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Live Feed Discussion- July 17

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  • Live Feed Discussion- July 17

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    Morning Kenny and All who follow:

    For now it appears Corey will come down and Da will be the re-nom. Frank and Tiffany barely allowed the sweat to dry from the POV comp before they jumped into all out attack mode. That was a mistake b/c by jumping on their 'turn the house against Da & oust her' campaign so quickly it ended up looking like it was the plan the entire time. Paulie even suggested he wondered if Tiff threw the POV.

    Had the group waited until they got Da up and then waged their campaign there was potential for something to shift. As it stands Da has taken some heat which will carry forward. Most notably Paulie/Mich are now also looking at her as someone who has to be in the mix of Frank/Brig to get out. It will be hard for Da to recover well enough to remain late in the game without all things falling just right (READ: one of Brig/Frank leaving next week, the returnee being added among the targets and one of James/Nat/Da winning B2B HOH's).

    Hypocrisy in the house:
    Hey it's a part of BB, but it's still humorous. Corey & Nic plotted to align with Frank to take out Paulie/Da/James. Paulie is misting Mich/Z/Nic they are in his close group when his true intentions are to go with Corey/James/Paul. Frank planned on taking Brig & 2 weak girls to the end. All of them are allowed to have discussions with Tiff, Frank or whoever and every truth or lie told about them is easily explained away BUT the minute Da sits on the couch with Frank or Tiff she is plotting. It's just funny how the perception in the house is so insulated.

    I find Nicole to be the worst as she will tell whoever is on the block it's fine, don't worry, we have your back BUT if there is even a tinge of a possibility of her going on the block she freaks out. Or better still, "I'm not coming in here to be in a showmance" .... cut to her crying about Corey over something non important. Umm... Michelle and Z can you not see Nicole has no intention of taking either of you over Corey in the game?

    Further, listening to Corey and Nicole's conversation on the hammock I found myself annoyed the two could each deny their own lies re: truths Tiff or Frank told, but believe every single thing that is said about Da to be true. If you are watching back watch for Nicole's response to Tiff telling Corey that Da made up Bronte was targeting Paulie/Corey (it's actually true Bronte was targeting them). The sheepish grin is because that was a lie Mich/Nic made up.

    And, why is it that Paulie, Corey and Frank are allowed to have their side gal, but ALL of those boys consistently are up Jame's butt about not trusting Nat and the need to get Nat out to pull in James? How would any of them feel if the constant banter was Z, Nicole and Brig are just using them and therefore have to leave next? Just saying.

    Tiff demonstrates zero loyalty to anyone:
    Tiffany does have a right to be upset given her treatment & fact Da did go at her early, but the problem is she went so hard at trying to get Corey and told others Da was somewhat onto an island. Further Da sparked the keep Tiff campaign, has been only female of he 8P to continue to be polite, urged her to mend fences with Michelle & said she would still try to help keep her this week.

    For Tiff to now go after her does make sense, but she was far to aggressive by outing the Fatal 5 (true, though they are denying it) and by saying Da told her to put up Corey (false) it appears everything is lies. Frank has wanted Da out forever so it just ends up looking like this was their plan the entire time.

    Bottom line, Tiff has hung herself as she's given up every secret she knows on all sides. Who wants to work with someone who will spill anything they know the minute they smell trouble?

    RK Replacement should be....

    If they had their thinking caps on what they (Tiff/Frank) should have done is recognize how dangerous Paul has become and chosen to put him up instead. Then worked on the females (Nicole, Michelle, Z and Da) to send him packing. Sure some of those people still want Tiff gone, but it's conceivable Frank, Brig, James, Da and just one of Z/Mich or Nic would recognize the benefit of getting him out this week.

    Therefore a Tiff boot seems certain although NiCor will still likely want to take a shot at Da. I'm not sure they would go against Paulie who is dead set on getting Tiff out of the house nor do I think TPTB would want her to stay over Da. Factor in Tiff/Frank have said so much negative about the showmances, Fatal 5 etc it won't give Mich/Z a reason to want to keep Tiff over Da.

    Other notables:

    Interesting side conversations and ironies occurred yesterday as well:

    *Corey buying into Da is why he's on the block is laughable. IMO he does believe it (out of guilt) given he, Nicole & Frank have been targeting Da for weeks. He also repeats (what Frank/Tiff told him) that Da made up Bronte was coming after him. Nic KNOWS that Michelle made that up. Frank told Corey about his F2 with Nicole (she denies it repeatedly... will this FINALLY be the straw that breaks the camel's back for Nic to stop working with Frank?)

    *Anyone else find it funny how Corey told Nat he would use POV to take her down if he won & now that promise is gone w/o any mention of it?

    *James had a chats with both Nat and Mich explaining the intricacies of the showmances & why it's not good to be the 3rd or 5th wheel in those scenarios. I still think Mich might start to ruminate on that fact & recognize sticking close to Da might behoove her since it would give her a partner to work with. For her game the best thing will be to break up more of these m/f couples with Frank/Brig, Corey/Nic & Paulie/Z being the priority over James/Nat.

    *Frank also pointedly tells James, Nat, Michelle, Paul and prob others that the showmances need to be broken up and Paulie is his main target. That lack of reserve didn't bode well as it offset any desire for Paulie to want to fix things or make a short term working agreement with Frank. Also once Nicole and Z learn Frank wants to split them up it will only refocus their target to Frank/Brig.

    *Watched Thursday's show back and noticed Frank glaring at Paul's speech especially when he said 'your boy'. I think Frank feels that is his tagline & doesn't appreciate Paul using it lol

    That said, I'm STILL waiting for Frank to tell Paulie that NiCor made a F4 with him/Brig to work to get Paulie, Da & James out. The question is whether Paulie will believe him. What Frank DID do was tell both Paulie & Corey he had a F2 with Nicole which did seem to sink in since Paulie reiterated to Corey he is his ride or die partner & they should bring James as the third.

    *In the strange but true fact of the day Corey had what I believe was his first sleep walking episode scaring the daylights out of Natalie

    *James meanwhile is doing a great job of staying out of the fray. On nomination day he played up how Nat was treating him, but I believe that was done on purpose, to build confidence with Paulie. It worked b/c now James has leapt ahead of others in Paulie's pecking order.

    *There certainly hasn't been much subtle game play aside from James and Da. Everyone is so set on being in people's faces it takes away that component. Good for drama, not so great for those of us who like the finer intricacies of the game. I loved James going up to Da in the kitchen filling her in and saying 'you know the drill, keep it cool' as those minor things are what I love about BB. It allowed her to remain calm and be prepared to hear 'whatever' was said and react accordingly (unlike Nicole who gets flustered - showing her tells immediately).

    Battle Back:
    Who returns to the house will add suspense at the very least. Victor seems like the most likely candidate, but will he want to go after Frank/Paulie b/c they lied to him? OR will he want to align with one of them? He'll definitely want to hook back up with Paul that's a given which gives the house a reason to send him right back out.

    Tiff would just be more drama & one would assume humor as I'd love to see how Da would treat her should she walk right back in. Again she would be earmarked to march right back out the door.

    Jozea would be angry at Da, Z and Frank however I also believe Da might be able to work her wiles on him to pull him in as a vote & get him focused on avenging his blindside by focusing him on Frank/Paulie and even Paul.

    The most intriguing from my perspective would be Glen since he hasn't been in the house to witness all the madness. His goal was to take out the vets and females initially. Would he have a different strategy in a return? He'd also have to win 4 battles in a row to get back, so the odds are against him. If he did return though I think James would be the logical person he could align with once he heard from all sides. Of course I love this scenario as it would offer a James/Nat/Da/Glenn 4-some (voting block).

    Moving Forward:

    If anyone else was HOH I'd be more worried about Da going home, but since Tiff will still be on the block and Corey/Nic won't want to piss off Paulie i doubt they chance igniting Paulie's ire by taking out Da over Tiff. Further NiCor has figured out by keeping Tiff she could sabotage their group winning HOH & neither want to risk that. If not for that I'd expect NiCor to flip their votes but adding them just to Frank and Brig would still not be enough as there is no way Z, Paul, Mich or James would go along with that vote. So, unless TPTB decide they would rather have Tiff stay over Da (I highly doubt it, not with Da's golden DR's) it will be Tiff leaving.

    As it stands it appears Frank/Brig will target Paulie/Corey should they win HOH next week. While the rest of the house would target Frank and Brig. That keeps the middle of the pack in less jeopardy presumably for 1 more week.

    I'll reiterate the one shift I could see occurring is if TPTB get in to Paulie's and Tiff's head about Paul's double dipping and lies which might create the possibility to get him put up as the replacement. If enough was exposed about his lies then perhaps that could shift some of the house's thinking about keeping him but finding 5 votes to keep Tiff will be extremely difficult. Paul represents the best option, but I doubt Tiff sees that on her own.
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    • TTOTambz
      TTOTambz commented
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      Might still happen if the TPTB can influence her!

    • BettyBoo
      BettyBoo commented
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      Hmmmm you didn't mention Bronte return? She could a real wild card, since she's kept her head and has a pretty good feel for house.

    • misscmm
      misscmm commented
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      Paul's running back and forth, gleefully, is cringe worthy. He's like a child playing he said/ she said. If I have to hear his nom speeches re Frank and Bridge one more time, or a variation of it ... And as a side note, when Paul and Nic were listening under the door when Tiff was spewing ... oh, why, oh, why ... didn't someone go open it to catch them. Now THAT would have been hillarious.

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    Morning Kenny and all who follow,

    Corey winning PoV was the worst outcome possible for Tiff. He was the only player, with the possible exception of Paul, who might have tempted the 5 votes to stay. Right now, I believe her plan is to nominate Da, but that will only alienate Da to her, and reduce her potential alliances if she does come back (she will have a 50/50 shot at return, based on the Battle Back format). In the meantime, she is downloading to just about anyone that will listen about, about what she knows. I am a little surprised that she has not chosen James to download too directly, only share pieces with him. James would have been the most receptive, based on his experience with Audrey, and might have been able to pull some votes to support a Paul boot. As it is, the game is being reset, she just won't be part of the calculus going forward.

    Paulie talks big, for a guy that won't have a chance to compete for HoH on thursday. Paulie reiterates his plan, from last week, to have Paulie, Corey and James run deep as a threesome, and keep Paul on the side. Paul playing an Andy type game, but not nearly as smooth, and the misinformation he spreads is both easily checked, and is too early in the game. Unlike Andy, he actually does not have the complete confidence of any of the prime movers (at this point, Paulie, Frank, and a distant third in Da). But, as James recognizes, Paul has the potential to go deep as the house redivides, and bigger targets stay out in front of him. Then some wins at the end could put him in a F2 chair. Corey actually correctly sees Paul's game, and in the first coherent game thought he has had, warns Paulie about Paul. Paulie ignores it, and Corey lets it go.

    Nat is finally starting to play the game, and James/Nat as a twosome also have the potential to go deep, as James is a sought after asset for both Paulie and Frank, and Nat is viewed as a non threat.

    Frank or Bridgette have to win the next HoH, or they are going to be on the block, and one of them is going home. If the Battle Black player has immunity, one of them won't make jury.

    I have only watched bits and pieces, since to be honest, none of these players have have a clue as to what they are doing. This season has become Big Brother the Demolition Derby, with all players crashing into each other at any opportunity, without a coherent strategy to control events in the house. They are all reacting (except Da, who got blown up by Tiff last night).

    Tiff's current plan is to nominate Da, but that might still change by Monday.


    • belle1
      belle1 commented
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      I agree that this is BB Demolition Derby but isn't it fun to watch. Watching a strategist is interesting but can get boring because you kind of know what will happen in the end. Dan was one that I enjoyed. The funeral speech and follow up with Frank can't be beat in my mind. Many of us have complained about the no drama mama for the past few seasons. This season we have it in spades. With all the chaos, putting one foot in front of the other seems the best strategy. James seems to be doing this the best.

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    True Intentions:

    There are so many alliances and sub alliances it's difficult to keep track. Adapting to the game each week, each nomination, each competition is the name of the game and of course luck plays a big role. Nicole's game got blown up, but because of who is in power and who won the RK / POV comps she has been saved by the other drama.

    Looking at how the house separates for the moment:

    Paulie has F2 with both Corey and James, F4 with the showmances and varying alliances including James, Michelle and DaVonne. His goal is to take out Frank, Brig and Da specifically and then have the others take out girls while the 4 remaining boys sit back and control the house. We of course know this is ridiculous as there will be events geared to the females winning and the longer the game goes the more likely Michelle, Da, Nic and even Z are to win comps.

    Zakiyah: unlike NiCor she hasn't proven herself to be a big comp threat, or a strategist so it seems like she is just there to do what Paulie says. Based on her recent actions it's hard to believe she would abandon Paulie for the females either. If Paulie were to get evicted however I suspect she would align with Michelle and also return to Da NOT Nicole who has become her new BFF. If Z learns of all the lies and side alliances Nic has (once Paulie is gone) it will serve to point Z at breaking up Corey/Nic IMO.

    Corey is a dufus (sorry had to say it), he has F2 with Paulie and Nic who are his ideal F3. He'll be targeted before Nicole simply b/c he has ties to both. His continual obsession over Da may end up coming back to haunt him.

    Nicole: has adeptly positioned herself in the 2 showmances, has a F2 with Corey and has been working hard to separate both Mich/Z from Da. Now that she realizes Frank isn't an option I've noticed she was nicer to Da and even while discussing her with Corey in the hammock she was less aggressive about targeting her. Perhaps that's b/c she is recognizing she needs a side option and may finally realize with Corey having gone on the block and Frank's antics that Da may need to be that person. Let's see if Nic does an about face and backs off her laser focus on ousting Da. Wouldn't surprise me if Nic starts thinking hey if I get to the end with Da I'll get all the votes from my friends in the jury.

    Frank: has continued to dig holes simply because he has no subtly. If he had even a smidgen of Dan Ghessling (sorry Frank) or Derrick in him, he might have been able to set the stage better this week. Unfortunately he's drinking Paul's Kool-aid and can't seem to do anything without ramming it down people's throats than standing back to admire his own hype. Frank's preference is to go to the end with Brig and 2 weak females. Given what occurred this week he'll do exactly what Tiff has done and rework his alliance to include whoever will work with him BUT I doubt he'll be able to work with Nicole again since she has been the person he feels who betrayed him the most. He does NOT want to go with strong guys to the end so as much as he can spout about wanting Da out if he's in power he'll target the showmances to get out one of the big men.

    Bridgette: Miss 'I want a girl to win' comes in second only to Nicole's 'I don't want a showmance' as she is basically a third hand for Frank. Unless she is on the block against Frank and decides to blow up his game I doubt we'll see her vary from her current lap dog position. She is a great competitor, but is unable to play the social game with any adeptness, so she'll always only be a vote. Should the house succeed in getting out Frank ahead of her I would say she'd work with James/Nat and Da BUT.. who knows she might just as easily try to align with a new guy. SMH

    Paul: Half the time I'm annoyed by this guy and half the time I'm amused. Mostly I'm shocked no one has pieced together how much he lies (especially Da!). He runs to and from power so if Frank/Brig end up in power coinciding with a return of either Jozea/Victor it could end up blowing up Paul's game. If the house doesn't get a shot at a big fish in DE Paul could end up being the sacrifice. For the moment his double-dipping is keeping him off anyone's radar, but AGAIN I'm shocked no one is catching on to his grandiose lies (cmon people these aren't small lies). Well, no that's not true James sees through him

    Michelle: She is in pretty decent position and reminds me of Steve from last season except she has social skills. Saw something different from her on Friday when she marched into the storage room and DEMANDED to know what Tiff said to James. Based on that conversation and then her telling James not to trust Nat IMO she is looking to have James as her plus 1 in the couples group. OR she thinks she could be the 3rd to each of the showmances as well as James/Da. Speaking of James, I'd bank on Mich ruminating on the showmance 3rd/5th wheel comment and won't be surprised if she won RK if she targeted a guy BUT only if Frank/Brig were already on the block which can't happen until there aren't teams. Also curious to see if Frank ever tells her about NiCor making a F4 with him, Nic making a F2 and the boys being in a F3 with him if it will shift her towards James/Da. She'll try to maneuver her way as the 3rd to each pair and hopefully get over her desire to oust Brig/Nat ahead of the 3-headed man monster.

    Tiff: is TOAST. She can't be trusted and within 36 hours has blown up every person's game. She was after Frank aligned with Paulie's/Fatal 5 side, was after Showmances aligned with Frank/Da and now is switching yet again to go after the only person she hasn't blown up. Doesn't bode well to make her seem as someone trustworthy. I'm not saying she doesn't have a right to be upset, but her inability to show social adeptness and not bludgeon something to death the minute she thinks of it is her downfall.

    James & Nat: Grouping them together because Nat to this point is nothing more than a vote. I do like her though and enjoy her being one of the few in the house who isn't cruel or constantly trash talking. That said, she has zero game play.

    As for James he seems to gain strength with each passing week as the two sides square off. Funny his name is only discussed in terms of separating him from Nat. Sure hope Da can stay long enough for them to form a strong duo with Nat as a voting block as he provides the brawn while Da provides the brain.

    At the moment Frank/Brig/Tiff all want him on their team, Paulie wants him on his team whether as a F2 or any iteration through F6 and Da/Mich are both vying to be his true F2 partner. As much as he adores Nat, we all know James wants to go to the end with Da.

    Da: Mama Da has created some issues, but I'm annoyed by Z/Nic who question Da for not just swallowing up the opportunity to finish 5th since they decide to latch onto guys. Try looking in the mirror lades as you abandoned Da for men after saying that would NEVER happen! I hope she has some surprises hidden up her sleeves b/c I'd like to see a real battle between her and Nicole (yeah I know, it's not a fair fight). She lucks out Paulie is HOH this week as that should keep her safe since Corey/Nic won't want to go against him. Frank may still try to pull her back in depending on what happens in the future. If Tiff proceeds with going after Da she better be prepared because DaVonne eats bigger things than Tiff for breakfast!

    Heat Scale:
    1 being safe & 5 being in danger:

    1: Michelle, James

    2: Z, Nat, Paul

    3: Paulie, Corey, Nic

    4: Frank, Brig, Da

    5: Tiff
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      Good Morning Everyone
      Just a thought in my head, not much more, but I can't help but wonder if Tiff puts up Da - it is very possible that Da goes home this week. You never know, but I think that that would be her best move (to put Da on the block.) IMO, the one who should really go up as a replacement is Paul, and HE should get voted out!


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        Just before I turned off the tv last night got one last chuckle. Paulie actually said he would be the GODFATHER for Da' s kid if she asked. I understand how his puffery about how he confidently sees the game playing out is annoying. It's a combination of bravado and convincing his troops of his vision. It falls closer to gorilla chest beating than Henry Vth' s St. Crispins Speach (We few, we happy few, we band of brothers). Unfortunately he has Corey as his no. 2, who could reveal it all at any time to Nic. And has as no. 3 either Paul who is a lose cannon or James whose first allegiance is Nat since he's gone from smitten to madly in love with her.

        Paulie has edged away from Zak and has admitted his affection for Michelle. This is as a side game partner, not romantic. Michelle has strategy, Zak just wants to make cute Italian babies. Paulie could well be humbled in the coming couple of weeks, but he is lucky to have Frank and Bridgette and now Da as current hotter targets. The Double Eviction should rip the blinders off many. When Steve made his head scratch play last year, he made his bones as a player who could make an unusual, but ultimately logical play that worked. Will Michelle or ??? reveal themselves.

        Looking toward returnees: Glenn, Jozea or Tiff would be smacked on the butt by the revolving door to the cheers of the house for an easy choice that week. Victor or Bronte could be kept around if one side felt they're a good vote on their side. The reveal to the House will be fun to watch.


        • KeninVA
          KeninVA commented
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          I am so glad you study Paulie's moves in the house, just for scientific purposes, I understand.

        • BettyBoo
          BettyBoo commented
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          That extended tattoo on his side is actually the restraining order for me to keep 50 yrds away from him. God bless cameras and binoculars.

        • belle1
          belle1 commented
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          Good one BettyBoo

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        Are the ,Spy Girls, All but dissinegratd, now that Bronte is gone?


        • Lynette
          Lynette commented
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          I would say so. Bronte was the glue that held them together and Bridgette threw Natalie to the curb for Frank.

        • TTOTambz
          TTOTambz commented
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          They were never a true thing as Bridgette was just playing them. She would bait Bronte to say things and then go to Frank and repeat them. She had James and Nat earmarked for eviction right after Tiff and Da prior to this week.

          I'm sure she will try to pull her in again, but now that Frank said in front of everyone that Brig already knew he put up Bronte that shows Nat that Brig never had either of their backs!

        • cutencuddly
          cutencuddly commented
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          I think she thought she had their backs. I think she was sincere about girl power and being scornful of women who hand their games to men.

          Which makes her submission to Frank all the more disgusting.

          I think the cognitive dissonance will be so great when she gets out that she might not even be able to recognize what she did -- the shame could be too much to consciously acknowledge.
          Last edited by cutencuddly; 07-17-2016, 01:53 PM.

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        I don't think Tiff will escape King Paulie's aim this Thursday and she will leave. That loss will leave Frank and Bridgette even more isolated. Except for Frank and Bridgette, I believe whoever gets HOH will follow Paulie's edict of who needs to go up next. Who do you think King Paulie will decide needs to go next? And more importantly, who and how will bring King Paulie and his consort, Z, down?


        • #9
          Good morning all my BBU friends,

          I think Tiffany will walk out the door Thursday. Not so sure she will fight to get back into the house. It has not been a good experience for her. If I was Tiffany, I would want to go on home. Going back into the house will not change her chances to win. I would not want to sit in the jury with the ones that have been so nasty to me.

          Paulie, in all his interviews, stated that he would not make the same mistake as Cody.. I think he wants a final 3 with one strong guy, Corey or James, and Paul. He keeps James and Corey close, and which every one is there at the end is ok with him as long as he has Paul. The strong guy will help him get to the end (like Cody and Derrick). He is so sure no one can beat him. He thinks he will win the final HOH and he will take Paul not the strong guy. Just my thoughts.

          Still do not have a house guest to root for. Like Natalie and James the best right now. (not on a game level just a personal level.)


          • herms is here
            herms is here commented
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            But it won't be much of a fight. All Tiff has to do is win against whoever is left standing out of the 4 previous houseguests. She has a 50% chance of walking back n the door. Who wouldn't jump at those odds. I am hoping that she does just walk back in. The only other evicted that I would possibly want to see back in the house could be Bronte. The guys are already strong enough. Come on Tiff battle back.

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          Hey! I haven't had much time to keep up on the feeds until now. Looks like a lot has happened!

          I'm rooting for Day even though I'm disappointed in her gameplay thus far. At this point, I think Day's best move would be to get Tiff to believe that Day would vote for her to stay this week. If Day can somehow get Tiff to believe this, Tiff will think twice before putting Day up as a replacement nom for fear of losing a vote. Probably 0% chance this occurs but just wishful thinking lol


          • TTOTambz
            TTOTambz commented
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            I think it almost has to be James or someone else going to Tiff saying I'm confused why you would put up someone who would be a vote for you to stay? Why wouldn't you put up someone you can beat? He can't directly say Paul's name b/c Tiff will just repeat that he said it. He'd have to present it like is there anyone else you could convince the girls to vote out? . Is there anyone who is vulnerable that they would see as a trouble maker? That's the only way he could present it and maybe it would work.

            OR ... James/Da could maybe get Natalie to play a role of naive waif and talk to Tiff and say so I guess I'm staying on the block with you. Then plant can I tell you something in confidence? I was hoping to come down and see Paul on the block b/c I think we could have got the votes to keep you then. It might be all that's needed.
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          Originally posted by Luanne View Post
          Good morning all my BBU friends,

          I think Tiffany will walk out the door Thursday. Not so sure she will fight to get back into the house. It has not been a good experience for her. If I was Tiffany, I would want to go on home. Going back into the house will not change her chances to win. I would not want to sit in the jury with the ones that have been so nasty to me.

          Paulie, in all his interviews, stated that he would not make the same mistake as Cody.. I think he wants a final 3 with one strong guy, Corey or James, and Paul. He keeps James and Corey close, and which every one is there at the end is ok with him as long as he has Paul. The strong guy will help him get to the end (like Cody and Derrick). He is so sure no one can beat him. He thinks he will win the final HOH and he will take Paul not the strong guy. Just my thoughts.

          Still do not have a house guest to root for. Like Natalie and James the best right now. (not on a game level just a personal level.)
          I also like James and Natalie. Watching after dark last night I kept on wanting to see them. They both seem like such sweet people. James is also doing a good job at keeping Natalie from eating times that they agree allowed to.


          • #12
            I just can't take Nicole the drama queen. She has the emotional level of a 15 yr old. I can't talk to Corey, he hates me.


            • SmilemakerRDH
              SmilemakerRDH commented
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              Takes multiple broken hearts to learn that though. I know, I've been that girl. Being treated badly in a relationship brings out insecurities that are hard to learn to let go of after the relationship is over.

            • TTOTambz
              TTOTambz commented
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              How about her lying to him re: her F2 with Frank and not telling him it was Michelle who made up the Bronte lie NOT Da. Ken nailed it earlier this year when he said Nicole is a great liar.

              Meanwhile this morning Zak is telling her how Paulie confirmed Corey really likes her, when in reality they are both just using the girls to clear an easy path to the finals. I wonder how Nic and Z will feel if things play out according to plan for the guys. Will they kick themselves for not making Da and Michelle their priority alliance??? Or turn to mush at the after party because the boys now armed with money are being nice to them again.ARGH ... why do all the women on BB have to be this way.

              I'd rather see a Parvati Survivor type who used the man for a change! (or at least just once) lol

            • SmilemakerRDH
              SmilemakerRDH commented
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              I agree..her and Z are both being stupid and getting played big time. Z is a floater though and I think, based on the fact she keeps bringing up that she was asked to be on Are you the One, she went in looking for a boy, not to actually play the game. Yeah, Nicole is lying but that's part of Big Brother...her lies are catching up to her though and she is terrible at covering them up. Her face gives it away every time.

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              Originally posted by BettyBoo View Post
              But the constant need for reaffirmation gets wearing on a relationship. She exhausts a guy having to reassure her until she gets what she fears, he leaves.

              Best BBU Psyological Post Bearing Bereal Plotty Plan Of The Day. (<)


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                I think the Battles for the Battle back, have already happened and are taped, ready to add the last one this coming Thursday when Tiff gets voted out.
                It makes sense that they would let each person time to rest between battles and it would give TPTB time to get the editing down on each to maximize the "WOW" factor for US, the viewers. Maybe they did the battles on the Friday after each eviction. Has the back yard been locked down on Friday to the HGs? Or has there been a long locked down from the BY that the HG couldn't figure out why lately?


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