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Live Feed Discussion - July 15

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  • Live Feed Discussion - July 15

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    Good Morning!

    Lots of drama overnight!

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      Good Morning Lexie and All who follow,

      First can I just say, LEXIE you killed it last night/this morning! Live Feed Updates are MUST READ. THANK YOU LEXIE, I know I was up all night captivated so you obviously were too!

      .Well, well well the chit hit the fan last night/this am (so good I didn't sleep) .

      Initially Frank was all over the place, but ALWAYS believed Nicole. Proving how poor his social assessment is the ONLY people he truly believed were part of 5 voting out Bronte were James, Nat, Paulie, Z, Michelle and Da. Funny the true 3 votes of Paulie/James/Nat were continually questioned.

      Nicole spent a great portion of the night trying to sell Da down the river. She worked tirelessly between groups to solidify a F4 with FraBrig, tried valiantly to refocus Paulie & Frank on getting Da out and worst (best?) of all turned an already amped up Tiff against Da . The latter I think I should thank Nicole for b/c this seemed to be what pushed an already reeling Tiff over the edge. To clarify you never want to see someone emotional erupt that way, I mean it more from the perspective of Nicole's passive aggressive manipulative approach finally had repercussions directed back at NICOLE!

      Dora (um Brig) also has no game sense saying for sure James/Nat voted out Bronte and only on her 2nd or 3rd revisit of the matter finally believed her (95%). When Nat told her Bronte "was my only friend in the house" (dis .. OUCH) why would I vote her out? and then said James swore on his child, Brig response was to tell of Dan lying on the bible/his wife etc implying James would too. Ah Dora if you watched last season James doesn't swear on his daughter so no ... and he's not Dan! Love James, but Dan no.

      Finally Brig seems to believe. Nat said I have nothing to gain Brig, I really just wanted to make jury, and now my best friend is gone, I have no alliance (the fact Brig isn't recognizing that Nat is giving her digs the entire time she is saying this or doing nothing to say "no you're with me" speaks to how much Bronte was the glue between these 2. It ends with Nat saying the 4 votes were: her, James, Frank and Paulie.

      Even presented with this information & hearing James swore on his child Frank still says he believes NiCor and will speak to James in the morning.

      Tiff armed with the news from Nic ends up in the room with Nat having a full on Nessa Melt Down saying she has no one and if this keeps up this week she may evict OR blow up everyone's games. Well apparently a week in Tiffania lasts less than hour b/c she goes to Frank.

      It does come up again that Da was the one who told him/told her BUT Tiff dumps it all to Frank telling him everyone wants him out especially the people running the house and when asked who that is Tiff blurts out "Corey and Paulie" of course Frank cycles back around to "So, I can't trust Nicole" to which Tiffany proclaims NO it's "the alliance" of Corey/Paulie/Nicole/Zak Now if Frank lets this ever truly sink in he'll start wondering why Nicole & Corey were gunning so hard to get Da out and might actually believe the 5 is NiCor, PaulZ & Mich b/c James voted with Nat leaving 1 vote ... will he actually end up thinking Da was the 4th vote? LMAO

      Anyway, yet again he cycles back to getting out Da, but then as if a morphine laced light bulb goes off over his head he suddenly realizes Corey would be the better Road Kill nom. AHA!!! Finally Frank you area realizing the showmances esp NiCor are who need to be broken up. This however is a temporary lapse as again he returns to targeting Da (this guy and his obsession: Da made him look shady in his eyes over the bum swat and she has to pay for it... TUNNEL VISION)

      Notably Tiff's downward spiral continues to the point she ends up in conflict with Nic, Da, Z etc, but Da is the only one who goes to her & puts her arms around her to console her. (again reference Lexie in the live feed updates)

      This genuine gesture may end up paying dividends since if Tiff thinks back it was Corey/Nic/Z who ignored her all week and came to her last minute. Day (and Mich) were trying hardest initially to orchestrate her staying and to keep the Fatal 5 group alive and/or build a new one with Mich/James/Tiff & poss Nat as an option. Da even told her about the showmances which Tiff felt like she was most ostracized from. It must be noted here: I do recognize Da was the one who clearly earmarked Tiff to leave early, but I'll reiterate Da has great gut instincts & this type of episode is precisely WHY she would've wanted her out early.

      Tiff also told Da that Corey was even talking about getting Da out just this evening. So now from both Tiff/Frank Da knows that Corey/Nicole have Da earmarked as their biggest target. I wonder now that Frank knows the key people leading the charge to oust him are Paulie/Corey/Nicole if he'll realign his laser focus off Day. (nah.. he just can't seem to let it go)

      I just know I'm thrilled that Nicole's game has been blown up on all sides of the house.

      And, though I posted it last night I found the story Paul told very disturbing. He said Bridgette was playing with Da's jewelry and asked who it belonged to, Frank told her it's Da's so she dropped it down a crack where it can't be retrieved from, laughed and said OOPS. And then Frank laughed saying your evil she responded "I'm feeling destructive". If true it's very telling of her character and if made up by Paul it's equally diabolical, however I think it might be true based on past incidents. IMO Brig shouldn't be safe this week or receive a penalty nom when she goes on the block for pulling a stunt like that!

      The fall out today should be interesting. So many questions:
      • Will Tiff tell Da what she said (or anyone else?)
      • Will Frank let it slip
      • How much will Nic freak out just from Tiff saying if you hadn't treated me like a leper I wouldn't have blown up all your games?
      • How mad will Corey/Paulie/Nic be if/when they learn Frank knows all
      • Can Frank finally turn his wrath towards his precious little Nicole who has been trying to pit everyone against each other?
      • Will James, Mitch and Z end up being in the best position post fight? (I exclude Paul, b/c he's getting called out for some shady stuff of late).

      It appears to have ended with both Paul and Corey getting a little testy with Tiff and Frank laughing about the whole thing. (though I suspect deep down Frank is a bit worried since he thought Nic was his 1B (to Brig & whichever female floater they pulled to the end) and now he's well aware Paulie/Corey/Nic are calling the shots (as per Tiff). I wonder if Frank will be reciting the devil you know (Da) is often better than the devil you don't (Nic)? Ken has always said Nicole is a very good liar, but I don't think her potion is going to be quite as lethal the rest (I hope) the rest of the season. Even Paulie had mentioned putting her up at one point last night (as a pawn to fight for POV). Suffice to say I'm pretty sure Paulie finally clued in to Frank constantly pulling Nicole into rooms or saying well I know it wasn't Nicole. It was even more aggressive than his usual Bridgette banter.

      Stay tuned should be a very interesting day!
      Last edited by TTOTambz; 07-15-2016, 06:52 AM.


      • crissykins
        crissykins commented
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        I took a lot from this post but I especially noticed the part about Bridgette she is an evil little troll

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      Glad Tif put ppl on blast this morning. Some of these ppl need how they treat others put in check. I SO want Paulie to poke the tiger today and have the tiger extend her claws to shred him to pieces. I want Tif to shout to the whole world that Paulie is playing Cody's game. Put it on blast to remind EVERYONE that he IS Cody's brother just like he wants to turn her into her sister. Fair is fair. Paulie is using his looks just like Cody to flirt with the ladies & manipulate them. she should also throw out there that she is just trying to figure out who his Derrick really is as he has so many final 2s; again just like CODY!!
      Last edited by OutOfTheDarkness; 07-15-2016, 07:16 AM.


      • Luanne
        Luanne commented
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        It seems everyone has forgotten he is Cody's brother. Cody finished second, Tiffany finished third.

      • ManaDee
        ManaDee commented
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        Tiffany=Vanessa Luanna? LOL

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      Oh as an aside. I particularly loved when Nicole asked Frank if Da had EVER suggested getting out either her or James and Frank replied NO, NO NEVER. LOL


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        Good morning all my BBU friends...

        Lexie, thanks for staying up all night. It seems I went to bed right before all the action. I have a lot of Flash Back to watch.

        Tiffany is not cut out for this game at all. That being said, I think the entire house has treated her terrible. I blame Da for that. She started spreading lies about her from the beginning. I have watched the feeds and Tiffany has tried to talk to different ones. She asked questions about their lives, etc. No one gave anything back. A group would be talking, she would walk up, they would stop talking, and begin to leave, one by one. In some seasons, as soon as someone was put on the block everyone would ignore them. That is the way Tiffany has been treated since the first week. I would have a very hard time in a group if people treated me like that. I hope she goes home this week.

        TTO, thanks for answering my question last night. I love reading your thoughts.

        Paul is good at spreading lies and everyone believes him. I do not like him at all.


        • TTOTambz
          TTOTambz commented
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          I want to know if the jewelry one is true.

          As for Da and Tiff. She and James are the 2 people I'd give a little credence to given they played with Vanessa. Early in BB17 do you recall Vanessa was safe b/c she elected to sit out the first HOH? She spent that entire first live feed weekend crying in the bathroom, saying she wanted to go home. Da was one of the people who consoled her. But it was all part of her shtick - to look vulnerable. Da also had a great relationship with Shelli initially UNTIL the fight with Clay about counting things.

          AND... she left either that week or the next week. Vanessa also promised Jason (Da's BFF) safety and nominated/evicted him shortly afterward.

          Cut to this season. And many similar things happen, Tiff is crying a lot, she is repeating things she shouldn't. Da (or one of the alliance) warns her about something asks her not to say anything and she goes straight to that person. Then the solid girls Da thinks she has start coupling up . That combined with Tiff needing constant reassurance, not being trustworthy and too many similar traits to her sister I think led to what happened. I'm not saying it's right, but I understood it (at least from Day's perspective).

        • Border57
          Border57 commented
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          I agree, Luanne. BB is not Tif's game. And the way the house has treated her hasn't been the best, and Da is the instigator of most of it. "Get Tif out, keep Tif, Tif has to GO".

          I don't really like Da anymore. I wasn't keen on her last year, but was willing to give her another shot, but she's just mean and plays personally. I'd like to see her go home but she will be around for awhile, I'm afraid.

          And I really dislike Paul more than I did originally, as well. Now that he feels safe the snot is coming out in him again, just like when Jozea was there.

        • cutencuddly
          cutencuddly commented
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          I know this is a simple thing ... but the sunglasses ... why the sunglasses? There was no excuse not to know what a bad effect that would have on people. Vanessa used them as a poker player in order to be inscrutable. Both these smart sisters knew this. And both these smart sisters saw how much Vanessa creeped out her cast (and the viewing public) with them. And both these smart sisters decided it would be smart to send another emotional Rousso into the Big Brother house with shades?

          It's like she was begging to be marked as an outcast.

      • #7
        I will say again. Paul is dangerous. James has been trying to tell the others but few are listening.


        • Luanne
          Luanne commented
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          I agree, they need to watch him. If Victor returns,,,,,,

      • #8
        Well, that was interesting. Frank got blindsided, but controlled himself, Tiff finally melted down over the obvious shunning, and the house will now go through a week of reconfiguration. Tiff is marked for extinction by her new former alliance (showmances, James, Da, Mich), but there are bigger fish to fry, if the cards come up for Tiff.

        This house is sorely lacking a skilled leader, with both the EQ and strategy, to pull together a coherent path in the game. That lack of leadership has led to the current chaos, which will likely playout until the mid/late game. Da is becoming isolated, whether she sees it or not. Michelle is playing a lone game, not from an obvious strategy POV, but from a defensive crouch. Nic/Corey are a unit, Paulie tied more to Corey, who will sell him out in a heartbeat, and only uses Z for a vote, and a distraction, not from some game bond. Frank knows now, that he only has Bridgette to rely on. Tiff has been totally isolated within the game and the social structure of the house. Paul is becoming the Spencer of this season. A jovial figure, sits easy on the block, and will continue to be the go to pawn, unless he starts winning.

        What should have happened after the initial blow up, was someone gathering Tiff up, and making her feel confident that she is in a group. Paulie can't do it, since he will be nomming her today, but Da or Nic could have. She would still go up, and likely out, but she would have been controlled. By the obvious shun, within minutes of the live show ending, Tiff correctly sensed her role in the group, and her status. From there, after 3 weeks of targeting and shunning, she finally blew up. By then Da's attempts at damage control were too late. Frank will eventually get a lot of useful info from Tiff, which if he can stifle his own, wrong, internal monologue, could lead to drastic reordering. Only time will tell.

        Paulie and James engage in some revisionist history spinning, about how no one listened to them about Tiff, despite the fact both signed off on the save Tiff movement, and that James was an original member. Paulie, who does not have our advantage, still believes if they had booted Tiff, Frank would have thrown the HoH. But we know, Nicole ended that scenario, when she put Da forward as a primary target for this week. Once Frank switched tracks, throwing the comp became unnecessary, and was never going to happen. Depending on who ends up on the block, there is every chance Tiff might survive. Da and Corey both represent huge targets, that a slim majority of the house would take out, given the opportunity. Tiff needs to have her emotional purging and then get back to her behavior of the last two weeks.

        It is fun to watch, but there is not a single player that I think is playing anywhere near an optimal game. From my previous observations:

        Da'Vonne: Playing Audrey's game in slow motion.
        Nic: Scared and double dealing is not a good set of attributes to succeed.
        Paulie: The most complete package, but his over confidence will be his downfall
        Frank: Lack of emotional intelligence and boorish behavior will make him an underdog
        Michelle: Playing a lone wolf game, without the comp skills, and is working all three sides of the house (Da, Nic, Frank).
        James: Might actually be playing the best game in the house, but lacks real loyalty from anyone, even Natalie.

        All the rest, including Tiff, are just background players.

        With no really solid strategy and social tactics in play, expect the house to reconfigure a few times this week, until the eviction.

        A side note: Keeping Tiff was absolutely the best call for the house. If they were interested in hanging together, Bronte is out, Tiff is still available to boot without affecting the core 7 (the showmances, James, Da, Michelle), and while Frank has now dismissed Tiff as not a worthwhile target, she is still a pressure relief valve for them, along with Paul, and to a lesser extant Nat. Where this is falling apart, is Nic/Corey trying to play both sides, and pushing Da forward as a target.

        An interesting weekend is ahead.


        • Delvoire
          Delvoire commented
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          Great breakdown. As I was reading and you pointed out no one was playing an optimal game, I immediately thought of James. He seems to be the best position player, IMO. The only thing he is lacking is the Alpha gene to lead or take control, he's set up nice but like you said isn't a leader and that's what's lacking in that house.

        • belle1
          belle1 commented
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          Revisionist history is wonderful. After all hindsight is 20/20. 😉😉

      • #9
        I know there's a long week ahead before the next eviction, but if the current path stays the course and Tiff is gone next Thursday, the battle back will be quiet interesting. Aside from Greg/Jodi, any of the other 4 coming back in can really shake things up. Plus, usually with a returning house-guest the HoH comp is endurance, which could bode well for Natalie.

        It's going to be a fun 2 weeks, that's for sure.


        • KennyERJ
          KennyERJ commented
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          I hope they don't tell the houseguests about the returning player and they just get a doorbell ring and then whoever returns walks in and in their best Rachel voice says, ''I'm back, bitches!'' lol

        • TTOTambz
          TTOTambz commented
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          Victor stands best chance given how Bronte has performed (unless it's a math competition) and he'll logically align to Paul, (with Paulie/Frank as targets). Ironically Glen is the one who is most intriguing simply b/c he's older. He wanted to take out vets and seemed to have a preference to play with men. (won't be my ideal b/c that rules out Mich/James/Da)

        • BettyBoo
          BettyBoo commented
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          But Victor beat Bronte AND Tiff at a simple addition comp, so their supposed math abilities are useless. That continues to tickle me. A 5th Grader could have beat them at that challenge.
          Last edited by BettyBoo; 07-15-2016, 12:20 PM. Reason: typed Frank instead of error

      • #10

        I've been DYING to see you arrive this morning to get your take (and male perspective on).

        Frank seems to have tunnel vision. It was akin to someone getting shock treatment and being programmed to say nah, it doesn't hurt. I'm referring to Nicole here. Surely his instincts can't be that poor. He was so convinced she was definitely one of the votes it bordered on silly. Even after he was told numerous times he still questioned it.

        Why does he have blinders on when it comes to Nicole?

        Paulie for his part did seem to begin to recognize how often Frank kept saying her name, how often he kept pulling her in a room and how often her/Corey's refrain became "what about Da".

        Did you get the impression he might finally be on to the separation as it appeared he was adapting somewhat to pull Mich, James and even Da closer? (and of course still has Z). Is that not partially driven by him recognizing sticking with NiCor isn't in his best interest? AND that he had lost priority on Corey's list?

        Tiff also spilled the beans citing Corey/Paulie/Nic as the "masters" running the house last night to Frank. And even prior Frank was thinking Paulie's time to be cut was rapidly approaching (a fact which Paulie seems fully aware of). Given Frank's personality do you think he tells any of the 3 he knows they lied to him? And, can you see a scenario where Paulie starts putting seeds in place for Nicole to be an upcoming oust (via potentially Da or someone else's hands) to pull Corey back in? My thinking with the last scenario is anyone who would target them will put them up together with Cory likely being the one to go first. (then again.. women = catty). lol


        • belle1
          belle1 commented
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          As has been said by Ken, Frank's emotional IQ is low. It seems to me that he is a surface person who favors the looks of a person verses the character of a person. James does not look like him, Nicole is more like him.

      • #11
        I hope Nicole's & Corey's games blows up soon. That being said....I love Da but her and Z laughing in Tif's face was not cool. I only hope her consoling her afterwords was genuine concern for her sanity. Now Paulie can pat himself on the back and tell himself he's a swell guy by putting Tiffany up because she had a meltdown. 😡 It was heartbreaking to see her lose it but what she said was absolutely true ...they treat her like a pariah and still she was coming after nobody but Frank. I think she feels like a double whammy because she knows she's not playing as well as V thus letting her sister down and STILL being treated by the house guests as though she is V. The shades doesn't her any favors...


        • #12
          New Jaws list after last HOH, but before new Noms:

          SHARK CHUM:


          IN THE SHARK CAGE:

          ABOARD THE ORCA:


          IN THE BELLY OF THE BEAST (which one will Bruce barf up??)

          Jaws quote for the week for Bronte and all ye who follow thinking you're just a pawn:

          Anti-shark cage. You go inside the cage? Cage goes in the water, you go in the water. Shark's in the water. Our shark.
          [sings] Farewell and adieu to you, fair Spanish ladies. Farewell and adieu, you ladies of Spain. For we've received orders for to sail back to Boston. And so nevermore shall we see you again.

          Note: List is initial thoughts, but can change with actions during the week.


          • KennyERJ
            KennyERJ commented
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          • BettyBoo
            BettyBoo commented
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            Thanks Kenny. All that's missing is the iconic music.

        • #13
          The Houseguests got exactly what they deserved. They've treated Tiff like crap for weeks, in fear that she would blow up their that's exactly what she did when she reached her breaking point. And it serves them all right! Natalie moved up on my liked list...cause she was the only person genuinely nice to her last night. I think Natalie is a really good person. I'm really disappointed in Nicole...I loved her before.


          • BettyBoo
            BettyBoo commented
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            Remember how the group treated Steve crappy last season? He had the last laugh.

          • Walleye
            Walleye commented
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            Steve is still laughing.😀

          • SmilemakerRDH
            SmilemakerRDH commented
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            Very true. I don't like Tiffany working with Frank, cause I don't care for him. But I wanna see her pull something off. Because it's not fair to her that everyone automatically thinks she is her sister when is is blairingly obvious she is not...and nobody is comparing Paulie to Cody even though he brings up Cody ALL THE TIME.

        • #14
          By the way for someone who claims to despise Dan Gheesling, I find it ironic Frank does seem to be trying to play a very similar game to him:

          Bridgette = Danielle

          Nicole = Brittany

          Corey = Shane

          Paul = Chef Joe

          Michelle = Ian



          • belle1
            belle1 commented
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            I did have a chuckle last night when Nic told him she had his back. He said that is what Brittany told him.

          • Walleye
            Walleye commented
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            I saw that too belle1 Very funny.

        • #15
          I asked a version of this in another thread .... is Frank a sucker for a pretty face? A certain kind of pretty face? A Bridgette or Nicole face ......

          What explains how he keeps sliding back into seeming to believe Nicole?


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