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Live Feed Discussion-July 20

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  • Live Feed Discussion-July 20

    Morning all.

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    Morning geo and all who follow,

    Paulie is clearly running the house. He has Paul as his spy, James keeping an eye on Da, and Corey reporting on Nicole, and what Z says to her. He told James this morning, "I am on the fence about Da going this week." Paul came in and snapped both James and Paulie back onto Tiff as the boot. I expect Tiff to go out Thursday. Paulie is very worried about Da. In Paulie's plan, if he can get Frank out this week, Bridgette stops being a threat, and he will focus on Da for next week. Then guys have to step up to the plate, and girls have to start going home.

    Paul has moved far up the food chain, and is now vying with Corey to be Paulie's number two. His social game has been impeccable, and only James seems to have him on the radar, and I am not sure that James is becoming more comfortable with Paul around.

    It is going to be a short week of feeds, with the feeds likely going off just before the Thursday live show, and not coming back until late Saturday night.

    Unless something more pings on Paulie, to move him off the Tiff boot, she will go home this week, likely in a unanimous vote off.


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      Morning Geo, Ken and all who follow....

      After a long overdue sleep I get up to check BB updates, imagine my surprise when all I could find was Nicole's Bachelorette updates!

      Zak said she might pull back, which has Nicole running to Corey to tell him if Paulie doesn't kiss Z then she (Z) will pull back. WHY is Nic doing this? Because she needs PaulieZ to stay connected so NiCor don't stand out like a sore thumb. UMMM.. too late Nic.

      This little incident proves Nic has zero girl code either. Man, I just can't with her game play this season. Nic is setting herself up for a big fall when she discovers Corey is ONLY using her to get deep in the game. Nic has no one to blame but herself. Of note, b/c Corey told Paulie this information he is now going to have a heart to heart with Zakiyah to explain why they should wait to get out of the house and not kiss inside. Will this clue in Z that Nicole spilled their private conversation to Corey? Will it create enough of a problem for Z to pull back closer to Da or Mich?

      Proving the point Nicole has gotten sloppy is Paulie has moved Nicole up on his hit list which is now: Tiff, Frank, Da, Bridgette, and then Nicole! Even Frank I think has caught on somewhat as he either brought up or played up a Corey ex girlfriend. The fact Nicole is discussing how worried she is in a room full of people shows how far off the deep end she is. That because he knows Corey needs to be separated from her. Give it just a little longer and watch Nicole's target grow.

      It's crazy to me I could go from liking a player so much to abhorring them in less than a month. Nicole actions have served to set back BB females and women in general by years with her vapid, insecure actions. I have trouble even watching her on the screen anymore.

      At one point Nic said "I came here not wanting to get into a showmance, geez what is wrong with me" Precisely Nic, precisely!

      The only game action occurring was the constant pushing by Frank with Paulie to oust Da and saying how she would influence the jury. Funny part is that argument doesn't help Frank b/c Paulie knows Da would vote for him over Frank. Then Frank tells of Tiff's bright idea to hide in the bench while Frank gets Da to admit she would vote out Corey. Again, this doesn't help Frank b/c the fact Tiff is even trying to plot anything will only serve to remind Paulie of "Tiff's scheming" regardless of how inane the idea is.

      Nicole tells Corey she told the live feeders she will be voting out Tiff which bodes well for Da. Let's hope TPTB keep them focused in that direction. The power has shifted between this couple so now Nic will do whatever Corey wants not the other way around.

      Of note, Frank has said all along to Nic that he'll vote with the house, so if he knows Tiff is leaving he/Brig may also vote her out. In that scenario I wonder if Tiff returned in the Battle Back if it would open the door for her to once again work with Da since Frank/Brig obviously weren't even willing to take a stand to show they had her back.

      Da has one more day (no pun intended) for Frank/Tiff/Brig to amp up their efforts to oust her and for her to stay calm. I imagine if there is going to be any type of confrontation we can expect it to occur today.

      Meanwhile Paulie, James, et el can't help but notice how demonstrative NiCor's relationship is getting. THAT has to be a concern for Paulie which with time might also make him want to keep Da as he may want her to take out Nic IMO. The other notable news was how up in arms the house got over Da hanging out with Nat. Seriously? Is she supposed to sit alone in a room? This BB crew is one of the most paranoid, unappealing crew ever! If it weren't for James/Nat & Da's DR's I'm not sure I'd have any interest in watching.

      This house has no true alliance, no true strategist and all the players are telling major lies. Even Paulie told James a whopper (that Da told him James was coming after him) it was a complete fabrication, but I wonder if James believed him.

      As Ken notes Paul has become pivotal to Paulie (at least this week) as he keeps him focused on ousting Tiff. The question is if Victor, Bronte or Jozea return could this shift the thinking on Paul? I wonder if James will start trying to plant seeds with Paulie regarding Paul (who he has no trust in) or if James will try to pull Paul away from Paulie. This is perhaps the one area of the game which could shift. I'd be interested to see how Paul acts the minute Paulie is in danger and if that would lead to Paul losing ground in Paulie's inner circle. To that end, will Z/Nic start becoming suspicious of Paul. It will require a power shift & the right person returning, but ... there is potential for that shift.

      Weds will give us hints of who TPTB want to remain in the house. Hopefully that's Da as Tiff would have a far greater chance of winning her way back. Obviously that could offer some interesting drama as she might once again shuffle her strategy/alignment.

      Ken nailed it yesterday when he said several cast members games are on thin ice. That said, whoever wins HOH will reshuffle the deck again. If NiCor, Mich, Z, FraBrig win it would be the same targets FraBrig or Da/Returnee. (maybe it would put Paulie in a vulnerable position if Frank was willing to put him up with Corey if TPTB got in his ear).

      I suspect teams will be over this week BUT I also think RK will continue. Sure would love to see Nat or James win HOH so they can target FraBrig & maybe the potential for Frank to out Nicole/Corey's double dealings (in the event of Da winning RK). Also wouldn't mind one of Nic, Mich, Z on the block this week so they finally get a taste of how it feels to be in danger.

      Best Opportunity for DRAMA:
      From a drama perspective if Frank, Brig and Nic were on the block it offers the most potential as then Frank could out all of Nic's double-dipping & it might offer Da a little leniency from Mich/Z when they learn Nic has been playing everyone while trying to put the target on Da.

      The only way I see both Corey/Nicole on the block is if they keep teams this week and Big Sister wins HOH which would protect Da/Z/Paul. Then assuming Paul was HOH I could see him putting up just one of Bridgette/Frank and in this scenario if the other were selected/won POV it could offer the potential for the most excitement. In that scenario assuming Natalie was already up (and the returnee had a week of safety) who would be the replacement nominee?

      Would Michelle & Z be put up with Nat? If that occurred it would highlight the girls are expendable to them. If they put up James it would show where he sits on the totem pole. AND if they used it to put up Nicole she might be ousted as the most dangerous of the targets. If that happened it would also allow the girls to pull back together as a unit.

      I'd love to believe the girl's could realign, but I have no faith that can occur as long as Nicole remains in the house (UNLESS Corey gets ousted in the event they both were on the block, but feels like that's unlikely this coming week). Plus it's a given if Corey left Nicole would make it her mission to get out whoever nominated him, unless of course it meant him/her remaining.

      At this point though I wouldn't be surprised if Nic threw away her game on the outside chance he'd take her for coffee and a fondle post BB.
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      • Livzee
        Livzee commented
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        I am kinda sickened by the inability of these girls to take their own power seriously. As someone who watched the women's movement make big gains for us in the 60's, this is so many steps backwards - the patriarchy is scoring big points. Really dismayed. Nicole has slid from one of my faves to wishing she would get booted.

      • TTOTambz
        TTOTambz commented
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        Ditto Livzee

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      After listening to the convo in the HOH room early this morning, between NiCor, Paul, Michelle, Z, and Paulie, and side convos with the remaining hamsters throughout the day, I am totally convinced that when they do the mental evaluations on potential cast members, that they ALL must have narcissistic personality disorder in order to be cast on BB. SORRY for the run on sentence, I have always sucked with punctuation. The above is just my opinion.


      • Luanne
        Luanne commented
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        I think you are right about that. I think they look for people that fail the test. Do not worry about run on sentence. I get to typing and forget all about punctuation. We are not writing for a grad, so it does not matter tome.

      • Livzee
        Livzee commented
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        flaming narcissists... except for James and Natalie and maybe Michelle and Da.

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      I'm curious as to why there's no report or discussion of Nicole's meltdown over Corey's ex girlfriend. I don't have the feeds.


      • Luanne
        Luanne commented
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        I only watched feeds early this morning, so I missed that. If I can find a time, I will flash back and try to catch something for you.

      • TTOTambz
        TTOTambz commented
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        Yeah I read about it on another update. How crazy is it Nicole got upset at Corey b/c he has an ex girlfriend who is obsessed with him (and apparently from over a year and half ago). She went on a rant about being worried the girl would beat her up. WHAT???

        I also found it hilarious that Nicole went on a long rant over Da 'being happy' the girls were fighting with their boyfriends and was based on Da listening to them and just leaving the room (b/c like us she probably doesn't want to hear it anymore) Seriously Nicole?
        This was created b/c they played hide and seek with Paulie/Nat ending up hiding in the same spot. I swear Nicole has lost it, I sure hope they show it tonight or tomorrow on the episode to show the National TV audience how Nicole is acting like a teenage girl.

        The fact her only game play is to complain about Da reveling in them fighting (with no real back-up for that assessment) shows how ridiculous she's being. At least she's remained consistent in her attacks of Da. Can't help but wonder how stupid she will feel post BB at how she's acted. I'm starting to wonder if Hayden broke her heart and she's on the verge of a break down.

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      After catching up on the LFU's and discussions from yesterday and this morning, I remembered that back on July 1st, I felt like I was all alone when I said:
      I don't like Nicole. There, I said it. I really don't like Nicole, with her whiny-butt ways and paranoia and someone-take-care-of-me-itis. Begrudgingly put up with her last time, because I was the one big Hayden fan from the very beginning - but I don't like her. Whew. Glad to get that off my chest.
      Now, I feel like ''we got a party up in here'', don't we?


      • MrsVee
        MrsVee commented
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        Well said smee! My ears haven't stopped hurting between Bronte and Nic's winning voices

      • JeanK
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        HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I remember the comment. I have trouble posting in here. If I say more than a few words I get booted.

      • ~smee~
        ~smee~ commented
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        Hey, @[email protected] , who's been booting you??? Say as many words as you want -- I want to hear (read) them!

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      Several people have said they would love it if Vanessa was a Pandora's Box entry into the house. Am I the only one who wishes it would be Hayden Voss?

      Can you imagine if Michelle or Natalie got too close to him and Nicole lost her mind all while she's doing her handiwork with Corey each night (which Hayden will obviously have seen.

      In an inane season like this if we are going to have this teenage girl drama, let's make it full on worth while LMAO
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      • Livzee
        Livzee commented
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        spit out my tea... bring it ON.

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      Not sure where this should go or be brought up, but did anyone catch the stuff with Michelle, her twitter account, and her personal life? Very interesting and may open a picture of how Michelle will play out the rest of the summer.

      Added the information to her player discussion thread.
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      • Delvoire
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        ~smee~ I added it to her houseguest discussion thread, per KennyERJ 's suggestions, which was a good one

      • Lynette
        Lynette commented
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        Thanks for posting. Looks like sibling rivalry. Makes me think these girls in the house will be a piece of cake for her to deal with.

      • psucolleen
        psucolleen commented
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        I heard that her account had been hacked.

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      Big Brother Fantasy Game players, get your answers in for this week's round...

      --->>> DARTBOARD <<<---


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        Two things stand out from yesterday (aside from Nicole channeling her 13 year old self):

        Paulie's Lie to James:

        The lie: Da told Paulie, James was targeting him

        That lie combined with Da saying the showmances had to be broken up led to James confirming that info to Paulie. I'm not sure if James was looking to vote Da out or if he was just showing his loyalty. It turned out to be a moot point as Paulie reminded them Da will still target Frank over Paulie which dialed them all back in.

        How much ground Paul gained with Paulie this week:

        The interesting thing is once James leaves the room Paulie tells Paul the order for eviction is Frank, Da, Bridgette, Nat then Nic/Mich. Of course he leaves Zakiyah as the last oust and makes Natalie the first one. I wonder how that will play with James who should be asking why his showmance has to be the first out (plus Da right after Frank) while Bridgette and Michelle remain in the house. Let's hope he starts to think about that order as it arises and how his top 2 females have to be the first to go.

        And as Luanne pointed out last night & Ken today Paul has taken full advantage of the Corey/Nicole growing showmance by climbing higher in Paulie's pecking order.

        Can Paul drop as quickly as he rose?

        I'm curious what everyone's read on Paul is?

        Is he setting up Paulie to take him down once Frank/Bridgette are gone? Or is there a possibility he'll target Corey so he's tighter with Paulie?

        IMO certain events could affect their closeness just like this week has changed how close Corey/Paulie are.
        • Who returns in Battle Back (if Paul goes to them at all it will raise suspicion with Paulie)
        • If Paulie is in danger at all & gets paranoid it could switch how he thinks about Paul
        • If Paul finds himself with any power & he targets someone other than who Paulie tells him to (Read: dictator 2.0) it could cause him to lose ground.
        • And IMO the biggest mistake Paulie has made this week is SHARING TOO MUCH INTEL. If Paul finds himself in any trouble (with Da or James for example) why wouldn't he tell James that Paulie made up that lie about Da or tell her? He's armed with a ton of inside info after this week which is extremely dangerous in his hands. Hey he loves to tell lies imagine how much he'd revel in sharing facts!

        This season with no true allegiance it's provided the one true consistency which is realignment each week. Given that, while Paul has moved up in Paulie's order of anywhere between his top ally to 4th on his list he could just as easily drop. As Ken pointed out James isn't thrilled with Paul and he could be the one to out Paul's shadiness. You have to think if Frank is in any trouble (and if Da isn't in play) he could out some lies Paul has been saying.

        I've kept wishing Da would call out Brig for throwing away her jewelry just to learn if that really did happen or was something Paul made up. It's mind boggling to me how many absurd lies he's got away with so far this season.

        Bottom line, the rise of Paul in Paulie's camp has as much to do with Paulie not trusting any of his original allies as it does with Paul delivering intel to him & acting like Paulie is in charge.

        Case in point:

        Zakiyah: was Paulie's 1B entering this week, but then uncertainty over whether she repeated information, news of a possible girl's alliance and now this stupid 'kiss' situation has witnessed her plummet to below Paul/Corey & James. The latter situation Zak can thank Nic for (she repeated it to Corey who repeated it to Paulie).

        Corey: it's obvious the couple have become even closer. Frank/Tiff outing Nic had a F2 with Frank combined with Corey pushing to help Frank's situation (vote out Da) has made Paulie suspicious of Corey, so he'll want Frank and Nic out before Corey regains his F2 position with him.

        James: Though Paulie trusts him I think he's worried to make him his true F2 partner b/c James is so well liked & b/c Frank got in his head about the jury being influenced by James having a child. His near obsession with Nat is another issue. Apparently Paulie dated a girlfriend of hers and she dated a buddy of his which has influenced how he views Nat. Let's face if that was a bad relationship Paulie may be taking that out on Nat.

        Michelle: the Big Meech entered the week sitting in a much improved position on Paulie's ladder esp with Corey having pulled away. One Tiff freak out and spilling on info from her/Frank later & suddenly Mich has dropped down his rankings.

        So... Paul jumped ahead of them all. That said, since Paulie seems unable to resist his ego or be swayed by simple comments that lead to paranoia there's no reason to believe he couldn't fall off Paulie's ladder just like the people above did.



        • Walleye
          Walleye commented
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          I think paul is one little incident from getting sent out lol. The weight of all those lies has to catch up to him eventually?

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        This morning, after James and Paulie talked. Paul joined them. I only watched a short while. Paul tends to go on and on. I have read else where, that Paul and Paulie mentioned the F2 that they had from the beginning. When I get time, I will go back and watch the rest of Paul and Paulie's conversation. I have said several times, Paulie wants Paul in his F3. I had no idea, they had a F2 for quite a while. (if they do)


        • MrsVee
          MrsVee commented
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          This does not surprise me Paul has been on the block how many times lost all of his close friends and has managed to somehow not be on anyone's radar lately! I would like to see Victor come back in and see what happens .

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        Originally posted by TTOTambz
        I'm curious what everyone's read on Paul is?

        Is he setting up Paulie to take him down once Frank/Bridgette are gone? Or is there a possibility he'll target Corey so he's tighter with Paulie?

        I don't credit Paul with enough game savvy to say that he is setting anyone up. I'm not sure he just doesn't have diarrhea of the mouth and a need to spin tales and is enjoying the attention he gets from everyone as he dumps on the others .... and that he's lucking out so far because this house isn't rational.

        ... but maybe it'll turn out that I'm wrong and he has more of a plan than I'm crediting him for.

        Also, on 2nd thought, maybe the people in the house are toooo rational and they can't imagine that with as much as Paul is telling their side that he could possibly be sharing like that with the other side, because they wouldn't dream of doing such a thing because it would be so ridiculous.


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          I am bemused that they all run to Paulie hat in hand to get permission to make their own secret vote. But I don't hear the mass grumbling to get him out like there was for Frank, then Tiff and now Da. Instead all the remaining men are vieing for his attention and dare I say it, approval! Without a real earthquake in the house he should weather this week OK, despite vulnerability.

          The more desperate Frank is to keep Tiff, the more likely she is to go. If she only adds to his game and they want him gone, why keep her? And do they really trust her as armor against Da when she's already turned her back on the group that saved her? She's built zero trust. Without some seismic shift in the House, she'll be voted out tomorrow.

          James and Nat = AHHHH
          Corey and Nic = Eweeeee
          Paulie and Zak = Make sure the camera gets my good side
          Paulie and Michelle = Hmmmm
          Frank and Bridgette = Misery loves company
          Tiff and Da = Mama, said knock you out
          Paul and Paul = I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and dog gone it, people like me.

          Note: they mentioned yesterday that they heard a trampoline outside. If they are accurate (for once since they missed the dice game), this could be the jump/memory test. Advantage Frank and Corey in height, while James and Nat not so much. Michelle and Bridgette could do well on memory, but Zak won't try very hard. Da and/or Nic could get too excited to play well, but Paul is the wild card and could do well.

          I've got ebooks and movies picked out to survive the BB drought. Desperation anxiety much! Oh well, prepares us for September?


          • KeninVA
            KeninVA commented
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            While I said that I am rooting for Paulie, from a game perspective, I have to admit, he makes it hard sometimes. I watched a little this morning before work. He and Paul in the storage room, now have a &quot;secret&quot; signal of an upside down b, made with their hand. It stands for &quot;Big Brother Bros&quot;. I almost threw up a little, but I had my nice suit on, and no time to change. In someways, I have some hope that the DR replays Paul's DR session after Paulie put him, in a few weeks, so he gets to be the one to stab Paulie out, much as Andy did to Amanda.

          • BettyBoo
            BettyBoo commented
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            Remember that Nat immediately fell off the beam in berry comp? She could jump, but could she remember the order of the memory portion?

            Paulie is certainly not without faults, but in this gang he looks like Solomon. However, again the key isn't how WE view him, but how the other HGs view him. Right now he's the sun of their universe. Of course they should target him, but right now they're too busy fighting each other. Sometimes I think Paul is more there to build his company's rep than to win the prize. But he is certainly the one who's big mouth could gum up the works for Paulie. No king lasts forever (except maybe Queen Elizabeth?) and I'm sure his day will come in the game.

            I still believe James can win, just by surviving the 'Slings and arrows of outrageous fortune' of this Bizzarro World.

          • beckyd30
            beckyd30 commented
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            They could have heard one of the battle back battles being fought. It could have nothing to do with a comp for them to play in.

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          With the house shifting every week there are so many truths which could effect next steps:
          • Nicole/Corey early double dipping
            • If Paulie/Mich/Zak learn that it could create tension & Mich/Paulie will feel betrayed
            • Da learning her suspicions all along were correct
          • Paul's copious lies getting outed will serve for Paulie first & foremost being angry though the entire house will be ticked
          • James/Da learning Paulie has lied
          • Frank outing the boys trio alliance (him/Paulie/Corey) & all the things said behind their backs to James/Da. There would be no use telling Nic/Z b/c they won't believe them or care
          • Best of all would be Paul outing Paulie's plan of a F4 of him/Corey/James and saying Corey/James were in on plan to cut girls. If the girls could ever act their age this has the potential for the biggest shake up in the house BUT IMO Nicole is too far gone

          The reality is until a power shift happens Da, Frank, Brig remain top targets. Let's hope that shift happens. I'd still like to see something occur that would allow the vets to draw back together or at least 3 of them. Of all the lies told Paulie's to James (about Da) sucked for me the most b/c James is so loyal. And I feel this lie actually hurts James b/c Da would take him deep. By selling out Da he also puts Nat in danger b/c Paulie's plan is to cut her first.

          Natalie made a comment to James that she told the boys she can't do pull-ups (or chin-ups) but that she can and she's been downplaying her athleticism. I sure hope that fact is true & I remain hopeful James/Nat will realign with Da as it would offer the best of all world's with James/Nat both being physical and endurance capable and Da being mentally capable.

          Finally, I haven't noticed anyone studying yet, but I'd bet Michelle and Da have been doing so while alone.


          • Luanne
            Luanne commented
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            Natalie could and I said could be downplaying her athleticism. I was watching the first time they were playing the orange game, and she was very good. This was when no one was talking to her and they did not throw to her ver often, but she did not miss.

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          I think Frank is going to realize what big trouble he is in after Tiffany is voted out. 1. When Tiff is gone, he's only down to Bridgette as a support player. 2. He will realize he has no influence because he couldn't talk people in to changing the vote. He has to get Paulie out. Frank or Bridgette need to win HOH to change the power/Paulie. Then the old saying "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" will come in to play. In other words, Frank will see he needs to team up with Da to try to get Paulie out and break the 4(Paulie, Z, Corey & Nicole) who are ruling their world. Paul will change sides when the power changes. Mich has always been a little loyal to Da. I don't see any other way to get Paulie out. If one of those 4 win HOH, Frank will be gone and I don't see anyone that can challenge Paulie's power. So I will be rooting for a Frank or Bridgette HOH on Thursday.


          • ROB281
            ROB281 commented
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            So Paulie is comfortable.... BBU God will not like this... Oh Allison!

          • sofieckcs
            sofieckcs commented
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            SmilemakerRDH, all the more reason I'd like to see him taken down a peg. He thinks the game is his.

          • KeninVA
            KeninVA commented
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            TTOTambz, I have not. All of them have been biting their alliances, with the exception of James, who only recently started outing Da, and Natalie, who except for Bronte, has no alliance, oh, and Z, who only cares whether Paulie will kiss her.

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