corey go to Paul and tell him if they win he has to demand he get HOH and then in a separate convo Corey tries to sell Da down the river to which Paul seems totally confused by.
        • Paul then goes to Paulie and tells him about the conversation where Corey/Nic are telling him he can't let Da have HOH
        • James tells Da have you noticed Nic is being really shady and talking to Frank a lot lately (James is dialed in)
        • Frank talks to Michelle and tells her the plan is to back door Da and that Nicole is on board but told him NOT to tell Michelle or Paulie
        • Michelle runs to Da and tells her
        • Nicole walks in during their convo and gets called out to which she completely denies being involved or ever having said anything! LMAO
        • Nicole goes to get Corey and the minute she leaves the room Da says to Michelle we can't tell her anything now
        • Nic tells Corey that Frank told Michelle everything and she is freaking out, tells Corey to deny everything
        • When they return Michelle brings up what Frank told her about back dooring Da and that he told her Nic & Corey were in on it. Corey turned to Nic and say 'I thought you knew all this' (nice one Corey)
        • The girls ask Nic why she went to get Corey, Nic repsonds with hesitation b/c I don't like people throwing my name around ask him about it. Me thinks thou doth protest too much Nicole!

        The fall out from this will be interesting. Will this dial Nicole back in to realizing she can't work with Frank b/c now she has both Michelle and Da knowing she isn't trustworthy.

        Further I can't wait til Michelle tells Paulie about this and tells him Nicole told Frank not to tell her or Paulie! Once he speaks to Corey he will get the truth and Nicole will just have put a huge spotlight on herself.

        Of note Nicole put herself in a bad position IF PAULIE WAS PAYING ATTN: b/c she had already told Paulie that Da was lying about Frank saying he wanted Corey/Paulie back doored. When Michelle talked to Paulie she told him Frank said right in front of a group of them (she listed Nicole) that Frank said he wants to back door Paulie next week (so Nic was caught red handed there) b/c she told Paulie she's never heard that. He also caught Paul in a lie when James told him that Paul had already told Bronte and when Paulie asked Paul he said he hadn't told her yet.

        James has brought up how Paulie is trying to take over the dictatorship from Frank which he isn't liking either.

        Other notes are Paulie told Z he may have to start flirting with the Spy Girls and back off her (presumably based on what Michelle told him about Frank calling out the showmance) and Z obviously doesn't like that.

        So Paulie wants to work his showmance 4-some, and the 3 guys (with James) and the 2 showmances with Michelle and Da

        Nic/Corey want to work with Frank and take out Da & possibly Paulie but now that they've been caught red handed I think they'll dial it back

        Da/James wants to take out Frank and I'd bet they'll shift their next target to splitting up Corey/Nic after what occurred tonight. Watch to see if Frank goes next week if James then pulls in the Spy Girls to work with him Day and Michelle who now are clearly aware that Nicole cannot be trusted.

        I'll be interested in seeing how Z and Paulie react to Nic and Corey going rouge by going directly to Frank and excluding her/him in their decision. I'd bet Paulie will pull closer to James and after some thought may rethink his partnership with Corey/Nic and chose to replace them with James/Day/Mich.

        All I know is I'm thrilled Nicole got caught b/c I was pissed at how this was going.

        To Luanne's point re Paul wanting to be the one who takes the shot at Frank as if he fails it puts the spotlight on him as the target is a great observation. Still, I doubt Da will let him have the HOH

        Other notes:
        Paul is closest to Paulie b/c he's kept Paul in the loop the most and thereby gained his trust.

        Michelle is now closer to Da b/c she warned Michelle about the 2 showmances cutting them out or placing them at the bottom (which means she'll work with Da over Nic now)

        James already has Nat/Bronte on his side and once Da/James make the girls realize Frank was literally just using them they'll be tied to them. Since Michelle's biggest issue is Bridgette, I could see her being able to work with Nat/Bronte b/c Da will say we just use them for votes/protection and then take them out.

        Corey proved tonight that Nicole is his number one which I doubt will sit well with Paulie in that Corey kept this move from Paulie. IMO he'll now want to get out Nic before Da b/c he'll want to pull back in Corey and won't trust her.

        Sorry this is all over the place (like my thoughts) lol
        Last edited by TTOTambz; 07-13-2016, 08:24 AM.


        • KeninVA
          KeninVA commented
          Editing a comment
          nice recap TT. What a confusing night. Da is in danger of walking out onto an island. I don't think she can do it, but trying now, to pull Nat, James, Michelle, Paul and herself, into a group, might be her best bet. Losing Tiff is actually going to hurt her a lot, since Tiff would have been a reliable vote on her side.

        • KeninVA
          KeninVA commented
          Editing a comment
          As an additional thought, Paulie wants Tiff out, whether he knows it himself or not, because she showed a minimal survival instinct last week, and he needs to snuff that out. Earlier this week, he told someone, Corey, I think, that when Tiff tried to win Veto, last week when she was the RK nominee, she almost ruined HIS plan for getting Victor out, during his HoH. For that, she can not be trusted, and has to go. Everything else is just a smoke screen. Paulie, again whether he knows it or not, is playing a strong game in identifying those that will protect themselves, and getting them booted. Da will be at some risk soon, when Paulie wakes up to the fact that Da clearly knows where her own self interest lies, and will defend that self interest. Unlike the other sheep in Paulie's flock, who were convinced to disregard their own self interest, in favor of Paulie's totally illogical arguments to boot Tiff.

        • TTOTambz
          TTOTambz commented
          Editing a comment

          I think the 2 good things that might come out of this drama from last night is:

          1) with Paulie pulling away from Z (which she isn't happy about) she told Michelle as long as you, Nic and Da and I are all okay that's all that matters. Recently she had got very close to Nic so I think this behind the back shenanigans is going to draw her back to Da and Mich.

          2) I also think Paulie who caught Nic in a lie yesterday (saying she hadn't heard Frank say his name, when meanwhile she was in the room with a group when he said Paulie should be back doored next week and Mich told Paulie that) coupled with Nic/Corey going behind his back to Frank to change things up won't sit well with him. I'd guess Paulie will now gravitate towards wanting Nat out soon so he can pull James even tighter BUT I also think this solo mission of Nic's will move Da ahead of Nic b/c she just proved she can't be trusted. The entire house wants Frank out and Nic just tried to flip everything to suit her own needs. To your point about Paulie trying to take down anyone who recognizes their own self interest that is precisely why I think he'll turn on Nic b/c not only did she go rouge, but she got Corey to do it w/o telling Paulie.

          What I'm most anxious to see is how Nicole feels now that Frank did exactly what she asked him not to (told Michelle) and to make matters worse he even told Michelle that Nicole didn't want him to tell her! How will she react to this b/c it literally makes her look super shady and untrustworthy. I'd say she can't go after Da at all now b/c she denied everything, so if she does the entire house will believe everything anyone says about her.

          So, that alone will help Da who is much better at planting seeds. Da can now virtually make up a lie and tell Paulie that Nic/Corey wanted to take her out and then target Paulie. She can use pieces of what Nic said re: I didn't agree/understand Paulie's reasoning to vote out Tiff as an example and then sell him on other things. I think Nic's ship is sunk and I couldn't be happier.
          Last edited by TTOTambz; 07-13-2016, 08:44 AM.

      • #5
        Morning geo, Luanne, TT, and all who follow,

        Scene: Early evening BB house BY hammock. Paulie looks deep into Z’s eyes, grabs her hand and pats his crotch with it, and says “If you want to make some babies, we need to get Tiff out of the house, because I know she is a witch, that will turn into Vanessa, ANY MINUTE, and take us all out. You understand, don’t you?” Z, willing to risk the wrath of our resident disciplinarian BettyBoo, blinks, swallows hard and tells Paulie “Anything for you, darling.” O.K. so that did not really happen, but from the scenes I watched yesterday, it could have.

        Da worked the crowd and eventually flipped Michelle to keeping Tiff as a self interest move. That brought James on board. Then the 4 girls of the Fatal Five got together (Da, Mich, Nic, Z) and decided, yes, our best move is to keep Tiff and evict Bronte. We won’t blindside Paulie and Corey, but we will tell them WE are doing this, and you can come on for the ride if you want. That little bit of spine, turned to jelly the second Z got on the hammock with Paulie. She told Paulie, we are thinking this, he argued back, and Z folded like a cheap suit. James gathers the group except for Da (meaning the showmance alliances, himself and Michelle) and tells Paulie, we are going to vote out Bronte. Paulie shoots back, and basically takes control of the group, tells them that their understanding of their own self interest is wrong, and backs them off the boot Bronte or Paul train. Tiff is again reprogrammed as the target. It was a tour de force performance, demonstrating that one committed leader with an idea, can bend an entire group to his will.

        Nic, as is her habit, projects what she would do, onto Da, and decides that Da might rat her out to Frank. With that thought, she gathers Corey up, goes to Frank, rats Da out, and hatches a plan to have Corey win HoH and RK will target Da next week. Frank, being the genius gamer that he is, tells the secret plan to Michelle, who outs it to Da, with Nicole and Corey in the room. Nic and Corey deny, but Da is now alerted.

        I have no idea what is going to happen today. There is an opening to still boot Bronte, with Michelle dropping hints about it with Paul in a small group this morning. Her instincts are correct. If they want to bring Paul into the fold, getting Bronte out removes a source of worry, that Paul is too close to her, and keeps a solid ally in Tiff, in the game for Michelle and Da. James may see this as well. Too early to tell just yet. It would still be an uphill climb, but Da might be able to cobble together 4 votes against Bronte, with James and Nat voting out Paul, or James telling Nat to vote out Paul, with James casting a vote against Bronte, and Tiff could remain in the game.
        What is clear, the showmances (Nic/Coery/Paulie/Z) are clearly under Paulie’s control. That should worry James/Da/Michelle, a lot, and lead them to do something defensively going forward. The idea of those three and Nat with potentially Paul or Bronte or both banding together, could re-orient the center of gravity in the house.
        Paulie, while a little heavy handed, clearly has unmasked himself as a force to be reckoned with. The fact that Nicole does not recoil from that shows she has not matured as a player this time around. Z is totally in Paulie’s pocket, and did have a convo with Nicole about her desire for a relationship with Paulie out of the house (and yes, the phrase “cute Italian babies” did come out of her mouth. SMH.

        So, I am off the feeds, and not following along right now. The house is flux, lots of confidences have been betrayed again, and in that chaos, Da might be able to pull Tiff through the eye of the needle. Not likely, but possible still.

        Sorry for the long post today. And BettyBoo, don’t think I did not catch your fantasy relationship with Paulie, peeking out last night.


        • TTOTambz
          TTOTambz commented
          Editing a comment

          I see your thinking, but 4 votes won't be enough to save Tiff as Frank, Paulie, Nic and Corey are already set as guaranteed voting out Tiff. Yes, James can tell Nat to vote out Paul which stops a 5 vote out of Tiff but even if they convince Z to vote out Bronte it's still only 4 votes.

          As I see it there are 3 guaranteed votes in their block of James, Da and Michelle so they need 5 to keep Tiff as per the 4 above guaranteed Tiff votes. For Tiff to stay they have to either get Nicole to switch back and Nat to vote out Paul so the votes end up:

          Tiff: Paulie, Frank, Corey
          Paul: Nat
          Bronte: Da, Michelle, Z, James and Nic

          I can't see the group convincing Nic or Z to vote out Paul.

      • #6
        TT0 and Ken, I love reading your thoughts on the game and the house guest. You make me look at everything differently. I look forward to both of your post every day.


        • TTOTambz
          TTOTambz commented
          Editing a comment
          And I your comments Luanne, your call on Paul was spot on. And of course I'm always interested in Ken's take as we see things quite similar but I think his male genes often temper my female side which can get too emotional lol. I've often thought to myself Ken and I could take down an entire BB house lol

        • ManaDee
          ManaDee commented
          Editing a comment
          Me too!

          And I totally agree, TTO about you and Ken as an in house duo! Now that would be some good BB!

      • #7
        Hell of a day/night yesterday.

        Nicole playing too hard too soon IMO, Day knows what's up now, and is likely to repeat the Audrey smack down that sent her home last year.

        Overall this house has no clear organized group/leadership yet, everything changes on the flip of a dime. Paulie has played being a pawn week one into a power position, but he doesn't have complete command yet.

        I went into the season rooting for Frank, but his antics are unacceptable. I'm not on his train anymore but do think that that train is going to go a looooong way.

        He he went from priority boot next week to an afterthought last night, Day and Nicole are about to go to war I think.


        • #8
          Please help. I don't get the feeds and jump on here whenever I can to get your great insight.

          I keep reading that Paulie rebuffs the notion of keeping Tiff because she's Vanessa's sister and she played such a great game. Do any of the houseguests ever come back with "your Cody's brother and he actually went further than Vanessa?"


          • KeninVA
            KeninVA commented
            Editing a comment
            They don't, but privately, they don't buy the similarity either. But none of them have Paulie's strength of character to push back on him.

          • CubbyBrother
            CubbyBrother commented
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            Thanks, Ken. Totally agree with the character assessment.

        • #9
          Well. I didn't want a steam roller of a season and I believe I am getting my wish. Thanks Ken and TTO for the update.

          James and Nat seem to have gone off the radar for the time being. They are my hope for at least F4.


          • Freebyrd
            Freebyrd commented
            Editing a comment
            Hi Kpercyman ~ I am getting my wish too! Had the same one you had. My head is dizzy from all of their flip-flopping by the end of the day, but I couldn't love what's going on any more than I do right now! TOTAL unpredictable gaming going on right now.

        • #10
          Wondering if the rest of the house, and Frank for that matter, come to realize that Frank has no incentive to throw the HoH this Thursday. When his plan was to preserve Paulie, and potentially Michelle, as targets for next week, he needed to not have his team be HoH to make them available. Now that he is on the boot Da train, he has zero incentive to lose the HoH, since getting Da out, does not rely on him being vulnerable at all. If I were James, Michelle, Da, I would revisit Paulie's rationale (we have to keep Frank happy, or he will try to win HoH), and roll the dice that Michelle can throw the HoH comp for her group, giving one of the other players a shot at the win. That could potentially preserve Tiff, who is an asset for all three, and argue to Nic and Corey, that voting against their own self interest makes them suspect.


          • #11
            Peeking at some recaps: Paulie's plan, as laid out to Paul is clear. Paulie, Corey, James, Paul, pull 4 girls into a new 8 pack, preserve themselves to Final 8, then win out against the girls, cutting each side piece as they go down the home stretch. Very similar to the S12 Brigade, without the stealth, or the means to silently control the side pieces to do what they want. This is a very immature strategy, since the Final 8 HoH comps do not all line up against strong guys winning. Ian, Vanessa, Rachel/Porsche all dominated late stage comps in the game, and none would fit the "guy's guy" alliance Paulie has in mind.


            • TTOTambz
              TTOTambz commented
              Editing a comment
              Are you sure Paulie really wants that or is just telling Paul that? It seems to me all the 'players' tell the person what they want to hear. IMO Paulie would rather go with Corey, Z and Nic to F4 b/c he'll think he can beat them all or that each would take him (other than Nic) to F2.

              I know he keeps Paul close, but I also know he's caught Paul lying to him twice. I think Paulie will want to work closer with James as the game progresses out of a trust factor especially after what happened last night. Paulie has no reason not to trust Michelle and she will tell him what Corey/Nic did and how sketch she was when confronted. Also watch for James to out Nic/Corey to Paulie today and the combo of both James/Mich telling paulie that is going to raise concern on the couple for defying Paulie's wishes and for not telling him they did it.

              You could be dead on the money here, but I think Paulie's antennae is going to be raised to keep an eye on Nicole b/c she went directly from Paulie telling her/Corey they need to keep Da for now to Frank to target her next week. This whole play by Nic could have screwed up everything for the following week if Frank had half a brain and got worried.

              I find it funny how Nic doesn't recognize she was seen talking to Frank a ton last night and expects everyone to believe the lies she is selling now.

              Ken, what do you think Nicole will do now? She has to deal with getting caught red handed wanting Da out, defying Paulie's directive and also telling Frank not to tell Michelle/Paulie. In your opinion what's her move today? Will she barrel ahead, change direction to look less shady or over play trying to deny and end up looking even shadier?
              Last edited by TTOTambz; 07-13-2016, 10:17 AM.

            • KeninVA
              KeninVA commented
              Editing a comment
              I think Paulie's strategic direction is clear. I think his real end game is him, Corey, James, F3 with James being cut then. Whether Paul becomes an expendable 4th along the way is going to depend on what Paul and Paulie's relationship develops into. But there is no doubt in my mind he plans on stringing girls along, and then cutting them in the late mid and end games.

              I have no clue what Nicole is going to do, but as I said earlier, if I was James and Da, I would point out, Frank is going to play hard for HoH, if Da is his new target, so might as well stop worrying about getting him angry, and work to keep Tiff in as a target for him, as well as a reliable vote to get him out. In fact, with Road Kill, even if Frank wins HoH, RK gives them a chance to put Tiff up as the third, to become a vote sump, even if Frank does not put her up.

              If she did vote Tiff out, then they will know where she stands, going into the HoH, and they can plan accordingly.

          • #12
            Thanks all for the wonderful insights and analysis. Methinks that the hamsters have begun to feel comfortable with the status quo and it's time for the powers that be to shake things up. I really hope that the team play goes away this week.


            • CubbyBrother
              CubbyBrother commented
              Editing a comment
              Seems logical that the teams will go away when the Battle Back happens. There will be four gone after tomorrow---so my guess is that this next week coming up will be that final team week. It can't be too far off.

              I'm with you hoping it's sooner.

            • DeeAnneG
              DeeAnneG commented
              Editing a comment
              Well, darn...there you go being all logical and stuff...

          • #13
            I feel like we've all been on the Blue Steak @Cedar Point. It's a classic wooden roller coaster with exciting dips and rattling turns. But after the thrill ride, we end up right were we started.

            Tiff will depart tomorrow. But all the chatter has revealed the rifts and phishers in supposed alliances which you all have so eloquently detailed. Paulie has the leadership roll now, but naturally people know if he's there at the end, he'll win so he will be challenged and threatened. But for now Frank and Nicole have messed up their games so are sooner targets.

            I'm just wondering if the light will go on for Frank before/if the back door happens? He's still strutting around, talking back to Production, like he owns the place. I just want to see a real 'what the halibut just happened' face if they successfully pull the wool over his eyes. (I do believe his smack talk with Production contributed to his bad edit on the last show, of course, along with his behavior with Da and others.)


            • Walleye
              Walleye commented
              Editing a comment
              Yes BettyBoo, I too want to see the ''what the halibut'' face in the worst way. I think this would also be a good week to end the team play. (I thought the same thing on the second day of team play) I think team play is creating some false dynamics in the game. Now that there are multiple cracks between factions, the team theme shouldn't be needed. They should be allowed to just go at it and nominate anyone they please. Keep the shifting going!

          • #14
            Darn Tiff and her sunglasses. Darn Vanessa for not taking enough responsibility for how she turned people off to tell Tiffany not to repeat her mistakes. The bawling. The creepiness. Don't freakin' go out of your way to make others not relate to you.

            Tiff, when you get out, put those sunglasses in a microwave oven. You killed your own game by looking so shady.

            And that's advancing the game of the people I don't like. So pffffflllll.


            • #15
              If possible, can someone post the conversation that Michelle had with Frank (where he exposed Nic's plan) followed by her telling Da and then what was said once Nic came in room. And finally what was said to James about it either with just Da or Da/Mich/James.

              I'm only getting bits and pieces and I'd love to see the entire convo's


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