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Live Feed Discussion - July 23

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  • Live Feed Discussion - July 23

    Hello BBU Family,

    We welcome everyone who is here with us this season, long time members, lurkers, and our new friends!

    What many of you ( other than our long time members ) might not know, that despite our "new look" .. we've been covering Big Brother since Season 2 ( watching since Season 1 )

    Obviously, not here at our "new home" but before we adopted ( or adapted ) to this new website last season, many of us - - moderators & members have been together THAT LONG!

    When all this started out, it was simply just updating a group on what was happening inside a great new show that was live online, had great drama and kept us coming back for more.

    The "updating" went from a few "hey did you see what Dr. Will did"? ... to moment to moment updating, when people starting asking .. "well, what's happening now"... and "could you tell us more"?

    Rob created Big Brother Updates just for that purpose and I suppose the rest is history.... because here we are all these years later - Season 18 and we're still trying our best to provide all of you with updates, news, and most importantly a place to call home, a place where you can discuss what's happening inside the Big Brother house and a place that others respect your point of view and give theirs in return. I LOVE to read your discussions and I know that we have a ton of "lurkers' out there that do too.

    If you've been with us for a while, you've seen us struggle here and there to "keep the doors open", what was basically a hobby, turned to a full time labor of love.

    If you know me at all, you know this is my least favorite thing to do, but if asking for help to support everything that we do here, helps to keep us being able to continue to do everything we do here, then I'll ask, without hesitation. ( okay maybe a little hesitation )

    We do have a handful of members, who are always the first to pitch in in times of trouble, and gosh .. I honestly don't know what we would do without them. The same goes for our Moderators, who not only help and guide things along here, they more often than not, help with donations of their own. Such awesome people you are!

    So, whether you are a long time member, a lurker or a new friend to BBU and and you enjoy what you're getting here at BBU, please consider making a donation to help us continue this journey with you. Our server expenses have increased this season, way more than we ever expected, and our live feeds subscriptions are down. It's the nature of the beast, I suppose but I hope that we can all chip in and help Rob, so that we can continue to be here.

    Thanks so much for any help,


    For our newbies... Our PayPal link is located on the website, you do not have to have a PayPal account to make a donation, and using PayPal is safe and secure. Don't forget to add your BBU nickname and if you are a "lurker" ... you can drop me an email, if you'd like, I'd love to hear from you - that goes for all of you!

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    Good Morning!

    It's 3:24 AM BBT and most of them ( aside from Da'Vonne, Bridgette, Frank ) are still up and going ...


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      Good Morning Lexie and all who follow,

      Well to say I'm happy would be an under statement. Why? Because James won HOH and that means he and Nat are safe to jury. It SHOULD also mean Da is as well though there was conversation last night from Frank to try to get her put up as the re-nom, with Paulie also hinting at it.

      Based on the banter around the house here's what we can decipher:
      • Da and Bridgette got into an argument while on the wall
      • Michelle, Zakiyah and Nicole all dropped first making them Have Nots (and some people aren't impressed as it was obvious they felt safe enough not to bother competing)
      • Sounds like James, Da, Nat & Brig were last 4 up
      • Paulie demanded James put up both Bridgette/Frank (which he did) however he feels badly b/c he had promised Brig he wouldn't nominate her previously
      • Now Nat/James are somewhat annoyed as the house is ALL acting (other than Paul/Da) like they had no idea and are shocked
      • At some point Frank got into an argument with Nicole and called her out in front of everyone (you all know I'm dying to hear what went down)
      • Zakiyah is upset Paulie hasn't bothered to "get to know her" and now is pondering whether she should pull back
      • Victor called out Corey on the girl (Shane) that he met prior to coming into the house in front of Nicole (which ticked Corey off)
      • Paulie went to Frank and feigned ignorance & has laid it on thick. He's also pushing for Brig to be sent home over Frank AND EVEN WENT SO FAR TO SUGGEST KEEPING THEM BOTH... WTF????
      • Natalie was adorable last night telling James of Paulie's fakeness with Frank (apparently Paulie told James I said "well you knew it was coming" when this is not at all what he said & Natalie has told James he can't trust Paulie
      • Frank apparently will pick Victor to play POV (Vic says he won't take him down if he wins!)
      • It's hard to decipher if Paulie is trying to set up an all male house (quite confusing on what he really wants)
      • Corey/Nicole constant whispering & closeness may be putting a target on them
      • Brig complained about "mean girls" birthday cake for giraffe & none for her HOWEVER she did tell Zakiyah she did not want to celebrate her birthday
      • Nat is dead on the money saying:
        • she's not into the passive aggressive commentary
        • doesn't like people cutting up each others appearances & won't participate
        • says both sides are guilty
        • her/James determine there is likely an alliance of Nic/Cor/Zak/Mich (assume they think Paulie as well)
        • Nat tells James she knows Corey/Nicole made fun of her/cut her up & she may nominate them if she wins (AHA I knew I loved this girl)
        • When James tells Nat - Frank & others want Da put up if one of them comes down, she says why would you do that b/c she will never put us up. Why play their game for them especially now when they are acting like they had no clue. Further the fact Paulie would demand James put them up & then would suggest targeting Da shows how little respect he has for James to get that much blood on his hands for the house & then not care about him adding even more by putting up Da. Kind of hope if 1 comes down that James puts up Zakiyah just to prove a point to him!

      Bottom line though I'll need to see some DR's I think James is now figuring out Paulie, NicCor have multiple deals & he won't be happy if Frank isn't the main target assuming he stays on the block. He told Nat his ego took over & he didn't want her going up as a pawn again. AND though i could be wrong I think he's starting to figure out based on convo's with Paulie/Frank/Corey that they all are pushing to take out Nat & telling him the other one is saying once Da/Nat are gone they'll have him invested whereas he's not hearing a push to get out Zak, Michelle or Nicole.

      If you go to yesterday's page I commented on how I think the room can be found (either via determining a combo for the slats on the wall or taking the 7 destinations and formulating a 7 digit number aka a phone number).

      Another observation is it's funny how Paulie demanded Tiffany leave on his reign & feels confident enough to think he can still call the shots. The only reason he's considering Da is b/c he thinks she'll come after him possibly ahead of Frank/Brig

      Obviously POV will be played this weekend (today?) & my hopes are Frank/Brig don't win and remain on the block. Problem is it does seem if Paulie/Corey were selected they would likely throw it for Frank to win b/c they won't want to have to show they won't take him down & based on Paulie's shadiness last night you know he's thinking about ways to keep Frank.

      Btw Frank told Brig to take rewards if it's a punishment/reward challenge.. wonder how that sits with Brig as he's telling her to lose so he can be safe.... will she finally get a clue.

      While James was waiting to eat with Nat as she was still a have not, Nicole and Zakiyah were up in James HOH room. I wonder if they gave them a clue about something as the girls discussed the room behind HOH & could hear banging. Were they up there trying to get what they think James would have access to as HOH? At one point Nic/Mich say sure hope James doesn't get a special power.

      If I were James I'd be pretty pissed off that I took all the heat for what EVERYONE wanted & now they are all acting dumb founded. Not sure what's up with Paulie but he was caught in several lies to James, which could change James overall plan. He definitely would prefer to keep Nat (based on what he told her the others were saying & telling her she is only one he trusts 100%). James is someone who is loyal and bases much on actions over words. The fact Da stayed up there to make sure Brig didn't win (and from the sounds of it was seeing spots, but fought just in case James/Nat couldn't stay up made an impression on James especially with the 3 girls basically jumping off all within 2 mins of each other & I think Corey was also down early.

      Sure hope TPTB show much of James/Nat discussion on National show as she has a much better read on the house then people think AND give James/Nat some hints on that secret room b/c they are just so damn cute.

      EDITED TO ADD (because I simply found it so telling of how sweet Natalie is): James & Nat are discussing they would like to play The Amazing Race together. Nat says and then when we are done we'll go find your parents (James is adopted). I mean... cmon. For all the people like Paulie who say she is fake IMO she is the sweetest, nicest, most genuine female in the house & James is the male equivalent. This little pocket couple is actually making me re-think showmances & though it probably won't happen my hopes are James wins AND gets the girl, might be too much to hope for them to finish 1, 2 but that's where I sit at the moment.
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      • herms is here
        herms is here commented
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        I watched a little of the live feeds last night. Particularly, James and Natalie talking in the Have Not room. I really do like them. She, Natalie seems to be a sweet person. I also flipped to Nicole and Zakiyah and was wondering the same thing, what were the doing in James's HOH room. Whatever happened to it just being that, the HOHs' room. Not a room opened to public use. Nicole and Zakiyah are really not playing the game, they are being carried and used for there respective guy's purpose. They are the reason why a guy is probably going to win again.
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      • Raineyc
        Raineyc commented
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        I don't think Nat is fake. She seems to be a genuine person, but I still think she really liked Victor and it wasn't reciprocated so she moved to James who was ready to give her that kindness and attention she wanted from Victor. She even referenced as much in comparison to Z and Paulie and how Z might have to do like she did with Victor and pull away if he isn't as invested as Z is. Now, that doesn't mean she doesn't really like James, but it does for me mean that she rebounded to James, and my concern is rebound feelings usually don't last and I don't want James to get hurt and ruin his game.

        I must say though, I was very impressed with Natalie's observation of the house, and her advice to James not to throw his game away doing what other people want for their game. Maybe she isn't so bad for my boy after all! 😉

        I hoesntly don't think getting out Frank or Bridgette is good for James or Natalie's game. They are no where on those two immediate list to boot.

        I was also happy to see Natalie scold James about breaking his promise to Bridgette. However, I'm sure that James really does feel bad about that because he isn't the type to make a promise just to break it. He was in a tough position. It is pretty sad though to watch the NEWBIES running the Vets. Smh.

      • Walleye
        Walleye commented
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        I would also like to see James win and get the girl. I'm sure it won't happen, but somebody wins the lottery eventually.

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      So based on this mornings news regarding the special room I've erased my post as I over shot the mark BY A LONG SHOT... ie. it is much simpler that I thought.
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        Morning TTOT, Lexie and all who follow,

        James won HoH, Paulie is still running the house. Frank and Bridgette are on the block, and the consensus right now is that Bridgette should be the target. These are bad nominations for James, and he has seriously weakened his position in the house.

        The girls have ceded all control the the guys.

        Not much to say until after PoV, but from the little I have gleaned this morning, Paul might be in the best position in the house right now.


        • Raineyc
          Raineyc commented
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          I agree with you 100% KeninVa. These nominations are not good for James at all. They aren't even good for Natalie, so for him this is truly a waste. His nominations only served Paulie and his core alliance.

          Question: Did I miss something? They were telling Victor it was all Frank's fault that he left. I don't remember that being the exact case.

        • TTOTambz
          TTOTambz commented
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          Rainey, it's that beat them while they are down mentality, though back that early in the game Frank was kind of calling the shots. That week Paulie/Frank kept Victor feeling calm and laughed about it in the background.

          And as far as these nominations only serve Paulie, apparently only if Bridgette leaves b/c he just told Frank he needs to win POV and that he can't save him. Paulie is completely trying to back handle this nomination to keep Frank (big target) and oust the female. Poor James, I'm so not impressed with Paulie as he'd have been furious if that happened on his HOH.

        • breakingwave
          breakingwave commented
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          I think the girls might not be doing so badly it looks like they are under the thumb of the guys but they are still going about their business and staying out of the firing range the guys are still using their egos to go after each other. Z and Nicole talk quite often and it remains to be seen if the guys are using them or the girls are just letting themselves be used until they are ready to move forward. Go guys go slay your fellow male dragons while we make the food and oh by the way after you finished slaying each other we will still be making food for ourselves.

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        Good morning all my BBU friends.

        Lexie, I hope you are getting some sleep today. I do not know how you do it. Thanks for the hard work.

        Ken, you are right, The girls have given the control to the guys. They do not have a chance . The only way anyone of them makes it to the end is if one of the guys decide to carry them. I think Da sees that but not sure what she can do about it. Natalie is onto Paulie. Not sure she can convince James, because he thinks he has a F2 with him.

        I agree, Paul might be in the best position right now. If Frank is on the block Thursday, Paul will not let Paulie switch the vote to Bridgette. He wants Frank out. He has not been caught in his many lies.

        Paulie has as many F2 as Frank does. The difference is Paulie makes sure he does not talk about them. He makes sure his F2 knows not to talk about it.

        The game will not be interesting until the numbers drop and the strong males have to start eliminating each other.


        • TTOTambz
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          Don't you think the way NiCor tried to work the house to oust Da right up until the 11th hour speaks to Corey being tied more to Nicole? For James it simply made sense to keep Da over TIff b/c he knows Da has Frank,Brig, NiCor & PaulieZ all ahead of him/Nat. Again, I don't think either wants to go to the end with all guys THAT is solely what Paulie wants.

          Now I do agree James was strongly committed to Paulie, but watching his face as he learned of Paulie's lies last night you could see a shift. It's one thing for Paulie to feign ignorance to Frank, but the fact he lied about it to James gave him pause. And it was a BIG lie. Paulie made a deal of telling James 'I said to him (Frank) what did you expect, you must have seen it coming' when in reality he said to him 'I'm in shock, I can't believe he put you 2 up' Also odd was he said it apparently in front of Nat (did he think she was sleeping.. I only saw her telling James, not the part where it occurred. Is Paulie over confident? Scared? Why would he make such a poor miscalculation?

          Further making me believe James is less inclined to stay true to Paulie now is he opened up to Natalie & told her the guys want her gone b/c they believe then James will be tied to them. I doubt he tells her that if he wasn't second guessing that alliance. (IMHO)
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        • Lexie
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          Thanks Luanne, I got about 4 hours so I'm good : )

        • breakingwave
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          I think James is still just playing at Big Brother not really playing the game. Julie commented last night on the after show that she thought James was just here for the fun I agree, he is not a serious BB player and even after discussion last night he says at least I made jury. I think James claim to fame is getting out the big players like Clay from last year so its Frank he fits on his belt notch then he will probably be done he doesn't want to stick his neck out too far.

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        Well, I got the noms right in the fantasy game ... and started to put James for HOH ... as the most likely way to get those noms ... but I was pretty sure he still planned to throw the comp at this stage, so I picked a "random" person not on Frank's team.


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          Let's see if I can figure out where the secret room is? Ah, why don't we go to where the pounding of hammers is!!!!!! I know, I know gotta get a code to enter. Oh fudge it, just kick the door in. Can you tell I hate riddles? Prefer KISS.


          • TTOTambz
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            Best policy ever.... Keep It Simple Silly!

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          I can't believe how stupid some of the women are in this house. Play the game for goodness sakes, don't let a man be your downfall. Nicole and Z are going to feel pretty ridiculous when they see how much these boys played them. Zakia is straight up becoming a bit psycho. However I think James and Natalie are pretty genuine (I think James would take her to the end) . I am fond of them, I really do like Natalie I think she is a good person. She was making a lot of sense listening to her conversation with James in HN room. She seems to be very observant.


          • herms is here
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            Definitely agree.

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          A few things struck me last night or rather early this morning. First Paulie is for himself only and choosing those he thinks will get him to the end. During his talk with Frank, he did try to cover for James by saying James was in a hard place with the noms. He also told Frank James would be a good one to have with the Bro alliance.

          During the the talk between James and Nat (which I loved), she was pushing him to talk with Bridgette to make amends. I recognize that Nat has a connection with Bridgette from the Spy girls, but this is sound advice. Should Bridgette survive the block, she has no one to turn to. She would be a strong partner for them. She would bring both mental and physical strengths. As much as I like James, he does not have the mental abilities to win those challenges. If James convinces Da , who is also on an island, to join forces, oh what a team. I say this with caution for James because this could set up all girls at the end. However, James is on the bottom with the Bro alliance.

          Now Paul is my question. He was really annoyed with both Frank's and Bridgette's poor me spiel last night. I am curious about his play in the vote if by chance both Frank and Bridgette stay on the block. I am not a fan, but he is a smart guy. How will he read Paulie's push to save Frank after all the get Frank out mandates from Paulie. Will he see this as a threat to his assumed position with Paulie? He does have a connection to Bridgette from the early days. Will he get Victor on board to vote out Frank. Paul is a rebel and not beyond a hinky vote.

          One last thing, James will not succumb to pressures to put Da up as a replacement nom. He knows DE is coming soon and knows he needs people to protect him. I do think Da has more loyalty to him than others in the house.


          • TTOTambz
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            I agree 100% Belle.

            Did you notice Paul brought that oust Bridgette tangent around quickly last night to Frank has to go 100% and Paulie acquiesced.

            I think your revamped alliance could work, but some things will help expedite it:

            First and foremost Frank & Bridgette need to not win POV (not sure if Frank was sincere saying he'd pick Victor to play or if he realizes Victor won't take him down).

            Next IMO (in the event of a James/Nat/Vic/Da or Paul POV win they should remove Brig from the block & put up Nicole to ensure Frank leaves. We ALL know what will happen then... Nicole and Corey will get outed for their double dipping, with holding to key partners and lies..

            I did hear Frank had some sort of an altercation with Nicole (which he later apologized for) but I'm not sure what exactly it was. Regardless, it's imperative to the realignment as Nic/Corey being outed for not telling Paulie of their F4 with F/B will show Paulie they've withheld from him. (and of course Frank can tell Corey that Nic told him she had no problem letting Corey go to be with Frank,Brig & another female)

            Plus Brig/Frank need to tell Da how Nicole has been gunning for her since week 1. Frank will go to her to save his own butt, however Bridg can equally speak to how they wanted her out last week and fought all the way to show time for it to occur.

            I do still think a 'free agent' Bridgette is better to keep and I further think she'll be open to working with Da given it's the other females who she has larger issues with.

            If Da tells James the girls of 8Pack all promised to not turn their backs on each other for showmances (specifically Nic/Zak) with the 8 minus Tiff maybe James will understand why she was so upset. The conversation needs to be genuine. If James is brought up to speed by Frank on the F4 of NiCor/Fridgette & of Nic's back stabbing he will be far quicker to let the Da counter attacks go (especially when Da tells him Frank was telling her this).

            Da needs to tell James I always wanted us (vets) to be F4 but FrankNic changed that.

            At this point if Paulie tries to sway the house, then James and Paul need to stand up to him & say James did this b/c the house wanted Frank gone & b/c you said you wanted this. We voted how you wanted last week, you need to vote how we want this week. For insurance they need to tell Michelle Frank wants you, Zakiyah up and out next and Nat as the back-up.

            The ideal scenario is actually if Victor plays/wins & removes Brig saying they were always close and then Nicole goes up. James can say everyone wanted this and now you are backing down so I'm ensuring it goes the right way by using a pawn! The mere fact it allows me to get my Nicole bashing is simply a side benefit (you can all feel me grinning right?)
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          • belle1
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            TTOTambz I hear what you are saying about outing Nic. And I know you want this so badly. I am on that train. Either two things need to happen, both Frank and Bridgette stay on the block or Bridgette comes off with Nicole or Z as replacement. Michele is expendable to the group and Corey, Paul, and Victor are to risky as replacements. Nat will NOT be a replacement. Having both still on the block is the riskiest for voting out Frank. Could end up with a split vote: Da, Nat, Paul, Vic vs Nic, Michele, Z and Paulie.

          • belle1
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            Forgot to add one little bit to my first post above. I think James has a little thorn in his side, from the teams part of the game. Frank and others kept pushing and did get two of his team members out. At one point James was pretty adamant about not willing to lose all of his team members when Nat was seen as more expendable than others. Even though he was not with Victor or Bronte, he saw this as a threat to him.

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          I was wondering what Nicole would do this week as a have not as she won't be able to sleep with Corey.

          Then I got my answer last night.....

          Remarkably the 2 steal away to bed (last night they had 2 or 3 sessions) where they play their usual hide and seek patty-cake game, they re-emerge to integrate back into the house flow and then return a few hours later. They've incorporated kissing now adding a greater level of intimacy and the presence of others (awake or not) does nothing to deter them.

          Quite frankly I'm still in shock by how much Nicole has changed, but the fact neither seems to care people are in the room is stunning. Can't people see this needs to broken up immediately?

          Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
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          • PipelinersWife
            PipelinersWife commented
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            I'm surprised also. Last year she wouldn't even kiss Hayden.

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          I am not a big fan of anyone in the game, but if I had to pick the HGs I like the most, it would be Natalie and James.

          Last year, James “summer camp” mindset had a lot to do with his eviction. James has improved his game and his read on the house, but he made a huge mistake by winning HOH. He didn’t follow the good advice he previously gave to Natalie. Given the dynamic in the house, he didn’t need to get into the line of fire. Let the “movers and shakers” go after each other. James was not a prime target and now he has created enemies. Frank and Bridgette were targeting others like Da and Michelle. Other than James, Bridgette may have been Natalie’s only ally. Most everyone else considers both of them (Natalie and Bridgette) to be expendable at this point. The HOH win damages both James and Natalie’s game. I’m afraid James doesn’t think many moves ahead. His game is rather simple and without much foresight or subtlety which could be his demise. I hope James will realize that going forward, Natalie is his most reliable and trusted ally. To heck with those “bro” alliances. Natalie has a surprisingly good read on the house despite not being privy to much game talk by other HGs.

          I hate showmances. They are distractions and more often than not, make those involved more vulnerable and weakens their game. They also reveal a lack of singleness of purpose. The James and Natalie pair is rather cute (I never thought I would say that). Instead of the typical; “I like your body and you like my body, and even though we barely know each other, it is urgent that we have a physical relationship”, Natalie and James have spent a lot of time sharing and getting to know each other. It also helps that both of them seem to be very pleasant, kind people. Natalie reminds me of Donnie and Cowboy (from season 5). They were friendly, considerate and genuine………… real chance of ever winning the game, but you rooted for them as little fish among sharks.


          • TTOTambz
            TTOTambz commented
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            Well said.

            Notable last night was Paulie bad mouthing Mich/Zak 'the girls' being mean to help his own cause whereas Natalie just said I think it's wrong to attack people especially on a personal level, so I just get up and leave!

            Even saying to James these people (who wanted Frank/Bridg up) are playing like B*tches and then apologized for being mean.... there is just no other word for her than adorable!

          • cutencuddly
            cutencuddly commented
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            I'm always rooting for the little fish.

            I understand how hard it would have been for James to throw it with Bridgette still up there and Da' seeing spots. Hope he rides this out and Frank goes. I like the idea of James, Natalie, Bridgette and Da' coming together ... with maybe Victor?

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          If one of Fridgette comes down, it would be awesomeness for one of Nicorey to go up.

          But I guess James wouldn't go that far out on the ledge.


          • belle1
            belle1 commented
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            James was known for making bold noms during his last season. All he needs are a few well placed comments from Da. Nat has already said to him that there is something shady about Nic.

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          What is it about James and the women? 😀😉😊


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            IMHO, think in the Paul/Paulie alliance, Paulie is worried that Paul controls Victor now. Vic is a comp beast &; after Paulie was behind Vic getting the boot from the BB house; Paulie is afraid Vic will be aimed at taking Paulie out. So while Paulie is trying to save Frank, he doesnt want to offend Paul's wishes and be looking out for a Vic attack next week.

            What Paulie really needs to worry about is Bridgette or Da winning the 1st HOH in the double eviction. If Frank out, Paulie or Corey would be the target. If Vic would win the POV OR Nat/James; he's toast. If Vic would win the next HOH then Nic/Cor or Nic/Paulie would be the targets.

            I guess in the short term I would like James, Natalie, Da, Victor & Bridgett to team up after seeing their individual self interests line up and taking down some ppl. Let's face it Vic & Bridgett are both extremely good at comps and be good meat shields for the other 3.


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