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Live Feed Discussion-July 21

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  • Live Feed Discussion-July 21

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    Morning all. It looks like Tiffany is on her way out the door. There was no way she was going to get the votes because of the way people are paired up. She didn't have anybody she could say she would put up next week if she won HoH. They are all too intertwined.

    I have to wonder if the HGs actually see a path to the end for themselves or if they're just on the anybody but me train. James at least should know better. You have to plan to have numbers when you need them to get out the power alliance.


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      Good Morning Geo, Ken, Luanne, All who kept me company last night on the boards, and all who follow:
      Good Morning All,

      Well to say it was a very busy night in the BB house is putting too fine of a point on it. I opined on much of the action and even jumped into Live Feed Updates so everyone could catch up with the action.

      I think I was just so excited to be able to literally see some semblance of BB being played instead of waiting for Nicole to hand out roses it got me amped up!

      To summarize:

      * Nicole, Frank and Corey spent the better portion of the day trying to influence and cajole votes for Tiff to stay and Da to leave.

      *Paulie remained steadfast in his goals.

      *At one point today Corey told Frank he and Nicole will vote out Da and force Paulie to decide what side he is on (for realz!)

      *Nicole lobbied hard to get Da out, but can't get any of James/Z/Mich/Paul to go along and does not want people to be mad at her and incredibly placed the entire blame on James (???) for this decision

      *Frank ascended to the Paulie Pit to explain why Da needed to leave, pissing off Paulie in the process for discussing game points in front of Paul. He also indirectly admitted at one point to targeting Paulie/Corey

      *During the above conversation Corey was adamantly on Frank's side trying to push Paulie in that direction. (who was NOT amused)

      *Frank told the guys the reason Da has to go:
      • she is after him
      • can't be trusted
      • and his biggest concern is that Da can't make jury because if a girl gets to the end she'll try to influence the jury to vote for her

      * After Frank left Paulie (annoyed by Corey) tried to make him understand the reasoning of Frank meant he was directly doing what he had done before - - playing a selfish game and he via his main point is telling them he has no intention on taking a guy to the end. In reality this was a very astute observation from Paulie

      *Corey agreed at this point to vote out Tiff (see below as he again tells Frank something different)

      *Nicole and Tiff spent time talking-- each telling truths and lies about Da. The most hypocritical of which was Nicole saying if she had a F2 with someone (she does with Da remember) she would never throw them under the bus & would go out of her way to keep that person's name out of people's mouths. Tiffany was in full agreement. (okay so this is Nic who has been after Da since week 1 and Tiff who just blew up her all of her alliances) Do they not recognize how they sound?

      * Also noteworthy was Bridgette calling all the girls mean girls and how her/Tiff are the only nice girls in the house. Brig stating we will go back to our lives AND THEY WILL BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES: Eyebrow shave or jewelry toss anyone? The irony here is Frank tells Brig they may have to take out Tiff ext week and she simply says ok!

      * Also, after talking to Nicole for an extended period of time while Nicole dissed on her favorite subject (Da) Tiff downloaded to Brig and they both commented on how shocked they are Nic is all in on the showmance again & they can't believe it. Tiff also took away from the convo how cunning Nicole is (so she does know Da was right about a lot of things)

      *Michelle and Nat had a fun filled evening worthy of viewing b/c they were laughing so hard they had trouble catching their breath. While all this drama was going on around them it was cool to be reminded some people can have a genuinely good time

      *Corey & James talked, then Nicole & James then the trio with James saying Da won't win anything & taking out Tiff cripples Frank so they ALL AGREED to vote out Tiff

      *Then Nic/Corey went to deliver the news to Frank who REFUSED to believe the votes weren't there or that Nic/Corey didn't want to go against the house.
      • He asked Nic to lie to Mich which Nicole wasn't comfortable with.
      • It was a long conversation with Frank getting more and more aggravated (b/c he can't tell Nic why he doesn't want Da in jury).
      • It's in the updates that I posted this morning.
      • At the end of the conversation Frank doesn't come right out and say he will bully people but his intention is clear .. he will lie/bully or do whatever he has to with Paul, James and Michelle today to FORCE them to vote out DaVonne.
      • Corey continued to tell Frank he is on board with him (which should make for an interesting day and SHOULD have a very interesting effect on his relationship with Paulie

      The fall out of this conversation is Frank absolutely refuses to give in on this vote. While I can't guarantee I suspect Corey caused a ton of damage to his/Nicole's game last night. BECAUSE today Frank will tell James what they said (Nicole especially put all the blame on him) & he will tell Paulie the same (read: Paulie/James are the only ones against this .. Frank will definitely sell NiCor down the river today).

      *Speaking of which, believing he had put the vote to bed Paulie told Tiff he advised Frank if he got the split he would vote out Da. When Paulie learns (from Frank) that Nicole/Corey told him they want Da gone & James/Paulie are the ones holding up the vote (and you know he will) Paulie is going to get pretty angry at NiCor

      I suspect this is all going to lead to either a 6-2 (possibly 6-3 vote if Corey remains resolute) or an 8-0 vote for Tiff to leave.
      James is unaware Nic/Cor put everything on him (or he will be until Frank tells him.. which we should expect at some point today)

      Other Notables:

      Corey and Nicole are not even trying to hide their affection for each other any longer to the point the house is FULLY aware of how close they have become and their target b/c of it is GROWING DAILY. This is just my gut instinct but....

      The fact Michelle told Nat that Da won't target her, James or Nat (and spent most of the night laughing/hanging with Nat) speaks to Michelle is keenly aware of the pairings occurring in the house. She has always been observant but Nicole is over playing her hand to the point that IMO Mich is now seeing what Da was talking about. Specifically:
      • All she hears is Zakiyah & Nicole talk about their relationships
      • Nicole pushed hard for her to make up with Tiff (who Michelle rightly or wrongly feels betrayed by as it was Da/Her who were the instigators to keep Tiff... NOT Nic)
      • She sees Nic/Cor constantly talking and hanging with Frank
      • She sees how close Paulie/Paul have grown.

      For the second morning running Michelle has listed her HIT LIST as: Tiff, Brig, Frank, Da, James, Nat, Paul, Paulie, Corey F3 with Zak/Nic

      BUT my gut tells me as she learns more about the NiCor betrayal (and the showmances grow) she may start to adjust the list and end up with James/Nat moving higher up the ladder ahead of Corey/Nic/Paulie and possibly Day also moving forward. All it will take is one scare on the block at the hands of one of those 4 and she'll readjust IMO.

      As for James I'm starting to see where he lies. Knowing Da was already a target he pulled Paulie back closer by confirming the showmance info. This to cement his position BUT IMO he is keeping options open:

      He told Nat that Da won't win and won't be after them anyway because he knows Da won't target him/Nat until 5 or 6 others are gone.

      He said to Paulie I have you and Corey's back (noticeably absent from that exchange was PAUL).

      So, I believe James will allow Fridgette to target the showmances & vice versa while he will try to take out Frank, and I think he will work to forge a divide between Paulie/NiCor but he'll also try to pull in Brig to take out Corey.

      IMO James is willing to sacrifice Da (at some point) but his intentions are to go deep with Nat, Da, Mich & possibly Paulie (although his ideal is for someone else to take out Paulie, so he remains committed to their deal).

      Yes I know James is a very loyal player, but if/(I think more likely when) Frank/Brig end up in trouble (this week? soon?) it just stands to reason Nat/Brig will be the ones who Frank &/or Brig will come to with all of the details of deals Nicole & Corey have made. At that point James will learn of the Fatal 5, the Showmances plus Michelle & the deals Nicole was making left right and center. Sure it might lead to James growing tighter to the "guys" BUT Corey is equally at fault & I've yet to hear Corey say to Paulie he's comfortable going deep with James.

      Personally I think James/Nat just need to observe, listen and duck for cover as the big guns go at each other If James/Nat are lucky they'll sail through to F5 with themselves and hopefully only 1 of the big targets remaining.

      I think I've also figured out the extra reason behind Paulie-Paul relationship. ... Paul is offering to help set up Paulie in L.A. so he sees him as a networking avenue post BB.

      Funny bits:
      After Paulie let off a little steam about Corey and him needing to reel him back in and explain the deal with their guys alliance, James walked into the Tokyo room where Nicole, Corey, Nat, Bridgette and Tiff were and asked so who are we voting out tomorrow? Corey stammered and said you mean the vote... James said Yeah... & Corey said "well whatever the house wants" (also why I believe James is on to NiCor).

      Michelle hid in the broken red locker and jumped out screaming scaring James (that has to be a first)

      GAG of the day:
      Frank said goodnight Norey

      Nicole: I don't like that, I have something better, but I don't want to say it... (pause)

      Nicole: Nicorey

      Bottom line: Pretty sure we can expect to see (or not see at all depending on when they cut the feeds) some MAJOR DRAMA today as Frank makes a hail Mary to get his way and Nicole/Corey get exposed. All this time I thought Nicole's actions would come back to haunt her, but it's Corey who is going to put them in dangers way by saying to Frank "let's FORCE Paulie to pick a side!" Dumb move & one in which Nicole will have to pull him back off the wall from. Then next week expect Frank to be wanting his pound of flesh for 2 consecutive weeks of NiCor not doing what they said they would.

      Fasten your seat belts kids, July 21st in the BB house could be a very bumpy ride!!!
      Last edited by TTOTambz; 07-21-2016, 09:24 AM.


      • #4
        Morning geo, TTOT, and all who follow,

        Following a day and night of campaigning, Nic and Corey have not moved the needle with James, Michelle, Paul or Paulie. Tiff is walking out the door and then will have a 50/50 shot to get back in. Despite his talk about evicting the returnee immediately, if Tiff comes back and Brig or Frank are the HoH, that will not happen.

        James has moved firmly into the showmance alliance, and the Big Brother Bros (Paulie, Paul, Corey, and now James), with James firmly on the side of Paulie and Corey which is not a good F3 for James, but could provide protection to the mid game.

        Paulie demonstrates almost total ownership of the house, which makes him a potential target in a double eviction, and if he ends up on the block, he is likely to see himself getting a quick trip to the jury house.

        Feeds will be down for awhile starting today, and as usual, we are going to the chance to see the most interesting events, when the returnee re-enters the house, and the immediate aftermath of the HOH.


        • TTOTambz
          TTOTambz commented
          Editing a comment

          I want your take on this:

          Corey was adamant about his alignment to Frank. First stating 'We'll FORCE Paulie to choose a side'

          Then after Paulie made him see Frank straight up told them his intentions were to go with females to the end (via his Da had to go b/c she would influence jury to vote for a girl over a guy) Corey agreed.

          BUT he still went back to Frank and still sided with I'm with you. & both Nic/Corey did a poor job (esp Corey) of trying to get Frank to give in. Instead Corey who only served to fuel Frank to keep trying to get out Da.

          Given how pissed Frank is - his intentions seem clear: He will lie/bully/threaten James/Mich/Paul today and based on how angry, forceful he was last night IMO he will likely go to Paulie & tell of Nic/Corey saying they want to vote out Da and tell him NiCor said only Paulie/James are stopping it.

          When Paulie learns this occurred AFTER Corey said he understood and agreed Tiff should go, (which prompted Paulie telling Tiff I'll keep you if you can get the tie vote) do you not think Paulie will sense Nicole and Corey cannot be trusted? (or kept together in the house)?

          Doesn't it stand to reason that Corey's actions will only serve to make Frank's eventual argument that NiCor are playing both sides far more plausible? In other words am I wrong in assuming Corey's (Nicoles) actions following consensus will appear super shady and if I'm Paulie coming into a risk week completely unnecessary.
          Last edited by TTOTambz; 07-21-2016, 08:44 AM.

        • Delvoire
          Delvoire commented
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          You think they may do an Endurance with the final 2 evictee's and the current house-guests, and the last evictee to stay in is back in the game, this also gives them a chance to win HoH as well? I know they've done this a few times before for multiple returnee's.

        • TTOTambz
          TTOTambz commented
          Editing a comment
          I think you meant that question for Ken, but I'll give my two cents. Julie made it sound specifically like a 'battle' like a one on one battle with the winner progressing like in a knock out tournament. That seems to point to each player having to beat someone to move ahead. I think the winner might end up playing in the HOH ... and if not I also think the winner might (as suggested previously) have a week's grace.(safety from block). If they do get safety then it stands to reason they won't compete at all this week.

      • #5
        Good morning all. sdkgeo , I think you nailed it on the head: They are all on the "anybody but me" train. I searched for a way to describe them the other day because it feels like most aren't employing any long-term strategy....they only care to make it through this week and alliances shift every day (or week).

        I haven't been able to watch much, but my overall take (from reading updates) is that Paulie/Corey/James/Paul might be the strongest alliance...they seem real? Are they BB18's version of The Brigade with Natalie or Nicole playing the role of Britney? Frank was talking badly about my Brit last night, so I dislike him even more than I did before. (He also talked badly about Danielle from his season.)

        I do agree with geo and others that these HGs should be able to deduce that there is no one for Tiffany to nominate next week if Day left and Tiff stays. She's not going to nom her best friends Frank/Bridge, but Da will (on the offhand chance that she could win a comp). Frank/Bridge really have no one to nominate either if Day leaves...James wouldn't be on board for a Natalie boot, and the others wouldn't be on board (yet) for a Michelle or Zakiyah boot.

        I'm still on the Paulie/James/Natalie F3 train. The other females have all disappointed me. My latest list from favorite to non-favorite:

        Paulie (based on game play...he talks too much, but he's at least thinking BB strategy)
        Natalie (she's in third place simply because the others have fallen below her)
        Paul (tenuous position in my rankings...I think he's benefitting from me only reading, not watching him. This could change quickly.)
        Zakiyah (she needs to start playing to move up in my rankings)
        Michelle (she's growing on me...she could start moving up)
        Corey (His behavior in the house lends credence to the pre-BB uproar over his bigoted tweets, and he truly doesn't have a clue what's going on).
        Nicole (Nicole is in last place only because I'm so disappointed in her pre-teen behavior over a dang boy. SHE KNOWS HOW TO PLAY and she still is embarrassing herself. I actually like her better than I like Frank or Bridgette, but she's going to stay in last place until she wakes up and realizes, "He's not that into you and you're throwing away your chance for half a million dollars.")

        My hope for Battle Back winner:
        Glenn (because he deserves a chance to play). I would hope for Tiffany if she'd come back in and cause drama, but she looks like she's only going to pout so I'm not interested.
        Last edited by nonobadfish; 07-21-2016, 07:44 AM.


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          It just dawned on me that the timing of the Battle Back might allow for the winner of the Battle Back to be in essence this week's Road Kill winner and be able to nominate a HG for eviction. That could be interesting if either Bronte or Victor win their way back in.


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            Big Brother Fantasy Game players, get your answers in for this week's round...

            --->>> DARTBOARD <<<---

            You have less than 12 hours to get your answers in!


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              I'm curious how much of a stink Frank is going to make today given his absolute refusal to listen at all last night. I'm also curious if he/Brig end up voting out Tiff and not even bother to give her sympathy votes AND if Tiff does return how she will view their decision.

              Will that make Tiff realize THEY ALSO were just using her?

              As for the Battle Back I am concerned Victor would align with boys &/or go after James/Nat which makes him my least ideal candidate to return. Like many I'm intrigued to see Glenn's game play in a season of so little of it (but find it highly unlikely he can win 4 rounds to return).

              I like the idea of a Bronte return b/c she (although a newbie) could offer some interesting moves and could be the person who wins a DE comp to send one of Corey/Paulie out the door. (tee hee).

              As much as I wanted to see Tiff play the game her choices this past week and inability to leave herself ANY wiggle room have me thinking her return would not offer anything we haven't seen already. I know Frank/Nic/Corey were working her votes but not to keep Tiff per se, rather for their own individual desires.

              As much as I felt her speech was not well thought out (too aggressive as per my post earlier this week), and her choice to out every alliance she had in the house was short sighted leaving no forward path. For me what was most disappointing is she did exactly what all the girls said of her, she isolated herself going on constant tirades of woe is me. She could have tried to talk to Michelle and Zakiyah to understand why they were upset or swallowed her pride. Had she bothered to consider their position perhaps she could have built a bridge. Especially with Michelle who fought to keep her and cried over the thought of her leaving. Mich felt completely betrayed by her, but Tiff stubbornly refused to consider the position she put Mich in.

              I'm not saying either lady is right. However, BB is a game that requires the ability to adapt and one of the keys to winning requires the player to consider anothers perspectives and points of view. Great players like Dan, Will, Derrick, Eric, Danielle Reyes, etc all brought a tool box full of skill sets to the table (heck even Vanessa whether you like her or not). Most of them recognized a kind gesture goes a long way, building bridges are important, but perhaps the most important strategic tool is being able to decipher what each players individual strengths, weaknesses and goals are. Once you know those you can formulate a plan to show the player you have common goals or point out why a relationship with you is more beneficial (to them) than others.

              Instead Tiff chose to rely on bad mouthing Da or lamenting her position. SHE NEVER GAVE ANYONE A REASON TO KEEP HER.

              Some might say well Da didn't act either, but the difference is Da made it clear who her target was and with so much fodder (truthful and not) in the air her best play was to lie low.


              • misscmm
                misscmm commented
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                One thing not mentioned ... would Tiff even WANT to go back into the house? So perhaps it's a battle of the previous 4???

              • Kasrielle01
                Kasrielle01 commented
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                What did Tiff do that has Michelle feeling so betrayed?

              • herms is here
                herms is here commented
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                To me Tiff has the most chance of coming back. I am routing for her. I could get on the Paulie train but something about him rubs me the wrong way. I am definitely on the james/natalie train.

            • #9
              Is it my imagination? No one mentioned Zakiya, lol. So did anyone else pick up on Zakiya doing Paulie's nails and making fun of Asian nail techs? Why is she immune to scrutiny? Is she even in the house anymore?


              • Luanne
                Luanne commented
                Editing a comment
                was not watching the feeds but read about that comment. I wondered the same thing. She is still in the house. Any time I turn on the feeds. she is posing for the camera. She dances for the camera, looks into the camera, tosses her head for the camera and wants to have a baby with Paulie.

              • TTOTambz
                TTOTambz commented
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                I heard her tell Paul she wants him to come to her wedding which she already has planned out to be a Gatsby event.YIKES!

                Run Paulie!

              • crissykins
                crissykins commented
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                Zakiya who?

            • #10
              Good morning all,

              TTO thanks for doing live feed updates last night.

              Lexie, you rock, thank you for the long days that you put in for us.

              Tiffany is going home. I think I want Victor or Bronte to walk back into the house. I want Tiffany to go on home. She is not cut out for this game.

              TTO, Michelle really hates Tiffany right now. I think the real reason is that Paul told her a lie. He told her Tiffany said something mean about her. I can not remember exactly what, I am very old.
              I was watching that day and Tiffany did not say anything about Michelle.

              I am trying to decide who I want to win HOH tonight or Friday. I do not think we will see a HOH competition tonight. Hopefully, we will know as soon as the feeds return who won.

              It is really strange this year, I do not have a favorite to root for yet. I think I know who TTO is pulling for.


              • TTOTambz
                TTOTambz commented
                Editing a comment
                I love Daniele Reyes, Janey actually follows me on Twitter (prob a sports fan lol) and I was a HUGE fan of Neda in BB Can 2, I couldn't stomach Maggie so I'll switch her out with Jillian from BBCan1 (who I'm also not a big fan of, but she was a comp beast). I enjoyed Rene in her season (actually one of my favorite season) and Nakomis.

                Even Shelley was interesting b/c she played a smart game until the end when she couldn't figure out how to detach from Jeff & Jordan.

              • herms is here
                herms is here commented
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                My choice is either James or natalie

              • Luanne
                Luanne commented
                Editing a comment
                herms- I just watched Natalie and James talking. James thinks they should not win HOH this week. Natalie wants to, she is tired of being a pawn. James told her if she wanted to win, go ahead. He feels like they are ok for another week. He talked about who they would put up if they won and how they would make enemies if they missed. I think they will try not to win.

            • #11
              Agreed, Luanne, on hoping Victor or Bronte pulls out a Battle Back win. At this point, James and Nat are the most likable people in the house in my book, and laying low is their best way to go. Let the others pick each other off.


              • #12
                I am just not connecting with anyone in the house this season. I have barely watched live feeds. There is just no one to root for.

                I really wanted to like Day, Z, and Paulie, they're just not doing it for me.

                I liked Nicole when she was on before but she seems a lot whinier this time plus the thing with Corey.

                Corey is like a Clay re-mold but dumber (didn't think that was possible)

                Tiffany is a disaster. I got really fed up with listening to Vanessa by the end of last year and had some hopes that Tiff would be better - but she's worse, and not as smart about the game..

                Bridgette seems like a nasty little troll trying to be cute.

                Frank 2.0 is not as fun to root for as Frank 1.0

                Paul is just downright annoying. That voice can be heard all over the house on any feed, even if he's not in the room. He's not "my boy" and i don't feel any "friendship" toward him at all.

                Michelle - just something about her bugs me - she's so fake

                James - same old James. I don't dislike him

                Natalie - probably my favorite. She's not a mean girl, but she has no chance of winning this game

                I dunno, i Just can't get into this year.


                • Livzee
                  Livzee commented
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                  You are so right about corey being like Clay...ewwww. James, Natalie, Michelle are likable. Nicole is like Nastily... remember her? Paul is a jerk getting away with crap like crazy for now. Paulie has a good head but the using of the girls is ruthless (I know it's a game) and his inflated ego will get him. Frank is a jerk, and Bridgette makes me wretch. Da is perceptive but moved too quickly and aggressively, so now she's in the soup. And Zakiyah thinks she's on the Bachelor. So who do I want to come back??? Bronte might rearrange some things.

                • TTOTambz
                  TTOTambz commented
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                  I might be imagining this but I think Corey and Klay know each other.

                • Luanne
                  Luanne commented
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                  Corey reminds me of Shane on Frank's other season. He was strong and could win comps but had no idea how to play the game.

              • #13
                What a week. I was a bit under the weather the beginning of the week, now our temps gonna hit 90s today. Last nite, Comcast crashed for couple hours - no WiFi, end of the world! And, oh yeah, the House went nuts since Tiff fever is apparently very contagious.

                Frank is frustrated, while Paulie is annoyed. Corey and Nicole are doing themselves no favors. James, Nat and Michelle move up, while Zak, Da and Bridgette move down. Paul thrives like a weed, while Tiff drowns in pity poor whittle me tears.

                Tiff leaves tonight and a little visitor arrives tomorrow. (And that's not the baby Zak and Nicole crave.) Can't wait for tonight and tomorrow to watch eyes roll and heads explode.

                FYI noted last nite that Paulie started wearing a tee shirt after hearing Zak wants his baby. Hopefully he keeps everything wrapped!! (And that Nat and Michelle didn't waste all the condoms in pranks.) Also that Paul was NOT amused- so much for his sense of humor-hmmm.


                • MrsVee
                  MrsVee commented
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                  Who told Paulie about what Z said?

                • beckyd30
                  beckyd30 commented
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                  Is that what they put in his bed. I thought they were vibrators.

                • TTOTambz
                  TTOTambz commented
                  Editing a comment
                  Again I'm trying to recall with accuracy but I think it was one of Corey or Paul.

                  I know Nicole told Corey about the kiss (so she shared that private moment) and then Corey told Paul. The baby thing I'm not 100% sure of it might have been either of Corey or Paul.

                  Again it's why I'm not liking/respecting Nicole this year. While she gets busy with her handiwork and tells Z how jealous Da is she is the one who shared what Z thought was a private conversation with Corey. I can't even remember if she told him not to tell Paulie.

                  Again............ my refrain of the summer. I hope once Nic's game gets outed that Z learns of Nicole's betrayal as it will surely shed some light for Zak on who Nicole really is!

              • #14
                TTOTambz, I think Corey really wants to align with Frank and Bridgette, over the BB Bros, because, I believe, he would not mind being the F2 with Nic. That makes Frank's argument powerful for him, since I think, even if we have not seen him verbalize it to anyone but Nic, that he would in fact take her over a guy. So, from his perspective, getting Da out actually makes sense for him as well as Frank. Recall, last week, Nic and Corey approached Frank, after the save Tiff movement was underway, and Nic started targeting Da. The "lets align with Frank" convo's were never shared with Paulie, and so Paulie thinks Corey is weak minded, which is one reason he wants him around, but he may not realize Corey is actively scheming to align with Frarnk, over Paulie. Is Paulie astute enough to realize that, I don't know.

                My opinion is that none of these players have the emotional intelligence, nor outward looking house view, to really pick up on all those cues, except for, potentially, Da, and she comes with other baggage, and has been severely damaged in the game. If Frank believes what he is telling everyone, then his goal should be to either get Da out next week, as the last pre jury boot, or keep her until F3, so that she can't poison or sway the jury, and is only a vote. I suspect neither of those things will happen, because Frank the Tank is just that, a blunt instrument of house destruction. All of them have similar issues.


                • TTOTambz
                  TTOTambz commented
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                  AYeah, I'm in agreement. I've said for 2 weeks Corey was more inclined toward Nicole than Paulie and he's gained more say so since the two got 'handy'. Clearly Corey prefers Frank he just doesn't have the cajones to tell Paulie straight up. I also understand why he wants Da out

                  What Corey doesn't understand or as you say doesn't have the emotional/social eptness to recognize is much of the Da hate stems from the fact Nicole has been working all sides of the house. He has bought her lies the Fatal 5 and her F2 with Frank aren't real and has no clue she also has the vet's F4 or F2's with Mich, Da and Z. He isn't aware enough (even though Nicole has basically told him) Da feels like a 5th wheel for a reason. A more aware player would recognize for Da to feel that way at one point she thought she ranked higher than him.

                  Nor does he comprehend the minute Paulie was out of the house he would be Frank's next target.

                  I wanted your take on this b/c quite obviously I'm invested in Nic/Corey getting outed. I sensed Paulie getting really annoyed with Corey last night (he doesn't hide his intentions well... in fact NONE of the guys this season save for James have any subtlety.

                  The combination of Corey continuing to push for Da to leave even after he agreed to vote her out was bad enough, but he made a feeble attempt to help Nicole shut down Frank and once she left he encouraged Frank.

                  Frank is dealing with the combination of realizing he has no power and his outright desire to get what he wants. Frank's tendency is to attack even via threats or lies which is why I believe he won't recognize or care by outing Nic/Corey to Paulie and telling him last night they told him Paulie/James are stopping it that it will hurt their games.

                  Shouldn't that be enough to make Paulie question wanting to keep them as high on his list? Sure once Frank is gone Corey will realign but how can Paulie trust either Nic/Corey now?

                  Plus once Frank doesn't get his way (and finds himself in danger as soon as next week) he'll probably out everything to Paulie about the F4 and Nic's F2.

                  Last edited by TTOTambz; 07-21-2016, 01:28 PM. Reason: At the end of their conversation (Frank/Nic/Corey and continue w/o Nic) Frank got made at Nic and said FINE I'll tell Mich (that the already have the votes). AND he said Corey and I will speak to Paul

                • KeninVA
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                  TTOTambz, I think I agree, with the only subtle difference being Frank will out them, even if he was not threatened. Why, It's a mystery.

                • TTOTambz
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                  IMO it seemed more of certainty than not b/c Frank got heated and by the end of their conversation (Frank/Nic/Corey and continue w/o Nic) Frank got mad at Nic and said FINE I'll tell Mich (that the already have the votes). AND he said Corey and I will speak to Paulie to make him see he is the only one against this and said he'd speak directly to James.

                  When they awoke today his first comment to Paulie was 'people want your blessing' and 'things didn't go well last week'. I asked you and you could be right but I sense Frank isn't about to let this go. Nic told him yesterday it would take an attack from Tiff at Da (to call her out) but Frank said Tiff was too scared and Da was too calm.

                  It may have been late night angry Frank upon just learning they didn't have the votes b/c less than a half hour earlier he said the vote would be 7-1 to oust Da. Or maybe once he has his 'meds' he'll be calmer, but my gut says he'll tell James Nic/Cor said it's b/c James won't do it, same to Paulie and then I think in a last ditch effort he'll try to bait Da.

                  I also think it will serve to put the last nail in Tiff's coffin, but who knows. I've maintained TPTB would rather keep Da bc she at least can play the game and offers golden DR's whereas Tiff provided 1 day of drama/turmoil and then receded into woe is me territory. Plus TPTB could tailor the comp for Tiff to come right back easier than Da.

                  Guess we'll see. Thanks for responding. And hey it's a given my desire for Nic specifically to be outed may be over riding my normal natural gut instinct :-)

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                I kept quite yesterday because I just had no words for the antics in the house. Today I still don't. Will continue to keep my eye on things that jeopardize James' safety and yell to him to watch out.


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