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Live Feed Discussion-July 19

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  • Live Feed Discussion-July 19

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    Morning all.

    Can somebody please start targeting Paul? Please. That's all I've got this morning.


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      Morning Geo and all who follow:

      I had to take a day away as I'd written a post full of vitriol towards the women in the house after their actions on Sunday. Having been up for 36 hours straight working on my NBA articles I just needed to get some sleep and get away from their nonsense.

      Cut to a day later and Da'Vonne is on the block as expected given the full on 24 hour attack of Frank and Tiff working the house. Though I could be wrong I figure those 2 spent themselves far too early in their attack. Obviously I could be wrong and perhaps the trio (Frank, Brig, Tiff) might find something to trigger a Da explosion. And we KNOW Nicole/Corey will go out of their way to flip it so she leaves. Da has said she'll start spouting as the week gets closer to Thursday, but I have a feeling she'll sense the tide is on her side (with James & Mich confirming that's the case) which should keep her relatively calm.

      The irony is Frank/Tiff expected Da to blow up, yet it's Tiff who seems on the precipice of losing it.

      Pair Paradoxes:

      Nicole & Corey:
      • The pair took their 'friendmance' to a new level Sunday which is shocking given Nicole didn't want to kiss Hayden in her season let alone get into this type of 'action' They did it again tonight in the same room as Tiffany is sleeping. I hope Tiff hears them and tells Frank b/c THAT will be something Paulie & others will become worried about (i.e. them getting too close). Edited to add: they have had sessions tonight with "their new favorite activity" currently on session 3. This is crazy that Nicole has changed that much, she must really have fallen for Corey. (I wonder if she wins HOH if her family will tell her to knock it off and warn her away from him, knowing he's not interested)
      • Nicole has completely lost her focus on the game and is ALL IN with her obsession over Corey which started when he found himself initially on the block. She's looked more like a teenager than the person I recall from her first time in the house.
      • As much as Corey had two number 1's with Paulie & Nicole flanking him, leading up to this week it was Nicole who had the edge given Corey had been willing to abandon Paulie to make a F4 with Frank/Brig and NEVER TOLD PAULIE about it. That fact is why I felt Nic had the edge.
      • They begun to show affection in front of the entire house, so I wonder how long it's going to take for Paulie to get worried let alone others.
      • I'm still waiting for Nicole to be called out as Frank did tell Corey & Tiff he had a F2 with Nic and there have been ample hints he is tight with her especially right after the Bronte eviction.
      • If the hands of fate become a factor ie 1 wrong (or right) HOH/RK winner and we could find the pair being outed.
      • And of course now that Nic is safe she's working hard to turn Paul against Da and is already telling him Da doesn't trust him. Will he ask Da? Will Paul turn against Paulie? I won't be surprised if he asks Da, but I'm more confident he won't go against Paulie (plus his desire is to target Frank/Brig for his own personal reasons)

      Specifically what we might expect to see:
      • In the event of a Da'Vonne, James, or Natalie HOH I suspect Frank would out how hard Nicole has been working to get Da out
      • In the same scenario as above I could see Frank telling Paulie of Corey/Nicoles F4 (or Brig telling Nat)
      • Also if Frank is in any danger what-so-ever and feels he needs one or both of Da/James votes (with Nat being a beneficial 3rd vote) he could tell Da or James everything Nicole has been up to in an effort to get the couple put on the block
      • I know it's terrible, but I hope Tiff did hear them & tells Paulie/Frank or whoever as it will refocus the house on them

      If any of those situations occur, I could see Da/James both going to Paulie separately to share how NiCor were covered on all sides & in fact it was Nic who had been doing all the dbl dealing to get Da ousted so they would be protected everywhere.

      Bottom line: it has the potential to create major problems as Paulie/Mich/Z will all feel like the pair are untrustworthy and may restructure themselves. Since Nic doesn't do well with confrontation her reaction will be telling and depending on how much Mich/Z feel taken advantage of it has the potential for the house to realign with Paulie, Z, James, Nat, Da, and Mich moving NiCor up the target list.

      James & Natalie:
      • I think it was Ken or Betty who said (if not my apologies to the author) so succinctly put it Nat is over her head in this game. That said, she has kept her positive spirit even in the face of the mean girls jealousy. Yeah, she flirts but to her point why is it okay for James to flirt, but not her? (good point Nat).
      • James looks to be gaining traction on all sides of the house with only Nicole probably wanting him out sooner. Paulie wants to take him at least to F3. Frank is uncertain of his position & still not completely trusting of Paulie or Corey OR NICOLE. His comment to Tiff "we can go to James last, because he'll be the easiest to convince" speaks to his trust level in James. And Da knowing NiCor, FraBrig & Paulie are all after her has made her ties to James even stronger.
      • I hate how everyone in the house is constantly trying to convince James he is being used when the reality is THIS is the relationship most likely to have staying power post BB, not to mention Paulie/Corey are definitely using Z/Nic!
      • Showing that perhaps James has moved closer to Paulie (away from Da?) he confirmed to Paulie that Da was the one who told him about the 2showmance +Da alliance.

      Frank & Brig:
      • These 2 are solidly together, but I'm anxious to see how Brig reacts if/when the 2 end up on the block together. Will she out secrets about Frank? Will she blow up Nicole's game?
      • Now that Frank has learned that Zakiyah wasn't happy about Frank smacking her in butt/calling her a slut suddenly he wants her gone right about Da. Big surprise (NOT): I called this fact out about Frank's game before.
      • Early this morning Brig says to Frank: “They only call her Mama Da because she had a kid. She didn’t get a matriarch title due to maturity, she’s physically a mother because a kid came out of her uterus” And she wonders why people think she’s a B*tch

      The 3-some: Paulie/Z/Mich:
      • It's become clear Paulie is closer to Michelle in the game than Z. With Tiff spilling to Paulie he knows Z has repeated things she shouldn't (though Tiff was trying to put everything on Da). She also told him Nicole had a F2 with Frank and was part of the all girls alliance. She also said Nicole didn't trust Paulie and that was why she nominated him (will this have any far reaching effect?)
      • Mich is someone Paulie prefers to discuss game scenarios with & has shares similar logic with
      • Z spends great portions of her day complaining about Nat flirting with Paulie, which is funny b/c while she's doing that Mich is getting closer to him. By the time Mich has passed Z (if she hasn't already) in his pecking order it will be too late for her to switch the order.
      • Mich got very upset with NiCor buying into anything Tiff was saying & while she says she has no problem going after Da next I keep going back to Frank telling Mich that Nic wanted Da out & didn't want Mich told of the plan. Let's not forget the minute Da saw the 2 showmances pulling away from the Fatal 5 she made sure to pull Mich closer. I suspect Mich wants to keep Da around for a long time and will want Da, James, Z & Paulie as her F4 though she'll also want to pull along Nic/Z. I don't think Mich's loyalty is as tight with Nic as most think. Watch her reaction to Nic whenever she pushes for Da to go or puts her down. Mich KNOWS b/c Frank shares intel & Da warned her about what Nic was doing. Once James also jumps on that boat I think Mich may even be the one who targets NiCor (assuming FraBrig & Nat are all out of the house).
      • As per above I suspect Mich is reading Nicole's swift change towards her this week as she got pretty aggressive with her for not wanting to take Da out before Tiff. We'll see, but as much as Mich is saying she's fine with Da going right after Tiff, Brig, Frank I'm not sure that is her true intention. Mich knows how dangerous showmances are & as NiCor grow closer & are more demonstrative in the open with their affection I suspect Mich (a true BB super fan) will side with Da.

      Soloists: Da'Vonne/Paul/Tiff:
      Tiff is toast - barring TPTB interfering (can't imagine why they would want to keep Tiff over Da). Expect the DR to start pulling in Paulie, Mich, Z, James and others over the next 2 days to refocus them on ousting Tiff. In truth she spent her load far too early & after her initial blow-up she's gone right back to how she was prior. She's playing the woe is me card, wearing sunglasses and staring at people.

      Apparently there is suppose to be some sort of confrontation between her & Da coming prior to Thurs, but if I had to bet on who would take that battle I'd put my money on Da. The thing is will they (Frank, Brig & Tiff) all triple team her? If they do, I think it works in Da's favor as the house will view it as bullying and not want to give FraBrig what they want.

      Paul remains someone who alternatively annoys/humors me. He is the worst of the liars in so far as he drops far fetched lies that are never questioned. At some point you have to believe he'll get caught... right? From how he acts he seems to believe in the F4 with Paulie, James and Corey BUT does he really? Does he have a true game plan? We know he wants Frank out b/c of the numerous lies he plants about FraBrig. BUT does he really want to go deep with Paulie/Corey?

      I wonder if at some point he'll sense aligning with James/Nat/Da & Mich would give them 5 votes (and if Fra/Brig are ousted with Da remaining it would also give them control of the house). Much would depend on whether James/Da could convince him keeping both showmances would be bad & if James could convince him Paulie has no intention of keeping him. If any of the 5 had HOH at that point OR in a double evict if they could convince him to break up NiCor it could shift the outcome of the game.

      The new development is Nic is going to start working him hard core to vote out Da knowing her/Corey/Brig & Frank are already there. BUT will he shift & will Nic have the balls to go against Z/Mich/James & Mich? She always plays in a state of fear so I'm not sure she would. Paul may or may not buy what Nic is selling. For now Paul correctly sees Frank/Brig are more dangerous & therefore the target. In fact I'd love if he won HOH b/c it would mean Da is safe next week.

      That said, the other factor to watch for is with the house being so quick to jump on double-dipping and both Frank/Da bringing up how shady Paul is exactly how long before TPTB start pointing out to the main players that is a problem? I'd say if any of Victor, Bronte or Jozea returns right about that minute!

      Da'Vonne: seems to have survived the initial onslaught from Frank/Brig/Tiff and while she's taken a major hit I've backed off believing she is guaranteed not to go deep (Edited to add: as per my note to Luanne, I still believe she is in major danger, but I'm less certain she's a goner if things fall right for her). My reasons are outlined above, though it will require luck on her part. Specifically any or all of these things need to happen:
      • Frank/Brig remain the main target next week with 1 leaving (ideally Frank)
      • Whoever wins Battle Back is also placed ahead as a target (beside whoever remains from FraBrig) with 1 leaving
      • Nicole's antics get outed during the 2 evictions above. Her betrayal would be deemed worse by Mich/Z/Paulie than Da's have
      • If Paulie learns & believes of NiCor's betrayal than Nic would move ahead of Da on his hit list
      • Double Eviction is won by any of Nat, Da or James as none of them will target her. I'm going to assume dbl-eviction occurs either 2 Thursdays from now or 3 Thurs from now. Ideally it is 3 as it may play out that 2 of Frank, Brig returnee have left. In that scenario obviously if Frank is still there he would be the target BUT if they oust him prior it provides the perfect opportunity to oust Corey thus separating him from Paulie and Nicole. That is the perfect scenario for Da b/c Nicole will feel she needs to pull back in with the girls and mend any fences re: her being outed (though I'm not sure at this point Da wants to keep her to deep in the game, she may prefer to stay closer to Mich/Z/James/Nat).

      Bottom line: If Da can get through 2 more weeks and the double eviction with James/Nat/Mich/Z still in the house I think her odds of getting to the end improve significantly

      While everyone keeps saying the fact Da cried when Paulie won POV meant she was shady, I wondered why no one said if Da supposedly had the ability to get Tiff to put up Corey, why then would she automatically assume she was going up next? Shouldn't that type of power mean she was still safe? Isn't it logical Tiff/Frank felt Nic had the votes so they shifted to Da being the easier out?

      Though Da definitely took some major heat she was able to offset part of that by telling Paulie she must have overheard me saying to Nicole I was worried about being the 5th wheel. He doesn't believe her mind you, but at least there are others read: Nic/Z/Mich he is also focused on now. While it hasn't necessarily helped her with Paulie yet, if/when NiCor's dbl dipping ever gets exposed it will pay dividends. I think once Paulie learns how long Nic/Corey have been targeting Da & keeping him out of the loop it will help Da's cause.

      Favorite on Hamster Polls:
      James consistently ranks either first (by a wide margin) or second. One poll has Nat first (WOW), while many still have Nic ranking pretty high though she's dropping off significantly in others. Frank/Tiff seem to be climbing, but I guess that's expected given the drama this week. Paulie is taking the biggest hit this past week I guess for his ego. I have to say I'm surprised more people aren't fans of Michelle who ranks low on most polls even below Z & Corey. At least she is playing the game.

      Heat Factor Rank:
      1 is in most danger, 5 being safest in house

      1: Tiff
      2. Da, Frank, Bridgette
      3. Corey, Paulie, *Nic (if anything gets outed)
      4. Paul, Michelle, Nat, Zak
      5. James
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        Good morning alll

        Have not been watching feeds very much, I turn them on, can not get into it, turn them off. Tiffany is gone this week, and that is the best thing for her. She is not Vanessa, (Paulie is crazy) and is not cut out for this game.

        Frank will stay as long as he is able to win HOH or POV.. The first time he loses, he is gone.

        Sorry TTO, but I do not think Da will make it till the end. Her lies would have caught up with her sooner or later, Nicole was already on her trail.

        I think Paulie will be in the F3 with one strong player and one weak player. His strong player will be James or Corey. His weak player, he has a house full to pick from. I think it will be Paul or Michelle. He is playing his brother's game but he will not make the same choice his brother made.

        bazbaz, you asked how the have nots were picked. The first team out in the HOH comp. becomes have nots.


        • Luanne
          Luanne commented
          Editing a comment
          TTOTambz- I agree about the Have Not's based on first team out. Teams are not even and that should be taken into consideration. I think it should be the first 3 out. It would be fun to see one from 3 teams in there. In the past, being in the have not room with someone created a bond. That would have been great this year.

        • cutencuddly
          cutencuddly commented
          Editing a comment
          Thanks, Luanne. I was coming here to see if anyone answered the have not question as I didn't know it. I've not only been multi-tasking, I've been skipping the Sunday shows. bazbaz65, Luanne has us covered.

        • bazbaz65
          bazbaz65 commented
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          Thanks Luanne. They don't seem to make much of it on TV.

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        Someone said Nic/Cor got busy last night...,did they do the deed or just make out. I would be shocked. Not in Nic...but in Corey. I really wish they would put a more diverse age group in the game. It was nice to see diverse ethnicities in the game though. Keep doing that but add age diversity too!!

        ETA.,.TTOT just answered my question about Nic/Corey. I think Nic is truly smitten with Cory but again I think she was covering her butt after being outed by the fatal five. Wow I'm really surprised.
        Last edited by ~2much~; 07-19-2016, 07:54 AM.


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          Moring all,

          Frank and Tiff basically took the day off yesterday, but will start today. I did notice that Nic has not let up, and while Tiff is still on life support, there is opportunity to flip (wed is the flipping day). I don't count Tiff gone yet, but expect that it will be either a close vote to keep her, or a 7-2 eviction.

          The girls are becoming meaner and cattier, especially Z, who got the attention of the guys for her totally passive aggressive Bday party for the stuffed animal. That did not go unnoticed, and with James telling Paulie about Da cluing him in on the Showmance 5, Da could easily end up the last pre jury boot, depending on who comes back next Friday.

          Love her or hate, or just don't care about her, Tiff has performed the rare act of defiance. Used and programmed for eviction, she has burned as many people as she can, to as many people as she can. Da is done, and won't make it to the end. Michelle is done, Nic and Corey are done, Z is done. I don't expect any of them, or Paulie to be in a final 3 seat at this point. We are still playing Demo Derby, and I expect that to continue, especially with the returnee potentially mixing up the house dynamics. And, one player in that house, is likely not making jury.


          • Livzee
            Livzee commented
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            Wow... Hope you're wrong... A whole summer of Frank will have me barfing.

          • belle1
            belle1 commented
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            James seems to be the one vet who is using his past experience to his advantage. He is staying in touch with all and is probably the most trusted HG. In addition, his ability to present a calm demeanor and avoidance of conflict will take him far in the game. His greatest challenge will come in the F3 because no one will want to sit next to him in F2. I am rooting for him to take it all.

          • sofieckcs
            sofieckcs commented
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            Frank has cleaned up his act. He's back to the funny, charming guy he was in the first week. Gone is the crude, boorish oaf he was a couple of weeks ago. It will be interesting to see if it can last.

        • #7
          I guess I've missed something along the way (which is not unusual for me). Why are all the posters against Corey? I know his story about the goat burning didn't set well, but are there some other things I'm not aware of? He's close to the top of my favorites. Of course, I must support a fellow Texan. My other favorites are Michelle and Z. Paulie, in my opinion, is playing the best game at this point. I'm so hoping Tiff goes out this week. Comments?


          • TTOTambz
            TTOTambz commented
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            I'm guessing, but I assume part of it is how he is 'using' Nicole. He's told Paulie and others he would never date her outside the house yet they've been getting 'handy' with each other the past 2 nights. If he is just using her to get deeper in the game but also emotionally/physically using her odds are most aren't impressed

        • #8
          So if votes were today, how would they go? I thought it would be 4-4 with Paulie the tie breaker to evict Tiff, but as I don't have the feeds I only am guessing based on the updates. Frank, Bridgette, Nicole and Corey vs. Paul, James, Michelle and Zakiyah to evict Tiff. Is Paul the swing vote and evicting Day over Tiff?


          • TTOTambz
            TTOTambz commented
            Editing a comment
            If it was 4-4 and they knew it Nicole and Corey WOULD NOT RISK voting that way and distancing themselves from Paulie Mich and Z.
            Nicole has already tried to work Michelle and Z but Mich won't budge and Z won't go against Paulie. James won't go against Da for Tiff either.

            So that leaves Paul which is who Nic is already working on. Problem with that is if she pushes too hard Paul will tell Paulie and he won't like her/Corey going behind his back.

            Edited to add: I doubt Paul flips either based on him talking to Paulie this morning about Corey and Nic getting super close and it might be a concern.
            Last edited by TTOTambz; 07-19-2016, 04:43 PM.

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          I can't believe the first week or two, I said the person I was most impressed by was Nicole. Definitely not the case now. I wish we could have 2 Big Brothers happening at once-- one BB with all guys, another BB with all girls. I am so tired of seeing the girls hate each other because they feel "threatened" that others are encroaching on their "territory" aka the guys. Maybe the girls would be forced to actually work together instead of let boys tear them apart.


          • beckyd30
            beckyd30 commented
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            That is actually a great idea, then at like the half way point they could be all put together in the same house and the #s would be even, but alliances would be in place and harder to break up.

        • #10
          I listened to 2 podcasts today one with Jason Roy and Audrey and the other with Jordan Parhar from BBCan and 3 other guys. Interesting tidbits came from both:

          Apparently Tiff won Audrey's online BB game and is quite the strategist, so she may have been planning to do this to Da all along since Vanessa & Da had a twitter war. Also, I was somewhat confused if this happened in Audrey's online game or with BB18 but Tiff got someone who was suppose to be in the house disqualified BECAUSE HE HAD TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL.. she had to get consensus (this is where I was confused.... either from the others playing Audrey's game OR the alternates in sequester to agree. She talked them all into it. WOW!

          Jason thought the reason Da would be so dead set on getting Tiff out was b/c she knew about Tiff winning the online game and b/c last season Vanessa really was the one behind the movement to get her out early. Also it was rumored Vanessa would end up in the house via Pandora's box this season. This was a rumor stemming from production which only previous players would know about. Perhaps that explains why Paulie was instructed by Derrick to take out either sister and also why Da was keen to get her out.

          Audrey & Jason are both hoping whoever leaves comes right back in and b/c of that they hope it's Tiff b/c they don't think Da could beat anyone to return (so watch for TPTB to push that).

          Audrey says the Tiffany crying bit after the HOH was more strategy than emotion though she thinks this week it's more emotion.

          Also of note, they think the returnee will be safe for a week, especially if they do the HOH comp on Thursday.

          Jason said he wished they would give the returning hamster the HOH power.

          Jordan and his crew think Nicole is a rat and though they think she's super cute NONE of them like her game play this season.

          They all think James has the best shot at going deep in the game b/c he hasn't offended anyone.


          • Deblynia
            Deblynia commented
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            I really would like the returning person to have the HOH!

          • TTOTambz
            TTOTambz commented
            Editing a comment
            Oh that was the other thing Jason and Audrey said they hoped if Tiff left and returned that she would link back up with Da.

            Of note, Frank has already told Nicole if they can't flip the vote he'll vote out Tiff as well. Soooo if he also turns on her and she ends up with zero or just 1 vote she won't be inclined to run right back to Frank. So, although it would seem her first pick to target would be Da, it might not be that cut and dry.

            What I wonder is if she returned and was safe if she would return the favor Da gave her by saving her or if she would just play emotionally

        • #11
          I really think that Frank and Paulie are in cahoots. They've got the entire house. They are on the same team. They really do control who is going and when and everybody is just playing their game (or in some cases - not playing). And, if the other is HOH, they 'legitimately can't go after the other.'


          • Ellee1
            Ellee1 commented
            Editing a comment
            I realize the personalities are totally the opposite but didn't Dan and Memphis work together almost from the get-go without letting the house know? Even to the point that Dan put Memphis on the block. I don't know. My memory stinks.

            As far as the alpha males ... I'm thinking that that is what will make it work. Frank's side targets Paulie's side. Paulie's side targets Frank's side. Meanwhile, Frank and Paulie decide who goes.

            Lol, maybe Tiff does stay this week.

          • cutencuddly
            cutencuddly commented
            Editing a comment
            The house didn't know about Dan and Memphis ... but did live feed watchers ... that's the question.

            Did they have live feeds then? LOL ... I don't know ... I didn't start watching until a few years ago.

          • BettyBoo
            BettyBoo commented
            Editing a comment
            Yes, there has been live feeds from start. BBAD was on Showtime. I remember seeing the infamous tooth brush toilet cleaning from Season 2 live on Showtime. Also the drunken knife to the throat move, which is why they get toy knives now. So craziness nuttin new.

        • #12
          Timing is everything in this game...... So, Da starts telling James the showmances are a problem to which he replies, but aren't Nat & I a showmance? Da says it's not the same as the 4 b/c people fear Paulie and Nic. She goes on to tell of James how the 4 were talking about "I wonder if this is the love of my life.... I wonder if we'll be together forever...." James basically tries to ease her off the topic.

          Then a short while later Z and Nic coral James in the storage room complaining about Nat to James. Z is upset b/c Nat had the nerve to ask for Z to take a picture of her and Paulie and Nicole is pissed b/c Nat said Corey is sexy. They are both pretty salty and James is getting a first hand account of exactly what Da was referring to.

          Meanwhile Tiff has the bright idea for Frank to try to coerce Da into saying she would vote out Corey/Nic but Frank says Da won't talk game to him anymore . The truth is Frank has talked to Da about this repeatedly so he can't afford to revisit it b/c Da will just turn it around on him.


          • #13
            If I wasn't confused when I started then I certainly am now. Who is after who and who is playing and lying?


          • #14
            Wonder when they will cut the live feeds? Normal Thursday afternoon or before? Then it sounds like they'll be down till after Fri nite show? Any hints or rumors out there? Thanks to TTOTambz for interesting side lights.

            Is Tiffany smart, yes. But how clever is it to use Audrey's and Vanessa's gamebooks when they both lost AND lost in spectacular fashion? Whether the 'Oh woe is me' tears are real or not, they don't invoke sympathy, they only annoy. Now that she's shot all her ammo, the other HGs are again avoiding her. Even if she wins a return ticket, not sure who would trust her as a partner now?

            In the end she targeted Da, but she'd already been tagged by the Alpha Dogs so it was only reaffirmation of what they had already suspected. If Da goes off the rails, then Tiff could be saved, but so far she's kept it together.

            The real fun will be from Thursday to Friday night where game is reset and HGs will have to adjust their game plans. It's gonna be fascinating to watch, but right now too many unknowns to predict the events. As long as my Paulie Boy and James remain safe, I'm good.


            • #15
              Watching Paulie and Frank talking and I laughed because Paulies eyes looked like Michaels just before he did the restaurant shooting. Will he keep Tiff another week? Please for my sake, Paulie Boy, cut her loose. I can't take the crocodile tears or smug lectures any more. Go back to teaching math and darken our House no more, you wench!


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