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Live Feed Discussion-July 13

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    I saw a small part of a conversation between Paulie and Paul and out of the two of them I'm would choose Paul. Paulie to me seems kind of fake, but Paul seems genuine. What are your thoughts. This would be a stuff week for me in the house, I don,'t want to see any of those three go.


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      Operation Save Tiffany is a GO....even Paulie is on board this time. Tomorrow might be a blindside after all.


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        Personally I want Paul booted tomorrow. He feels to safe in the seat these days. But if they boot Bronte; wonder the following 2 things

        1. Will Naralie blame Bridgette for not keeping Bronte safe like she promised & officially leave Bridgette on her own little island?

        2. Will Bridgette buy a vowel or get a clue that Frank has been playing her? Or will she still ride or die with Frank until she is booted out of the house in the next 2-3 cycles? If she were to spill all Frank has told her it might be interesting for some drama.


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          y'all... is this REALLY going to happen? Oh I soooooooooooooo hope so!! PLEASE let this really happen!! I know we're this><close but still too much time between now and actual eviction time that I worry that someone, somehow will screw it up and it will change again....ugh! Someone tell me that it IS gonna happen!


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            I predicted & stated yesterday that Da would bring everyone off Paulie's edict that Tif was to be voted out by everyone. Looks like Da saw it wasn't working with her attempting so she handed off the task to Michelle. Good job Michelle & smart move on Da's part. The house better watch out; the pairing of Da & Michelle might be the ppl to beat this year.


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              And meanwhile Nicole and Corey have gone to Paulie with a bunch of lies about Da wanting him out to redirect the target onto Da. AND IT WORKED!

              I really hope if Da gets in trouble that James, Michelle and Z tell Paulie the real rats in the house are Corey/Nicole who are lying to Paulie. I think Tiff will tell Da what she knows and hopefully so will Michelle. But for now they just want to keep Tiff which is ideal.

              My hope is anyone who won't target Da or James gets HOH & Road Kill.

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